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Police nationwide are warning the public to be wary of ;end of the world; scams.全国各地警方提醒公众警惕“末日骗局”。The approach on Friday of so-called doomsday, based on the ancient Mayan calendar, has caused some unrest and panic-buying, according to authorities.有关部门称,随着本周五,即古玛雅历法所预言的“世界末日”的临近,一些地方人心惶惶,并发生了恐慌性抢购。Last week, police in Wangcang county, Sichuan province, detained two men who were sping information about the ;end of the world; prophecy and trying to persuade residents to join a cult, China News Service reported over the weekend.中新社上周末报道称:四川省旺苍县警方上周拘留了两名散发“世界末日”谣言的男子,两人之前在蛊惑居民加入邪教。Shoppers in Shuangliu county, also in Sichuan, and Jilin provincial capital Changchun, cleared out stores` supplies of candles after rumors circulated of three days of darkness starting on Friday.此前有谣言称从周五开始,世界会陷入三天黑暗,致使四川省双流县以及吉林省长春市的消费者将商店里的蜡烛抢购一空。Yang Guang, an astronomer at the National Astronomical Observatories satellite observation station in Changchun, said there is no scientific reason to think the world will end on Friday.来自国家天文台长春人造卫星观测站的天文学家杨光(音译)表示,没有任何科学据表明,周五将是世界末日。;Dec 21 is the winter solstice and it`s just the change of seasons,; he said. ;The day is short and the night is long, but it`s a normal, natural event.;他说:“12月21号是冬至,是季节的交替点。昼短夜长,这是正常的自然现象。”Some of the candle-buyers later said they think the rumors were aimed at undermining social order and cheating people out of their money, according to reports.据报道,一些抢购蜡烛的人事后表示,这些谣言可能意图破坏社会安定、欺诈消费者钱财。Some illegal organizations had their members sp the doomsday message and advocate people join the cults for safety, a notice from Shaanxi province`s anti-cult office said on Friday.上周五,陕西省反邪教协会发布通告称,一些非法组织成员散布“末日”谣言,蛊惑人们加入邪教来求平安。Members of the illegal Almighty God cult recently took advantage of the much-hyped prophecy to hold illegal gatherings and disseminate doomsday information in the province, the notice said.该通告称,近来,全能神教教徒大肆宣扬末日预言,组织非法集会,在陕西省内散布“末日”谣言。The Almighty God cult started in 1990 in Henan province. The organization requires members to surrender their property to the group.全能神教于1990年创立于河南省。该组织要求其成员上交个人财产。On Dec 8, police in Huang-long county, Shaanxi, detained seven people on suspicion of disseminating information on a bus to scam passengers.12月8号,陕西黄龙县警方拘留了7名涉嫌在公共汽车上散布消息、欺骗乘客的不法分子。The province`s anti-cult office urged people to resist the cult, which it said has seriously disturbed people`s normal religious beliefs.陕西省反邪教协会呼吁人们抵制邪教,并表示这些不法组织已经严重扰乱了人们的正常宗教信仰。On Dec 13, police in Xining, capital of Qinghai province, detained 37 members of the Almighty God cult and seized a large amount of propaganda, a government release said on Saturday.一份于上周六发布的官方声明称,12月13号,青海省西宁市警方拘留了37名全能神教成员,查获了大量的邪教宣传材料。Police in the two provinces have urged people to call the 110 hotline if they witness criminal or cult activities.青海省和陕西省警方号召人们一旦目击犯罪案件或邪教活动时,请拨打110报警电话。 /201212/215483Parents and would-be parents might be relieved to hear that last week#39;s widely reported government figure estimating the cost of raising a child - around 0,000 over the first 17 years for middle-income, two-parent families - is, according to several economists, wide of the mark. 上月中旬,美国农业部(U.S. Department of Agriculture)公布了抚养一个孩子的估计成本──中等收入双亲家庭抚养子女到18岁的成本约为300,000美元,然而据多位经济学家称,这一广泛报道的政府数据错得离谱,父母们和即将成为父母的人听到这里或许会感到松了一口气。 The bad news is it may be a severe underestimate. The U.S. Department of Agriculture#39;s report leaves two things out of account. For a start, it doesn#39;t reflect unpaid time spent on parenting, including income forgone by parents who cut back on work hours to care for their children. 