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哈尔滨维多利亚医院治疗痛经好吗哈尔滨看妇科到哪家好It was a massacre.这是一场屠杀Not just in terms of the number of injured and dead.死伤者人数众多不说But a massacre that any civilians should be killed,standing and defending their plant.它还是在向所有平民传达一条信息 即任何保卫自己工厂的人都会被杀死Over night, Homestead becomes a searing symbol of life and death in Industrial America.一夜间 霍姆斯泰德为工业美国打上了惨无人道的烙印Carnegie probably was appalled at what happened at Homestead.或许卡内基本人对霍姆斯泰德发生的事感到震惊He prided himself on portraying his company as an enlightened, progressive company,which in many ways it was.他自豪地将自己的公司描述成一家文明进步的公司 很多方面这也确实没错What Homestead did was cast a stain on that and on his reputation that he had a very hard time living down.但霍姆斯泰德事件却玷污了这一形象 他的声誉损失恐怕不是一时半会弥补得了的Carnegie extends his stay in Scotland......Hoping the distance will allow the controversy to blow over卡内基继续留在了苏格兰 希望距离能够让争议逐渐被淡忘But American reporters track him down.但美国记者找到了他Excuse me, just a word. No gentleman.打扰一下 就问一句 不行 先生Mr. Carnegie our ers...Another time gentlemen. Yes, just a word.卡内基先生 我们的读者…我再说一次 先生 好 就问一句I am not in the habit of giving interviews in the middle of public parks.我不习惯在公园中间接受采访Mr. Carnegie.Get out of my damned way.卡内基先生 从我面前滚开While Carnegies hounded by press abroad...国外 到处都有找他采访的媒体...At home, the publics outrage is escalating.国内 公众的愤怒还在升级A new group is emerging,calling themselves ;The Anarchists.;当时出现了一个新的团体自称为;无政府主义者;Known for their violent tactics,they are beginning to strike out.他们以暴力策略着称他们四处打抱不平Whenever and wherever they see injustice.见到非正义的事就会出手Now theyve turned their attention to the massacre at Homestead.现在 他们将注意力转到了霍姆斯泰德大屠杀Demanding payback.寻求报复Their target is the chairman of Carnegie Steel.他们的目标正是卡内基钢铁公司主席Henry Frick is determined to get steel production back up to speed.亨利·弗里克决心让钢材生产重新高速进行But his enemies have other plans.但他的敌人显然有着别的计划Mr. Frick.弗里克先生201605/442291哈尔滨哪家医院治疗不孕不育比较好 In this American English pronunciation , youre going to come with me to my home state of Florida and were going to do a Ben Franklin exercise where we study conversation.在这个美式英语发音视频里,你会跟我到我的家乡佛罗里达州,我们会做一个本·富兰克林练习,学习对话。Todays topic: discussing plans.今天的话题:讨论计划。Not till two. Right, but were... And maybe somewhat after that. But we said wed be there at 1:30.不到两点。 是的,但是我们...... 或许会是两点以后。 但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。Right. I think they want to just chat, and, you know... Yeah. Stuff before. Sure.是的,我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后,你知道的...... 是的。 在那之前。 当然。Will it take, like 15 minutes to get there, or? Oh no. Itll take... Ten? Five. Five.到那里要用15分钟还是? 哦,不。大概要用...... 十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。;Not till two.;不到两点。I notice my dad makes a Stop T here, ;not till, not till;, instead of ;not till;.我注意到我爸爸在这里发了一个顿音T,“not till, not till”,而不是“not till”。That makes the transition between these two words less obvious, it makes it a smoother link. ;Not till two.;这样会使两个单词之间的转换不那么明显,连接更加通顺。“Not till two.”;Not till two.; (loop two times) ;Right, but were...; ;And maybe somewhat after that.;不到两点。(循环两次)是的,但是我们...... 或许会是两点以后。Another Stop T here at the end of ;that; because its the end of a thought, the end of a sentence.在“that”结尾也有一个顿音T,这是因为它位于一个观点,一句话的结尾。Often we make those Ts Stop Ts in American English.在美式英语里我们通常会把这些T发成顿音T。;somewhat after that.; (loop three times) ;But we said wed be there at 1:30.;两点以后。 (循环三次)但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。;But we.; I actually dropped the T altogether here to make this even more connected and smooth. ;But we, but we.;“But we.”为了让它连接得更紧密更通顺,我把这里的T省略了。