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上饶市双眼皮多少钱铅山县人民医院激光祛痣多少钱云南发现百年难遇巨型蘑菇(双语) -- :: 来源:sohu 近日,中国云南省的一位村民在他的村庄附近发现了三个巨型的野生蘑菇这三个蘑菇来自同一个根,总重量达到了.8 公斤最大的一个是高达67 厘米,周长61 厘米 A villager in southwest China's Yunnan Province has discovered three giant wild mushrooms near his village recently. The three mushrooms came from the same root and the total weight is .8 kilograms. The largest one is as high as 67 centimeters and its circumference is 61 centimeters. 因无法确定蘑菇是否有毒,村民已交给当地警方进行检验检验结果实,该蘑菇并没有毒如此巨型的可食用的野生蘑菇十分罕见 Uncertain about whether the mushrooms are poisonous, the villager submitted the mushrooms to local police a test. The test shows that the mushrooms are edible and such kind of mushroom is quite rare. 目前村民已经把蘑菇带回了家,准备做一顿可口的蘑菇宴 The villager has brought the mushroom home his own use. 据小编了解,年云南省玉溪市也曾发现一朵直径1.38米、高0.97米、重8.8公斤的巨型口蘑,该蘑菇已成功申请世界最大口蘑世界纪录这么大的蘑菇不知道味道如何呢?上饶韩美整形美容医院手部松弛怎么样 比肩上海迪士尼 首个环球主题公园将落户北京 -- :6: 来源: 筹备了年之久的北京环球主题公园终于在近日获得审批,正式落户北京通州这将是环球影城在全球的第六个、亚洲第三个主题公园1.平方公里的占地面积,将使北京环球影城成为最大的一个该主题公园预计于19年建成   9月5日,北京环球主题公园项目正式获得了国家发改委审批,将由家国有企业共同设立的北京首寰文化旅游投资有限公司(以下简称首寰投资)和康卡斯特N环球公司旗下的环球主题公园及度假区集团合资拥有   Universal Studios will open its first .3bn (£bn) Chinese theme park after years of trying to enter the booming entertainment market.   Hollywood director Steven Spielberg will help design the Beijing Universal park, the company said on Monday.   The park is being developed with local state firm Beijing Tourism Group.   Universal is the latest US firm to enter China's fast-growing entertainment sector after rivals Walt Disney and DreamWorks Animation.   The company did not say when the theme park would open, but reports say it will be in 19.   Both Disney's $.bn theme park and DreamWorks' .1bn entertainment complex with Chinese partners are expected to open in in Shanghai.   Film studios are in a big rush to build theme parks in the world's second-largest economy as a rapidly-growing middle class is spending more money on entertainment and travel.   In April, Disney said it was increasing investment in its Shanghai Disney theme park by another 0m after striking a deal with a Chinese joint venture partner.   Growth in China's entertainment and media market is expected to more than double from to bn by , according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers global study.辽宁一高校强制学生搬砖加“操行分” 校方否认 --31 ::55 来源: 据《南华早报报道,近日,中国东北辽宁省的一所大学否认校方曾强制学生学生到广场搬砖,给搬砖学生加“操行分”这一行为,声称这一说法并不属实 A university in north-eastern China debunked claims that it had ced students to carry bricks on its main square in exchange "moral conduct" points, reported the South China Morning Post.据《南华早报报道,近日,中国东北辽宁省的一所大学否认校方曾强制学生学生到广场搬砖,给搬砖学生加“操行分”这一行为The Hong Kong daily ed the news website of state media People’s Daily, saying that students at the Liaoning University of International Business and Economics had posted photos online of themselves working in the square which was covered with bricks, calling themselves cheap labourers.日前,香港日报对官方媒体《中国日报新闻网站上的一则新闻进行报道,声称辽宁对外经贸学院的学生在网上发布了关于自己在广场上义务搬砖的照片,这些学生认为学校让自己沦为了廉价劳动力The students said that they would earn extra points "moral conduct" evaluation if they took part, or have points deducted if they refused, the online post said.