坏消息是,这个数字其实是可能严重低估了。美国农业部的报道没有计入两个项目。首先,它没有反映出抚养孩子所花的无报酬时间,包括减少工作时间以照顾子女的父母放弃的收入。 Plus, the hit to parents#39; wallets doesn#39;t end when the child turns 18, as the parents often still provide housing and food as well as pay for college. These could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional costs. 而且,当子女到18岁以后,父母的荷包还要继续出血,因为父母经常仍要为他们提供食宿和付大学学费。这些费用会增加数十万美元的成本。 ;The real costs of raising a child for a moderate-income family; - including forgone income, college for those who attend, and the so-called opportunity cost of not investing the money - ;would be closer to 0,000 to age 22 than the reported 0,000 expenditures to age 18,; says John Ward, an economist and the president of John Ward Economics, based in Prairie Village, Kan., which consults on legal disputes for plaintiffs and defendants. 堪萨斯州普莱瑞村(Prairie Village)的John Ward Economics公司的总裁、经济学家约翰#8226;沃德(John Ward)说,;中等收入家庭抚养一个子女的实际成本;──包括放弃的收入、大学学费、以及没有将这些钱进行投资而导致的所谓的机会成本──;到子女22岁时将接近900,000美元,而不是媒体报道的抚养到子女18岁时的300,000美元。;John Ward Economics为原告和被告的法律纠纷提供咨询务。 (The 0,000 estimate takes into account expected inflation. In 2011 dollars, the price tag for a middle income family is 4,900.) (300,000美元的估计考虑了预期通货膨胀。按照2011年的货币购买力,中等收入家庭养育一个子女的估计成本为234,900美元。) USDA economist Mark Lino, chief author of the annual study, acknowledges the report excludes college and forgone income. These expenses and others after a child turns 18, he says, typically aren#39;t included in calculating state guidelines for child-support and foster-care payments - a principal use of the report. 美国农业部的经济学家、该项年度研究的主要作者马克#8226;利诺(Mark Lino)承认,该报告没有考虑大学学费和父母放弃的收入。该报告的主要用途是为美国州政府处理子女抚养费用相关问题时提供指引,利诺说,这些费用和子女18岁以后的其他费用在州政府制定相关指导方针时通常不包括在内。 ;We have traditionally only looked at direct, out-of-pocket expenditures,; he says. 他说,;我们传统上只考察直接的、现付的出。; The USDA numbers represent how much parents spend on their children, and not necessarily how much they should spend, which Dr. Lino says would be ;very subjective.; His staff derives its spending data from the federal Consumer Expenditure Survey, produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, assigning child expenses in various categories to households including children. 美国农业部的数字表示父母对子女的出金额,而不一定是他们应该出的金额,利诺士称后者是;非常主观的。;他手下的研究人员根据美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)编写的联邦《消费者出调查》(Consumer Expenditure Survey)得出这一出数据,计算出有子女家庭的各类子女抚养费用。 Since the first USDA report, in 1960, the data and approach have evolved. As the nation#39;s farming population has declined, the report no longer breaks out spending on farms, though it includes separate estimates for rural areas and urban areas in different parts of the country. 自从1960年美国农业部第一份此类报告出台以来,相关数据和统计方法一直在演变。当美国的农业人口下降时,该报告不再单列农场家庭的出,但它仍包括对全国不同区域的农村地区和城市地区的分别估计。 In 2008, Dr. Lino#39;s staff made two broader shifts that pulled the estimate in different directions. Pushing the figure higher, the USDA began including in its estimate of child-care and education costs only households that bore such costs. Previously, it averaged in households without direct expenses for child care and education as zeros. The change led to an increase in the cost estimate of 33% for the category. 2008年,利诺士手下的研究人员作出两项主要变化,推动估计数字向不同方向变动。令数字升高的是,美国农业部开始在子女照顾与教育成本的估计数据中只计入承担此类成本的家庭。之前在计算平均值时,将没有子女照顾与教育直接费用的家庭计为零。这一变化导致此类家庭的估计成本提高了33%。 