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Dialogue 1Jingjing: Ah, another beautiful day, isnt it? What the game plan today?京晶:哇,又是一个好天气,太棒了!今天的行动计划是什么?Mark: I dunno, Ill probably just sit at home and a book.马克:我不知道,我可能就待在家里看看书Jingjing: Read a book? On such a perfect day? Geez, your life seems a little dull, dont you think?京晶:看书?在这么美丽的一天?天啊,你的生活似乎有点沉闷,你不觉得吗?Mark: Yeah, maybe, but I like leading my simple life. It safe, easy, and predictable. Im not one of those people that likes living on the edge.马克:是的,也许吧,但我喜欢过简单的生活它安全、方便、可以预测我不喜欢过惊险刺激的生活Jingjing: Oh, come on! Live a little, will ya?京晶:拜托!给生活增添点儿滋味,好不好?Mark: Well, what do you suggest I do in order to make my life more interesting?马克:好吧,你有什么建议吗,能让我的生活更有趣?Jingjing: Hey, how about you and I go... Oh, what that word? It on the tip of my tongue. It where you can glide down a hill or a mountain with special wings on your back.京晶:嘿,不如你跟我去……那个词怎么说来着?话都到嘴边了,就是说不出来就是在你的背部安上特殊的翅膀然后从山上滑行下来的那个Mark: You mean hang gliding? I dont know... I dont think I have the wits to do that. It seems a little dangerous.马克:你是说滑翔?我不知道……我不认为我有胆量做这个这似乎有点儿危险Jingjing: I tell you what. Ill look into it us. Just promise me that youll do it? Dont wimp out okay?京晶:这样吧我来调查一下答应我,你会跟我去好吗?不许退缩!Mark: Okay, okay! Ill do it.马克:好吧,好吧!我会做到的Jingjing: Yes! This is gonna be awesome!京晶:太好了!这肯定会特别有意思的!习语短语game plan[俚语]行动计划dull沉闷无趣的;无聊的;波澜不惊的live on the edge生活在边缘,生活在危险或极端条件下live a little如果你告诉别人“live a little”,意思是你想让他们承担些风险,做一些令人兴奋或有趣而他们通常不会做的事情on the tip of (one) tongue话到嘴边,就是说不出来hang gliding滑翔翼have the wits to do something有勇气做某事look into (something)进一步调查某事;得到具体信息;打听wimp out因为害怕而退缩Dialogue Mark: I cant believe were actually doing this. This is crazy! My heart beating a million times a second.马克:我简直不敢相信,我们真的要跳了这太疯狂了!我的心都快跳出来了Jingjing: Just whatever you do, dont chicken out. Otherwise we will have come here in vain.京晶:不管怎样,都不许临阵退缩否则,我们就白来了Mark: Dont worry, I made it this far. Im not backing out now.马克:别担心,我都走到这一步了我不会反悔的Jingjing: Good, it time we let our hair down and have a good time. After all, that why were here, arent we? Okay, let get our equipment y now.京晶:好,现在是时候放松和享受一下了,毕竟,这才是我们来这里的原因,对吧?好了,现在让我们把装备准备好吧Mark: Hey, how come you get to use the yellow wings? I wanted to use them.马克:嘿,你怎么用黄色的翅膀?我想用黄色Jingjing: Dont be a baby, the red ones youre using are just as good looking. Come on, let get y to have some fun.京晶:别耍小孩子脾气了,红色的一样很好看来吧,让我们准备好享受乐趣吧Mark: Oh, Jingjing, I cant thank you enough dragging me out here. I think this is gonna be just what the doctor ordered.马克:哦,京晶,我非常感谢你能够拽我来这里我认为这正是我需要的Jingjing: Definitely, it a good stress reliever. Okay, on the count of three, were gonna run off this hill together. Ready?京晶:当然,这是一个很好的缓解压力的方式好了,数到三,我们就一起跳下去准备好了吗?Mark: Okay.马克:好了BOTH: 1--3 Wheeeeeeeeee!一起:1--3,跳!习语短语My heart beating a million times a second.