据网上某些帖子描述道,学生们表示,学校强制学生搬砖,并给板砖同学加“操行分”反之,学校将倒扣“操行分”A senior official from the Liao- ning University of International Business and Economics clarified that it was a voluntary exercise aimed at inculcating students’ passion their school.后来,辽宁对外经贸学院的一位资深领导接受采访并表示,该项活动是学校开展的义务劳动,目的是为激发学生们的爱校热情The square had been built more than years, and repair works are being carried out to improve the environment, said the official.该领导表示,学校的这片广场建成已有十年之久学校的初衷是为进一步美化校园环境,改善学生学习生活条件,才开展相关修葺工作The university president, some key faculty and staff and a number of students worked together to prise bricks from the ground last Friday as part of repairs.从上周五开始,该校校长带队,组织学院党团干部、全体辅导员以及部分学生在学校广场开展义务劳动,把需要更换的地砖掀起,以方便施工更顺利进行The bricks were later hauled away by machines, he said.随后,这些地砖将会被施工机械铲起运走The purpose of the activity was to involve both staff and students in the building of the school, so as to generate passion the school.校方表示学校开展该项活动的目的在于令广大师生都参与到建设学校的活动中来,进而激发自己的爱校情怀"The rumour of cing students to carry bricks and giving students additional ’moral conduct’ points doing so is untrue," the official said.该领导还提出关于校方强制学生搬砖并给相关学生加 “操行分”的说法并不属实上饶市卫校附属医院整形科

江西上饶市韩美医院做去疤手术多少钱热到飞起的相关表达 --30 18::33 来源:chinadaily 为了不辜负这美好的天气(呵呵哒),今天给大家整一整:除了it’s so hot以外,还有哪些英语可以形容热得飞起?! It’s ridiculously hot. 简直热得离谱 ridiculously adv.可笑地,荒谬地,离谱地 用ridiculously来形容hot,热得不正常、热得离谱!用这句话来形容这两天的天气,简直太符合我的心情了! It’s scorching. 都要被烤焦了 scorch,把……烧焦;scorching,灼热的用scorching形容三伏天正午的毒太阳,太贴切了! Trees and grass are parched. 树和草都被烤干了 parch,焦干、烤干 友情提示:容易脱水的小动物,和人类,这几天请乖乖待在空调房里不要出门 This damn weather is totally a torture. 这鬼天气完全就是个折磨! 当然,这一句用在冷天也行 It’s hot as hell. 真的热到要死了! hell, 地狱,外国人常用hell来表示十分讨厌的东西,或愤怒的情绪 如:What the hell are you doing?你到底在干嘛? 在这里的as hell 表示“很、非常、极其” It’s hot as the inferno. 这简直就是炼狱的温度! inferno,地狱、地狱之火、炼狱——地狱的升级版 It’s hot as the apocalypse. 简直热得像末日 apocalypse n.天启,大灾难 说到“天启”,你有没有想起前段时间大火的电影《X战警:天启呢?它的英译名就是《X-Men: APOCALYPES电影中的大反派boss天启,带来的就是一种毁灭现世的末日力量apocalypse,这下记住了吧? Damn it! It's hot as the apocalypse! It’s smotheringly hot. 热得令人窒息 smother,使窒息 smotheringly,令人窒息地 The temperature is too high. 温度实在太高了 The heat and humidity are record-breaking. 热度和湿度都破纪录了 这句话简直太适合上海(南方)了!又热又湿,浑身流汗不蒸发黏糊糊的好难受! The heat wave is unbearable. 这种热浪真是没法忍 说到热浪,友情提示: 出门在外远离汽车:车内空调开的爽,车外热浪受不鸟! The sun blazes down from a cloudless sky. 太阳从没有云的天空中直射下来 Blaze作名词讲的时候是“火焰”、“强烈的光”,作动词的时候指光芒的“照射”,它比shine要强烈得多 One could fry eggs on the sidewalk. 人行道上都能煎鸡蛋了 It is like being put into a hot oven. 就像是被扔进了火炉 出空调房时的感受 The sun is so violent. 太阳太猛了 太阳如此毒辣,简直就是赤果果的暴力! The sun is blazing today. 今天阳光太强了 blaze一词前文有讲过,还记得吗? It’s so hot that steam rises up from the tarred streets. 太热了,柏油马路都起热霾了 对你没看错,是热!霾! The black top is almost smoking. 柏油路面简直都要冒烟了 友情提示——沥青熔点:68deg;C 咳咳,顺便学个表达——black top表示沥青路面 I feel like my skin is on fire from the sun. 我觉得我的皮肤被太阳照得都着火了 No one could bear to be outside in such a hot day. 这么热的天,没人能受得了呆在外面 说得好,出门就是作死…… The sun’s rays feel like a million hot needles. 阳光感觉就像数以万计灼热的针 Even the breeze is hot. 就连吹来的风都是热的 这句话我表示感同身受!今天比昨天好多了,有风! 然而并没有什么用,因为风!是!热!的! It’s as if it’s on fire. 热得就像着火了一样 The day is burning. 这一天热得都要烧起来了 Things are wavy. 热得整个世界都花了 wavy,多浪的,波动起伏的…… 热得我眼冒金星意识模糊……整个世界都花了……上饶丰胸哪里好 交通领域三年内投资.7万亿 --30 :: 来源: 作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出 A massive spending plan has been outlined to try to give more reliable transportation access to China’s more remote areas.