A change in calculating housing expenses had the opposite effect. Before 2008, each child was assigned the same share of housing costs as any other member of the household. Since then, the cost per child has been set at the marginal cost of an additional bedroom, lowering the housing cost by between 22% and 45%, depending on the region. 住房费用计算方法的变化影响则与之相反。2008年以前,对每个子女和任何其他家庭成员赋予的住房成本份额相同。从那以后,每个子女的住房成本被定为增加一间卧室的边际成本,根据地区的不同,房屋成本的降低幅度在22%至45%之间。 The education cost would be far higher if college were included, even accounting for children who don#39;t attend college, pay for it themselves or attend low-priced institutions. Several economists, including Jane Venohr, a research associate at the Denver-based Center for Policy Research think tank who studies child support, say the USDA#39;s approach, by cutting off at age 18, is consistent with most states#39; child-support guidelines. She adds, however, that guideline details vary widely across the country, and that most states don#39;t base their guidelines entirely on the USDA estimate. 如果加上大学学费,教育成本将高得多,即使算上没有上大学的子女,以及自己付学费或上低学费大学的子女。多位经济学家──包括位于丹佛(Denver)的政策研究中心(Center for Policy Research)智库的研究助理、研究子女抚养问题的简#8226;费诺尔(Jane Venohr)──都称,美国农业部以18岁为界的方法与多数州的子女抚养指导方针一致。然而,她还说,不同地区的指导方针详情差异很大,多数州的指导方针并非完全基于美国农业部的估算。 Lonnie Berger, associate professor of social work at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, says post-18 expenditures matter in adding up all costs to parents. Given the prolonged dependency of many adult children in the current economy, ;ideally, such an accounting would extend at least through the early to mid 30s,; Prof. Berger says. 威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校(University of Wisconsin, Madison)的社会工作学副教授朗尼#8226;伯杰(Lonnie Berger)说,加总父母全部出时,18岁以上子女的出很重要。伯杰教授说,鉴于目前经济中许多成年子女的依赖期延长,;理论上,这种计算至少应延长至子女30岁出头时。; Nancy Folbre, an economist at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, argued in her 2008 book ;Valuing Children#39; that forgone wages should be included in the cost of raising children. She found that parents#39; time cost is larger, on average, than direct spending, at least until children reach age 12. The best explanation of why time cost hasn#39;t been included, she says, is that #39;we still don#39;t have the data we need to provide really accurate estimates.; 马萨诸塞大学阿姆赫斯特分校(University of Massachusetts, Amherst)的经济学家南希#8226;福尔布雷(Nancy Folbre)在她2008年出版的著作《孩子的价值》(Valuing Children)中称,父母放弃的工资应包括在抚养子女的成本中。她发现,平均而言,父母的时间成本高于直接出,至少直到子女12岁以前是如此。她说,对没有计入时间成本的最好解释是,;我们仍缺少提供真正准确的估计所需的数据。; Even the federal American Time Use Survey, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, doesn#39;t directly measure how much time all adults in a household are spending caring for their children. 即使是劳工统计局的《美国人时间使用调查》(American Time Use Survey)也没有直接衡量出家庭中所有成人照顾子女所花的时间。 Lest this all sound like a dismal accounting of child-rearing by the dismal science, Prof. Berger says the cost approach excludes the many benefits of having children, not all of them quantifiable, such as happiness and personal satisfaction. Cost estimates such as the USDA#39;s exclude ;any intrinsic benefit that parents realize from child rearing, which would be extremely difficult to monetize,; Prof. Berger says. 为了避免这听上去像;悲观科学;对抚养子女作出的悲观计算,伯杰教授说,成本方法并没有包括拥有子女的许多收益,并非所有收益都是可以量化的,例如快乐与个人满足感。伯杰教授说,诸如美国农业部报告这样的成本估计都没有包括;父母从抚养子女中获得的内在收益,这可能极难货币化。; It should be remembered that parents may also get tangible returns from their adult children in time, such as financial resources and caregiving, Prof. Berger adds. 