我的心脏一秒能跳动一百万次,用来表达令人难以控制的紧张或兴奋chicken out临阵退缩,因为太害怕或紧张do (something) in vain白做某事了,没有效益let (one) hair down放松和享受drag (someone) to do (something)拽某人来做某事,违背对方的意愿stress reliever能缓解压力的任何一项活动 57What Will Matter何为重要Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no days, no hours or minutes. All the things you collected, whether treasured or gotten, will pass to someone else.不管你是否有所准备,某天一切都会走到尽头不再有日出,没有白天,没有小时或分钟所有你得到的东西,无论珍藏的还是被遗忘的,都会传给别人Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.你的财产、名誉和一时的权力变得无关紧要你曾拥有的和你被亏欠的已经不再重要Your grudges, resentments, frustrations, and jealousies will finally disappear.你的怨恨、愤恨、挫败及妒忌会最终消失So, too, your hopes, ambitions, plans, and to-do lists will all expire. The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away.同样,你的希望、雄心、计划和工作表都将宣告终止过去看得很重的输赢渐渐消失殆尽It wont matter where you come from, or on what side of the tracks you lived.你来自何方,你曾经选择的生活轨迹已经不再重要It wont matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant. Your gender, skin color, ethnicity will be irrelevant.你过去是否漂亮动人已不再重要你的性别、肤色和种族已无关紧要 358

What the Wife Says amp; Means...妻子的话的意思是……The wife says: You want.妻子说:你想要The wife means: You want.她的意思是:你想要The wife says: We need.妻子说:我们需要The wife means: I want.她的意思是:我想要The wife says: It your decision.妻子说:这是你的决定The wife means: The correct decision should be obvious.她的意思是:正确的决定显而意见The wife says: Do what you want.妻子说:你想做什么就做吧The wife means: Youll pay this later.她的意思是:然后你就会为此付出代价的The wife says: We need to talk.妻子说:我们该谈谈The wife means: I need to complain.她的意思是:我要抱怨The wife says: This kitchen is so inconvenient.妻子说:这个厨房太不好使了The wife means: I want a new house.她的意思是:我想要个新房子The wife says: I want new curtains.妻子说:我想换新窗帘The wife means: Also carpeting, furniture, and wallpaper!她的意思是:还有新地毯、新家具、新壁纸!The wife says: I need wedding shoes.妻子说:我需要买婚礼穿的鞋子The wife means: The other twenty pairs are the wrong shade of white.她的意思是:其他二十双白鞋的深浅度不对The wife says: Was that the baby?妻子说:是宝宝在哭吗?The wife means: Why dont you get out of bed and walk him until he goes to sleep.她的意思是:你干吗不起床去哄他直到他睡着The wife says: Do you love me?妻子说:你爱我吗?The wife means: Im going to ask something expensive.她的意思是:我想要买个很贵的东西The wife says: How much do you love me?妻子说:你有多爱我?The wife means: I did something today youre not going to like.她的意思是:今天我做了件你肯定不高兴我做的事The wife says: Ill be y in a minute.妻子说:我马上就好The wife means: Kick off your shoes and take a nap.她的意思是:脱掉鞋子睡一小觉吧The wife says: You have to learn to communicate.妻子说:你得学会交流The wife means: Just agree with me.她的意思是:听我的就行The wife says: Are you listening to me?妻子说:你在听我说吗?The wife means: Too late, youre doomed.她的意思是:太晚了,你完了!The wife says: Do you like this recipe?妻子说:你喜欢这道菜吗?The wife means: You better get used to it.她的意思是:你最好习惯于吃它The wife says: All were going to buy is a soap dish.妻子说:我们就要去买个汤盘The wife means: Im coming back with enough to fill this place.她的意思是:我回来的时候会把这个地方塞满的 368

