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2019年09月17日 01:11:11 | 作者:光明典范 | 来源:新华社
Experts believe that machine translation good enough to replace advanced human translators will be widesp within five to 10 years, as language-processing technology has seen many breakthroughs in recent years, Xinhuanet.com reported on May 22.据新华网5月22日报道,由于近年来语言处理技术取得了多项突破,专家们相信,足以取代资深译员的机器翻译将在五至十年内普及。Zhou Ming, standing deputy dean of Microsoft Research Asia, made the statement in his keynote speech at the 2017 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference, held in Beijing on May 22.5月22日,微软亚洲研究院常务副院长周明在于北京举行的2017全球人工智能技术大会上发表的主旨演讲中这样说道。Machine translation currently faces challenges that prevent it from reaching the standards of professional translation, Zhou noted.周明指出,当前,机器翻译面临着各种挑战,这使得其无法达到专业翻译的标准。However, he also pointed out that several technology companies are now focusing on machine translation, and have aly made great progress.不过他也指出,现在好几家技术公司正在主攻机器翻译,且已取得很大进展。Google released its translation system in September 2016, based on recurrent neural networks.2016年9月,谷歌公司发布了自己基于递归神经网络的翻译系统。In addition, the artificial intelligence team at Facebook claimed to have achieved the highest accuracy yet in machine translation by using brand new neural network technology, with a translating speed nine times that of Google.此外,脸书的人工智能团队宣称,通过使用新型神经网络技术,已经实现了迄今最为准确的机器翻译,翻译速度为谷歌的九倍。Apart from translation, Zhou speculated that language-processing technology, integrated with other artificial intelligence, could be applied in many fields including education, medicine and driverless cars in the near future.周明预测,除了翻译,语言处理技术和其它人工智能,在未来还可应用于包括教育、药物和无人驾驶在内的很多领域。 /201705/511988Lovelorn staff at a Japanese marketing company can take paid time off after a bad break-up with a partner, and more "heartache leave" on offer when they get older.Tokyo-based Hime amp; Company, which also gives staff paid time off to hit the shops during sales season, says heartache leave allows staff to cry themselves out and return to work refreshed. "Not everyone needs to take maternity leave but with heartbreak, everyone needs time off, just like when you get sick," CEO Miki Hiradate said.Staff aged 24 years or younger can take one day off per year, while those between 25 and 29 can take two days off and those older can take three days off, the company said."Women in their 20s can find their next love quickly, but it's tougher for women in their 30s, and their break-ups tend to be more serious," Hiradate said.Hime amp; Company staff can also take two mornings off twice a year as "sales shopping leave", so they can race to stores to hunt for bargains."Before, women could take half-days off to go to sales, but you'd have to hide your shopping bags in lockers by the train station," Hiradate said."But with paid leave, we don't have to feel guilty about bringing our shopping bags to work, and we can enjoy the best part about sales shopping -- talking about our purchases afterwards." 日本一家营销公司日前规定,员工失恋后可享受带薪假期。而且随着年龄的增长,这种“疗伤假”会增多。这家位于东京的“姬会社”还在促销旺季为员工提供了购物假。公司称“疗伤假”能让员工在痛哭之后重振精神回到工作岗位。该公司的首席执行官平官美吉说:“并不是人人都需要休产假,但如果失恋了,无论谁都需要休息,就像生病一样。”该公司规定,24岁及24岁以下的员工每年有一天的失恋假;25岁至29岁的员工可享受两天失恋假;29岁以上的员工可休假三天。平官美吉说:“20多岁的女性失恋后能很快开始另一段恋情,但对于30多岁的女性来说就没那么容易了,所以她们的失恋往往更严重。”姬会社的员工每年还可享受两个上午的“购物假”,在此期间员工可去商场抢购打折商品。平官美吉说:“以前,女性可以请半天假出去购物,但之后又不得不将购物袋藏在地铁站的衣物柜中。”“有了带薪假期,大家就不用为把购物袋带到办公室而感到心虚了,大家还能分享购物的最大乐趣——比如一下买到的宝贝。” /200803/28738

