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探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 14The impact of a famine being captured by the genes in the eggs and sperm, and a memory of this event was being carried forward to affect the grandchildren, generations later.We are changing the view of what inheritance is, if you can't in life, in ordinary development and living, separate out the gene from the environmental effect that are so intertwined. Pembrey and Bygren's work showed clearly that what our grandparents ate could affect our health. Increasingly, it appeared as if all sorts of environmental events were capable of affecting the genes. And in Washington state, Mike Skinner stumbled on some results with profound implications. He triggered an effect with commonly used pesticides and fungicides. He exposed a pregnant rat with the high dose of one of these pesticides, and then looked for effects in her offspring. And so I treated the animals, the pregnant mother, with these compounds, and then we started seeing between six months to a year, a whole host of other diseases that we didn't expect. And this ranged between tumors, such as breast and skin tumors, prostate disease, er, kidney disease, er, and immune dysfunction.He bred these rats to see if the effects persisted into subsequent generations. The next step was for us to go to the next generation and go to the third generation. All and the same disease still occurred. So after we did several repeats and got the third generation showing it, then a fourth generation, we thought back and realized that the phenomenon was real. We started seeing these major diseases occur in approximately 85 percent of all the animals of every single generation. His discoveries were a revelation.We knew that if an individual was exposed to an environmental toxin that they can get a disease they potential. The new phenomenon is that the environmental toxin no longer affects just the individual exposed, but through two or three generations down the line. I knew that epigenetics existed. I knew that it was a controlling factor for DNA activity whether the genes are silenced or not. Um, but to say that epigenetics would have a major role in disease development, so I'd had no concept for that. The fact that this could have a such huge impact and could explain a whole host of things we couldn't explain before, took a while to actually sink in. The exposure of a single animal to a toxin was causing a whole range of diseases in almost every individual of the following generations. And because epigenetic effects have been observed in humans, this may have implications for us too. Er, what this means then is what your grandmother was exposed to when she was pregnant could cause a disease in you, even though you didn't have an exposure, and you are gonna pass it onto your great grandchildren.New Words amp; Phrases:intertwine: If two or more things are intertwined or intertwine, they are closely connected with each other in many ways. 纠缠;编结fungicide: A fungicide is a chemical that can be used to kill fungus or to prevent it from growing. 杀真菌剂prostate : The prostate or the prostate gland is an organ in the body of male mammals which is situated at the neck of the bladder and produces a liquid which forms part of semen. 【解】前列腺(的)sink in: When a statement or fact sinks in, you finally understand or realize it fully. 被理解;被理会;被听进去200807/45140

  US in Deliberate Study of North Korean Nuclear Position美国仔细研究北韩对会谈的新立场 The State Department says the Bush administration is engaged in a careful study of North Korea's latest position on the six-party nuclear talks, as conveyed to a senior U.S. envoy late last week. Another top U.S. diplomat is still in the region consulting other parties to the talks.美国国务院说,布什政府正在根据北韩上周五向美国高级特使希尔表达的内容,仔细研究北韩在六方会谈方面的最新立场。美国另一名高级外交人员目前还在该地区同参加六方会谈的其它国家代表进行磋商。U.S. officials are refusing to comment on the substance of what Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill learned on a visit to Pyongyang that ended last Friday.美国助理国务卿希尔上星期五结束了对平壤的访问。美国有关官员拒绝透露希尔顿此行所获得的具体信息。But they do say the Hill mission has triggered a high-level review of the North Korean position that included a White House discussion Tuesday between President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.