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2020年01月28日 16:48:44 | 作者:预约频道 | 来源:新华社
China still has a long way to go to reach modernization and needs to pursue development through deepening reform, further opening-up and safe-guarding a peaceful environment, Premier Li Keqiang said last Wednesday at ed Nations headquarters in New York.当地时间上周三,李克强总理在纽约联合国总部表示,中国要实现现代化还有很长的路要走,要在深化改革、扩大开放和维护和平中发展。While addressing the general debate of the UN General Assembly, whose theme is ;The Sustainable Development Goals: A Universal Push to Transform Our World;, the premier vowed that China would continue to deepen its reform and follow the opening-up policy, promote the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and international cooperation on production capacity so as to realize win-win.李克强在联合国大会一般性辩论上发表讲话时承诺,中国将继续深化改革、实施对外开放政策,推动;一带一;建设和国际产能合作,实现互利共赢。本届联大一般性辩论的主题;可持续发展目标:共同努力改造我们的世界;。Li said that for the sustainable goals to be attained, current norms regarding the international order and relations must be maintained.李克强总理表示,为实现可持续发展的目标,目前关于国际秩序和关系的规范必须要继续维持。These norms, formed in the wake of World War II, have ensured peace in the world for more than 70 years, he said.他表示,这些在第二次世界大战后形成的规范,已经确保了超过70年的世界和平。Li also expounded Chinas views on international affairs and proposals to promote sustainable development, as well as address global challenges in his speech.在讲话中,李克强还阐述了中国对国际事务的主张以及推动可持续发展、应对全球性挑战的建议。Meanwhile, Bank of China has become the first renminbi clearing operator in the ed States, following the announcement by Premier Li that China had decided to designate a domestic bank for the clearing business in New York.李克强总理随后宣布,中国成为美国首家人民币结算行,并且中国已经决定为纽约的结算业务指定一家国内。In September last year, China and the US agreed to further boost cooperation on renminbi business.在去月份,中美两国就进一步扩大人民币业务合作达成了一致。来 /201609/468858

Rodrigo Duterte blasted the US but played down his shift towards China as the outspoken Philippine president sent mixed messages on a visit to Japan.罗德里戈.杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)猛烈抨击美国,但同时也淡化了他向中国的靠拢。这位直言不讳的菲律宾总统在访问日本时发出混合的信息。Addressing an audience of Japanese executives among the biggest investors in the Philippines Mr Duterte repeated his threat to break off defence agreements with the US and expel foreign troops from the archipelago.在对一群日本高管——包括菲律宾一些最大的外商投资者——发表讲话时,杜特尔特重复了他的威胁,即撕毁与美国之间的防务协议,把外国军队赶出菲律宾群岛。But he said his visit to China last week, where he announced the Philippinesseparation from the US, signalled an independent foreign policy rather than a new alliance with Beijing.但他表示,他上周访问中国——其间他宣布菲律宾与美国分离——标志着独立外交政策,而不是与北京结成新联盟。Mr Duterte’s remarks add to the confusion about his intentions towards the US and will do little to reassure Tokyo, which is alarmed at the sight of Manila, its vital strategic partner, feuding with its indispensable ally.杜特尔特的言论增加了外界对于他对美国意图的困惑,而且无助于让东京方面放心;东京方面震惊地看到日本的关键战略伙伴与日本不可或缺的盟友之间出现不和。I went to China for a visit and I would like to assure you that all there was, was economics, he told the Japan External Trade Organisation. 我去中国作了一次访问,我想向你保,一切都只是经济,他告诉日本贸易振兴机构(Japan External Trade Organization),我们没有谈论武器,我们没有谈论军队驻扎。We did not talk about arms, we did not talk about stationing of troops, we avoided talking about alliances, military or otherwise.