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2019年05月22日 05:46:29 | 作者:赶集大全 | 来源:新华社
Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow may be the king of comedy films in China, according to a new survey.一项新的调查显示,香港电影制作人周星驰是中国当之无愧的喜剧之王Toutiao.com, the website of a popular cellphone application, gathered data from its nearly 300 million users to show Chow influence on cinema audiences since the 1990s.一个受欢迎的手机应用程序的网站——《今日头条从3亿用户中收集数据展示了星爷自上世纪90年代在观众中的影响力The survey, which was released in Beijing on Saturday, said the 53-year-old director, actor and scriptwriter of some of the country most memorable comedy films, was rated the most popular director in the genre.上周六在北京公布的调查显示,53岁的星爷作为许多令人印象深刻电影的导演,演员,编剧,是电影界最受欢迎的男演员More than 0 million hits were recorded on Toutiao.com stories related to Chow-outstripping by almost four times those Xu Zheng, the most popular director in the category after Chow. Xu is best-known Lost in Thailand ().《今日头条上与星爷相关的报道点击量高达.8亿,几乎是徐峥的四倍,徐峥是仅次于星爷的高人气喜剧片导演,他最有名的作品是年的《泰囧Chow new feature, Mermaid, is the most anticipated film scheduled release in the traditionally cut-throat Spring Festival season next year, the survey showed.调查表明,星爷的新作《美人鱼最受期待,预计在明年竞争最激烈的春节档上映His film King of Comedy (1999), in which he plays the lead role other than directing it, was found to be his best film by users of Toutiao.com.《今日头条用户评出星爷1999年的《喜剧之王是最棒的电影,剧中他是男主却不是导演He has influenced more than a generation of Chinese with a long list of comedy films, ranging from crime thrillers to sci-fi, featuring a trademark display of his nonsensical sense of humor.他影响了不止一代人,参演喜剧片无数从犯罪惊悚片到科幻片,以他独一无二的荒诞式幽默为标志 mainland audiences, many of Chow earlier films were watched not in the theaters but online or on TV, often repeatedly.对于大陆观众来说,许多星爷的电影并不是在影院看的,而是在网上或电视上反复观看The survey suggested Chinese between the ages 18 and 30 were among Chow most avid followers. They are also today most coveted group of moviegoers.调查表明,18-30岁的中国人是星爷的铁粉,他们也是当今最主力的观影群体Chow last film, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, earned more than 1. billion yuan ( million) from the box office in .星爷上一部电影《大话西游:西游降魔篇在年收获.亿票房(约1.9亿美元)In the last decade, comedy films have been driving revenues in the world second-largest film market, according to Entgroup, a Beijing-based industry consultancy. Action and romance are the genres that come after comedy in China.总部位于北京的一家咨询公司,艺恩公司称,过去十年里,喜剧电影在全球第二大电影市场中国一直是票房最大贡献力量,动作片和爱情片紧随其后 06还记得《闻香识女人(Scent of a Woman)里的那个幽默的盲人饰演者么,是的,就是阿尔·帕西诺(Al Pacino),有人说是他成就了那部电影,将一个盲人的世界表演的熠熠生辉;也有人说是这部电影成就了他,让他获得了一个演员最高的荣誉——奥斯卡最佳男主角,今天我们就来看看这位具有绝妙精湛演技的经典演员是怎样回来《时代记者的提问吧 Questions Al PacinoDo you think Italian-American culture is represented unfairly in film and on TV? —Jeff Palatini, Columbus, OH(您认为影视节目里的意大利-美国文化诠释得很不好吗?)Explain to me what Italian-American culture is. We've been here 0 years. Isn't Italian-American culture American culture? That's because we're so diverse, in terms of intermarriage(联姻). Most everybody who's Italian is half Italian. Except me. I'm all Italian. I'm mostly Sicilian, and I have a little bit of Neapolitan in me. You get your full dose with me. How do you feel about all those hip-hop artists on MTV's Cribs who have Scarface shrines?