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SAN FRANCISCO — Google was born as a company that did Internet search. Over time, it has broadened its interests into everything from drones to pharmaceuticals to venture capital.旧金山——谷歌(Google)诞生时是一个互联网搜索公司。随着时间推移,它的兴趣已经扩大到了从无人机、制药到风险投资的诸多领域。Now Google is changing its corporate structure to reflect that it has essentially become a holding company with a disparate collection of businesses.谷歌实质上已经成为一家控股公司,旗下囊括各种不同的业务。现在,谷歌对公司的架构做出了调整,以反映这种变化。Larry Page, co-founder and chief executive of Google, said in a blog post on Monday that he was creating a new company named Alphabet that he would run along with Sergey Brin, the other co-founder of Google.周一,谷歌联合创始人兼首席执行官拉里·佩奇(Larry Page)在客中表示,他要建立一家名为“字母表”(Alphabet)的公司;并将与谷歌的另一位创始人谢尔盖·布林(Sergey Brin)共同经营这家新公司。Alphabet is to act as a parent entity, with several other companies operating under the structure. The biggest among them would be Google. In addition, Alphabet is to house other businesses such as Nest, the smart thermostat maker, and Calico, a company focused on longevity, among others.Alphabet将充当一个母实体,在其架构中包括若干家其他企业,其中最大的一家是谷歌。此外,Alphabet还会囊括其他业务,比如智能温控器生产商Nest,以及关注于让人类延年益寿的Calico等等。“For Sergey and me this is a very exciting new chapter in the life of Google — the birth of Alphabet,” wrote Mr. Page in the blog post. “We liked the name Alphabet because it means a collection of letters that represent language, one of humanity’s most important innovations, and is the core of how we index with Google search.”“对于布林和我来说,这是谷歌的生命中一个非常令人兴奋的新篇章——Alphabet的诞生,”佩奇在客文章中写道。“我们很喜欢Alphabet这个名字,因为它指的是反映语言的一套字母,而语言是人类的最重要的创新之一,也是我们在谷歌搜索中建立索引的核心。”For Mr. Page, the decision to shake up Google’s structure is driven by the desire to reinvigorate the company with an entrepreneurial culture and to give operating divisions more leeway to make their own decisions. The structure is reminiscent of that of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren E. Buffett’s industrial empire, a giant conglomerate that includes railroads and Fruit of the Loom underwear.对于佩奇来说,改变谷歌的架构是为了重振这家公司的创业文化,并为业务部门自行决策提供更多的灵活性。该架构有些类似沃伦·巴菲特(Warren E. Buffett)的产业帝国伯克希尔-哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway),那是一个巨型集团,旗下业务包括铁路和“鲜果布衣”(Fruit of the Loom)内衣。Over the past few years, investors have expressed concern that Google has become distracted from its core web search business, instead pursuing projects fancied by its founders, like self-driving cars or a pill to detect cancer. The new structure formalizes the different initiatives under a portfolio-like approach.过去的几年里,投资者已经表达了一些担忧,他们认为,谷歌的注意力从网络搜索这个核心业务,分散到了其创始人热衷的项目上,比如无人驾驶汽车和检测癌症的药物。现在这个新的架构,则以类似于投资组合的方式,正式确定了不同业务的地位。The move also provides more financial transparency. Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, Alphabet, the holding company, will break out financial results for Google Inc., as well as the overall company. Investors will not be able to see individual results for other companies, but it will make it easier to get a sense of how Google’s core business is doing. Wall Street has been pushing for more details on how Google’s advertising business is faring, as well as how much money it is plowing into new, more speculative areas.此举也提供了更多的财务透明度。从今年四季度起,控股公司Alphabet将分别披露谷歌以及公司整体的财务业绩。投资者无法看到其他公司各自的业绩,但可以更容易地了解谷歌核心业务的经营状况。华尔街一直在力促谷歌,更详细地披露广告业务的情况,以及它把多少钱分配到了投机性更高的新领域中。