近日,政府做出宏观计划,试图让更可靠的交通进入中国更偏远地区As part of a new 3-year outline transportation development, over 300 new projects have been laid out.作为三年交通发展规划的一部分,超300个新项目已经做出规划Among them are a significant number of projects to connect this country’s more isolated, and often impoverished, regions with regional hubs through road and rail.这些规划中,很多项目通过公路和铁路连接了国家落后,孤僻的地区和地区中心枢纽区Chinese authorities are planning to spend .7-trillion yuan - around 75-billion US dollars - on the projects over the next 3-years.中国政府计划在未来3年内投资.7万亿(约750亿美元)Zheng Jian with the National Development and Rem Commission says the massive spending plans are part of a pledge to pull everyone in China above the poverty line by .国家发改委郑建说道,这次在交通方面的大规模投入将会大力推进中国脱贫"We think access to more reliable ms of movement is the linch-pin to helping people out of poverty. This is why we’ve incorporated rural road construction in our new plans, which will link these remote areas to regional hubs in the next 3-years."“做出更多切实可行的改变是帮助人们脱贫的关键之举这也是乡村公路建设作为新计划的一部分的初衷,这将在未来3年内连接偏远地区和地区交通枢纽中心”China’s unique topography, particularly in the south and southwestern parts of the country, has left numerous commies somewhat isolated from the rest of the country.中国独特的地势,尤其是南方和西南地区,使得中国很多偏远地区比较孤立This has limited their access to government support, leaving them toward the bottom of the development curve.这就导致偏远地区难以得到政府的持,发展速度也处于谷底The new transportation spending plan also includes projects to create better links in China’s major centers, including inter-city links in the Yangtze and Pearl River Delta regions, as well as throughout the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.新的交通投资计划包括为中国主要城市建立联系,包括长江和珠江三角洲地区,以及京津冀地区上饶双眼皮多少钱

上饶铅山县注射丰下巴费用今夏五大值得购买的智能手机 --9 :7:7 来源: 夏天到了,想不想换一部智能手机?除了苹果和三星,又有哪些品牌值得考虑呢?素来围观以下5款暑期推出的新机型,或许其中就有你的菜喔! What’s the smart buy a smartphone this summer? The choices are better than ever.夏天到了,哪款智能手机呢值得拥有呢?今年暑期各大新款的品质堪称远胜以往As smartphone shipment growth ebbs, sales of large models— the so-called phablets— are expected to be brisk, seeing double-digit growth over the next several years, according to market researcher IDC. Not surprisingly, topping our list is a large smartphone. Here’s a brief roundup of the hottest smartphones to consider this summer.市场研究机构IDC表示,智能手机的船运量下降,大号智能手机,即所谓的平板手机的销量在未来几年中有望实现两位数的增长在此背景下,平板手机荣登本榜榜首便不足为奇了下面本文将对今夏几款大热机型进行盘点:1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Best premier smartphone1.最佳首发手机:三星Galaxy S7 EdgeThis is the high-end smartphone to beat this summer. If it was strictly a design race between Samsung and Apple, Samsung would be the easy winner. The South Korean giant’s Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) 5.5-inch display has curves on two sides, resulting in a stunning design. It has a practical side too: the wrap-around display delivers added real estate “edge” apps. The S7 Edge also has one of the best cameras going and the best battery life yet a high-end Galaxy model. A blow-by-blow comparison with iPhone 6s Plus yields a bunch of upsides, including GB of RAM (vs GB on the iPhone), a sharper “QHD” display, wireless charging, and a microSD slot upgrading the standard 3GB storage with, instance, a 8GB microSD card that can also be configured with dual SIM cards. The only downsides are fingerprint smears and Samsung’s user interface – but the latter is vastly improved over previous versions. Retail pricing typically starts at between 750 dollars and 790 dollars at major carriers.