“But we, but we.”;But; is a function word, not too important, so its okay to reduce it.“But”是一个虚词,不是很重要,所以可以把它略读。;But we said wed (loop three times) be there at 1:30.;“But we said we’d(循环三次)be there at 1:30.”Did you notice how I pronounced ;thirty;? I took this second T and made it a Flap T so it sounded like a D. ;Thirty, thirty, 1:30.;你注意到我是怎样读“thirty”的吗?我把这个T读成了浊音T,听起来像是D音。“Thirty, thirty, 1:30.”;But we said wed be there at 1:30.; (loop three times)但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。(循环三次)This was another Stop T. And, it was very quick, so it was hard to tell, but I think this was a schwa, ;at, at. At 1:30.; (loop two times)这里又有一个顿音T。它非常快,很难分辨,不过我觉得它是一个弱读音,“at, at. At 1:30.”(循环两次);Be there at 1:30.; (loop three times)我们会在一点半到那里。(循环三次)When youre talking about the time of something, try pronouncing ;at; this way, very quickly.当你在谈论某事的时间时,试着这样读“at”,很快。;Right. I think they want to just...;是的,我觉得他们只是Another Stop T here. Its the end of a sentence. ;Right.;这里在句子的结尾又有一个顿音T。“Right.”;Right. (loop three times) I think they want to just.;“Right. (循环三次) I think they want to just.”Did you notice how my Dad did not make a TH sound here, but rather just an H sound? And he connected it to ;I;. ;I think, I think, I think.;你注意到了吗?我爸爸在这里并没有发TH音,而是一个H音。他将它与“I”连读。“I think, I think, I think.”;I think they want to just.; (loop three times)是的,我觉得他们只是(循环三次)Ive noticed some native speakers do this with the TH in ;think;. We use this phrase a lot. ;I think this, I think that.;我注意到了许多英语母语者都会这样发“think”里的TH音。我们经常用这个短语。“I think this, I think that.”And its not uncommon to hear the H sound instead of the TH. Its a funny little reduction that we do of a content word. ;I think they.;把TH音发成H音并不罕见。这是我们对一个实词的很有意思的一个略读。“I think they.”;I think they want to just (loop three times) chat, and...; ;Yeah.;“I think they want to just (循环三次) chat, and...” “Yeah.”You probably noticed the ;wanna; reduction here.你可能注意到了这里的“wanna”略读。;I think they want to.; (loop three times)我觉得他们(循环三次)Very common in American English.这在美式英语里很常见。;I think they want to just chat, and...; ;Yeah.;我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后,你知道的...... 是的。Also, the word ;just;. We often reduce this so it sounds like theres basically no vowel. ;Just (loop three times), want to just (loop two times).;还有单词“just”。我们通常会略读这个单词,所以它听起来基本上没有元音。“Just (循环三次), want to just (循环两次).”;I think they want to just (loop three times) chat, and...; ;Yeah.;“I think they want to just (循环三次) chat, and...” “Yeah.”;Chat.; Another Stop T at the end of this thought.“Chat.”在这个观点的最后又有一个顿音T。;I think they want to just chat, and...;我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后The word ;and; was very reduced, to just the schwa N sound, ;nn, nn.;单词“and”被略读为弱读音N,“nn, nn.”;Chat and.; ;Yeah.; (loop three times);You know, stuff.;闲聊,然后,(循环三次)“You know, stuff.”;You know.; Did you notice that this was the schwa and not the OO as in BOO vowel? ;You, you, you know.;“You know.”你注意到了吗?这里是个弱读音,而不是BOO里的OO元音。“You, you, you know.”We pronounce these two words together this way all the time. ;You know.; (loop three times)我们经常把这两个单词一起这样读。“You know.”(循环三次);Chat and.; ;Yeah.;;You know, stuff (loop three times) before.; ;Sure.;“Chat and.” “Yeah.”“You know, stuff (循环三次) before.” “Sure.”;Will it take, like, fifteen minutes to get there, or?;到那里要用15分钟还是?Lets talk about the word ;fifteen; for a second.我们来讨论一下单词“fifteen”。Some people have a hard time hearing the difference between 15 and 50.有些人很难分辨15和50的区别。The sounds are a little different, but also, the stress is different.它们的发音有些不同,并且,重音也不同。