比尔.奥雷利,福克斯电视台新闻频道著名主持人他与大卫在政治上意见不一,但在友好的“顶拳”后他们会达成一致意见吗?We sent the seal team 6 and they get Osama Bin Laden, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,我们派出海豹突击队第6分队而他们抓到了奥萨马#86;本#86;拉登,就是这样的,没错the Republicans never got around to do, it slipped lower, lower, lower on the Republican agenda, am I right so far?而共和党人却从未着手去做,一直在降低,在共和党的议程内一而再再而三拖欠,到目前为止我说的对吗?I’m not sure about that.对于这点我不太确定But you know.但你是知道的Seal team 6 got them on their own. OK?海豹突击队第6分队自己做到的对吗?All right, but you know, at some point, George Bush said I don’t really think about.好吧,但是你知道,在某些时候,乔治#86;布什称我不会认真考虑I’m not certain if that’s true.我不确定那是否是真的I don’t think he put the god into the word.我不认为他用了上帝的词He, we got on tapes, but he said it, he, see, did say that.他,我们上了录像带,但是他的确说过,看到没,确实那样说Ok, so we’re together so far?好的,所以我们在一起?Come on, come on, hey, come on, come on, get in here again.来吧,来吧,嘿,来吧,来吧,再到这里来Come on, Bill. Come on, I’ll tell you, my job is getting harder by the minute.来吧,比尔来吧,我要告诉你,我的工作是越来越难做了While Detroit was a win the Obama administration, the cylinder and the new green stuff is a big loss them because nothing has come of it, so it’s very tight, look.虽然底特律因为奥巴马政府而胜利,而圆筒和绿东西是一个大损失,因为都没有任何获得,所以非常紧张Everybody understand.每个人都明白The cylinder thing of course.当然是圆筒的事You kind of agree over there.你有点同意There are particulars that they don’t represent it as being black and white as you suggest.那是独特的,它们并不代表像你的建议那样的黑色和白色Ok, let me see him, let me see him.好吧,让我看看他,让我看看他I have to go upstairs in my, right?我要去楼上,对吗?In my, are they upstairs? They’re upstairs, Bill.在我,他们搬到楼上去吗? 他们会上楼的,比尔We’ll go up back to Detroit. Get it, come on. Just give me.我们将回底特律了解了,来吧All right, oh, yeah, yeah.Big deal, everybody.好吧,是的,是的这可是每个人的大事件 185790

No Fooling!不要瞎混!;Please be gentle with me, darling,; said the bride on her wedding night, ;Im a virgin. ;“请对我温柔一些,亲爱的!”新婚之夜新娘对新郎说道“我是个处女”;Youre a virgin?; exclaimed her husband with surprise.“你是个处女?”她丈夫吃惊地叫道,;But youve been married three times. ;“可是你已经结过三次婚了啊”;That true. dear; but my first husband was an artist and he just wanted to look at my body;“没错,亲爱的,可是我的第一任丈夫是位艺术家,他只想看我的身体my second husband was in advertising, and he would only tell me how great it was going to be;我的第二任丈夫从事广告业,而他只是告诉我那件事会有多美好and my third husband was a lawyer, and would always say, ”Ill get back to you next week. ;我的第三任丈夫是位律师,他总是说:“下星期我就回来看你” 3996An Old Joke老笑话An elderly man went to a doctor with multiple complaints.一个上了年纪的人带着港币病痛去看医生;I see spots bee my eyes,; he said.“我眼前老是看到些斑斑点点的”他说;It due to old age,; said doctor.“那是年老的缘故”医生说;No food agrees with me,; said the man.“我什么都不想吃”老人说;That too is due to old age,; said the doctor. ;The digestive system becomes weaker as we grow older.;“那也是因为年老”医生说,“随着年龄的增长,我们的消化系统也逐渐衰弱了”;My back is giving me trouble,; persisted the man. ;Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable.;“我的背也很痛”老人继续说,“有的时候痛得都无法忍受”;Old age,; said the doctor.“年老的原因”医生说This was too much the man.老人听不下去了;Why do you go on saying old age, old age,; he screamed. ;If you cannot cure me, say so. Ill go elsewhere.;“你怎么总是说‘年老,年老’”老人尖声叫道,“你要是治不了就说,我去别的地方”;See how easily you lost your temper,; said the doctor. ;That is another characteristic of old age.;“看看,你那么容易发脾气”医生说,“这也是年老的另一个特征” 868