在这款高端手机面前,炎炎夏日似乎也失去了热度如果苹果和三星进行一场设计竞赛,该机型将轻松胜出这款手机屏幕的大小为5.5英寸,使用的材料的是超级有源矩阵发光二极体面板,边缘采用双曲面设计,整体效果令人炫目这款手机屏幕的实际使用效果也相当不错:环绕式处理技术令屏幕边缘的应用程序也有了展示的空间S7 Edge配备了最好的摄像镜头之一,电池寿命在高端Galaxy系列中也是最长的如果把iPhone6s和G7 Edge放在一起进行详细比较,后者的优点非常突出:G7 Edge的随机存取存储器容量达到GB(而6s的这一数据为GB);屏幕的分辨率达到960×50(:9);具备无线充电功能;手机内存为3GB,可插入8GB的SD卡进行拓展指纹识别系统和三星人机互动界面的设计是这款手机的缺点--但是后者的性能在近几个版本中有了极大的提升大型运营商处为这款手机提供的零售价在750美元到790美元之间The 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus is a close runner-up the best premier smartphone. It has Apple’s very-high-quality build, a great camera, good permance, and, most importantly, the iOS operating system with all of those apps. It starts at 79 dollars.5.5英寸屏幕的iPhone6s是可与S7 Edge相媲美的首发手机这款机型沿袭了苹果手机高质量的工艺,配备了功能强大的摄像头,具有优良的性能,当然最重要的是其内置了iOS操作系统和配套的手机应用5.5英寸屏幕的iPhone6s首发售价为79美元. iPhone 6s: Best mainstream phone.最佳主流手机:iPhone 6sApple still has a lock on the mid-range, mainstream smartphone. The .7-inch iPhone 6s has a stiffer chassis than the iPhone 6, excellent front and rear cameras, a novel “3D Touch” pressure-sensitive display previewing messages, photos, and related links, and the new A9 processor makes everything very snappy. But let’s face the facts: While Apple makes great, high-quality hardware, many consumers choose iPhones primarily because they know they’re buying into probably the greatest selection of apps in the world. It starts at 69 dollars.苹果仍然牢牢把持着中等尺寸和主流智能手机市场.7英寸屏幕的iPhone6s的底盘比iPhone6的更加结实,前置和后置摄像头性能良好,屏幕配备了新奇的“3D触摸”压力传感器和A9处理器,人们在浏览信息、照片和相关链接时会觉得非常顺畅然而事实却摆在眼前:虽然苹果手机配备的硬件质量极好,但是许多消费者选择苹果的原因在于他们清楚苹果能为自己带来世上最好的手机应用.7英寸的iPhone6s售价为69美元3. Nexus 6P: Best pure Android phone3.最佳原生安卓手机:Nexus 6PThe Nexus brand has a following that, while a lot smaller, is not that unlike the iPhone’s following. That’s because Nexus phones maintain high standards, are designed in conjunction with Google, and made by world-class phone suppliers. Huawei— the third-largest global smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple according to IDC— now makes the best Nexus phone. What the Nexus 6P does really well is deliver high-end specifications at a relatively low price. Those specs include an excellent (and extra-large) 5.7-inch very-high-resolution AMOLED display, a good -megapixel camera, 3GB of RAM, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor. The only notable downsides are a sometimes less-than-snappy camera experience and unneeded bulk in the chassis. But the best part is the cost, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 99 dollars. But the 6P can often be found under 50 dollars at retailers and even under 00 dollars at some stores.Nexus品牌系列手机的规模虽不比苹果,但在质量上却不遑多让Nexus出产的手机一向质量上佳,不仅Google鼎力持,世界级的手机供应商亦为其保驾护航IDC称,位列三星和苹果之后的第三大智能手机生产商华为生产的Nexus手机品质最佳Nexus手机的物美价廉是其一大优点这款手机的屏幕尺寸达到了5.7英寸(又是超大屏幕),使用的材料是有超高分辨率的有源矩阵发光二极管面板,其他硬件还包括00万像素的摄像头,3GB的随机存取存储器和高通Snapdragon8处理器拍照反应较慢,底盘进行加重处理是该机型较为显著的缺点Nexus最吸引人的是价格,其建议零售价仅为99美元,而一些零售商给出的价格仅为50美元,在一些门店更是低至00美元. LG G5: Best modular phone.