In a perfect world, the only thing that you would need to do to reach your fitness goals would be work out occasionally. Unfortunately, the only way to truly get the body and level of health that you want is through the combination of diet and exercise.If there is anything I have learned through my years as a personal trainer is that dieting right is the number one obstacle people face while trying to get fit. But filling your plate with healthy food doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.Here are the best strategies I have found to keep people in shape.Give Yourself Some Flexibility - If you box yourself into too strict of a diet, you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s true that that for most people if you want to lose weight, it is going to have to involve cutting back a bit on how much you eat, but if you allow yourself nothing but rice cakes and unbuttered wheat toast, you turn yourself into a ticking time bomb that will go off onto the nearest piece of cheesecake. Expect that you are going to indulge a little every now and then, and accept it.Make Your Foods Easy to Make- I’ve discovered that most people eat junk food because it’s just so darn convenient. Microwaveable pizzas take three minutes to make, and there is a fast food joint on every corner who can give you a greasy pre heated burger in a matter of seconds. The only real way to counteract this is by making your healthy food just as convenient as unhealthy food.For example, you might keep some whole grain tortillas in your cupboard so that you can make a quick and easy burrito with lean chicken or beans. You might also keep some frozen vegetables in your freezer, because they can be heated fairly quickly and be y to eat. You may also consider buying lots of canned soups, because they take little time to prepare and are often very low in calories.Find Ways to Combat Stress - Whenever someone has a relapse in their diet, it is usually during a particularly stressful time in their life. Maybe dealing with a toddler has kept them awake for much of a few nights or their new job is giving them a lot to worry about. This is when people start binging on French fries and ice cream. But if you want to conserve your waistline, you need to find other ways to combat stress.To best way to deal with this by recognizing times when you might be getting stressed and react too it. If you find the pressure building up, find some time for yourself to do something that you really enjoy. Just half an hour of “me time” can make your diet go along a lot more smoothly.Cut Out the Liquid Calories - If has calories and comes in a liquid form, try to limit your intake of it. The reason is that stuff like soda, alcohol, and milk can add a bunch of calories to you daily diet, but they never make you feel full. So you feel hungry even as you consume far more calories