我们避免谈论联盟、军事等等。China and the Philippines signed 13 agreements last week amounting to a notional .5bn in trade and investment. 中国和菲律宾上周签署3项协议,名义上相当于135亿美元的贸易和投资。In a dramatic month of diplomacy, Mr Duterte has reshaped Manila’s stance towards Beijing, all but setting aside an international court’s ruling in favour of the Philippines over disputed waters in the South China Sea.在一个月的戏剧性外交活动中,杜特尔特重塑了马尼拉对北京的立场,基本上搁置了国际仲裁法院围绕南中国海争议水域作出的对菲律宾有利的裁决。He repeated his harsh words towards the US, saying the Philippines was not a dog on a leash and pledging to get foreign troops out of the country within two years. 他重复了针对美国的尖锐措辞,称菲律宾不是一条用绳子拴着的,并承诺在两年内让外国军队撤出该囀?However, Mr Duterte has yet to take any concrete action after similar remarks in the past.然而,杜特尔特在以往发表类似言论后至今没有采取任何具体行动。In contrast to his attitude to the Philippinesformer colonial master, Mr Duterte has had warm words for Japan, despite the wartime history between the countries. 与他对菲律宾曾经的殖民宗主国的态度不同,杜特尔特对日本热情洋溢,尽管两国之间有战争历史。He has repeatedly thanked Japan for its record of development aid and called the country a longstanding friend. 他一再感谢日本一直以来的发展援助,并称日本是一个老朋友。He urged Japanese companies to invest more in the Philippines.他敦促日本公司在菲律宾加大投资。Speaking to a group of Japanese parliamentarians, Mr Duterte seemed to go further and say Manila and Tokyo had common security interests in regard to Beijing. 杜特尔特在向一群日本议员发表讲话时似乎更进一步,表示马尼拉和东京针对北京有着共同的安全利益。When China grows bigger, it could clash with the ed States, he was ed by local media as saying. 当中国强大起来之后,它可能与美国发生冲突,日本媒体援引他的话称,We are in the same position with regard to China so we should join hands.我们在对华问题上有着共同的立场,应该携起手来。At an evening summit meeting, Mr Duterte and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe discussed the significance of their US alliances to Asian security, the South China Sea and Mr Duterte’s violent anti-narcotics campaign in the Philippines.杜特尔特昨晚会晤日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe),讨论盟国美国对亚洲安全的重要性、南中国海及杜特尔特严厉扫毒等议题。The leaders also acknowledged the court ruling on the South China Sea, a priority for Japan. 杜特尔特与安倍还表示承认 仲裁法庭对南中国海的裁决,这对日本是一优先考虑之事。The Philippines will uphold the value of democracy, adherence to the rule of law and the peaceful settlement of disputes including in the South China Sea, said Mr Duterte, following the summit.二人会晤后,杜特尔特说:菲律宾将坚持民主价值,坚持法治及和平解决包括南中国海在内的争端。However, Yuko Kasuya, an expert on Philippine politics at Keio University in Tokyo, said Japan would struggle to keep Mr Duterte out of Beijing’s orbit or to act as a bridge between Manila and Washington. 然而,东京庆应义塾大学(Keio University)的菲律宾政治专家粕谷祐子(Yuko Kasuya)表示,日本将难以使杜特尔特不被拉入北京的轨道,也难以充当马尼拉和华盛顿之间的桥梁。The overall presence and the future prospect of Chinese business and markets for the entire country is far greater than that of Japan. 对于整个国家,中国企业和市场的总体存在和未来前景远远超过日本。Militarily, Japan’s support is negligible, said Ms Kasuya. 在军事上,日本的持微不足道,粕谷祐子表示,Probably what Japan can do is to expect the unexpected.日本可以做的很可能就是期待会发生意想不到的事情。来 /201610/474612