(对那些MTV's Cribs节目里头的嘻哈歌手疤面煞星造型,您有什么想法?) —Ricky Baizas, ManilaThe most popular movie I've ever made is Scarface(《疤面煞星), all over the world. It's amazing to me. It's wonderful. We sometimes get that it was Oliver Stone who wrote it. He is a political creature, and I think that is an undercurrent in the movie. And the combination of him and Brian De Palma made this kind of fusion or explosion. It worked. After your lifetime-achievement award, do you feel more secure in the business than you did in, say, 1977?(您获得了终身成就奖之后,你认为在业中比之前更有感觉吗?) —Marie Craddock, Palm Bay, FLI'm secure in knowing things I would like to do [professionally]. But you need some insecurity if you're an actor. It keeps the pot boiling. I haven't yet started to think about retiring. I was shocked when I heard about Paul Newman retiring at age 8. Most actors just fade away like old soldiers. Who does the best Al Pacino impression?(您眼中谁演得最棒啊?) —Quan Ha, Littleton, COCertainly not me. Kevin Spacey comes close. Jamie Foxx does a good rendition of me. It's a real gift, mimicry of that kind, the tonal thing. It's sort of like having a talent playing an instrument. What event in your childhood had the most impact on the way you now look at the world? (您儿时啥事儿对您的世界观影响最深啊? )—Don Carmen Schimizzi, Rochester, NYIt would probably be the early films my mother took me to when I was just a baby. When my mother got home from work, she would take me to the movies. It was her way of getting out, and she would take me with her. I'd go home and act all the parts. It had a tremendous influence on my becoming an actor. Do you feel you've fulfilled your vision in the films you've directed? (您认为你在自己导演的片子里头做得好吗? )—Ignacio Meza, Los AngelesIn Looking Richard I (《寻找查理一世)had a clear vision. Salomaybe?, this movie I'm making now [about staging Oscar Wilde's play Salome], is the first time I ever had a passion without a vision and hoped that my passion would lead me to a vision. I think that's because I don't consider myself a full-time director. Acting is my deal. I look at the world as an actor looks at the world 'cause that's been my whole life. Do you regret turning down any roles?(有为拒绝了某个角色而追悔莫及不?) —Sara Orozco, BogotáI do. There was a period in my life when I was turning down parts no reason except I didn't want to work. That's way back in the '70s. Even now it's very hard to know yourself as an actor. Only once in a while do you get a feeling a role. I recommend watching The Dresser. It's a great movie if you want to know about actors. Are you a happy person? (您觉得自己幸福吗?)—Nerissa Quizon, ManilaHappy? I haven't figured that out yet. I have my days. There are moments when you have feelings of well-being, a certain peace. There are periods when that's more frequent than others. My children make me happy. If a movie were to be made about your life, what would it be called, and who would play you?(哪天要是有部片子编自您的生活,它会叫啥,您认为谁会演您呢? ) —Danijela Grbavac, TorontoIt would be called The Dustin Hoffman Story. When we were starting out, [Robert] De Niro, me and Hoffman were always sort of mixed up. People mistook us each other. I know you are a private person, but I hear that you can really dance. Would you consider doing Dancing with the Stars? (我知道您是个孤僻的人,也听说您会跳跳舞啥的.会考虑去参加与星共舞真人秀不?)