伯杰教授说,应该记住,父母最终还能从成年子女那里获得了有形回报,例如金钱资源和看护。 /201207/189916Duilian or Chinese Couplets对联Duilian (Chinese couplets written on scrolls, etc. or a pair of scrolls containing a poetic couplet), also known as ying lian (pillar couplets) or dui zi (antithetical couplets), is a unique literary genre in China.对联,雅称楹联,俗称对子,是中国一种独特的文学艺术形式。Generally speaking, duilian can be classified into Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) couplets, wedding couplets, longevity couplets, elegiac couplets, decorative couplets, trade couplets, social couplets, and miscellaneous couplets including facetious or humorous couplets.对联的种类分为春联、喜联、寿联、挽联、装饰联、行业联、交际联和杂联(包括谐 趣联)等等。Couplets can be long or short. The shortest one contains one or two characters, and the longest one several hundred characters, which can be seen on ancient Chinese architecture.对联句式比较灵活,可长可短,伸缩自如。短的仅一两个字,长的可达几百字。在我国古建筑中,甚至还有多达数百字的长联。The structure of the couplets can be zheng dui (parallel in meaning), fan dui (antithetical in meaning), liushui dui (same meaning expressed in two sentences, e. g. a couplet), and jijv dui (a couplet made of two lines from different poets), etc.对联形式多样,有正对、 反对、流水对、联珠对、集句对等。Duilian developed from antithesis or antithetical parallelism of lvshi, or regulated verse, a poem of eight lines, each containing five or seven characters, with a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme. Therefore it contains some of the characteristics of this special poetic form.对联是由律诗的对偶句发展而来的,它保留着律诗的某些特点。A couplet must have the following features: one, each line having an equal number of characters, and the same sense groups;对联必须具备以下特点:一要字数相等,断句一致;two, strictly adhering to the tonal patterns, e. g. level tone versus oblique tone;二要平仄相合,音调和谐;three, characters of the same part of speech having to be used, and in the same position, that is, function words versus function words and content words versus content words. In other words, it should be nouns versus nouns, verbs versus verbs,adjectives versus adjectives, numerals versus numerals, adverbs versus adverbs, and that characters of corresponding parts of speech in either line should be in the same position;三要词性相对,位置相同,一般称为“虚对虚,实对实”,就是名词对名词,动词对动词,形容词对形容词,数量词对数量词,副词对副词,而且相对的词必须在相同的位置上;four, the interconnection of the contents. The meaning of the first line should be interrelated to that of the second, yet the two sentences must not have the same meaning.四要内容相关,上下衔接,上下联的含义必须相互衔接,但又不能重复。As for pasted or hung couplets, it is a tradition to write them vertically and when pasted or hung, the first line should always be on the right and the second on the left, not the other way round.此外,张挂的对联,传统做法还必须直写竖贴,自右而左,由上而下,不能颠倒。Another thing, closely related to the couplet, is called heng pi, a horizontal scroll bearing an in-scription, or horizontal plaque, which is in fact the title or theme of the couplet.与对联密相关的横批,可以说是对联的题目,也是对联的中心。A good heng pi adds the finishing touch to the couplet.好的横批在对联中可以起到画龙点睛的作用。Whether it is to chant things to express one’s aspirations or describe the scenery to give vent to one’s feelings, the writer is expected to be very good at summarization, and proficient in Chinese so as to produce a couplet in a few characters, which is excellent in both content and language, full of aesthetic beauty, and thought-provoking.对联无论是咏物言志,还是写景抒情,都要求作者有较高的概括力与驾驭文字的本领,才可能以寥寥数语,做到文情并茂,形神兼备,给人以思想和艺术的感受。With the cultural exchanges among different countries, duilian or Chinese couplets began to sp to Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. And the custom of pasting Spring Festival couplets during the New Year is observed in these countries as well.随着各国文化交流的发展,对联还传入越南、朝鲜、韩国、日本、新加坡等国。这些国家有的地方至今还保留着贴对联的风俗。 /201508/394003