Turkey has warned Russia it will hold Moscow responsible for terror attacks on its own soil in the wake of a deadly car bombing in Ankara and mounting international tensions over the war in Syria.土耳其警告俄罗斯称,它将让俄为土耳其国土上发生的恐怖袭击负责。在此之前,安卡拉刚刚发生了致人死亡的汽车炸弹爆炸事件,而国际社会围绕叙利亚战争产生的矛盾也愈演愈烈。Ahmet Davutoglu, prime minister, said that Wednesday’s suicide attack had been carried out by Salih Necar, a member of the YPG, a Syrian Kurdish militia that the Turkish government denounces as a terrorist group. The attack killed 28 people in the capital’s security district when explosives packed into a car detonated at traffic lights on a busy boulevard.土耳其总理阿赫迈特达乌特奥Ahmet Davutoglu)表示,周三发生的自杀式袭击是由叙利亚库尔德民兵组织“人民保卫军YPG)成员萨利赫蔠慑尔(Salih Necar)发动的。土耳其政府指责YPG是一个恐怖组织。这起袭击发生在土首都安卡拉一个安保严密的地区,当时一辆装有爆炸物的汽车在一个繁忙街道的红绿灯处被引爆,导致28人丧生。But Mr Davutoglu focused some of his toughest comments on Moscow.不过,达乌特奥卢将其部分最严厉的批评留给了俄罗斯政府。“I am warning Russia once more,he said in a televised statement, saying that Moscow’s condemnation of the attack was insufficient. “If these terror attacks continue, they will be as responsible as the YPG.”他在一份电视声明中称,莫斯科方面仅仅谴责这起袭击是不够的。他说:“我再次警告俄罗斯,如果继续发生这类恐怖袭击,他们将承担与YPG同样的责任。”Russia denies any connection with terrorist activities.俄罗斯否认与恐怖活动有任何联系。Mr Davutoglu also asked Turkey’s international allies, especially the US, to treat the YPG, whose full name is the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection s, as a terrorist organisation rather than a partner in the Syrian war.达乌特奥卢还要求土耳其的国际盟友——尤其是美国——将YPG视为恐怖组织、而不是叙利亚战争中的合作伙伴。But, to date, Ankara’s push for other countries to end their support for the Kurdish militia has registered little success.但迄今为止,土耳其政府要求其他国家不再持这个库尔德民兵组织的努力收效甚微。The YPG is backed by the US and other western countries as the most effective Syrian fighting force against Isis. It is also tacitly backed by Russia, whose strikes against mainstream rebels in northern Syria have recently allowed the Kurdish militia to advance.作为打击“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的最有效的叙利亚武装力量,YPG得到了美国及其他西方国家的持。此外,该组织还得到俄罗斯心照不宣的持。后者最近对叙利亚北部的主流反政府军的打击,令这个库尔德民兵组织得以大举进军。YPG总司令部发布的一份声明显示,YPG否认与安卡拉发生的袭击事件有任何关系,称土耳其此举是为了找理由在叙利亚对该组织发动攻势。来 /201602/427485

The future Mrs. Donald Trump was puzzled.未来的唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)夫人非常困惑。She had been summoned to a lunch meeting with her husband-to-be and his lawyer to review a prenuptial agreement. It required that, should the couple split, she return everything cars, furs, rings that Trump might give her during their marriage.她被叫去和未来丈夫以及他的律师共进午餐,复核一份婚前协定。它规定,如果两人离婚,她得把特朗普在婚内可能赠送她的一切全部归还回去,包括车子、皮草、戒指等等。Sensing her sorrow, Trump apologized, Ivana Trump later testified in a divorce deposition, and said it was his lawyer’s idea.特朗普看出她的难过,于是道了歉,还说这是他的律师的主意,伊万娜·特朗普(Ivana Trump)后来在离婚庭外采的过程中这样说。“It is just one of those Roy Cohn numbers,Trump told her.“这只是罗伊·科恩(Roy Cohn)的又一个把戏而已,”特朗普告诉她。The year was 1977, and Cohn’s reputation was well established. He had been Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s red-baiting consigliere. He had helped send the Rosenbergs to the electric chair for spying and elect Richard Nixon president.那是1977年的事,当时科恩的名声已经确立。他曾是参议员约瑟夫·麦卡Sen. Joseph McCarthy)反共运动的军师,曾参与把罗森伯格(Rosenberg)夫妇以间谍罪送上电椅,还曾帮助理查德·尼克Richard Nixon)当选总统。Then New York’s most feared lawyer, Cohn had a client list that ran the gamut, from the disreputable to the quasi-reputable: Anthony “Fat TonySalerno, Claus von Bulow, George Steinbrenner.