than you need. Focus mostly on whole foods and use tea or water to satisfy your thirst.Fitness Expert Chris McCombs is a Personal Trainer in Hollywood California. While walking out of a burrito joint Chris discovered a radical approach to burning fat at a rapid rate which he helps people all over do today. Chris is also a personal training marketing expert and helps personal trainers and other people in the fitness industry to triple their income and cut their work hours by more than half. 在这样的一个美好的世界里,你所需要做的一件事情就是怎样有条理的达到你的塑身目标。然而,不幸的是,为了能够真正的达到你所想要的体魄和健康的标准,唯一的办法就是通过节食和锻炼。如果说我作为一个私人教练这么多年学到了什么的话,那就是我发现,正确的节食是每个希望得到好身材的人所面临的最大问题。实际上,让你的盘子里装满健康的食品并不是什么痛苦的经历。以下就是我发现的适合人们保持好身材的最佳策略。给自己一个适应的时间。--如果你太强制性的让自己节食的话,那你简直就是在为失败而做准备。的确,对大多数人来讲,为了减少体重,他们就必须在原先的饮食上削减一些。但如果除了米饭,蛋糕及没有奶油的烤面包你什么都不吃的话,你就会让自己成为一颗定时炸弹一样,在不经意的一块酪饼后,而体重突然暴增,所有的计划都付诸东流。除非你能有限制地在你所能接受的范围内让自己不时的享受一点。学会制作简单的食品—我发现许多人喜欢吃剩菜剩饭,因为吃起来很方便。把匹萨放进微波炉里,三分钟就可以吃了。而且,在我们周围的每个角落都会有快餐店为你务—提供一个有油脂有热气腾腾的汉堡牛肉饼只是几秒钟的事情.那与之抗衡的唯一方法便是,让自己制作的食品就像快餐食品那样方便。比如说,在你的橱柜里可能回存有谷粒的玉米粉薄烙饼,你就可以用这些材料作成一个由纯鸡肉或土豆泥做馅的面饼卷。你也可以在你的冰箱里储存一些冷冻的蔬菜,因为它们很容易解冻然后就可以吃了。你也可以考虑买一些罐装的汤,因为这些它们不用花太多的时间准备,并且所含的卡路里也不大。找到抗压力的方法—一旦一个人在他的节食计划中出现了旧病复发状态,那么这个阶段一般是他生活中压力最大的时段。可能为了照顾小孩,他们很多个夜晚不能好好的入睡,也有可能是他们的新工作并不能让他们安心。于是他们便开始钟情于法国炸薯条和冰淇淋。然而,如果你想保持你的腰围尺寸的话,你必须找到方法来抗压力。最好的办法就是,你首先要清楚自己什么时候最容易受到压力的影响。一旦你感受到了压力,你应该给自己一点时间做自己真正喜欢的事情。即使只是短短的“自我半小时时间”,都会让的节食计划更顺利地进行。减掉液体卡路里—尽量限制以液体的形式吸收卡路里。因为,像汽水,酒精及牛奶这样的的饮品就会在你的日常饮食中增加热量,但你永远都不会有饱的感觉。因此,你总会感到饥饿,即使你吸收的热量已经超过了你的所需。所以,当你渴的时候,应该首要想到茶或水来解渴。瘦身专家克里斯.麦克白是美国加州好莱坞的一个私人教练。他发现了一个燃烧脂肪的基本快速方法,这个方法也是他现在帮助人们减脂肪的方法。克里斯在私人训练市场方面也是个专家,他不仅帮助私人教练,也为其他做健身锻炼行业的人提供帮助,在让他们减少一半的工作时间的同时却让他们的收入增加了三倍。 /200806/41291

In the 12 years since Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, the global media landscape has changed beyond recognition. This is in no small part due to the social media platform that he started as an undergraduate, which is now one of the biggest global distributors of news.在马克.扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)推出Facebook以来的12年里,全球媒体版图发生了天翻地覆的变化。这在很大程度上可归因于他在读本科期间创立的这个社交媒体平台,如今这个平台已是全球最大的新闻分销商之一。Where printed newspapers were traditionally constrained by the cost of physical distribution, Facebook and other social media are, by contrast, equipped with the power to transmit information across borders at limited or no cost. This has brought undoubted benefits to millions of users who can access information more ily than before. It has also brought with it responsibilities.印刷版报纸传统上受到物理分发成本的约束,相比之下,Facebook和其他社交媒体具有以有限成本、甚至无成本方式跨境传播信息的威力。这给数以百万计的用户带来了不容置疑的好处,他们能够空前便利地获取信息。这也带来了责任。Such obligations will become increasingly difficult for Facebook to brush aside in light of the controversy generated by its role in the sp of misinformation.鉴于Facebook在虚假信息传播方面扮演的角色所引发的争议,该公司要回避这种义务将变得越来越困难。Fake news propagated by partisan websites proliferated across social media in an unprecedented fashion ahead of Donald Trump’s victory in US elections. The degree to which this influenced voters is hard to gauge. But given that more than half of Americans source news from social media, 150m of them on Facebook, it is an obvious source of concern.在唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)赢得美国大选之前,党派性网站发送的假消息以前所未有的方式在社交媒体上传播。很难衡量这些假消息影响选民的程度。但鉴于一半以上美国人从社交媒体获取新闻(其中1.5亿从Facebook获取新闻),这明显是一个令人担心的问题。Nor is Facebook alone in feeling the heat. The spotlight shifted to Google on Monday after it gave prominence in its search rankings to a false report claiming that Mr Trump had won the popular vote.也并不只是Facebook感受到压力。聚光灯在周一转向谷歌(Google),因为它在搜索排名中突出了一则虚假报道,称特朗普已经赢得民众选票。Mr Zuckerberg argues that Facebook is a technology company not a media company. Unlike traditional news media, where editors curate content and check accuracy and balance, Facebook deploys engineers to write algorithms that select news according to the historic preferences of users. Mr Zuckerberg is reluctant for his company to assume a role as arbiter of the truth.扎克伯格辩称,Facebook是一家技术公司,而不是一家媒体公司。不像传统的新闻媒体有编辑来策划内容、检查准确性和保持平衡,Facebook让工程师编写算法,根据用户的历史偏好来选择新闻。扎克伯格不愿让他的公司担当真相的仲裁者。One advantage of the network business models adopted at the outset by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber and Airbnb was that they were all capital light. Ethical and financial responsibility for how the networks were precisely used was less than clear. This made some sense: if you are threatened over the phone, you do not blame the phone company.谷歌、Facebook、Twitter、优步(Uber)和Airbnb从一开始就采用的网络商业模式有一大优势,那就是它们都是“轻资本”的。围绕这些网络究竟如何被使用的道德和财务责任不那么清楚。这有一定道理:如果有人打电话威胁你,你不能责怪电话公司。The burden of responsibility is growing for all of these businesses as they expand. Even Facebook employees have found the company’s defence less than convincing. Some of them have formed an unofficial task force to investigate the role of their platform in sping fake news.随着这些企业发展壮大,它们的责任负担也随之加大。就连Facebook员工也发现该公司的辩护缺乏说力。其中一些人成立了一个非官方工作组,调查他们的平台在传播假消息方面起到的作用。Facebook is not only a 21st-century newsagent. It plays a far more sophisticated role in disseminating information and encouraging the sharing of news among people of similar beliefs and opinions.Facebook不只是一个21世纪的报刊亭。它在传播信息、鼓励信念和观点相似的人们在彼此之间分享新闻方面,发挥着复杂得多的作用。There is tacit acknowledgment of the inherent dangers in leaving everything to algorithms. Both Facebook and Google have moved this week to restrict advertising on online platforms carrying fake news. If the two companies are able to discern which websites are sping misinformation they should also be in a better position to filter out blatant falsehood.对于把一切都扔给算法这种做法的固有危险,已经得到了默认。Facebook和谷歌两家本周已采取行动,限制在散布假消息的在线平台上投放广告。如果这两家公司能够分辨哪些网站在传播错误信息,那么它们也应该在屏蔽掉那些公然谎言方面处于比较有利的地位。This is not a one-off election drama. Finding facts is becoming more important as some politicians do whatever it takes to attract support.这不是一次性的选举戏剧。随着某些政界人士不择手段地吸引持,发现事实正变得更加重要。The challenges of adapting technology to play a policing role are great, and companies such as Facebook and Google are understandably wary of drawing accusations of bias by intervening in the nature of content. They must nevertheless shoulder some responsibility for distinguishing fact from fiction.调整技术、使其起到监督作用,这里的挑战是艰巨的,而Facebook和谷歌这样的公司担心干预内容的性质会被指责存在倾向性是可以理解的。然而,它们必须肩负起区分真伪信息的一部分责任。 /201611/478632