It#39;s been so warm in the ed States this year, especially in March, that national records weren#39;t just broken, they were deep-fried.美国今年天气十分暖和,特别是三月以来,温度居高不下。这不仅是破纪录的高温,而且热度灼人。Temperatures in the lower 48 states were 8.6 degrees above normal for March and 6 degrees higher than average for the first three months of the year, according to calculations by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. That far exceeds the old records.据美国国家海洋和大气的测算,美国南部48个州今年三月的温度比正常水平高了8.6华氏度,前三个月的平均温度比平均水平高出了6华氏度。这远远超出了历史记录水平。The magnitude of how unusual the year has been in the US has alarmed some meteorologists who have warned about global warming. One climate scientist said it#39;s the weather equivalent of a baseball player on steroids, with old records obliterated.美国今年是如此反常,让一些气候学家感到担忧,此前他们已经对全球变暖提出过警告。一位气候学家称,这就像用了类固醇兴奋剂的棒球运动员刷新历史记录一样,事有异常。;Everybody has this uneasy feeling. This is weird. This is not good,; said Jerry Meehl, a climate scientist who specializes in extreme weather at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. ;It#39;s a guilty pleasure. You#39;re out enjoying this nice March weather, but you know it#39;s not a good thing.;专门研究极端天气的气候学家杰里#8226;米尔说:“大家都有这种不安的感觉。这太诡异了,情况不妙。这是一种让人无法开怀享受的愉悦。你在户外享受着这美好的三月天气,但是你知道,这不是件好事。”米尔在科罗拉多州尔德的国家气候研究中心工作。It#39;s not just March.并不只有三月份如此。;It#39;s been ongoing for several months,; said Jake Crouch, a climate scientist at NOAA#39;s National Climatic Data Center in Ashville, N.C.气候学家杰克#8226;克劳趣说:“这种高温已经持续了几个月。”克劳趣在国家海洋和大气位于北卡罗来纳州阿什维尔的国家气候数据中心工作。Meteorologists say an unusual confluence of several weather patterns, including La Nina, was the direct cause of the warm start to 2012. While individual events can#39;t be blamed on global warming, Crouch said this is like the extremes that are supposed to get more frequent because of manmade climate change from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil.气候学家称,包括拉尼娜现象在内的几种气候类型的异常交汇是导致2012年初以来温暖天气的直接原因。尽管不能将个别事件归因于全球变暖,但克劳趣称,就像燃烧煤油等化石燃料、人为导致的气候变化引发的极端天气一样,这种极端天气只会愈加频繁。Normally, March averages 42.5 degrees across the country. This year, the average was 51.1, which is closer to the average for April. Only one other time — in January 2006 — was the country as a whole that much hotter than normal for an entire month.正常情况下,美国三月的平均气温为华氏42.5度。今年美国三月的平均气温为51.1度,这更接近往年四月的平均温度。这种整个月气温大大高于正常水平的情况在美国只出现过一次——在2006年一月。In March, at least 7,775 weather stations across the nation broke daily high temperature records and another 7,517 broke records for night-time heat. Combined, that#39;s more high temperature records broken in one month than ever before, Crouch said.三月期间,美国至少7775个气象站测得的日最高气温打破记录,还有7517个气象站测出的夜间气温破了纪录。克劳趣说,二者加在一起,这一个月打破的高温记录比往年都要多。;When you look at what#39;s happened in March this year, it#39;s beyond unbelievable,; said University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver.维多利亚大学的气候学家安德鲁#8226;韦佛说:“如果你好好看看今年三月的天气情况,你会觉得太难以置信了。” /201204/177346

