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Agree with the claims同意索赔A:Our investigation results tell us that the factory party is responsible the cargo damage. We are so sorry the inconvenience we brought to you in this matter.关于货物破损一事,我方调查的结果表明是厂方的责任给贵公司添了很多麻烦,我们深表抱歉B:Well, that all right.啊,不必客气A:The factory party agreed to compensate your damage.厂方同意赔偿损失的要求B:Thanks. I would like to know the details about the plan of compensation.谢谢,我想知道具体的处理方案A:We are not going to carry these damaged goods back. Would you accept to buy these goods at half price? Wed like to use the payment as our compensation fee.破损货物就不打算运回去了,能以半价处理给你们吗?我想这部分款就当赔偿金了?B:Thank you.非常感谢A:We are completely responsible this accident. We warrant we wont make this kind of mistake again.这次事故完全是由我方失误造成的,我方保今后不再发生这类事故 185686Inspection Procedures 商检程序A: Shall we talk about the matter of inspection?我们来谈谈商检问题好吗?B: All right.好的A: Since this is the first time you purchase from us. Id like to listen to your opinion about inspection.由于这是你们第一次向我们购买商品,我很想听一听你对检验的意见B: These goods are not allowed to import to our country without our legal inspection.这些货物不经过我们的法定检验十不准进口我国的A: Do you mean that the goods to be imported are subject to legal inspection.你是说这些进口货物必须经过法定检验吗?B: Yes, you are right.是的A: Then how can I arrange the deal?那么我该怎样安排这件事呢?B: You can send in your samples frist our legal inspection. Once approved, the goods can be shipped to our country.贵公司可以寄来样品进行检验一旦获准,货物即可装运到我国A: Itll cost a very long time.这样办时间太长了B: The alternative is to ship the goods direct to the bonded area while the samples are being inspected.另外一种办法是,在样品检验的同时,货物直接装运到报税区A: That sounds good.那太好了B: In fact, it also very convenient the importer.实际上这对进口商很方便A: Ill go and arrange the deal right now. Thank you your help.我就去安排这件事非常感谢你的帮助B: You are welcome. 不用客气1.;send in;这里是;寄送,递送,呈报;的意思,例如:Send your luggage in in advance. (请把行李预先送出).;once;是;一旦;;就;;;的意思,例如:If the facts once become known, he will be punished. (事实一旦公开,他就要受到惩罚 36

7.What day is it?今天星期几几号?What day is it?今天星期几几号?What today date?今天的日期是?What day is it today?今天星期几几号?It is Sunday今天是星期天Wednesday.星期三Today is January second tow thousand and two.今天是年1月日December fourteenth.月日Monday,the second.星期一,日What day is it?It Friday.今天星期几?今天是星期五What day is it?Saturday.今天星期几?星期六What day is it?February eighteenth.今天几号?月18日What day is it?It Tuesday,the tenth.今天几号?今天是星期二,日What day is it?It Wednesday,August tenth.今天几号?今天是星期三,8月日What today date?Twenty-first.今天的日期是?1日What today date?July seventh.今天的日期是?7月7日What today date?January twenty-fourth.今天的日期是?1月日What today date?December fourteenth.今天的日期是?月日What day is it today?Monday.今天星期几?星期一What day is it today?Thurday,the thirtieth.今天几号?星期四,30日What day is it today?Today is Tuesday.今天星期几?今天是星期二1839

Settling Guests complaints 处理投诉Key Sentences(重点句子)8.Can you change the room me? It too noisy.能给我换个房间吗?这儿太吵了9.My wife was woken up several times by the noise the baggage elevator made.我妻子被运送行李的电梯发出的嘈杂声弄醒了几次0.She said it was too much her.她说这使她难以忍受1.Im awfully sorry,sir.非常对不起,先生.I do apologize.我向您道歉3.No problem,sir.没问题,先生1.Well manage it,but we dont have any spare room today.我们会尽力办到,但是今天我们没有空余房间5.Could you wait till tomorrow?等到明天好吗?6.I hope well be able to enjoy our stay in a quiet suite tomorrow evening and have a sound sleep.我希望明天晚上我们能呆在一套安静的房间里睡个好觉7.And if there is anything more you need, please let us know.如果还需要别的什么东西,请告诉我们8.The light in this room is too dim.这房间里的灯光太暗了9.Please get me a brighter one.请给我换个亮的0.Certainly,sir.Ill be back right away.好的,先生,我马上就回来1.The room is too cold me.I feel rather cold when I sleep.这房间太冷了,我睡觉时感到很冷 1968A student lost all of her hair within just two months as a result of stress from her upcoming university exams.由于即将到来的大学考试压力过大,一名学生竟然在两个月内掉光了头发Katie-Anna Moore, , previously had a thick head of mousy blonde hair, which she called her pride and joy. But in the run-up to her summer sittings at Bournemouth University, she began to go bald.岁的卡蒂安娜·尔以前有一头浓密的金发,并为此感到骄傲和快乐不过在英国伯恩茅斯大学的暑期到来前,她已经开始脱发了In March this year, while in the shower, she was putting shampoo on her hair bee a whole handful came out. Small clumps would then come out each time she washed her hair and within just eight weeks, 70 per cent of her locks had gone.今年3月份,她在一次洗澡时,把洗发水抹在头上,发现手上满是头发每次洗头时,头发总是成团地掉仅仅8周的时间,她70%的头发就掉没了Within two weeks, other people began noticing, and she would find her clothes covered in stray hairs.两周后,其他人开始察觉到了她也发现自己的衣上总是有很多掉落的头发After visiting her GP following the end of her exams, Miss Moore was diagnosed with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease where bald patches appear on the body or scalp. Her doctor told her the condition was most likely stress-induced and warned it was likely she would lose the remainder of her hair.考试结束后,尔就去看医生,最终被诊断为斑秃这是一种自体免疫病,症状是在身上或头皮出现斑秃医生告知,她的症状很可能是因为压力过大引起的,并警告她有可能剩下的头发也会掉光She said: I was crying all the time and didnt want to talk to my friends or tell the university what was going on. I was ringing my mother every day advice as she is my best friend. Then I went back to my GP surgery and as soon as I took my hat off, the doctor face said it all.她说:“我一直在哭,不想和朋友讲话,也不想告诉学校发生了什么我每天都给妈妈打电话问建议,她是我最好的朋友然后我回到医生诊室,在我脱掉帽子的时候,医生的脸色已经告诉我了一切”Walking through campus, she said she could feel people staring. If Im surrounded by friends, they reassure me Im beautiful, but it when Im alone that I feel shy.她表示,走在学校里,她感到人们在盯着她看“如果我身边有朋友在时,他们总是说我很漂亮,其实我感到窘迫和孤独” 67

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