科恩是当时纽约最使人畏惧的律师,其代理人囊括了形形色色的人物,从臭名昭著的到毁誉参半的:安东尼·“胖托尼”·萨莱诺(Anthony “Fat Tony Salerno)、克劳斯·冯·比Claus von Bulow)和乔治·施泰因布伦George Steinbrenner)。But there was one client who occupied a special place in Roy Cohn’s famously cold heart: Donald Trump.但是有一位客户在罗伊·科恩那出了名的铁石心肠里占据着一个特别的位置,那人就是唐纳德·特朗普。For Cohn, who died of AIDS in 1986, weeks after being disbarred for flagrant ethical violations, Trump was something of a final project. If Fred Trump got his son’s career started, bringing him into the family business of middle-class rentals in Brooklyn and Queens, Cohn ushered him across the river and into Manhattan, introducing him to the social and political elite while ferociously defending him against a growing list of enemies.科恩1986年死于艾滋病。之前几周,他因为严重违反职业道德被取消律师资格。对科恩来说,特朗普是他的最后一项事业。如果说弗莱德·特朗普(Fred Trump)令儿子的事业起步,带着他进入布鲁克林与皇后区的中产阶级租赁事业这个家族生意,那么引领他渡过哈德逊河来到曼哈顿的人就是科恩。是他把特朗普介绍给这里的社会与政治精英,当他树敌日益增多时又为他提供强有力的保护。Decades later, Cohn’s influence on Trump is unmistakable. Trump’s wrecking ball of a presidential bid the gleeful smearing of his opponents, the embracing of bluster as brand has been a Roy Cohn number on a grand scale. Trump’s response to the Orlando massacre, with his ominous warnings of a terrorist attack that could wipe out the country and his conspiratorial suggestions of a Muslim fifth column in the ed States, seemed to have been ripped straight out of the Cohn playbook.几十年后,科恩对特朗普的影响清晰可见。特朗普破坏性的总统竞选——沾沾自喜地抹黑对手,把咄咄逼人当做自身品牌——分明是罗伊·科恩的把戏在一个更大舞台上的展示。特朗普对奥兰多惨案的回应,包括他耸人听闻的警告,说一场恐怖袭击将消灭美国,还抛出阴谋论的观点,暗示穆斯林第五纵队已经进入美国,这一切都像是从科恩的宝典里直接拿来的。“I hear Roy in the things he says quite clearly,said Peter Fraser, who as Cohn’s lover for the last two years of his life spent a great deal of time with Trump. “That bravado, and if you say it aggressively and loudly enough, it’s the truth that’s the way Roy used to operate to a degree, and Donald was certainly his apprentice.”“在他说的话里,我清楚地听到罗伊的声音,”彼得·弗雷泽(Peter Fraser)如是说。弗雷泽是科恩生命最后两年中的情人,和特朗普打过很长时间的交道。“那种强横作风,只要你说话够强硬够响亮,你说的就是真理——在一定程度上就是罗伊的行事风格。而特朗普显然是他的学徒。”For 13 years, the lawyer who had infamously whispered in McCarthy’s ear whispered in Trump’s. In the process, Cohn helped deliver some of Trump’s signature construction deals, sued the NFL for conspiring against his client and countersued the federal government for 0 million for damaging the Trump name. One of Trump’s executives recalled that he kept an 8-by-10-inch photograph of Cohn in his office desk, pulling it out to intimidate recalcitrant contractors.3年的时间,这位曾因给麦卡锡秘密出谋划策而臭名昭著的律师也在为特朗普出谋划策。在这个过程中,科恩帮助特朗普搞定了若干特朗普标志性的建筑工程交易;控告NFL密谋侵害特朗普;反诉联邦政府诋毁特朗普的名声,并要求赔偿1亿美元。特朗普手下的一个行政人员回忆,特朗普的办公桌上曾摆着一幅科恩的8x10英寸照片,用来威吓不听话的承包商。And Cohn turned repeatedly to Trump one of a small clutch of people who knew he was gay in his hours of need. When a former companion was dying of AIDS, he asked Trump to find him a place to stay. When he faced disbarment, he summoned Trump to testify to his character.科恩在需要帮助时,也一再向特朗普求助;后者是少数几个知道他是同性恋的人。当他的前任伴侣因艾滋病即将去世时,他要特朗普帮他找个栖身之所。当他面临被吊销律师资格时,他要特朗普来为他的品行作。It was the early 1970s, and Cohn, the son of a prominent New York judge, had taken an uncommon interest in Trump.那是0世纪70年代初,科恩,这位纽约某著名法官的儿子,已经对特朗普表现出非同寻常的兴趣。