;Fifteen.; Stress is on the second syllable there, ; teen, teen, fifteen.;“Fifteen.”重音是在第二个音节上,“ teen, teen, fifteen.”So its short long. For the word ;fifty;, its the opposite. Its long short. ;Fifty, fifty.;所以它的音是短 长。而单词“fifty”则恰恰相反。它的音是长 短。“Fifty, fifty.”;Fifteen, fifteen.;;Will it take, like fifteen minutes (loop three times) to get there, or?;“Fifteen, fifteen.”“Will it take, like fifteen minutes (循环三次) to get there, or?”I reduced the vowel in ;to; to the schwa, like we almost always do. I did keep this as a True T though.我把“to”里面的元音略读为了弱读音,就像我们经常做的那样。不过我把这个T发成了清音T。The sound before was unvoiced, ;ts, ts, ts. Minutes to.; (loop two times)它前面的音是不发音的,“ts, ts, ts. Minutes to.”(循环两次);Fifteen minutes to get there, or?; (loop three times)15分钟还是?(循环三次)Did you notice this T? Stop T because the next sound was a consonant, the voiced TH.你注意到这个T了吗?它是一个顿音T,因为后面的音是辅音,发音的TH。;Get there, get there.;;Fifteen minutes to get there, or?; (loop three times)“Get there, get there.”“Fifteen minutes to get there, or?”(循环三次)How was this word pronounced? ;Or, or.; Just the schwa R sound, very quick. This is another function word, so Ive reduced it.这个单词是怎么发音的呢?“Or, or.”只有弱读R音,很快。这也是一个虚词,所以我把它略读了。;To get there, or?; (loop three times) ;Oh no. Itll take...;“To get there, or?” (循环三次) “Oh no. It’ll take...”Did you hear Dad? He reduced ;it will; to the contraction ;itll;. ;Itll.; (loop three times)你听到我爸爸把“it will”略读为“itll”了吗?“It’ll.”(循环三次);Oh no. Itll take...; (loop three times) ;Ten?; ;Five.; ;Five.;“Oh no. It’ll take....” (循环三次) “Ten?” “Five.” “Five.”Whats different about the pitch, the intonation of these two phrases?这两个句子的音调和语调有什么不同呢?;Ten?; ;Five.; ;Five.;十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。This one goes up in pitch, this one goes down.这一句语调上升,这一句下降。Thats because Im asking the question here. I dont know how long it will take.这是因为我在问问题,我不知道要用多久的时间。The statement, where my dad was sure, goes down in pitch.我爸爸的这句陈述句语调下降。If youre not sure, your phrase goes up. If youre sure, your phrase goes down.如果你不确定的话,语调上升,如果你确定的话,语调下降。;Ten?; ;Five.; ;Five.; (loop three times)十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。(循环三次)Not till two. Right, but were... And maybe somewhat after that. But we said wed be there at 1:30.不到两点。 是的,但是我们...... 或许会是两点以后。 但我们说过我们会在一点半到那里。Right. I think they want to just chat, and, you know... Yeah. Stuff before. Sure.是的,我觉得他们只是闲聊,然后,你知道的...... 是的。 在那之前。 当然。Will it take, like 15 minutes to get there? Or? Oh no. Itll take... Ten? Five. Five. Okay. So we can leave at, like, 1:25. Yeah.到那里要用15分钟还是? 哦,不。大概要用...... 十分钟? 五分钟。 五分钟。好的,那我们就可以1点25分出发了。 是的。We might as well head back anyway. Yeah. That way we can still... Yeah. Stop and look at the alligators if we want. 我们最好还是回去了。 是的,那样的话我们还可以...... 是的。 想看的话可以停下来看看短吻鳄。Right. We probably wont see much more. I was hoping to see... No. sandhill cranes, but.是的。我们可能不会再见到了。我还想看看...... 不。 沙丘鹤,但是。Right. We would definitely see, we would definitely see more alligators, but we probably wouldnt see anymore of anything different.是的。我们一定会去看的,我们肯定会再看短吻鳄,不过可能看不到什么不一样的了。Well, weve seen enough of those I think.嗯,我觉得我们已经看的够多了。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/513896Heavy rains in France have caused flooding across the country, and at least one person has died. 法国暴雨导致全国洪水泛滥,至少一人死亡。The countrys national police force posted pictures of evacuations, using boats to help assist people in the flooded streets. 国家警察部队张贴疏散的照片,在洪水淹没街道使用船只救助人员。Its reportedly the worst flooding the country has seen in a century, and that flood in 1910 is commonly referred to as the ;Great Flood of Paris,; which lasted about 45 days. 