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda turned up the heat on South Korea over a territorial dispute Tuesday, deciding to take the issue to an international tribunal and telling his cabinet ministers to come up with other options the government can take against Seoul. 日本首相野田佳彦(Yoshihiko Noda)周二加大了争夺日韩争议领土的行动力度,他决定把这个问题提交给国际法庭,并吁请内阁成员拿出政府可以运用的应对首尔的其它办法。 Coming on the heels of sharp criticism of his handling of a separate territorial row with China, Mr. Noda said Japan needs to take firm measures in response to a recent visit by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to contested islands which lie between the two countries. The Korea-controlled islands are referred to as Dokdo by South Korea and Takeshima by Japan. They are also known as the Liancourt Rocks. 因处理中日领土争端问题受到国内尖锐批评后,野田佳彦说,日本应采取强硬措施应对前不久韩国总统李明(Lee Myung-bak)登上日韩之间某争议岛屿一事。该岛为韩国所控制,在韩国叫做“独岛”(Dokdo),日本叫“竹岛”(Takeshima),在其它国家被称作利扬库尔岩(Liancourt Rocks)。 #39;Takeshima has been our territory historically and also under international law,#39; Mr. Noda told a special meeting of cabinet ministers. #39;We need to look into every possible measure we can take in the future.#39; 野田佳彦在内阁成员的一次特别会议上说,不管是从历史还是从国际法的角度来说,竹岛历来都是日本领土,我们应仔细研究未来可能采用的每个可能方案。 But Seoul said it wouldn#39;t consider Tokyo#39;s proposal to have the International Court of Justice look into the dispute. Seoul insists it has always had sovereignty over them. 但首尔说,不会考虑东京让海牙国际法庭(International Court of Justice)对此事进行仲裁的提议。首尔坚持认为,韩国一直拥有该岛主权。 A South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday referred to a Friday statement that rejected Japan#39;s move, floated aly last week. 韩国外交部发言人周二提到了上周五韩国发表的一则声明,声明对日本上周提议将岛屿之争提交国际法庭的做法表示拒绝。 #39;Dokdo is clearly Korean territory by history, geography and international law, and a territorial dispute does not exist. It should be made clear that the Japanese government#39;s suggestion or plan to take Dokdo to the ICJ is not worth consideration,#39; the Aug. 17 statement said. 8月17日的声明说,无论从历史、地理还是国际法的角度,独岛显然都是韩国领土,并不存在领土争议;有一点应当明确,韩国绝不会考虑日本政府建议或计划将独岛问题提交海牙国际法庭的做法。 ICJ arbitration can#39;t go ahead without agreement from both parties, so even if Japan files suit on its own, further proceedings are unlikely. Instead, analysts say Tokyo#39;s real aim is to prevent further action by South Korea by drawing global attention to the issue. 如果争议双方没有就是否进行仲裁达成一致,海牙国际法庭就不能进行仲裁,所以即使日本提起诉讼,也不太可能进入下一步法律程序。分析人士说,东京此举的真实目的是要吸引全球对此事的关注,从而阻止韩国采取进一步举动。 In addition to taking the case to the ICJ, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told reporters that some Japanese cabinet ministers─including the trade and economy ministers─would put off meetings with their South Korean counterparts. 日本内阁官房长官藤村修(Osamu Fujimura)告诉记者,除了将领土争议提交海牙国际法庭外,包括日本贸易和经济官员在内的一些内阁大臣将推迟与韩国官员的会议。 Reflecting how emotional ties between the Asian neighbors can be, one of Japan#39;s most popular politicians touched on the controversial issue of so-called Korean #39;comfort women,#39; thought to have served as sexual slaves for the Japanese military during World War II. 日本最受欢迎的政治人物之一谈论了所谓的韩国“慰安妇”这一饱受争议的话题,这反映出这两个亚洲邻国的关系可以多么情绪化。韩国慰安妇被认为是二战期间被强迫为日军提供性务的韩国女性。 Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, who has topped some polls as the most popular choice for the next prime minister, challenged the South Korean government to provide proof that the women were forcibly taken by the Japanese military through #39;violence or intimidation.#39; 大阪市市长桥下彻(Toru Hashimoto)要求韩国政府提供据,明这些妇女是日本军队通过暴力恐吓强行征召的。多次民调显示桥下彻是下一任日本首相的热门人选。 Mr. Hashimoto#39;s views echo those of some nationalists who say the women served by their own choice and were paid to do so. The Korean government has severely criticized similar comments by Japanese politicians in the past. 桥下彻的观点反映了一些民族主义者的看法,即韩国慰安妇是自愿并且有偿为日本军人务的。