—Rita J. Brown, MinneapolisActually, I would consider it. All due respect and trying to be as modest as I can be, I am a dancer. But I don't think I would be on Dancing with the Stars mainly because I would be too shy. Keke View:性格影帝Al Pacino, 美国演员,生于纽约市,高中时在曼哈顿表演艺术学校,并开始在外百老汇演出1966年进著名的“演员工作室”进修,1969年因舞台剧《老虎是否戴项链?获托尼奖同年演出第一部影片《我,娜塔莉后被导演弗朗西斯·福特·科波拉看中,在《教父中扮演迈克尔,并以此获奥斯卡最佳男配角提名此后,以《谢皮科(1973)、《教父续集(197)、《炎热的下午(1975)三片连续获得奥斯卡男主角提名199年终以《闻香识女人夺取第65届奥斯卡影帝以表演具有爆发力著称多年来作品不断,佳作迭出 796This month Harvey Weinstein, the famed (and sometimes feared) Hollywood film producer and studio boss, has been on a promotional roll. No wonder. In the coming days, one of Weinstein new films, The Intouchables, will go on general release in the US. 本月,好莱坞著名(有时也让人害怕)的电影制片人、电影公司老板哈维#86;温斯坦(Harvey Weinstein)忙于宣传这毫不奇怪未来几天,温斯坦的新片之一《无法触碰(The Intouchables)将在美国公映 As stories go, the film is undoubtedly heartwarming; it features a quadriplegic who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a black immigrant in Paris. But the film is in French, with subtitles. And while Weinstein has had some unlikely wins bee (think of the silent film The Artist, which won five Oscars), it could be a challenge to persuade American audiences to watch a subtitled, arty film about physical disability. Especially when it competes with films such as Spider-Man 3, when Americans are on vacation. 就情节而言,这部电影无疑暖人心房;本片讲述的是巴黎一名四肢瘫痪者与一名黑人移民建立起似乎不可能的友谊但这部片子的对白是法语,配有字幕虽然温斯坦以前赢得过一些意料之外的奖项(如荣获五项奥斯卡奖的默片《艺术家(The Artist)),但说美国观众观看一部关于身体残疾的带字幕的文艺片可能是一项挑战,尤其是这部电影要在美国人度假期间和《蜘蛛侠3(Spider Man 3)展开竞争 But as Weinstein embarks on his trendy gamble, there is something else equally intriguing at work in the visual entertainment world. A couple of weeks ago, I attended the New York premiere of the HBO series The Newsroom, a television series based on a CNN-style newsroom. This was a glitzy, fascinating affair, full of big names in the media and arts, who duly purred with pleasure when Aaron Sorkin, the series creator, silkily declared that his show was intended as a ;love letter; to the media world. 但在温斯坦走上他的时髦之路之际,在视觉世界里还有一些同样耐人寻味的动态几周前,我参加了HBO的电视剧《新闻编辑室(The Newsroom)的纽约首映式这是一部以美国有线新闻网(CNN)新闻编辑室为原型的电视连续剧这是一场令人目眩神迷的盛会,到场的全是媒体和艺术界的大腕当这部电视剧的创作者阿伦#86;索尔金(Aaron Sorkin)温和地宣布,这部作品是给传媒界的;情书;时,来宾们发出会心的轻笑 But what was most memorable about the event was not the actual show (which in my view was somewhat patchy), but the fact that a television series was generating so much intellectual buzz and frisson in the first place. After all, these days it is popular pundits to decry the dumbing down of the US media in general, and television in particular. And in statistical terms, the majority of the output on American network and cable screens these days is indeed dominated by reality shows, sports, partisan news and popular films. 首映式令人印象最深刻的不是电视剧本身(在我看来有点拼拼凑凑的),而是一部电视系列剧竟能引发这么多知识界人士的与兴奋毕竟,如今人士喜欢谴责美国媒体总体水平低俗,尤其是电视从统计数据看,如今美国传统和有线电视台的大部分节目的确是真人秀、体育、党派观点的新闻和流行电影 But what non-Americans generally do not appreciate, and what even American pundits often ignore, is that amid this allegedly dumbed-down landscape, a new genre of intelligent and creative television is flowering too. The Newsroom is one example of this (although, as I noted above, not the most inspiring offering seen this year). But other examples include Game Change (the brilliantly portrayed tale of the rise of Sarah Palin), Homeland (about security services), Veep (about the White House) and Mad Men (1960s advertising jungle). To be sure, these programmes are not necessarily highbrow - or not compared to your average trendy French art-house film. 