The 11,700-year-old Holocene epoch is over. We#39;re now living in the Anthropocene epoch.长达11700年的全新世结束啦。我们如今正生活在“人类世”纪元。You don’t need to be paying much attention to the world around you to know that humans are having a massive influence on the planet, but our influence is now on the way to being officially recognised in geologic terms.无需劳神费力,我们都能感受到人类对地球产生的巨大影响。如今,地质学界打算用地质术语来确认这些影响。The 11,700-year-old geological Holocene epoch has ended, scientists say, and we’re now living in the Anthropocene: an era defined by humanity’s influence on the world around us.科学家表示,长达11700年的全新世已结束,我们现在正生活在“人类世”:即人类活动对地球施加影响的时代。In fact, unless you’re over the age of 66, you’ve always been living in it. A 35-strong team of international researchers from the Working Group on the Anthropocene voted 30-3 (two were absent) in favour of the epoch shift, and the starting date is 1950.事实上,66岁以下的人自出生起就生活在这个纪元了。一由35位国际顶尖研究者组成的“人类世”工作小组开展了纪元更变与否的投票,投票结果以30比3(有两位研究人员缺席)的压倒性优势宣布地质纪元进入“人类世”,并将开始时间确定为1950年。The date isn’t random: it matches when the first nuclear tests created a new stratum in the planet’s surface.这个日期可不是随便定的:它与首批核试验对地质表面造成影响的时间相符。Actually, it won’t necessarily be nuclear tests that ended the Holocene. Humanity’s impact on the planet is so great that we’re left “spoiled for choice” in terms of which particular signal to choose.实际上,核试验并非结束全新世的唯一必要条件。人类活动对地球的影响是如此深刻,可供选择的因素简直多到让人“眼花缭乱”,很难定夺到底哪一因素起了决定性作用。Plastic pollution, soot from power plants, concrete and even domestic chicken bones were considered possible contenders.塑料污染,发电厂煤烟,钢筋混泥土,甚至是家养鸡的骨头都被列入可能的影响因素。“The radionuclides are probably the sharpest – they really come on with a bang,” said the Working Group’s chair Jan Zalasiewicz, of the University of Leicester. “But we are spoiled for choice. There are so many signals.”工作组主席、莱斯特大学的简#8226;扎拉斯维奇表示:“放射性核素大概是这其中最厉害的一个因素—— 放射性核素真是伴随着‘砰’声来临,但是可供选择的因素太多了,许多因素都对地质产生了巨大影响。”Now that the vote has been done, we’ll see a few years of site sampling to figure out the best Global Standard Stratigraphic Age (GSSA) to date the start of the Anthropocene, which will then be presented to the International Commission on Stratigraphy.纪元变更的投票结束后,工作组在未来几年会利用现场勘测数据计算出最佳的全球标准低层年龄(GSSA),并确定“人类世”的开始日期,届时会把研究结果呈递国际地层委员会。It will then need ratification from the Executive Committee of the International Union of Geological Sciences.随后还需要国际地质科学联合会的执行委员会正式认可研究结果。So it’s not official yet, but Zalasiewicz believes the team has a “pretty good case” to present.所以现在官方其实还未正式承认人类世的开始,但扎拉斯维奇相信他的团队递交的案例非常棒。“The significance of the Anthropocene is that it sets a different trajectory for the Earth system, of which we of course are part,” he explained.他解释说:“‘人类世’的意义在于,它让地球体系步入了一个与众不同的轨道,在这个新纪元里,人类也参与其中。”“If our recommendation is accepted, the Anthropocene will have started just a little before I was born. We have lived most of our lives in something called the Anthropocene and are just realising the scale and permanence of the change.”“如果我们的提议通过审核,‘人类世’在我出生前不久就开始了。我们大半辈子都生活在‘人类世’中,而且刚意识到地质纪元变更的规模和持久性。”In other words, geologically at least, there will be no denying the influence mankind has had on the planet. And it’s a hard one to put a positive spin upon, no matter how you frame it.换句话来说,至少从地理的角度看,我们将无法否认人类对地球造成的影响。而且无论我们如何定义都很难将这个影响扭转成正面影响。 /201609/466794