韩国政府过去曾严厉谴责日本政治人物的类似说法。 The Japanese government has acknowledged the military#39;s involvement and apologized for the women#39;s suffering. 日本政府已经承认日本军队曾参与其中,并为韩国慰安妇遭受的苦难道了歉。 In an apparent bid to keep some channels open to mend fences in the future, officials from Japan, China and South Korea met Tuesday in the Chinese city of Qingdao for talks on a trilateral free-trade agreement. 周二,日本、中国和韩国的官员在中国城市青岛就三边自由贸易协定进行了讨论,此举显然是为了保持一些渠道的开放,以在未来修补受损的关系。 Separately, Finance Minister Jun Azumi said he hadn#39;t decided whether to extend the expansion of a currency-swap agreement with South Korea. 另一方面,日本财务大臣安住淳(Jun Azumi)说,他尚未决定是否延长扩大日韩货币互换协议规模的措施。 Last week, he suggested the ministry may roll back the swap deal─an agreement to temporarily lend each other dollars─to billion at the end of October from billion now. The two nations agreed last October to increase the swap line after South Korea expressed concern of potential capital outflows resulting from the European debt crisis, Japanese officials said. 安住淳上周曾表示,日本财务省可能会在10月底将货币互换规模从700亿美元恢复到原来的130亿美元。签署货币互换协议是为了彼此临借美元。日本官员说,在韩国表示担心欧债危机可能导致资本外流之后,日韩两国于去年10月达成扩大货币互换规模的协议。 /201208/196390The cost of living the Australian dream has surged with Sydney and Melbourne among the five most expensive cities in the world, outstripping most European and US locations, according to an annual survey released on Monday.根据周一发布的年度调查报告,如今实现澳大利亚梦的成本急剧上升,悉尼和墨尔本超过大多数欧美城市,跻身世界最贵城市前五名。Asia and Australia account for 11 of the world#39;s top 20 most expensive cities, with eight from Europe and one from South America, the Economist Intelligence #39;s (EIU) worldwide cost of living index found. No North American cities featured in the top 20.经济学人智库全球生活成本指数发现,亚洲和澳大利亚共有11个城市跻身全球最贵20城市之列,其余有8个是欧洲城市,一个为南美城市。北美没有一个城市进入前20名。This compared to a decade ago when there were six Asian cities, 10 European cities and four US cities in the top 20 of the list that calculates living costs in 131 cities in 93 countries and is used by companies for costings when relocating staff.相比之下,十年前名列榜单前20的城市中有6个亚洲城市、10个欧洲城市和4个美国城市。这项调查计算了93个国家的131个城市的生活成本,研究结果用于企业计算转移员工的成本。In the 2013 survey, Tokyo reclaimed the title as the world#39;s most expensive city. Currency swings pushed Zurich into the No.1 position last year but government exchange rate controls have driven the Swiss city back to No.7 in the list. Osaka in Japan was ranked the second most expensive.在2013年的这次调查中,东京重新获得“全球最贵城市”的头衔。瑞士苏黎士由于汇率波动在去年名列榜首,但今年由于政府采取了控制汇率措施,在榜单上下滑至第七。日本大阪成为全球第二贵的城市。Jon Copestake, editor of the EIU Worldwide Cost of Living Index, said one of the most notable changes was the rising costs in Australia, with Sydney third in the list and Melbourne fifth. Sandwiched between them was Oslo in Norway.经济学人智库生活成本指数编辑乔恩#8226;科派斯塔克表示,最显著的变化之一是澳大利亚生活成本的上升,它的两个城市悉尼和墨尔本分别名列第三和第五。夹在中间排名第四的是挪威的奥斯陆。The survey is based on costs of over 160 items ranging from food and clothing, to domestic help, transport and utilities.该调查基于160多项指标的统计数据,包括衣食、家政务、交通和公用设施的花费。Copestake said the return of Tokyo to top of the list came as no great surprise as the Japanese capital had steep real estate costs and rents, as well as high wages fuelling prices.科派斯塔克表示,东京回归榜首并不让人惊讶,因为东京的高工资推动了物价的上涨,房价和房租也很昂贵。Also featured in the 2013 top 10 were Singapore, Zurich, Paris, the Venezuelan capital of Caracas and Geneva.同样跻身2013年全球最贵城市前十名的还有新加坡、苏黎士、巴黎、委内瑞拉首都加拉加斯和日内瓦。Copestake said fears over economic austerity and the stability of the euro had pushed the index of euro zone cities down in the past year while the inclusion of Caracas was due to artificially high exchange rate controls.