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Today in History:Monday, June3, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月3日,星期一June 3rd, 1965.““Get back in.” “OK. We#39;re on our way and tell everyone go back in now.” Astronaut Edward White becomes the first American to walk in space during the Gemini IV mission.1989, Iran’s spiritual leader the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini dies in Tehran. Khomeini’s rise to power in the Islamic Revolution led to the hostage crisis, in which Iran held dozens of Americans captive for 444 days.1963, Pope John XXIII, who pushed to modernize the Roman Catholic Church, dies in Rome at age 81. Pope Paul IV succeeds him as pontiff.1937, Britain’s Duke of Windsor marries American divorcée Wallis Warfield Simpson in France. It happens 6 months after the former King Edward VIII abdicated his country’s throne for Simpson.1926, “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.” Allen Ginsberg, the poet who becomes one of the icons of America’s Beat Generation, is born in Newark, New Jersey.And 1906, Josephine Baker, the dancer, singer and actress who gained fame with her shows in Paris during the 1920s, is born in St. Louis.Today in History. June 3rd. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/242599上饶市南昌大学医院做抽脂手术多少钱上饶市肿瘤医院减肥瘦身多少钱上饶铅山县做鼻尖整形多少钱

铅山县妇幼保健人民中医院口腔美容中心上饶韩美整形美容医院乳房上提怎么样Learn the three most common reasons men cite for having an affair from couples counselor Victoria Wilson, Ph.D. in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟随夫妻关系顾问Victoria Wilson士了解大部分男人自述的发生婚外情的原因。There are three main reasons which men cite for having an affair. Number one, is sexual novelty, sexual variety or sexual fetish which they cannot disclose to their primary partner.根据男人们所说,他们发生婚外情主要有三个原因。第一,他们向最初的伴侣难以启齿的性新奇,性多样化或性怪癖。Number two, feeling that their partner had let themselves go and therefore, they#39;re feeling loss of sexual interest.第二,觉得他们的伴侣可以让他们随心所欲,从而失去了兴趣。And number three, feeling unappreciated at home or feeling that they#39;re nagged or annoyed by their partner consistently.第三,在家里得不到赞赏,经常被伴侣压制或激怒。So those are the three main reasons. Two of which deal primarily with a sexual interest and the third one deals with the emotional reason for the affair. For instance, many men feel unappreciated or ignored after their wife has a baby and pays all of the attention to the baby and ignores the husband. Or the husband may feel that the wife never has time for sex or interest in sex and instead spends all her time on her girlfriends or on her children. The husband may feel that he has an interest in exploring a particular sexual fetish and that he would insult the wife by bringing it up in a relationship. So he feels more comfortable going to a dominatrix or seeking out an escort than approaching his wife about the particular fetish he#39;d like to explore.以上就是三个主要原因。其中两点与性兴趣有关,第三点与情绪有关。例如,许多男性在妻子生产后觉得自己被忽略,妻子把所有注意力都放在孩子身上,而忽略了丈夫。或者丈夫可能觉得妻子没有时间进行性生活,没有兴趣进行性生活,所有时间都花费在闺蜜或孩子身上。这时丈夫就会有兴趣探索特别的性怪癖,通过发展婚外情来侮辱自己的妻子。因此,他通过找一个母夜叉或者女伴,而不是通过自己的妻子来实现自己的性怪癖。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/306947The Tibetan brown bear, a close relative of the grizzly, tries to dig the pikas out of their burrows.西藏的棕熊是灰熊的近亲,试图把鼠兔从洞里挖出来。