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Obese Woman Tattoos Weight Goal on Stomach;Extreme Weight Loss; host Chris Powell discusses helping Meredith lose half her body weight.Get y to be inspired, last night on Extreme Weight Loss we met Meredith P, 25 years old, a teacher who wanted to lose more than half of her body weight, take a look at her incredible journey.For most of her life, 24 year old Meredith had struggled with her weight and her identity.I always knew i was adopted, there are small, i am not at all, i just i never felt like i fit into my own family.Years of yoyo dieting had brought her to 314 pounds, so this kindergarten teacher from R New York reaches out to Chris Paul who wastes no time getting Meredith into boot camp.Finish this, finish where we start.She wants to weigh 155 pounds a goal she#39;s tattooed on her stomach.When i come to see you in 90 days, you need to lose 80 pounds.And well it isn#39;t easy. We are going to run from this life guard station down to that life guard station.Meredith meets the challange head on.Oh my god Meredith, you just dropped 84 pounds...And over the next year. You lost 32 pounds, you#39;re down another 22.So does Meredith make it down to 155?Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the all new Meredith.Oh here it is. The moment we have been waiting for, there she was and here she is now. Meredith, thanks. Chris Paul, Congratulations. Thank you.Hi Chris, you have done it again, congratulations, i want to give you this, i know you want to show us. I do. Will you share with us how far have you come?So at the heaviest i was over 400 pounds at one point, and here we are today at 155 pounds, it#39;s amazing, it#39;s such a journey. Congratulations. Thank you. Chris, host of Extreme Weight Loss and choose more lose more, you#39;ve seen it before, but you said Meredith#39;s journey was especially inspiring.It was and so mush so that she#39;d tattooed her goal on her body, i mean that shows dedication, but it#39;s also one of the most important things we can all do is we need to know where we are going, we need to have that purpose that is exactly what she did, and she got there.You got there and we are so thrilled to see it, thank you for inspiring us, and i also want to share with everybody some very exciting news about you Chris, so why don#39;t you tell us?We got baby number 4 on the way, baby number 4, yes.Our friend Chris Paul expanding the family, thank you so much for inspiring all of us and everybody you can check out amazing transformations every week on Extreme Weight Loss Tuesdays, 8/7 central on abc. /201306/243838

Jade is extremely hard, and difficult to work, so much effort must have gone into the shaping of it.玉石的质地极为坚硬,难以加工,为它塑形一定耗费了不少功夫。It#39;s likely that it was first of all roughly sculpted in northern Italy, and then carried hundreds of miles across Europe to north-west France.有可能一开始,它先在意大利北部经过了初步加工,然后被带到几百英里之外的法国西北部,It was probably polished there, because it#39;s like a number of other ones found in southern Brittany, where there seems to have been a fashion for acquiring exotic treasures like this.在那里进行打磨,因为我们在布列塔尼发现了数把类似的斧头,拥有这种远方的奇珍似乎曾是当地潮流。They even carved impressions of the axes into the walls of their vast stone tombs.布列塔尼人甚至在他们巨大的石头墓室的墙壁上雕刻出斧头的图案。In Britain, six thousand years ago, the rarity, the beautiful working and the distant origins of this foreign material would have given our axe a very high value, and it would have been an exceptional gift-the equivalent of a luxury watch perhaps, or an expensive piece of jewellery.6000年前的英国, 这件稀世罕有,做工精美并且源远流长的异物会使得我们的斧头具有很高的价值,在那时肯定是一件特殊的礼物—相当于一款高档手表,或者一件昂贵的首饰。We can only speculate how the hierarchies of prehistoric British society might have regarded this rare and beautiful thing, or what they might have done with it.我们只能推测史前英国社会的等级制度如何评价这件罕见的稀世珍宝,或者他们可能会对它做过些什么。Similar axes in less valuable stones have also been found unworn, and their equally pristine condition implies that they may have served special, perhaps ritual, purposes.类似更有价值的斧头也被完好无损的发现,而它们同样的状况意味着自身可能的特别之处,也许是用于仪式的目的。Mark Edmonds again:马克埃德蒙兹认为其中的含义是:;Beyond the practical tasks that you can use one of these things for, axes had a further significance-a significance that came from where they were found, who you got them from, where and when they were made, the sort of stories that were attached to them.斧头除了实际用途之外还有进一步的意义。这种意义来自它们是在什么地方被发现的,从谁那里得到的,是在何时何地制作的等等这些它们身上附带的故事。Sometimes they were tools to be used and carried and forgotten about in the process, at other times they would come into focus as important symbols to be held aloft, to be used as reminders in stories about the broader world,有时它们只是人类使用的工具,被遗忘在带出去使用的过程中。有时它们是放在高处的重要象征,提醒我们别忘了更广阔的世界。and sometimes to be handed on-in an exchange with a neighbour, with an ally, with somebody you#39;d fallen out with, and perhaps in exceptional circumstances, on someone#39;s death, the axe was something that had to be dealt with.有时你要把它们交给别人,邻居、同盟或和你有纠纷的人。在特别的情况下,斧子在葬礼上也有用途,它需要像尸体一样被分解,或是像尸体一样被埋葬。 Article/201406/305400