Under the new structure, Google will be run by Sundar Pichai as chief executive; Mr. Pichai has been Google’s senior vice president in charge of products. Google will encompass most of the company’s Internet businesses such as search, maps, YouTube and applications like Gmail.在新的架构下,负责谷歌产品的高级副总裁桑达尔·皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)将成为谷歌首席执行官,负责其经营管理。谷歌将涵盖该公司的大部分互联网业务,比如搜索、地图、YouTube,以及Gmail这样的应用。Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of Google, will remain in that role and also be chief financial officer for Alphabet.谷歌首席财务官露丝·波拉特(Ruth Porat)将兼任Alphabet的首席财务官。Other entities under Alphabet will include Google Fiber, a provider of ultrafast Internet service. There will also be two financial businesses, Google Ventures, the venture capital arm, and Capital, which does private-equity-like deals. Google X, which includes projects like self-driving cars, a drone delivery service and an attempt to make Internet-connected balloons, will also be managed separately and be run by Mr. Brin.Alphabet下辖的其他实体包括超高速互联网务的提供商谷歌光纤(Google Fiber),还有两家金融公司——谷歌风投(Google Ventures)和开展私募股权类交易的Capital。而无人驾驶汽车、无人机送货务,以及互联网接入气球项目所属的Google X也将单独管理,并由布林负责经营。“We’ve long believed that over time companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes,” Mr. Page wrote. “But in the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.”“我们一直觉得,随着时间推移,企业往往会安于做同样的事情,只采取一些增量的变化,”佩奇写道。“但是在科技行业,革新性的想法会驱动下一个重要的增长领域,你需要做一点脱离舒适区的事情,才不会靠边站。” /201508/392153After turning music players, telephones and watches into portable computers, Apple is now eyeing the automobile as the “ultimate mobile device”.在把音乐播放器、手机和手表变成便携式电脑之后,苹果(Apple)目前把汽车视为“终极移动设备”。Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice-president of operations, dropped the biggest hint yet about the iPhone maker’s ambitions to transform the automotive industry during an onstage interview on Wednesday.周三,苹果运营高级副总裁杰夫#8226;威廉斯(Jeff Williams)在台上接受采访时,给出了这家iPhone制造商改造汽车业抱负的最明确暗示。“The car is the ultimate mobile device, isn’t it?” Mr Williams said at the Code conference. “We explore all kinds of categories.”“汽车是终极的移动设备,不是吗?”威廉斯在全球开发者大会上表示。“我们对所有领域开展探索。”Mr Williams made the remark in response to a question from the audience about how Apple plans to deploy its huge cash pile, which is approaching 0bn.在观众提问苹果将如何使用公司的巨额现金储备时,威廉斯给出了上述回答。苹果目前的现金储备已接近2000亿美元。He clarified that Apple aly offers CarPlay, an infotainment system that shows content from a driver’s iPhone in the dashboard. Carmakers including General Motors, Ford and Hyundai have said they plan to build CarPlay into their cars over the next year.他解释称,苹果已推出了CarPlay,这是一款信息系统,通过驾驶员放在仪表盘上的iPhone显示内容。通用汽车(General Motors)、福特(Ford)和现代(Hyundai)等车企都表示,他们打算明年在自家的车辆上搭载CarPlay。But Mr Williams’ comment follows reports in the Financial Times and elsewhere that Apple has a secret team of automotive engineers and designers working towards an electric vehicle.但是,威廉斯在发表上述言论之前,英国《金融时报》等媒体已报道称,苹果拥有一个秘密的汽车工程师与设计师团队,正在研制电动汽车。Neither Mr Williams nor his colleagues at Apple have commented on those reports directly but his allusion follows a familiar pattern of its executives’ hints about future products, from its smartwatch to television.威廉斯和他的苹果同事都没有直接置评该报道,但他的暗示跟以往苹果高管对未来产品的暗示如出一辙,从智能手表到电视项目公布之前均有此类暗示。 /201505/377705Amazon has seen the future — and it is a pushcart on the New York subway. The online retail giant has started delivering parcels to its Manhattan customers using the city’s underground train network, having discovered what New Yorkers have known for years: it can be much quicker than driving.亚马逊(Amazon)从纽约地铁上的手推车看到了未来。