The two had met at a private disco called Le Club, and instantly hit it off while discussing a nettlesome obstacle for Trump. The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department was suing him and his father, accusing them of refusing to rent to black tenants. Trump told Cohn that their lawyers were urging them to settle.两人在一个名叫Le Club的私人舞厅初次见面,谈起特朗普的一桩麻烦事,顿时一拍即合。当时司法部民权局正在控告特朗普父子,称他们拒绝租房给黑人租客。特朗普告诉科恩,他们的律师敦促他们做庭外和解。“Tell them to go to hell and fight the thing in court,Trump later recalled Cohn advising him.“让他们滚蛋,法庭上见吧,”特朗普后来回忆科恩当时这么建议他。Trump did just that, with Cohn as his lawyer. Not only did Cohn countersue the government for 0 million, he filed a blistering affidavit on Trump’s behalf, mocking the case.特朗普后来照做了,还聘请科恩当他的律师。科恩不仅反诉政府索亿美元,还代表特朗普起草了一份尖刻的书面陈述,嘲笑这桩案子。“The Civil Rights Division did not file a lawsuit,Cohn wrote. “It slapped together a piece of paper for use as a press release.”“民权部不是发起了一桩诉讼,”科恩写道。“而是拼凑出了一张纸,用作新闻通稿。”The Trumps ultimately settled the case by agreeing to make apartments available to minority renters, while admitting no wrongdoing.特朗普父子最终还是和解了,同意把公寓租给少数族裔,但他们不承认有任何过错。For Trump, the benefits of his new representation were obvious. Cohn was one of the most famous and feared lawyers in America. He would later appear on the cover of Esquire beneath an ironic halo, and earn a posthumous parody on “The Simpsons.”对于特朗普来说,他的新任代理律师带来的好处是显而易见的。科恩是美国最著名、也最被人畏惧的律师。他后来出现在《时尚先生》杂Esquire)的封面上,头顶一轮反讽的光晕,去世后还曾在《辛普森一家The Simpsons)中被戏仿。But Cohn saw something in Trump, too.但是科恩也在特朗普身上看到了某些特质。“He could sniff out a power-to-be, Roy could,said Susan Bell, Cohn’s longtime secretary.“谁未来将会飞黄腾达,他嗅得出来,罗伊做得到,”科恩的长期秘书苏珊·贝尔(Susan Bell)说。Among the many things Trump learned from Cohn during these years was the importance of keeping one’s name in the newspapers. Long before Trump posed as his own spokesman, passing self-serving tidbits to gossip columnists, Cohn was known to call in stories about himself to reporters.那些年里,特朗普从科恩身上学到了很多,其中一件事就是一定要保持在媒体上的高曝光率。早在特朗普充任自己的发言人,向八卦专栏作者们抛出大堆对自己有利的小趣闻之前,人们就知道,科恩会主动对记者讲述自己的故事。By the time Trump started getting serious with a Czech model named Ivana Winklmayr, Cohn had become something of an expert on marriage.后来特朗普开始与捷克模特伊万娜·温克玛Ivana Winklmayr)正式恋爱,那时,科恩已经摇身变成了婚姻专家。According to “Trump: The Greatest Show On Earth,a book by the journalist Wayne Barrett, Cohn advised Trump against marrying Winklmayr, but insisted that if he must, there had to be a prenuptial agreement. He would handle it himself.记者韦恩·巴瑞特(Wayne Barrett)的《特朗普:世上最大的表演Trump: The Greatest Show On Earth)一书中写道,科恩建议特朗普不要娶温克玛尔。他坚持说,如果一定要娶她,那么要立一份婚前协议。他会亲手办理。The agreement, completed only weeks before the wedding, did not quantify Trump’s net worth “impossible to accurately determine due to the illiquid nature of his holdingsand took a bearish view of Trump’s earning potential and a modest view of his tastes.这份协议在婚礼前几个星期才写奀?它没有对特朗普的净资产做出量化——“由于他所持有资产的非流动性,无法进行精确估计”——并且对特朗普未来获利的前景做出了悲观的估计,对他品味的评价也很一般。“Donald’s standard of living is basically simple,it said, calling Trump’s preferred lifestyle “neither opulent nor extravagant.”“唐纳德的生活标准基本上很简朴,”文件说,还说特朗普喜欢的生活方式“既不奢华也不挥霍”。When the marriage dissolved a few years after Cohn’s death, Ivana Trump’s lawyers charged that she had not had proper representation on the prenuptial. Her initial lawyer had worked for Cohn on at least one case, and was a frequent passenger on Cohn’s yacht, the Defiance. The divorce case eventually ended with a settlement.