但是,非美国人总体上尚未领悟、就连美国人士也往往忽视的是,在这个被指低俗的格局中,一种睿智、富于创造力的新的电视体裁正在开花结果《新闻编辑室就是一例(尽管如上所述,它并非今年最精的节目)但其他例子包括《规则改变(Game Change)(讲述莎拉#86;佩林(Sarah Palin)崛起的精电视剧)、《国土安全(Homeland)(关于安全机构)、《二当家(Veep)(白宫题材)以及广告狂人(Mad Men)(讲述世纪60年代的广告业)没错,这些节目不一定高雅,至少没有一般流行的法国艺术剧院的电影高雅 But they are subtle, intelligent and off-beat, and they are creating a buzz. If you want to find the ;cool; factor in visual entertainment today, in other words, you increasingly need to look at television - not art house movies - at least among America creative classes. 但这些节目细腻、睿智、别具一格,并且引发了热议换句话说,如果你想在当今的视觉业找到;酷;的因素,那么你越来越需要把目光投向电视屏幕,而不是艺术剧院的电影,至少在美国的创作阶层是如此 Why? In part, this shift reflects the changing nature of lifestyles and technology. Three decades ago, if you wanted to watch a television show you had to sit on a couch at a specific time; these days, recording devices and mobile gadgets mean that you can watch television whenever and wherever you want. Watching a ;cool; series, or something that your friends consider to be cool, has thus become dramatically easier, and easier than a film. 何以如此?部分原因是,这种转变反映出生活方式和科技的性质在变化30年前,如果你想要看电视剧,就必须在特定时段坐在沙发上现在,录制设备和移动小玩意的问世意味着,不管何时、不论何地,你都可以看电视于是,看一部;酷酷;的电视连续剧,或者你朋友认为很酷的东西,已经变得非常简单,比看电影简单多了 But Weinstein himself cites another factor. As he explained to me this week in New York, on the sidelines of a TV show where he was promoting The Intouchables, ;fragmentation; matters too. These days, Hollywood studios face growing pressure to produce blockbusters that will sell not just in the US, but the rest of the world too. To make commercial sense, storylines must play in Shanghai, Mumbai and Sao Paolo, as well as Ohio. That makes it tough Hollywood writers to embrace subtle plots or characters, particularly in a 90-minute mat; although car chases and cartoons translate across borders, irony does not. Television, however, offers enough time and space to develop more complex and thoughtful characters and stories. And precisely because technology now allows producers to tap specific target audiences, entities such as HBO are increasingly willing to target that intelligent sub-niche of viewers. They no longer feel wedded to the mainstream. 但温斯坦提到另一个因素最近他在纽约参加一档推广《无法触碰的电视节目,期间他在后台向我解释,;碎片化;也很重要如今,好莱坞制片厂面临与日俱增的压力,要求它们制作在美国以及世界其他国家都卖座的的大片为了取得商业上的成功,电影情节在上海、孟买、圣保罗以及(美国内陆的)俄亥俄州都让观众喜闻乐见这让好莱坞编剧很难塑造细腻的情节或人物,尤其是在一部长度只有90分钟的影片中虽然飞车追逐和动画可以跨越国界,但讽刺就不一定了然而,电视可以提供足够的时间和空间,来发展出更加复杂和丰满的人物和故事正是因为现代科技允许制片人满足特定目标观众的需求,HBO等频道越来越愿意瞄准知识分子观众这个细分市场它们不再觉得必须紧贴主流 In some senses, this fragmentation is pernicious; after all, as I have noted in columns bee, what is happening to television reflects a bigger pattern of social and economic polarisation. But one unexpected side benefit is that rising level of creativity in certain niches; and that means, as Dustin Hoffman told my colleague Matthew Garrahan earlier this year, many American actors and writers now think that television - not film - is the place to be. So when The Intouchables opens in New York later this month, I will certainly try to catch it (and wish Weinstein the very best in promoting his subtitled tale). But if Weinstein ever remakes the film a US audience (as he wants to do), it will be interesting to see which mat he chooses; ;Hollywood; is no longer quite the Hollywood that our parents knew. 