据报道,这是一个世纪以来最严重的洪水,1910年的洪水通常被称为“巴黎大洪水”,历时45天左右。This most recent flooding includes the Seine River in Paris. The rivers banks overflowed, rising almost 15 feet above its normal height, and officials say the Seine could reach levels as high as 17 feet over the weekend.最近巴黎的塞纳河出现洪水泛滥。洪水从河岸溢出,比正常高度上升近15英尺,官员表示周末塞纳河能达到17英尺。Although, 17 feet is still low compared to the 28 feet the river gained in the 1910 flood. 尽管相比于1910年的28英尺,17英尺仍然较低。The weather conditions are bad news for sports tournaments. French Open officials have been forced to delay many of the tennis matches and have received backlash over the poor conditions in the ones that werent rescheduled. 对于体育赛事,天气状况是个坏消息。法国网球公开赛官员推迟了许多网球比赛,有些赛事因不能改期遭到强烈反对。And the Union of European Football Associations European championship tournament kicks off in Paris on June 10. 欧洲足球协会在巴黎的欧洲锦标赛于6月10日开赛。Rain and floods have hit other parts of Europe, too, including Germany where at least four people have died. 暴雨和洪水也影响到欧洲其它地区,包括至少已造成4人死亡的德国。译文属。201606/447689哈尔滨月经不调检查多少钱

哈尔滨比较好的女子医院Now there was a desperate labour shortage,and the simple operation of the laws of supply and demand如今劳动力严重短缺 根据简单的供需关系法则meant that for the first time,you could set the terms of the deal.这就意味着有史以来第一次 你可以在交易中提条件He wanted labour out of you, well, you could say,;Why not start by paying me something?;他需要你的劳动力 那你可以说 那先付我钱吧He wants you to move into a piece of land which otherwise would go to rack and ruin,他希望你移居进入他的土地 不然这块地就得全荒废掉了you respond by saying, ;OK, cut the rent.;你就可以回复他 没问题 但得减租And if the lord says,;No chance, you impertinent so-and-so,;well, you just up sticks and find someone else如果领主胆敢妄言 没门 你算个什么东西等等 你大可以拔腿就走whos got a more secure grip on the new economic facts of life.找个更能把握经济生活新方向的雇主Well, hundreds of thousands of peasants must have done just that,成百上千的农民 正是如此做的and there was nothing anybody could do about it.对此 无人能改变It was not just the social order that the plague shook loose.这场瘟疫撼动的 不仅仅是社会秩序It also ate away at the sense of security offered by the Church,它还侵蚀了教堂 赋予人们的安全感especially since the regular clergy seemed powerless to provide help for the afflicted or even for themselves.因为普通的牧师对人们的遭遇 无能为力 甚至无力自救In 1349, the Bishop of Bath and Wells,seeing that there was a serious shortage of priests,1349年 由于牧师严重短缺 巴思和威尔士的主教 authorised laymen to hear the confession of the dying.授权让普通人听取将死之人的忏悔;Or,; He wrote,;Even a woman, if no man is available.;或者 他写道 如果没有男人 女人也行 /201611/479126哈尔滨市二院做人流怎么样 The men aboard the Enola Gay knew what they had to do,埃诺拉·盖伊上的每个人 都知道他们的使命and they focused on the details of that mission in order to execute it.他们注重任务的细节 以成功完成使命No one really knows whats going to happen once this bomb leaves that aircraft.但其实谁都不知道 这枚原子弹从飞机上 飞落而下后会发生什么9:14 a.m.A 60-second warning tone.早上九点十四分 发出了长达一分钟的警告声Below them, a city of 350,000 people.飞机下面是一座有着三十五万人口的城市Ready.Okay, goggles on.Ready?Ready.On your mark.Now!一切准备就绪 好了 大家戴上护目镜 准备好了吗? 准备完毕 瞄准目标 投弹!Tibbets has 43 seconds to escape the blast zone.蒂贝茨有四十三秒的时间飞离爆炸区An explosion 10,000 times hotter than the surface of the sun.爆炸所释放的热量是太阳表面温度的一万倍The bomb kills more than 60,000 instantly.原子弹让六万多人顷刻毙命Three days later, a second atom bomb.三天后 美国投下了第二枚原子弹Japan surrenders.日本投降Its the most fearsome thing this world can unleash,这是世上最触目惊心的场景thats why weve only seen two in the history of the world.因而在世界的历史长河里 人们只见过两次Since 1945, mankind has been living in the atomic age.自1945年以来 人类就进入到了原子时代Today, there are over 19,000 nuclear warheads如今已有超过一万九千枚核弹Able to destroy our species 20 times over.足以毁灭人类二十余次201605/446294哈尔滨做人流去哪家医院比较好

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