科恩去世几年后,两人的婚姻宣告解体。伊万娜·特朗普的律师们提出,她在婚前协议这件事上没有得到充分的律师代理务。她最初的律师在至少一起案件中曾为科恩务,并且是科恩的游艇“反抗号Defiance)上的常客。这起离婚案最终以庭外和解告终。The prenuptial was just one of many Trump deals, some more conventional than others, in which Cohn was intimately involved.特朗普签订的不少或常规、或不那么常规的协议之中,都有科恩的密切介入,这份婚前协议只是其中之一。After one Cohn coup, Trump rewarded him with a pair of diamond-encrusted cuff links and buttons in a Bulgari box.一次,科恩大获全胜之后,特朗普赠送他一对镶钻袖扣和前襟纽扣,用宝格丽的盒子盛着,作为回报。And if Cohn did not always feel comfortable charging a friend for his services, Trump was hardly one to put up a fight.如果说科恩会为向朋友收取律师费而感到难为情,那么特朗普这个人则是从不坚持的。“Roy said, ‘I’ll leave it to Donald to give me what he thinks is fair,Fraser recalled of one lengthy Trump tax case in particular. “But, of course, Donald didn’t give him anything.”“罗伊说,‘我会让唐纳德决定,该给我什么样的报酬才算公平’,”弗雷泽回忆起特朗普的一桩旷日持久的税务案子。“但是,当然,唐纳德一分钱也没给。”Cohn’s AIDS diagnosis came not long after his former companion, Russell Eldridge, had gotten his. Eldridge had spent most of his final days in a private suite overlooking Central Park in Trump’s Barbizon Plaza Hotel.科恩的前任伴侣拉塞尔·埃尔德里Russell Eldridge)被确诊患有艾滋病后不久,科恩也被确诊患有艾滋病。埃尔德里奇人生的最后日子大部分是在特朗普俯瞰中央公园的巴尔比宗广场酒店(Barbizon Plaza Hotel)的私人套间里度过的。Cohn remained in his town house. Until the end and even under interrogation by Mike Wallace on 0 Minuteshe insisted that he had liver cancer, not AIDS.科恩仍然住在自己的市区宅邸。在最后时刻到来之前,他一直坚称自己得的是肝癌,不是艾滋病,甚至在0分钟”节目中被迈克·华莱士(Mike Wallace)盘问时,也不改口。He received experimental AZT treatments in Washington and continued working. But his clients could not help but notice that his health was deteriorating.他在华盛顿接受了试验中的AZT疗法治疗,继续工作。但是他的客户们注意到,他的健康每况愈下。Trump started gradually moving cases elsewhere, he said, never telling Cohn why.特朗普说,他开始渐渐把案子交给别人,并且从未向科恩解释为什么。“He was so weak,Trump said. “He was so weakened that he really couldn’t do it.”“他非常衰弱,”特朗普说。“他衰弱极了,确实没法继续做那些工作。”Even as his health was failing, Cohn, whom government prosecutors had unsuccessfully pursued for decades on charges including conspiracy, bribery and fraud, faced a final indignity: He was facing disbarment. Among other offenses, he was charged with coercing a dying multimillionaire client during a late-night visit to the man’s hospital room to amend his will to make Cohn an executor of his estate.就在他病势严重的时候,科恩还面临了人生最后一次耻辱。几十年来,政府的公诉人一直试图以阴谋、贿赂和诈骗等各种罪名起诉他,但都没有成功。但现在,他面临着被取消律师资格的命运。他受到多项指控,包括胁迫一位濒死的百万富翁客户,被指曾在深夜到医院病房要求他修改遗嘱,让科恩成为他遗产的执行人。In June 1986, Cohn was disbarred for “unethical,“unprofessionaland “particularly reprehensibleconduct.1986月,科恩因“不道德”、“不职业”和“特别应受谴责”被取消律师资格。During his final days, Cohn called Trump, ostensibly for no particular reason. “It was just a call: ‘How are things going?Trump recalled. “Roy was the kind of guy I don’t think he ever thought he was dying, frankly.”在生命的最后几天,科恩给特朗普打了电话,仿佛没有什么特别的事。“就是打个电话:‘最近怎么样啊?’”特朗普回忆。“罗伊是那种人——坦白地说,我觉得他从来不觉得自己快死了。”About a week later, in August 1986, Trump received another call.约一个星期后986月,特朗普接到另一个电话。Trump hung up the phone, repeating the news to an associate in his office: Roy Cohn was dead.特朗普挂上电话,对办公室里的一位助手重复自己刚刚听到的消息:罗伊·科恩去世了。“I said, ‘Wow, that’s the end of a generation,Trump remembered. That’s the end of an era.”“我说,‘啊,这是一代人的终结,’”特朗普回忆。“一个时代结束了。”来 /201606/450586

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