最佳模块化智能手机:LG G5Though overshadowed by Samsung, the smaller South Korean phone supplier has come up with a pretty radical smartphone. The killer feature the 5.3-inch phone is modularity. By pressing a button, the bottom of the phone slides out, which allows you to not only swap in a fresh battery but add upgrade modules too. And the camera is different too. The LG G5 has both 8- and -megapixel sensors on the back, located on either side of the LED flash. The secondary 8MP sensor allows wide-angle shots. At retail, it ranges between 575 dollars and 65 dollars.笼罩在三星阴影之下的LG最近终于推出了一款颠覆性的智能手机这款屏幕尺寸为5.3英寸的机型的最大卖点在于其模块化的手机结构下相应键,手机底部会自动滑出,不仅可以更换电池,也可以装载其他升级模块LG G5的摄像头也与众不同,在手机背面有两个分列于LED闪光灯两侧的传感器,两个传感器的像素分别达到80000万,800万像素的传感器赋予了手机广角拍摄的功能这款手机的零售价在575美元和65美元之间5. iPhone SE: Best small phone5.最佳小型智能手机:iPhone SEThe -inch SE is the best deal Apple has ever offered on a new iPhone: It’s not only the cheapest iPhone, but has cutting-edge internals. This is a more advanced phone internally than the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and is on par with the iPhone 6s6s Plus. And it has the same great rear-facing -megapixel camera of the 6s, with better battery life than both the 6 and 6s. The iPhone SE also excels at one-handed operation. It’s a cinch to do all sorts of things: thumb-scrolling, photo-taking, typing. The SE is also more pocketable than, let’s say, the large 5.5-inch 6s Plus. The icing on the cake is the price: it starts at 399 dollars a GB version and 99 dollars 6GB.屏幕大小仅为英寸的iPhoneSE是苹果公司出产过的最好的新手机该机型是史上卖得最便宜的iPhone,内在配置也走在时代前沿其内在配置令iPhone6和iPhone6 Plus相形见绌,与iPhone6s和iPhone6s Plus可谓旗鼓相当,00万像素后置摄像头的配置与iPhone6s相同,电池寿命却优于iPhone6和6siPhone SE的单手操作体验同样非常流畅,使用者能够非常轻松地用大拇指浏览网页,拍照,打字相比5.5英寸的iPhone6s Plus,iPhone SE携带起来更加方便,价格更是该机型的加分项:GB版本的售价仅为399美元,6GB版本的售价也仅需99美元 潘基文:全球约有.5 亿丧偶妇女 近半数贫困潦倒 --5 :7:56 来源: 联合国秘书长潘基文在6月3日“国际丧偶妇女日”致辞,表示全球约有.5亿丧偶妇女,呼吁持她们过上有生产力、平等和愉快的生活 Tehran, June 3, IRNA – ed Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his message on International Widows’ Day, 3 June , while announcing that there are some 5 million widows around the world, called supporting them in living productive, equal and fulfilling lives.6月3日伊朗德黑兰电——联合国秘书长潘基文在6月3日“国际丧偶妇女日”致辞,表示全球约有.5亿丧偶妇女,呼吁持她们过上有生产力、平等和愉快的生活According to the ed Nations Inmation Center (UNIC), the full text of his message s:据联合国信息中心(UNIC),潘基文致辞全文如下:There are some 5 million widows around the world, and nearly half are living in poverty. Widows are often stigmatized by their families and commies. Many suffer discrimination based on age and gender and have lived lives marked by physical and sexual abuse.世界各地约有.5亿丧偶妇女,近半数贫困潦倒丧偶妇女往往被家庭和社区成员所鄙视许多丧偶妇女因年龄和性别饱受歧视,有些丧偶妇女在生活中还遭受身体虐待和性虐待Older widows often have few economic assets, after a lifetime of hard but unpaid work. Even in developed countries, the value of women’s pensions can be some 0 per cent lower than men’s.老年丧偶妇女通常终生辛苦工作却得不到报酬,没有多少资产即使在发达国家,妇女退休金的数额可能比男性低0%Younger widows face other challenges, as heads of households with childcare responsibilities and very limited economic opporties.而年轻的丧偶妇女还面临其他挑战,作为户主有育儿责任,然而,经济能力非常有限The Sustainable Development Agenda with its pledge to leave no one behind has a particular resonance widows, who are among the most marginalized and isolated.《年可持续发展议程承诺不让任何一个人掉队,对于最被边缘化和孤立的丧偶妇女来说,尤其能引起她们的共鸣On International Widows’ Day, let us pledge to make widows more visible in our societies, and to support them in living productive, equal and fulfilling lives.值此"国际丧偶妇女日",让我们一同承诺,确保丧偶妇女能引起社会更多关注,持她们过上有生产能力、平等和愉快的生活”上饶韩美整形美容医院去黄褐斑怎么样上饶横峰县去除胎记要多少钱



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