Dialogue Xiao Gao: Now that you told me what girls look in their boy friends,do you know what guys want their girlfriends to be like?小高:你刚刚已经告诉了我女孩子们想要她们的男朋友怎么样,你想知道男生们希望他们的女朋友什么样吗?Jingjing: Besides being smoking hot? I cant think of anything.京晶:除了特别漂亮之外,我想不到其他的Xiao Gao: Actually, being attractive isnt the most important thing that a guy looks in a girlfriend.小高:其实长得漂亮并不是男生找女朋友最看重的事情Jingjing: Well then… spit it out, tell me what guys think are important characteristics.京晶:那……你就快告诉我吧,究竟男生最看重的特质是什么?Xiao Gao: Guys cant stand it when girls nag at them, so they shouldnt make too many unreasonable requests.小高:女生向男生抱怨时候,男生会受不了的,所以女生不应该提太多的无理要求Jingjing: Hey! Not all girls run their mouths! What else do you look ?京晶:嘿,并不是所有女孩都是大嘴巴!你还看重什么呢?Xiao Gao: Well, I personally like girls who have a sense of humor. If agirl cant be funny every now and then, then the relationship will become boring.小高:就个人来说,我喜欢有幽默感的女孩如果女孩子不能时不时地幽默一下,那么谈恋爱就会很无趣Jingjing: What kinds of things can girls do that really stoke your fire?京晶:女孩子做什么样的事情会让你心动呢?Xiao Gao: The most romantic thing a girl can do is to say something specific about a man, example: “I love the way you make me laugh” trumps“You are great”.小高:女孩子能做到最浪漫的事就是具体地称赞男朋友的一个细节比如,说“我爱你能让我开怀大笑的方式” 就比仅仅说“你太好了”强多了Jingjing: Wow, I never realized your were so nitpicky, Xiao Gao.京晶:哦,小高,我从没有意识到你这么挑剔Xiao Gao: Yeah, well, there a lot of things you dont know about me!小高:哈哈,还有很多关于我的事你不知道呢!习语短语1. smoking hot 好看极了. Spit it out. 你快说出来吧3. cant stand (something) 不能忍受某事. nag 抱怨5. run one mouth 大嘴巴;说太多(通常是不好的事);满嘴跑火车6. a sense of humor 幽默感7. every now and then 有时;偶尔8. stoke one fire 给(炉子)添燃料;煽情;使某人更喜欢你(男女感情上)9. A trumps B A 比B 好. nitpicky 过于较真;过于挑剔 39地点:莫妮卡和瑞秋公寓人物:莫妮卡,罗斯,钱德勒,乔伊,本事件:莫妮卡一抱起罗斯的儿子本,本就哭她深感挫败,而钱德勒又不断地调侃她Monica: Who the Wenny-Benny boy? You the Wenny-Wenny-Benny-Benny boy, yes. Dont cry. Dont cry. Why is he still crying?莫妮卡:谁是小不点儿啊?你是个小、小、小、小、小不点儿别哭啊,别哭,他为什么还是哭啊?Ross: Let me hold him a sec. There. Huh? There we are.罗斯:让我来抱一下,好了,你看,好了Monica: Maybe it me.莫妮卡:可能是我的原因Ross: Dont be silly. Ben loves you. He just being Mr. Crankypants.罗斯:别犯傻了,本爱你呢他只是现在情绪不太稳定而已Chandler: You know, I once dated a Miss Crankypants. Lovely girl, kinda moody.钱德勒:你们知道吗,我以前跟一个特别不爱理人的人约会过,女孩儿挺可爱的,就是有点儿情绪化Ross: There we go. All better.罗斯:好了不哭了,没事了Monica: There my little boy.莫妮卡:我的小宝贝儿Chandler: Can I uh see something?钱德勒:能让我看看吗?Joey: Cool.乔伊:太酷了Monica: He hates me. My nephew hates me.莫妮卡:他讨厌我,我的侄子讨厌我Ross: Come on, dont do this.罗斯:得了吧,别这么想Monica: What if my own baby hates me? Huh? What am I gonna do then?莫妮卡:要是我自己的孩子讨厌我怎么办?啊?到那时我该怎么做?Chandler: Monica, will you stop? This is nuts. Do you know how long it gonna be bee you actually have to deal with this problem? I mean, you dont even have a boyfriend yet. Joey, she does not look fat.钱德勒:莫妮卡,你能不能别这么想了?这个想法太傻了你知道从现在开始到你真正要面对这个问题得有多长时间吗?我是说,你现在连个男朋友都没有乔伊,她看上去一点儿都不胖 55

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