Even hard-frozen soil presents little obstacle to a determined bear. The wily Tibetan fox is quick to spot any opportunity.即使棕熊很难从冻得坚硬的土地里挖出鼠兔来,狡猾的藏狐可绝不放过任何可能的机会。True to form, the crafty fox claims the prize. A combination of inaccessibility, and ancient traditions which forbid hunting, means that in some parts of the plateau, wild animals have remained relatively undisturbed, even today.一如既往,狡猾的狐狸得到了它的战利品。由于动物难以捕获并且有世代相传的禁止猎杀的传统,这使得即使在今天在高原的一些地方,野生动物都相对没有被打扰。But in those areas which are within reach of motor vehicles, these historical safeguards have been undermined. This change is illustrated in the fortunes of the chiru.但是在那些汽车可以到达的地方,那些传统的保护已经渐渐被打破。这种变化从藏羚羊的身上得到了体现。A century ago, millions migrated across the plateau. Unfortunately for the chiru, its fur, known as ;shahtoosh;, or ;king of wools;, is highly prized.一个世纪以来,上百万的藏羚羊在高原上迁徙。不幸的是被称为“沙图什”或者“羊毛之王”的藏羚羊的毛皮被认为有很高的价值。In recent decades, poachers have been able to venture deep into the wilderness, killing thousands of chiru.近几十年以来,偷猎者冒险深入荒原,捕杀了成千上万头藏羚羊。 /201403/281730上饶市立医院减肥手术多少钱It’s that time of year again, when it seems like all your old, long-lost friends decide to get married. Here are some ideas of how to avoid yet another wedding.又到了这样的时刻,似乎你所有长时间没有联系的老朋友都决定要结婚了。根据以下建议,得体地拒绝参加婚礼。You Will Need你需要An unwanted wedding invitation不想赴约的婚礼邀请A good excuse一个好的借口The ability to lie撒谎的能力Steps步骤Step 1 Express excitement over the invitation1.对受邀表示兴奋When your invitation first arrives, be sure to express your excitement. RSVP yes.当请柬最初到达的时候,肯定要表达兴奋之情。回复一定会赴约。Trying to get out of the wedding too early could lead to suggestions about how you could get out of your alleged #39;conflict.#39;刚收到请柬就过早回绝会导致人们猜测为何刚好会出现“冲突”。Step 2 Decline a few weeks prior2.提前几周回绝Act as if you can’t wait to attend--until a few weeks prior, when you suddenly announce the terrible news that you can’t make it. Be crestfallen.表现的好像你迫不及待地想要参加——直到距离婚礼几周的时候,突然宣布这个坏消息,你不能去了。表现的气馁一点。Step 3 Blame work3.以工作为理由Consider saying you’ve been called away on an urgent business trip. While this is a fairly common excuse, you will need to keep track of the lie in future conversations with friends and friends of friends.可以说你突然接到通知要紧急出差。这是比较普遍的理由,将来与朋友,以及朋友的朋友对话的时候要一直圆这个谎话。Step 4 Fake a family reunion4.假装家庭聚会If a business trip isn’t plausible, say you’re suddenly being forced to attend a last-minute family reunion. Just make sure no relatives are going to the wedding!如果出差看上去不真实,你可以说突然被迫参加最后一刻的家庭团聚。不过要确保你的亲戚中无人去参加婚礼。Step 5 Play sick5.称病If you need to cancel at the very last minute, claim you’ve contracted a contagious disease. Make it serious but not deadly, like a rare strain of conjunctivitis.如果你想在最后一刻取消,声称自己得了传染病。说的严重一点,但是不要说的如此致命,比如比较罕见的结膜炎。Waiting until the last minute means the couple will be stuck paying for your meal, making them very unsympathetic to your fictional illness.等待最后一刻才通知意味着新婚夫妇为你的这一份婚宴买了单,会让他们对你编造的病情一点都不同情。Step 6 Send a gift6.送礼物Whatever excuse you give, be sure to send a gift and an apology note to further pretend like you care. Unless, of course, you want to end the friendship--in which case, ditch the polite routine and blow the whole thing off. You won’t hear from them ever again!无论你给出了什么借口,一定要送上礼物和道歉卡,进一步假装你很在乎他们。当然,除非你想结束这段友谊——在任何情况下,一定要彬彬有礼,善始善终。以后你肯定不会再收到他们的消息了。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/234099上饶市肿瘤医院隆胸多少钱

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