在某种意义上,这种;碎片化;危害严重毕竟,正如我以前在专栏中所言,电视反映出社会和经济两极化的整体格局不过,一个出人意料的好处是,某些细分领域的创作水平越来越高这意味着,正如达斯汀#86;霍夫曼(Dustin Hoffman)今年早些时候告诉我的同事马修#86;加拉汉(Matthew Garrahan)的那样,很多美国演员和作者现在认为,能够大显身手的地方是电视剧,而非电影当本月末《无法触碰在纽约上映之际,我当然将试着去看看(并希望温斯坦在宣传他的这部带字幕的片子时一切顺利)但如果温斯坦有朝一日打算为美国观众重拍此片(他正想这么做),他会选择哪种形式将是很有意思的如今的;好莱坞;已经不是我们父辈熟悉的好莱坞 189

If there one tip to being a successful actor, Adam Levine has found it: take your shirt off.如果有一个成为成功演员的秘诀,那么亚当·李维已经找到了,那就是:脱掉你的上衣That was the advice offered from his The Voice judges Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld as he ran through his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live.他在《周六夜现场节目开场时表示,是《美国好声音的其他3位评委—安迪·萨姆伯格、卡梅隆·迪亚兹和杰瑞·宋飞告诉了他这个建议Adam, who was celebrating his first solo hosting permance of the popular sketch comedy program, opened the show proclaiming his desire to become an actor.亚当为自己第一次独自主持这个受欢迎的喜剧节目而感到高兴,在节目一开场就宣布了自己想要当一名演员的愿望Because like all successful singers, I knew it would only be a matter of time bee I would overreach and try acting, he quipped.他自嘲地说道:“像所有成功的歌手一样,我知道我总有一天会跨行去拍戏,这只不过是个时间问题”He then reminded the audience that he been a judge on The Voice: o tonight, I hope you dont judge me too harshly.随后他提醒观众他现在可是《美国好声音节目的评委: “所以今晚,我希望你们不要喷我喷得太厉害” 030

Taylor Swift was anything but pleased when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler mocked her love life at the Golden Globes.当蒂娜#86;菲和艾米#86;波勒在金球奖上嘲笑她的爱情生活时,泰勒#86;斯威夫特一点都不高兴;You know, if you want some big revelation, since I have dated exactly two people,; Swift says in the March issue of Vanity Fair.“你知道的,如果你想要一些大的爆料,从年以来我就和两个人约会过,”斯威夫特在3月份的《名利场杂志上说道She continues, ;The fact that there are slideshows of a dozen guys that I either hugged on a red carpet or met lunch or wrote a song with ... it just kind of ridiculous.;她继续道,“有那么一打男人我要么在红地毯拥抱要么见面吃饭要么写了一首歌的事实……这只是有点荒谬”When asked if she considers herself ;boy crazy; after being linked to Harry Styles, Conor Kennedy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas and John Mayer, Swift, 3, replies she finds that perception of her sexist.在与哈里#86;斯泰尔斯、康纳#86;肯尼迪、杰克#86;吉伦哈尔、泰勒#86;洛特纳、乔#86;乔纳斯和约翰#86;梅耶的恋情之后当被问及她是否认为自己“迷恋男生”,3岁的斯威夫特迅速回答说她发现了她的男性至上观念; a female to write about her feelings, and then be portrayed as some clingy, insane, desperate girlfriend in need of making you marry her and have kids with her, I think that taking something that potentially should be celebrated – a woman writing about her feelings in a confessional way – that taking it and turning it and twisting it into something that is frankly a little sexist.;“对于一个女性来说写作关于她的感情,然后被描绘成有些粘人、疯狂、绝望、需要让你娶她并和她有孩子的女朋友,我认为这是拿可能应该庆祝的东西——一个女人以一种忏悔的方式写她的感情——这是在将其扭曲成实在是有点性别歧视的东西”But while the Grammy Award winner admits that she dealing with a ;little bit of a chaotic media circus right now,; she also says she looking ward to meeting her ;great love.;尽管这位格莱美奖得主承认她正在处理有点混乱的媒体局面,她还说她期待遇见她的“真爱”;Like a guy who wants to know the stories of who I was bee this,; she says. ;And the things that arent on my Wikipedia page and the things that didn’t happen on an awards show.;“就像一个家伙在这之前想知道我的故事,”她说“事情并不在我的维基百科页面也没有发生在颁奖典礼上” 398

