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第一句:So we should use law to protect our mutual benefit.所以我们应该采取法律手段保护我们的共同利益。A: Theres an old saying in China, ;Divines punishments, though slow, are always sure.;中国有句古话:“天网恢恢,疏而不漏。”B: Yes.是的。A: So we should use law to protect our mutual benefits.所以我们应该采取法律手段保护我们的共同利益。B: You are right.您说得对。第二句:This document is legally binding.该文件具有法律约束力。A: This contract is made of one original and two duplicate originals.本合同一式三份。B: En, all of them are of the same effect.嗯,具有同等效力。A: This document is legally binding.该文件具有法律约束力。其他表达法:An act is not a crime unless the law say it is one. 法无明文规定者不为罪。The law does not concern itself about family trifles. 法律难断家务事。我国各种小型企业组织的种类及特点,主要有个体工商户、合伙企业、有限责任公司。个体工商户、合伙企业的特点是设立比较简单,缺点是投资人或股东要对企业的债务承担无限连带责任。 /201303/228664

Donald Trump is “showing a lot of signsof dangerous mental impairment and may be a threat to the survival of American society, a leading Yale psychiatrist has claimed.一位耶鲁大学的精神科领先学者称,唐纳德·特朗普“表现出许多患有危险性精神损伤症的征兆”,可能危及美国社会的存亡。In an exclusive interview with The Independent, Yale University’s Dr Bandy Lee said she had seen a “marked surgein violence among her own patients since the day of Mr Trump’s election, blaming his strong rhetoric.耶鲁大学的Brandy Lee教授接受了《独立报》的公开采访,她称,自从特朗普当选总统之日起,她的病人普遍表现出“显著上升”的暴力倾向,这都归咎于特朗普的“强硬说辞”。The lecturer, a former Harvard research fellow and chief resident at Massachusetts general hospital, was defending experts at an event she organised after they called the President “dangerousand “delusional这位教授是哈佛大学的前研究学者,麻省综合医院的住院总医师。日前她发起了一项活动,与数名专家一起力图明特朗普具有“危险倾向”和“妄想症”。The claim led one Republican politician to accuse them of “throwing ethical standards out the window because they cannot accept the election results针对他们的言论,一位共和党的官员指责他们“由于不能接受选举的结果,就将道德准则抛到了九霄云外。”But Dr Lee insisted she and the panellists had people’s safety foremost in mind and that their judgement was not politically-motivated.可是Lee教授称,自己和众同志学者首先考虑的是人民的安全,他们的判断并不是出于政治原因。Asked whether she had similar fears under Barack Obama’s presidency, she said: “No. None of us had this level of concern.”当被问及“巴拉克·奥巴马当选总统时是否有同样的焦虑”时,她说,“没有。我们都没有考虑过这个层面的问题”。来 /201705/506721

第一句:Did you get everything done today?事情都在今天搞定了吗?A: Did you get everything done today?事情都在今天搞定了吗?B: Yes, thanks to Marrys data.是的,多亏有玛丽提供的数据。第二句:May I take a look at the report?我可以看一下这份报吿吗?A: May I take a look at the report? 我可以看一下这份报吿吗?B: Yes,please.可以的,请您过目。知识扩展:1.事情做完了吗:Are you done? What is the count?你做完了吗?总教是多少?Are you done with the documents?你处理完这些文件了吗?What are you getting done today?今天你完成了什么任务?2.我要看一下报告:I do plan to go over the financial reports.我的确打算看一下财务报告。Can I see your papers?我可以看一下你的报告吗?

星级典句:第一句: I would like to introduce the corporation structure to you.我想向您介绍一下公司结构。A: I would like to introduce the coporation structure to you.我想向您介绍一下公司结构。B: Thank you. You are so nice.谢谢。你真好。A: This is our Head Office and we have over 130 Branch offices around the world.这是我们的总公司。 我们在全球有130多个分公司。B: Oh.噢。第二句: On the third floor, I am in the Personnel Department.在三楼,我是人事部的。A: This is Business Office.这是营业部。B: Wheres your department?你们的部门在哪?A: On the third floor, I am in the Personnel Department.在三楼,我是人事部的。其他表达法:Do you want to know something about our coporation structure?你想了解我们公司的结构吗?Let me introduce the structure of our corporation.让我介绍一些我们公司的组织结构吧。 /201304/235277

【Trancript】I am working on itA:Hi, Monica, how is everything going?B:Everything goes well, but I am thinking about quitting my current job.A:Why? You’re not satisfied anymore?B:I just sense. But I cannot grow anymore. My boss is not really supporting me. I am interested in some positions in other JV companies, but I need to do some more in-step research before I send my application letters out.A:That is important. Doing research on a company you are interested in will definitely help your application.B:Certainly, it is very nice talking with you. But I really have to go now. Catch you later.A:Ok, good luck to you. /201005/103976

Its not polite to butt in when other people offer advice.别人发表意见的时候你插嘴是不礼貌的。butt in直译过来就是:“插手,干涉,闯入”,这个短语的正确意思是:“插嘴”。因此,当美国人说;Its not polite to butt in when other people offer advice.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;You shouldnt break in when other people are giving their opinions.;、;Its impolite of you to interrupt me when I put forward my suggestion.;。情景对白:Benjamin: You are always interrupting me in the conference. Its not polite to butt in when other people offer advice.本杰明:开会时你总是打断我!别人发表意见的时候你插嘴是不礼貌的。Jack: Im really sorry. I just want to speak out my thoughts.杰克:真的很抱歉。我只是想说出自己的想法。搭配句积累:①Just hear me out, please.请听我把话说完。②Cant you keep silence for a while?你就不能安静一会儿吗?③I am sorry I disagree with you.对不起我不同意你的观点。④I dont think my idea is worse than yours.我认为我的想法不比你的差。单词:butt vi. 插入I want everyone to butt out of my life.我希望所有的人都不要再干涉我的生活。Dont butt in like that when Im speaking!我说话的时候别这样打断我的话。Its against the law for employers to butt in on personal matters.雇主干涉私人事务是违法的。 /201303/227990

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