不过,他们说,希尔的访问使美国政界高层开始研究北韩的立场。星期二,美国总统布什和国务卿赖斯在白宫就这一问题进行了讨论。The Chinese-sponsored six-party talks, aimed at getting Pyongyang to scrap its nuclear program, have been deadlocked over North Korea's failure to submit a verification plan for the declaration of its nuclear holdings it made in June.由中国主办的六方会谈是为了促使北韩废除其核项目,谈判最近陷入僵局,原因是北韩没有交出对其在今年六月所作的核材料声明进行核实的计划。Pyongyang says the ed States reneged on a pledge to remove it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, but U.S. officials say de-listing is dependent on a verification regime.北韩说,美国违反承诺,没有把北韩从持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,但美国官员说,除名的条件是北韩提交核实的计划。Hill met several North Korean officials, including Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun and a senior army general in a visit spanning three days.希尔在他三天的访问中会晤了几名北韩官员,其中包括北韩外务相朴义春和一名军方高级将领。A South Korean newspaper considered pro-Pyongyang said earlier this week North Korea gave Hill a new proposal along with an ultimatum to walk away from the talks if it is not accepted.韩国的一份亲北韩的报纸本周早些时候说,北韩向希尔提出了一项新的建议,并且发出了最后通牒,也就是,如果不接受提议,北韩就将退出六方会谈。At a news briefing Wednesday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said he was not y to provide any details but reiterated Hill's depiction of his visit as useful.美国国务院发言人麦科马克星期三在一个新闻发布会上说,他不能透露具体细节,但是他重申,希尔说这次访问是有用的。"We will give you our full assessment of what Chris heard and the results of his discussion as we saw it," he said. "I think you heard him, as well as the secretary, characterize the discussions as useful. We will see if, in fact, in the end they are productive in moving the process forward."麦科马克说:“我们将会在以后透露希尔和北韩方面进行讨论的结果,并将全面评估希尔所获得的消息。希尔和赖斯国务卿已经说过,希尔这次访问是有用的。我们将看看这些讨论最终是否能起到作用,推动形势向前发展。”McCormack said Secretary Rice discussed the state of the talks by telephone with South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, and that senior U.S. diplomat Sung Kim - Hill's deputy - is due back in Washington on Thursday, after consultations with parties in the region.麦科马克说,赖斯国务卿通过电话同韩国外交部长柳明桓讨论了六方会谈的形势,而希尔的副手金成正在这一地区同有关各方进行磋商,并将于星期四返回华盛顿。A senior official who spoke to reporters in Washington said the administration is being deliberate, thoughtful, and conscientious in its internal discussion of the talks.一位高级官员在华盛顿对记者们说,布什政府在内部讨论六方会谈时采取了仔细、周全和审慎的态度。Asked if the negotiations are in a do-or-die situation, the same official said the six-party talks will remain a useful mechanism regardless of whether they move forward right now.当被问到六方会谈是否处于危急关头时,这位官员说,不论六方是否能马上在谈判上取得进展,六方会谈都将继续成为一个有用的机制。North Korea announced last month it was taking steps to restore its partially disabled Yongbyon nuclear complex because of the negotiating impasse.北韩上个月宣布,由于谈判陷入僵局,北韩正在采取步骤恢复被部分拆除的宁边核反应堆。Spokesman McCormack said Pyongyang continues to move in the wrong direction with its activity at Yongbyon. He also said North Korea's reported test-firing of two short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea on Tuesday was neither advisable nor helpful in managing regional tensions.美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,北韩在宁边的活动说明它依然在执行错误的政策。他还说,据报道,北韩在星期二向黄海试射了两枚短程导弹,这是不明智的,对处理该地区的紧张关系毫无帮助。But he said it was not a technical violation of a 2006 U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an end to North Korea's long-range ballistic-missile program.不过他说,这次试射并没有违反联合国安理会2006年要求北韩停止其远程弹道导弹项目的决议。200810/52433


  garden variety ------ 普通的(形容词短语)英文释义Ordinary; lacking any special qualities. (NOTE: adjective phrase)例句Im happy with just a garden variety cell phone, not a fancy device with lots of extra features.我有一部普通手机就知足,不要那种带很多花里胡哨功能的高级设备。 /201611/471215

  Well, never mind, it looks tasty.没关系,看起来很好吃。Theres enough for everyone if you want some.这够所有人吃的,如果你想来点儿。I think thats a splendid idea, we can have an office picnic! Yes!我认为这是个好主意,我们可以搞一个办公室野餐!是的!Mmm, that sauce looks delicious. Yes, its my favourite.这个酱看起来很好吃。是的,我的最爱。Well, once again everything has worked out well for Anna!安娜的每件事都再次顺利完成了!Before we go, a reminder of the phrases she used.在我们离开之前,再提示一下她用过的措辞。Hello, I dont think weve met.你好,我们好像还没见过面。You must be Tom.你肯定是汤姆。Ive just joined the team.我刚加入这个团队。Nice to meet you.见到你很高兴。Have you worked here long?你在这里工作很久了吗?Just remember - if somebody says ;Would you like to do lunch?; theyre not usually expecting you to cook for them!记住,如果有人说“Would you like to do lunch”,他们的意思通常不是希望你为他们做饭!Goodbye.再见。 /201612/479876

  Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Pulls Out of Election茨万吉拉伊退出津巴布韦总统决选  Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who won the most votes in the March 29 presidential poll, has pulled out of the second round of voting due Friday. Mr. Tsvangirai said he cannot take part in the runoff because he does not want to legitimize Mr. Mugabe's war against the people of Zimbabwe.  津巴布韦反对派领导人根-茨万吉拉伊退出将于星期五举行的第二轮投票。茨万吉拉伊在3月29日的总统选举中赢得了多数选票。他说,他不能参加这次决选是因为他不想让穆加贝对津巴布韦人民的战争合法化。Zimbabwe Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he is pulling out of Friday's presidential runoff because of mounting violence and intimidation against his supporters. 津巴布韦反对党领袖茨万吉拉伊说,他决定退出星期五举行的总统决选是由于他的持者遭到的暴力和恫吓日益加剧。"We in the MDC [Movement for Democratic Change] have resolved that we will no longer participate in this violent, illegitimate sham of an election process," he said. 他说:“我们争取民主变革运动决定不继续参加这种暴力、非法、虚假的选举程序。”Mr. Tsvangirai said President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF had done everything they could to discredit the poll.  茨万吉拉伊说,穆加贝总统和津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线无所不用其极地败坏这次选举。The MDC candidate said too many had died, and too many had been displaced. He said the violence meant people had been given a choice, to vote for Zanu PF or die.  这位争取民主变革运动的候选人说,很多人被打死,很多人被弄得无家可归。他说,暴力意味着给人民一个选择:要么就投非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的票,要么就死亡。Mr. Tsvangirai won the first round of the presidential election on March 29, but the Zimbabwe Election Commission said he did not gain an outright majority. The MDC also won the parliamentary elections and most local government elections.  茨万吉拉伊赢得了3月29日举行的第一轮总统选举,但是津巴布韦选举委员会说他没有赢得绝对多数。争取民主变革运动还赢得了议会选举和大部分地方政府的选举。The runoff election campaign has been overshadowed by violence and intimidation, especially in rural areas. Human-rights groups say at least 85 people have died and tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes, most of them opposition supporters. 总统决选的竞选活动因暴力和恫吓而蒙上阴影,在农村地区尤其如此。人权组织说,至少有85人死亡,数万人无家可归,其中大多数是反对党的持者。Mr. Tsvangirai criticized the Zimbabwe Election commission for failling to ensure election laws were followed. He called for the African Union, and all regional and international organizations, including the ed Nations to intervene to ensure that peaceful elections could take place soon.  茨万吉拉伊批评津巴布韦选举委员会未能确保贯彻执行选举法。他呼吁非洲联盟和包括联合国在内的所有地区和国际组织,对津巴布韦的局势进行干预,保和平选举能尽快举行。The opposition leader announced his decision after militants loyal to President Robert Mugabe blocked the site of the MDC's main campaign rally. Men dressed in Zanu-PF T-shirts, and some armed with dangerous weapons, including guns, were harassing and beating people near the site of the rally at the Harare Showgrounds.  这位反对党领袖宣布这项决定之前,效忠穆加贝总统的激进分子封锁了争取民主变革运动的主要竞选场地。身穿津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线T恤杉的男子,其中一些人携带包括在内的致命武器,在哈拉雷展览广场的集会场地附近骚扰和殴打群众。Observers from the Southern African Development Community SADC remained in their hotel and journalists who tried to go to the rally site were shot at. Several people were grabbed off the streets in one suburb and forced to attend an impromptu Zanu-PF rally.  南部非洲发展共同体的观察员不得不呆在酒店里,想去集会现场采访的记者遭到击。在某个郊区,一些人被从街上强行带走,并被强迫参加临时举行的津巴布韦非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的集会。Some voters who support Mr. Tsvangirai say they are relieved that he has pulled out. Others say this will not stop Mr. Mugabe's campaign of violence and that he will carry on until the MDC has disappeared altogether.  一些持茨万吉拉伊的选民说,他的退选让他们松了一口气。其他人说,这样做不会停止穆加贝的暴力活动,而且暴力活动还会继续,直到争取民主变革运动全部消失。The Associated Press reports Zimbabwean Information Minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu said the runoff would go ahead and would prove Zimbabweans' support for Mugabe, who has held power since independence from Britain in 1980.  美联社报导说,津巴布韦信息部长说,决选将继续进行,并将明津巴布韦人民持穆加贝。自从津巴布韦1980年脱离英国统治独立以来,穆加贝一直统治着这个国家。SADC observers appeared confused about the MDC announcement. Some said they would stay in Zimbabwe and try to protect people, others said they believed they would now be withdrawn.  南部非洲发展共同体的观察员对于争取民主变革运动退选的决定表示不解。一些人说,他们将继续留在津巴布韦,设法保护津巴布韦人民;另外一些人说,他们认为他们将撤出。South African diplomats said they did not know in advance that Mr. Tsvangirai would pull out of the runoff. 