When asked to list quintessential English gentlemen, many, Colin Firth immediately comes to mind.每当说起典型的英国绅士,首先浮现在很多人脑海中的就是科林#86;费斯In his recent film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, the 5-year-old actor appears as elegant and lethal superspy Harry Hart, wearing double-breasted suits, oxd shoes and square-frame glasses. One minute he’s composed and polite, and then in the next he’s skillfully violent and aggressive. example, in one scene he says, “Manners maketh a man”, bee severely beating up a group of villains. Firth brings out the perfect mix of typical British style and humor through this permance.5岁的费斯最近又在电影《王牌特工:特工学院中饰演了一位优雅而致命的超级间谍 ——哈里#86;哈特他身着双排扣西装,脚穿牛津鞋,头戴方框眼镜;前一分钟,他还淡定沉着、文质彬彬,后一分钟他已气势如虹,游刃有余地大开杀戒正如电影中的一幕,前一秒他还在说着“不知礼,无以立也”,后一秒就把一群恶棍揍得分不清南北在影片中,费斯更是将地道英伦范儿与英式幽默完美结合Firth began appearing on English TV in the early 1990s, but it wasn’t until he played Mr Darcy, a brooding, aloof and charming upper class character from Jane Austen’s famous novel “Pride and Prejudice”, that Firth’s career really took off. His portrayal of the perfect fictional gentleman conquered millions of hearts, especially females’.其实,早在二十世纪九十年代,费斯就已经登上英国的电视荧屏但是,直到在著名小说改编的电影《傲慢与偏见中出演达西先生后,他的事业才开始青云直上在简#86;奥斯汀笔下,达西压抑冷漠却魅力无边剧中,费斯所演绎的这位虚构的上流社会完美绅士赢得芳心无数In many fans and critics’ eyes, Firth has British good looks, British charm, and a gift characters with a British sense of being reserved. Movie reviewer Jason O’Bryan described Firth as “always befitting the calm and stiff-upper-lip British gentlemen character”.不论在粉丝还是批评家眼中,费斯都有着英式的帅气外貌、迷人的英伦魅力,以及英国人特有的矜持性格影评人杰森#86;奥布莱恩就曾这样形容费斯:“(他)正符合英国绅士冷静淡定、不露声色的性格特点”However Firth doesn’t consider himself the authority on gentlemen. “I don’t necessarily approach every challenge like a perfect English gentleman spy. There are many aspects in my personality that are not consistent with someone like Harry Hart,” he said to Dialogue, an English-language show on CCTV News.但是,费斯却从不觉得自己是绅士方面的专家在央视英语新闻频道一档名为《今日话题的英语秀节目中,他曾说,“我可不一定像完美的英伦绅士特工那样应对一切挑战我的性格中有很多方面都与哈里#86;哈特不同”But let’s just take his words as another gentlemanly quality – modesty. After all, who might expect an Oscar-winning actor over 50 years old to learn to fight his debut action movie?但是,我们不妨把他的话看做绅士的另一个特质——谦虚毕竟,谁又能想到这位年过半百的奥斯卡影帝为了他的第一部动作片学习格斗?To prepare Kingsman, Firth had professional combat masters train him three hours every day over six months. He broke a tooth and got bruised everywhere, but took the damage as a symbol of his accomplishments. “I thought it would be too painful, too embarrassing. In fact I found it quite boring to go back to acting.”为了出演《王牌特工,费斯在名专业格斗高手的指导下,每天训练三个小时,一练就是大半年他曾经打断过牙齿,全身淤青,但他却将这看作是自己所取得成绩的标志他说,“我本以为训练一定格外痛苦,自己定会频频出糗而事实上,当我回归表演时,我才发现它是多么无趣”In Dialogue, Firth said he had many other sides – he’s passionate about literature and literary research. However, to many of his movie fans, he is indeed a gentleman and elite actor above all else.在《今日话题中,费斯说他是一个很多面的人,比如他对文学和文学研究都很有兴趣不过,对于许多他的电影粉丝而言,他首先还是一位绅士、一位出色的演员 3696

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