这家在线零售巨头发现了纽约人多年来就已熟知的一个道理:乘地铁可能比开车快得多,已开始通过遍布纽约地下的地铁网络向曼哈顿的客户递送包裹。In December, Amazon started piloting an ultra-fast service, Prime Now, which promises to deliver popular items such as phone chargers, soap and pet food in as little as an hour for .99, or within two hours for free. The scheme was launched in New York, but has since been rolled out in a handful of other US cities, including Miami and Dallas.去年12月,亚马逊试行了一种超快捷务Prime Now。这种务承诺最快在1小时内,以7.99美元的价格递送手机充电器、肥皂和宠物口粮之类急需用品,或在两个小时内免费递送这类商品。这项务首先在纽约启动,自那以来已在包括迈阿密和达拉斯在内的其他几个美国城市推出。Two delivery workers pushing large trolleys of Amazon parcels on the subway said the company was using underground trains for most Prime Now deliveries because traffic on Manhattan’s gridlocked streets made it impossible to honour a 60-minute guarantee. Both asked not to be named because they were not authorised to speak to the media.在纽约地铁上,两名用手推车递送大量亚马逊包裹的员工表示,多数Prime Now货物都用地铁递送,原因是曼哈顿拥堵的路面交通让60分钟送达的可能性几乎为零。由于公司未批准他们与媒体打交道,这两名员工都要求不要公开他们的姓名。Amazon confirmed it was using the subway for Prime Now orders: “In Manhattan, our folks bike, walk or use public transportation. They only drive if the item is large like a flat screen TV.”亚马逊确认了该公司正在使用地铁投递Prime Now订单:“在曼哈顿,我们的员工会使用自行车、徒步或使用公共交通方式递送包裹。他们只有在商品像平板电视那么大的情况下,才会采用驾车的方式送货。”Amazon’s Prime Now service is part of a push to capture the instantaneous purchases that have so far proven elusive to online retailers, according to Sucharita Mulpuru, an ecommerce analyst at Forrester Research.福里斯特调查公司(Forrester Research)电子商务分析师苏乍利达#8226;墨普鲁(Sucharita Mulpuru)表示,亚马逊的Prime Now务是该公司实现“即时购物”体验举措的一部分。迄今“即时购物”仍被明是在线零售商的一大短板。“With online retail, one of the fundamental weaknesses is that you cannot get products immediately. This is an attempt to address that,” said Ms Mulpuru.墨普鲁表示:“对在线零售而言,一个根本缺陷就是你无法在购物时立刻获得商品。这项务正是试图解决这个问题。”However, she warned the service could struggle to gain traction with customers, especially in New York where there are drug stores on nearly every street corner selling many of the same items as Amazon’s Prime Now service.不过,她警告说该务可能很难吸引客户——尤其是在差不多每个街道拐角都设有便利店的纽约。这些便利店出售的许多商品都与亚马逊Prime Now务提供的商品雷同。Ms Mulpuru also suggested some customers might feel uneasy about having their deliveries transported on a mass public transport system. “I wouldn’t want my packages sitting on the smelly New York subway for long,” she said.墨普鲁还暗示,对于通过人流密集的公共交通投递他们的包裹,部分客户可能会感到不适应。她说:“我不希望我的包裹长期停留在气味难闻的纽约地铁中。” /201505/376320

Perhaps no presidential candidate in US history has wielded the put-down quite like Donald Trump.美国历史上可能从来没有一位总统候选人像特朗普这般善于奚落辱骂他人。He called John McCain a ;dummy,; John Kasich ;desperate,; Karl Rove ;a total loser; and Lindsey Graham ;a stiff.; The list goes on.麦凯恩被他骂;笨蛋;,卡西奇被骂;丧心病狂;,罗夫被骂;彻头彻尾的失败者;,格雷厄姆被骂;呆瓜;。这份名单还在继续。Feeling left out that Trump hasn#39;t gotten around to insulting you or your friends?特朗普抽不出时间来骂您和您的朋友,是否让您感觉有点失落?Now you can generate your own Donald Trump insult, thanks to the Donald Trump Insult Generator, an app launched by Time magazine.《时代》周刊日前推出了一款;特朗普骂人器;应用,有了它,现在您可以拥有自己的专属;特式辱骂;了。All you do is put in your name and your own personalized insult - taken from Trump#39;s Twitter feed - will pop up.只要输入自己的姓名,从特朗普发布的推特消息中选取的、专属于你的;特式辱骂;就会出现了。 /201601/423386