南非的外交官们说,他们事先并不知道茨万吉拉伊将退出决选。200806/42546美国原汁原味访谈录:你的理财方式属于哪种? Eric Schurenberg is the managing editor of money magazine in this August issue, in which this quiz appears, you are here to tell us what we might find. Why is it so important to come up with your money personality type?Eric Schurenberg: Well, you know because people are just not rational about their money, you can't just say well you are always gonna do the smart thing because you'll think it through, instead the way you handle money is governed by behavior patterns, by your irrational thought, by your emotions, as so knowing the kind of prejudices that you go into money decisions with will help you make the right decisions, and avoid the same old mistakes.Ok, so after you take this quiz, you should find out if you're a guardian, that's, this discipline is the key to security, is guardian the best thing to be? Well, It's the one that most people are, most Americans are, is it the best thing to be. Well,you know, like all money types, there are good types and bad types. You have a lot of self-discipline if you're a guardian, ohh, financial security matters a lot to you, on the other hand, you are likely to be a little too conservative , and make choices that don't get you sometimes you have to take risks in the market to get ahead.Exactly. And if you get mostly Cs , if your answer are mostly Cs to our short pop quiz there, you are a guardian. On to the next one, the next personality type is an idealist, I think that's probably what I am, because money just isn't the top priority . That's right, you are more concerned with helping other people, and that's a good thing too for lots of reason, and doing fun stuff matters a lot too. But you know that's a good thing , it' also a good financial thing, because if you are not that concerned about money you are not chasing every squiggle of the stock market, and making decisions based on really short term thing; on the other hand if you don't have a financial plan , you may not reach your goals, so something you wanna pay attention to.OK! So, if your answer are mostly Bs, you are an idealist. ok what's next, Brian? I couldn't hear you: Artisans, this is interesting, Artisans, which I wouldn't figure to be a money personality type , so if your answers are mostly As, you are an artisan , what's an artisan?Artisans are people who are...they're willing to take risks, they go on gut instinct a lot. That’s a pretty good thing too. Sometimes you can, if you are willing to take risk, you buy a lot of stocks, and that sort of thing, you do...it works out for you in the long-run, on the other hand, artisans are not the type to do a series of long term financial plan, and so sometimes they have to put things into place like automatic savings plans so that they get that kind of a regular financial planning thing going.Ok, Rational, what Chad?If you said A to one of those questions, that was the one that said you strongly agree that financial advisors, you know, are great or whatever the quest of term was, right?I think so , I can't remember though, but good point, Eric saying you are right, Chad, Chad's always right, isn't he?and it kind of makes me nauseated .If your answers are mostly Ds, you are a rational personality money type. That seems to me the best way to be.Well, it has its strengthes and it has its weaknesses too. Rationals believe cool reason prevails and it means that you take a lot of satisfaction out of putting complex financial plans into place. That's a good thing for obvious reasons. The bad side is that you tend to think that you can outsmart the market, and the market is not a rational place, so soon that can get you into trouble.Eric Schurenberg from the Money magazine, thank you so much. If you wanna know more, if you wanna take this quiz, it's in Money magazine and the August issue. And you can learn a lot about yourself and possibly make yourself some money too.200707/15222