Epidemic prevention measures are being taken at the site of a poultry plant fire in northeastern China’s Jilin Province, which killed 120.前几日,中国吉林省某禽类加工厂发生火灾,120余人丧生。目前该工厂正在进行消毒防疫工作以防疾病传染。Local health authorities announced at a press conference that 25 workers have finished the first round of disinfection on Wednesday morning. It would take at least three days to complete the entire process.当地卫生机构发布新闻会表示,25名工作人员已于周三上午完成了首轮消毒工作。整个消毒工作将至少花费三天时间完成。The authorities also said the 2,000 and more dead chickens at the plant are of high risk of causing an epidemic. The local government has mobilized 80 rescue workers to curb any potential outbreak.该机构还表示,现场的2000多死禽会很容易引发传染病。当地政府已经调动80名救援人员以应对任何可能发生的疫情。 Article/201306/243220

Israeli PM hints at expanded military operation以色列总理暗示军事行动需要时间Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says efforts to recover kidnapped youths may take time hinting at expanded military operations.以色列总理内塔尼亚胡表示解救被绑架年轻人所暗示的军事行动可能需要时间。Netanyahu was speaking on television from a military base on Monday.内塔尼亚胡是在周一军事基地的电视演讲中作出以上言论。 Article/201406/305939

Jay-Z and Beyonce#39;s Three Week Vegan Diet Famed couple commits to changing their eating habits for a set period of time. One of Hollywood’s most famous para-couples is jumping on a trendy diet bandwagon; Jay-z and Beyoncé have started a 3 week plant-based diet. You gotta wonder how committed they are to the vegan lifestyle with Beyoncé apparently spotted wearing fur and swayed the other day, which is a big no-no in the vegan world. As’ Abby Budroll takes a closer look at the diet on everybody’s lips these days. Super star couple Jay-z and Beyoncé are joining forces yet again, this time on a vegan cleanse, a plant based diet with no animal or dairy products. Holy grail, the holy grail artist who turned 44 on Wednesday posting on his personal website life and times, that he and B are embarking on a 22 day challenge to go completely vegan or as I prefer to call it, plant-based, Beyoncé even sharing photos on Instagram, chronicling the challenge. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are notoriously private about their lives together, so it is unusual that they are being so public about what they are going to be eating. Jay-Z says on his website, ”This all began a few months back when a good friend and vegan challenged me to embrace a plant-base breakfast every day.” That good friend is his trainer and nutritionist Marco Bergius, the mastermind behind this 22-day cleanse, who says that plant-based nutrition is better for the environment and your body. His website inviting ers to take the 22 day challenge with daily vegan s. I met with nutritionist Rachel Guller who says going vegan can be tricky.Some of my patients gain weight on a vegan diet.Oh why is that? Because you’re eating things that could be fried, could be sweet potato fries, still fattening. She showed us two meals, one vegan, the other clearly not. But cautions when you go vegan, you need to get plenty of protein. It’s about balance and knowledge. So you know, you just wanna make sure that you’re not getting the wrong foods. Calling it a spiritual and physical cleanse, ending on Christmas day, Jay-Z promises to post his progress. But makes no promise about his plant-based future, posting we’ll see, best of luck and health. For good morning America, Abby Budroll, A News, Los Angeles. Ok, if there was any doubt that this couple is probably the most famous couple in the world, the fact that we are intrigued by what they eat, I mean, you are famous, but I don’t really ask what you ate last night. Yeah. Right and I can guarantee you it wasn’t interesting. We’ll see if they hold up to this, it’s an interesting challenge for them. /201312/269329

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