There are few people more qualified to talk about shaping the future than Google’s Astro Teller. His official title the oh-so-Googley “Captain of Moonshots.” His day job is running Google X, which the company calls its “moonshot factory.” It’s where Google GOOG -0.30% is developing self-driving cars, Glass (its glasses-like wearable computer), Loon (a project to deliver Internet access worldwide through high-altitude balloons), Makani (an effort to generate energy through high-flying wind turbines), and ingestible nanoparticles that would detect cancer and other diseases. Teller works closely with CEO Larry Page, which Fortune named 2014 businessperson of the year, and Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder who oversees X and other special projects. He recently spoke with Fortune about his lab’s approach to breakthrough innovation.说到塑造未来,阿斯特罗o泰勒鲜有对手。他的正式头衔是谷歌 “登月队长”——一个颇具谷歌风范的称谓;他的日常工作是负责Google X实验室的运营,谷歌将其称为“登月工厂”。在这里,谷歌正在开发无人驾驶汽车、谷歌眼镜、Loon项目(通过高空气球提供上网务)、Makani项目(通过高空风轮机发电)以及用于检测癌症和其他疾病的纳米胶囊。在工作上和泰勒密切配合的有谷歌首席执行官拉里o佩奇(《财富》杂志2014年年度商人),以及谷歌联合创始人、管理着Google X和其他一些专业项目的谢尔盖o布林。最近,泰勒接受了《财富》杂志的采访,介绍了Google X如何获取突破性创新。Fortune: How do moon shots come together at Google X?《财富》:Google X的“登月”项目是怎么来的?Well, with the caveat that it’s not simple, I think that there are some principles, or some ways of seeing, at least, things that don’t work.事先声明一下,这并不简单,但我觉得在看待那些难以企及的事情时我们至少有几条原则。You have to have three things in order for it to conceptually be a moon shot. That doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily do it, but it means necessarily we won’t do it if it doesn’t have these three things.要从概念上成为“登月”项目,得具备三个要素。这并不是说有了这三个要素我们就一定会去做这件事,它的意思是如果没有这三个要素我们就一定不会去做。The first one is that it’s a huge problem. That sounds pretty obvious, but it’s incredibly not obvious in fact.首先,它得是一个重大问题。这看上去是显而易见的事情,但实际上这一概念模糊的令人难以置信。Then the second thing is that there has to be some kind of radical proposed solution. It should be a science fiction-sounding product or service. Obviously whether it really sounds like it comes out of [Isaac] Asimov isn’t important. What’s important is that we be not ting the same ground that other people have t before because thinking that we’re going to be smarter or better resourced or work harder than people who’ve come before us is just not a good bet.其次,得有人提出某种激进的解决方案。这种产品或务听起来得像是科幻小说里的东西。显然,它听起来是否真的像来自艾萨克o阿西莫夫的科幻小说并不重要。重要的是,我们不能步别人的后尘,因为觉得自己比以前那些人聪明,拥有更好的资源,或者付出更多努力的想法一点也不靠谱。Then the third one is some reason to believe that this isn’t just pie in the sky. We would call this breakthrough science or tech.最后,我们有理由相信它不是空中楼阁。我们将其称为突破性科学或技术。This could be something we’ve discovered. It could be something someone else has discovered. It could be something that has worked in one domain but has never been transplanted to this other domain. There are lots of different ways of ending up having an “Aha!” moment where you believe that something looks nearly impossible might not be impossible.这种科技可能来自于谷歌,也可能来自于他人。它可能已经在某个领域发挥了作用,但从未移植到其他领域。在很多情况下,我们最终都会恍然大悟,从而意识到这件看起来近乎不可能的事也许并非不可能。These three things don’t happen all at once, right?这三个要素不会一下子都出现,对吧?That’s right. So in some cases one of these is easy and the others are hard. Sometimes we will think we have a bead on two or even three of these things, but after awhile one of them will fall away.是这样。因此,在某些情况下找到其中一个要素比较容易,而找到另外两个比较困难。有时候我们觉得已经找到了其中两个,甚至三个要素都已具备,但一段时间后,其中一个就会消失。Take Loon [the Google X project to deliver Internet connectivity worldwide through high-altitude balloons], for example. This was super obvious. There are 5 billion people in the world who don’t have Internet connections, and there’s very little that would cause the world to be more at peace, more prosperous than getting the other 5 billion people on the planet connected.