  US Commerce Secretary Encourages Chinese Investment美促中国企业加强在美国直接投资    U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez is urging Chinese companies to step up their foreign direct investment in the ed States. At the same time, he noted that the huge U.S. trade deficit with China is fueling protectionist sentiment in the ed States.  美国商务部长古铁雷斯敦促中国企业加强对美国的直接投资。与此同时,他指出,美国对中国的巨大贸易逆差,助长了美国的保护主义情绪。U.S. companies have invested billion in China. In contrast, Chinese companies, flush with cash from the country's economic boom, only invest about 0 million in the ed States. 美国企业在中国投资了220亿美元。相比之下,受惠于经济蓬勃发展而资金充足的中国企业,在美国的投资却只有大约5亿5千万美元。In a speech to the American Chamber of Commerce in China and the U.S.-China Business Council, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez encouraged more Chinese investment in the ed States.  古铁雷斯在中国美国商会和美中商业委员会发表演说时敦促中国企业更多地在美国投资。"We can't say it enough, please come to the U.S. Invest in the U.S. You will find no better market in the world in which to build a business, create wealth and create opportunities," Gutierrez said.  古铁雷斯说:“我们不能说这已经够了,请到美国来,在美国投资。你们将会发现,全世界没有比美国更好的市场,让你们做生意,创造财富,以及创造机会。”The secretary said the U.S. government is preparing a 10-city series of programs to introduce Chinese investors to opportunities in the ed States. At the same time, Washington is also trying to streamline the application process for U.S. visas for Chinese businesspeople. 古铁雷斯部长说,美国政府正在准备一项对十个城市的系列介绍,向中国投资者介绍美国的机会。与此同时,华盛顿也在努力简化中国商人来美国的签程序。One concrete development the U.S. official touted was the implementation of an agreement for Chinese tour groups to go to the ed States. 有一项古铁雷斯感到高兴的实质发展是,已经落实了中国旅游团前来美国的一项协议。"That's a big deal for us," Gutierrez said. "That's the first group travel, first group travel. Not only is it good for business, it will increase business on both sides, but think of what it will do for the understanding amongst both peoples." 他说:“这对我们来说是一件大事。这是我们首次组团出访,它不仅可以促进双方的商业活动,而且有利于两国人民的相互了解。”The first Chinese tour group heads to the ed States in June. Gutierrez said tourism is an important business for the ed States because the ed States has a tourism surplus. 第一个中国旅行团将于今年6月抵达美国。古铁雷斯说,旅游业对美国来说是一个重要的产业,因为美国在旅游业方面是顺差。Gutierrez acknowledged that the U.S. trade deficit with China went down slightly in the most recent reporting period. But he warned that it is still 6 billion and warned that it is fueling American protectionist sentiment. 古铁雷斯承认,美中贸易逆差在最近的报告期内略有下降,但是他警告说,目前仍然存在的2560亿美元的美中贸易逆差,给美国的保护主义情绪火上加油。Some U.S. lawmakers are calling for legislation to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese goods if Beijing fails to act on complaints about trade barriers and currency controls. 一些美国国会议员呼吁,如果中国不对有关中国贸易壁垒以及人民币汇率的抱怨采取行动的话,就应该通过对中国产品实施惩罚性关税的立法。The U.S. official was in Beijing to meet his new Chinese counterpart, Chen Deming, and Vice Premier Wang Qishan, Beijing's envoy to long-running trade talks with Washington. 商业部长古铁雷斯在北京和中国商务部长陈德明以及副总理、美中长期贸易谈判特使王岐山举行了会谈。 200805/39106



  Hello, welcome to the offices of Citrus Ventures!你们好,欢迎来到Citrus Ventures的办公室!Its a big day for Anna, shes about to present Tip Top Tradings new Imperial Lemon to Mr Lime and his colleagues.今天是安娜的大日子,她将要对Lime先生和他的同事展示Tip Top Trading的新产品“皇家柠檬”。This must not go wrong.这次必须要成功。…revoltionary laser curve.... revolutionary laser curve...revol革命性的激光曲线……革命性的激光曲线……革命……How are you feeling today Anna?安娜,今天感觉怎么样?Scared! I want to do really well.害怕!我想做到最好。If I mess up and Citrus Ventures doesnt place an order, Ill be so upset.如果我搞砸了使Citrus Ventures不再订货的话,我会十分的苦恼。Youre well prepared, thats the main thing.你准备得很好,这是关键。Explain clearly how your presentation will be organised.清楚的解释出你的演讲是如何组织的。OK.Oh dear, I didnt think of the very beginning.好的,天啊。我不记得怎么开头了。Can you give me examples of what I should say?我该怎么说,你能给我举出例子吗?After youve introduced yourself, you could say: Today Im going to...and explain.在介绍完自己后,你可以说:今天我将要……然后解释。Then say: Ill start by...And then Im going to move on to discuss… And finally...然后说:我首先会……然后我将要谈到……最后……OK, like this: Today Im going to...好的,比如这样:今天我将要……Ill start by...And then Im going to move on to discuss… And finally...我首先会……然后我将要谈到……最后…… /201701/483827

  2 索赔要求3句英文任你选Im afraid you should compensate us by 10% of the total amount of the contract.恐怕你们应赔偿合同总金额的 10%给我们。As regards inferior quality of your goods, we claim a compensation of US 000.关于你方产品质量低劣的问题,我方要求你方赔偿 1万 5千美元。We register a claim for US $ 200000.我们提出索赔 20万美元。半个句型要记牢claim a compensation (要求赔偿)Tip:claim表示;要求;声称可作及物、不及物动词和名词,相当于 ask for, make a claim for。索赔还可说 to send in/enter/ put in ones claim for compensation (提出索赔)。 /201605/434151

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