科派斯塔克说,人们对经济紧缩和欧元稳定的忧虑使得过去一年欧元区城市的生活成本指数降低了,而加拉加斯能跻身前20则是由于人为的高汇率管制。Although no North American cities feature in the top 20, the EIU said the cost of living in New York had risen relative to other places in the ed States. It shares 27th position as the most expensive US city with Los Angeles.经济学人智库表示,尽管没有一个北美城市进入前20名,但是纽约的生活成本相对于其他美国城市有所上升。纽约与洛杉矶并列第27位成为美国最贵城市。The Canadian city of Vancouver remains the most expensive location in North America, ranked 21st in the index.加拿大城市温哥华依然是北美地区最贵城市,在生活成本指数榜单上名列第21位。 /201302/224726

One in five graduates earns less than a person who left school with as little as one A-level. 英国1/5的大学毕业生赚得比那些只参加过中学高级水平考试的高中毕业生还少。The official figures raise doubts that thousands of students have wasted their time with ‘useless’ degrees. 这组官方数据让人怀疑,成千上万的学生是否把他们的大好时光都浪费在了“没用”的学历上。On average, the Office for National Statistics says that a person with a degree or higher academic qualification, such as a PhD, earns pound;16.10 an hour. 英国国家统计局称,一个拥有大学以上学历的人,比如士,平均每小时赚16.1英镑。By comparison, a person who got at least one A level, or an equivalent qualification, typically earns pound;10 an hour.相比之下,一个参加过中学高级水平考试或学历相当的人,一般每小时挣10英镑。But 20 percent of graduates earn less than pound;10 an hour, the amount they would have earned without a degree. 但是20%的英国大学毕业生每小时的薪水还不足10英镑,这点工资就算他们没有大学学历也能赚到。The figure could be even worse in reality because the ONS did not include graduates who are unemployed or who have never worked. 现实的情况可能更糟,因为国家统计局并没有把那些失业的或没工作过的大学毕业生统计在内。The study also said the proportion of graduates doing low-skilled, badly-paid work has quadrupled to 2.3 percent since 1993. Many of these end up doing jobs which require little or no training such as hotel porter, postman, cleaner or catering assistant. Business groups have repeatedly warned that employers are turning their backs on graduates. 该研究还称,从事低技能、低薪水工作的大学毕业生比例相比1993年的2.3%翻了两番。他们中的很多人最后都从事了一些几乎不用或根本不用培训的工作,如酒店门房、邮递员、清洁工或是餐饮助理。 商业团体反复警告说大学毕业生正被雇主们拒之门外。A recent report from the British Chambers of Commerce said too many graduates have ‘fairly useless degrees in non-serious subjects’. 最近一份英国商务部的报告称,太多的大学毕业生“空有一纸无用的文凭,而且学的专业也没什么意义”。Phil McCabe from the Forum of Private Business said: ‘The value of a degree is dwindling.’来自私人企业论坛的菲尔#8226;麦凯布说:“学历的价值正在缩水。”Tanya de Grunwald, founder of Graduate Fog.co.uk, a website for job-seeking graduates, said many are devastated by the salaries they are offered. 毕业生求职网站Graduate Fog.co.uk的创始人塔尼亚#8226;德#8226;格伦沃尔德说,很多大学毕业生都对自己能拿到的薪水感到崩溃。She said: ‘Finally, the figures from the ONS back up what our graduates have been saying – that they are just not getting the quality of job that they thought their degree would lead to. 她说:“最终,国家统计局的数据明我们的大学毕业生所言非虚——他们得不到自己当初以为凭学历能拿到的那种工作。‘People say that a graduate typically earns pound;26,000, but this doesn’t reflect the reality. Many of them are just scraping the barrel.’ “人们说大学毕业生一般年薪2.6万英镑,但这和实际不符。他们中的很多人都只能勉强度日。”One anonymous contributor to a student website wrote: ‘If I could have my time back, I wouldn’t have gone to university. 一位学生网站的匿名投稿者写道:“如果时光倒流,我不会去上大学。‘I graduated last year and work in a friend’s café for pound;6 an hour.’ “我去年毕业,现在在一个朋友的咖啡店打工,每小时6英镑。”Vocabulary:A-level: 英国的中学高级水平考试quadruple: 使成四倍,翻了两番porter: (旅馆、学校、医院等的)看门人,门房,警卫turn one's back on: 拒绝,冷眼相看dwindle: 渐渐减少;变小devastate: 使垮掉;使震惊scrape the barrel: 勉强度日;刮家底;采用最后的办法 /201108/151160

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