以Loon项目[通过高空气球在全球范围内提供网络连接]为例,这三个要素非常明显。全球有50亿人上不了网。就促进世界和平、繁荣而言,还有什么事业能够与为50亿人提供上网渠道相比呢?Very generally, doing this from balloons rather than from satellites sort of has the form of a radical solution.非常笼统地讲,用气球而不是卫星来实现这个目标可以算是一种激进的解决方案。And so we went through a process for almost a year where the mantra was not “This is going to work” but “This is not going to work. How can we discover why this won’t work as fast as possible so that we can discard this and move on to something else?” And it was only having tried rigorously for a year and having failed to fail many times in a row that we got to the point where we were starting to take this project really seriously.因此,在近一年的时间中,我们的工作并不是明“这行得通”,而是明“这行不通,以及我们怎样才能尽快发现为什么它行不通?这样就可以放弃它,然后转向别的项目。”我们努力尝试了一年,连续失败了很多次,然后才开始认真对待这个项目。You have a rapid-eval team. Can you talk a little bit about how it works?你有一个快速评估团队。能介绍一下它是如何运作的吗?There are two ends of a continuum [for tackling moon shots]. On one end of the continuum—you could just call this the “savant” model—you pick a small number of things to do, and you’re determined to do them from the beginning, and you’d better be right because you decided you’re going to do them. On the other end of the spectrum—you could think of this as the “funnel” perspective—at the beginning you have a huge number of things that you’re not taking very seriously and that you’re hoping to throw out with relatively little work. And the farther you get into the funnel, the more work it may take to throw out something.[就处理“登月”项目来说,]这就像一个统一体的两端。你可以把其中一端称为“专家”模式。它的做法是挑几件事来做,而且从一开始就决心一干到底。你得做出正确的选择,因为你已经下定了决心。对于另一端,你可以把它想象成一个“漏斗”。在漏斗顶部有大量的项目,我们并不打算去特别认真地对待,而且我们也希望在排除这些项目时投入较少的精力;然而,越接近漏斗底部,排除就越费力。So this is a team of maybe eight or so polymaths who are exceptionally bright over a broad range. They tend to be makers, so they are not uncomfortable prototyping. They’re run by a guy named Rich DeVaul. They act in a fairly chamber music-like way, where for each thing that someone is working on, everyone else will just pitch in.这个团队大约有八个人,他们大都学多才,而且在众多领域都颇有建树。他们更愿意动手参与,因此制作原始模型对他们来说不是什么难事。该团队的负责人是里奇o德沃尔。他们的工作方式类似于室内合奏——当有人在从事某一项目时,其他人都会为其提供一臂之力。And then Rich DeVaul also runs the Design Kitchen for us, which is sort of a tech shop on steroids. It’s a rapid prototyping facility, and it makes sense that these two things are together.里奇o德沃尔还负责我们的Design Kitchen项目,这是个加强版的技术工作室。它能迅速制作出原始模型,因此让里奇同时掌管Design Kitchen和Google X是合情合理的。With Larry Page, you’ve got your savant, too.有了拉里o佩奇,你也就有了自己的专家。Well, we have both, right? We are very fortunate to be in a situation where two of the planet’s recognized savants, Larry and Sergey, are here. There are times when they say, “Trust me on this one.” And that does skip parts of the funnel process. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t otherwise driving the funnel process.我们有两位专家,不是吗?我们非常幸运,作为这个星球上公认的专家,拉里和谢尔盖都在这儿。有时候他们会说:“在这个问题上要相信我。”而这确实能帮我们省略一部分“漏斗”工作。但这并不意味在其他时候我们不开展这项工作。Is there a way to institutionalize or scale this process? How far can it scale?有办法让这项工作成为制度或者扩大规模吗?它的规模能有多大?We clearly have scaled in the sense that there’s a lot more going on here than there was two years ago. I do believe that making a factory for innovation, a moon-shot factory, is possible. I’m not saying that we’ve done a perfect job here so far, but I do think that that’s possible.很明显,我们已经扩大了规模,因为和两年前相比,现在我们这里进行的项目要多得多。我确实相信,建立一个创新工厂,也就是“登月”工厂,是可行的。这并不是说到现在为止我们的工作已趋于完美,但我真的认为它是可行的。(财富中文网) /201501/355690

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