With the Olympic Games well underway, some Australian athletes are looking for a match off the field. 里约奥运正在火热进行中,而同时,一些澳大利亚运动员也在赛场外寻找配对。Single athletes are using the wildly popular hook-up app Tinder to spice things up at the Olympic Village in the Brazilian city. 单身的运动员们纷纷使用热门约会软件Tinder,来为里约奥运村的生活增添趣味。Instagram accounts Tinderrio and Sportsswipe have uncovered the profiles of a string of Australian sporting names who are swiping left and right at the Games. Instagram上的两个账号Tinderrio和 Sportsswipe公布了一连串在奥运会期间使用该软件的澳大利亚选手资料。Tennis star Thanasi Kokkinakis is among the legion of the world#39;s sporting elite who are apparently turning to the location-based matchmaking app. 网球明星塔纳西#8226;科基纳基斯也名列用户大军中。这些体坛精英显然都在使用这款基于地理位置的配对软件。Figures from the app reveal the number of people who #39;matched#39; had jumped 129 percent since the athletes arrived at their accommodation over the weekend. 软件数据显示,自从运动员们周末入住奥运村以来,“配对”人数暴涨129%。Cyclists Kaarle McCulloch and Sam Welsford and swimmers Madeleine Grove and Leah Neale have also been supposedly spotted on the dating app. 自行车手卡尔丽#8226;麦克库罗斯和山姆#8226;韦尔斯福德,游泳选手玛德琳#8226;格鲁夫和莉亚#8226;尼尔似乎也出现在了该约会软件上。Water polo player Ashleigh Southern has been active on her account, with one of her profile pictures featuring a selfie in a white and green pinstripe blazer in front of Australia#39;s tower in the village. 水球选手阿什莉#8226;萨瑟恩的账号非常活跃,其个人资料里还有一张她穿着白绿相间的细条纹运动,站在村内澳洲公寓楼前的自拍。The number of active users within the athletes#39; village shot up by 64 percent, while the number of #39;swipes#39; soared by 69 percent. 运动员村的活跃用户数量狂增64%,而使用该软件时的“滑动”操作次数上涨了69%。Profiles from international athletes of nearly every sport can be found with updates like #39;Got plenty of time to kill,#39; or #39;Looking for fun in Rio!#39; 几乎所有项目的各国运动员更新着自己的动态,可以看到他们的个人状态上写着“大把时间需要消磨”或者“里约寻乐”。Despite the Olympics now getting into full swing, technicians for the app claim the figures are still rising by the day. 尽管奥运赛事正在如火如荼地进行,Tinder的技术人员称,相关使用数据每天仍在上涨。The International Olympic Committee perhaps anticipated Rio 2016 becoming the steamiest on record by handing out 450,000 free condoms - the most ever for an Olympics Games. 国际奥委会或许预感到里约奥运会成为史上最狂野的一届,于是分发了45万个免费避套——这是迄今发放最多的一次。And in addition, Australians have also been given 1,500 double-strength rubber following concerns of the Zika virus. 此外,考虑到寨卡病毒的威胁,澳大利亚选手还拿到了1500个双重防护避套。The condoms contain an antiviral lubricant for #39;added protection#39; designed to combat against the mosquito-borne disease, which can also be transmitted through sexual contact. 这些避套含有抗病毒的润滑剂,形成针对寨卡病毒的“额外防护”。该病毒也可以通过性接触传播。The IOC says the condoms, which are known as #39;Little shirts of venus#39; in Brazil, would encourage 10,500 athletes and staff to practice safe sex. 国际奥委会称,提供避套将鼓励10500名运动员和工作人员进行安全的性行为。在巴西,避套还被称为“维纳斯的小衬衫”。Free condoms have been supplied since the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. 自1988年汉城奥运会起,就开始提供免费避套。Australian swimmer Melanie Schlanger, 29, said recently that athletes will not be abstaining from sex during the games in the village. 29岁的澳大利亚游泳选手梅拉妮#8226;施伦格最近表示,赛会期间,村内的运动员并不会禁欲。 /201608/460078

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