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安徽芜湖市妇幼保健人民中医院割包皮手术价格芜湖男科泌尿医院哪家好Thank you. President Tilghman. Trustees and Friends 感谢Tilghman主席 各位校董和朋友们 Parents of the Class of 2012 wherever they put you 2012年级的家长们 Members of the Class of 2012 普林斯顿2012年级的同学们 Why dont you give yourself a round of applause? 为什么不给自己一次掌声呢? So the next time you look around a church and see everyone dressed in black itll be awkward to do that. But enjoy the moment 下一次你在一所教堂里 看到大家都穿成黑色的时候 像这样欢呼就很尴尬了 享受这一刻吧 Thirty years ago I sat where you sat 30年前 我坐在你所坐的地方 I must have listened to some older person share his life experiences 我一定也听过某位年长的人分享他的人生经历 I dont remember a word of it 但我已经一点都不记得了 I couldnt even tell you who spoke 我连是谁发言都没印象了 And you wont be able to either 你们也不会记得吧 What I do remember, vividly, is graduation 而在我记忆中仍栩栩如生的 是毕业 Im told youre meant to be excited, maybe even relieved let you... getting out of you, and maybe all of you are 他们告诉我你应该很激动 或者感到轻松 先不说你们……但也许你们现在就是这样 I was not. I was totally outraged 我却不同 我义愤填膺 Here Id gone and given them four of the best years of my life and this is how they rewarded me, by throwing me out 我来到这里给了他们我人生中最好的四年 而他们就是这样报答我的 把我踢走 At that moment I was sure of only one thing 在那时我只确信一件事 I was of no possible economic value to the outside world 我对外面的世界没有任何经济价值 Id majored in art history, for a start 我修的是艺术史 那是我的起点 Even then this was regarded as an act of insanity 即使在当时这也被视为疯子的行为 I was almost certainly less prepared than you are for the marketplace 我为市场做的准备一定差过 几乎在座的每一个人 Yet somehow I have wound up somehow rich and famous 而现在我竟摇身一变成了富人和名人 201508/392716芜湖市妇幼保健人民中医院男科医生 I want to update you about what the Government is doing to make our country as safe and secure as possible. Events in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere and the rise of violent extremism have reminded us that our country is not isolated from potential threats. We’ve all seen the horrific images: the beheadings, the crucifixions and the mass executions. Appallingly, at least 60 Australians are known to be fighting with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq and about 100 Australians are known to be funding or facilitating these groups. So the threat to our country from extremists is real and it’s growing. But the Government is responding. We are committing an additional 0 million over four years to Counter-Terrorism measures. More resources are going to the Australian Federal Police, to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, the Office of National Assessments and the Customs and Border Protection Service. Biometric screening is being installed at all our international airports. Border force counter-terrorism units are aly working at Sydney and Melbourne Airports – and will soon be rolled out at other international airports. These units will help to monitor national security watchlists. New national security laws will strengthen our ability to arrest and jail returning foreign fighters – and prevent extremists from departing Australia. And we are strengthening our community engagement programmes to prevent young Australians from becoming involved with extremist groups. I want to stress that these efforts are not directed against any particular community or religion; they’re against terrorists and potential terrorists. In an increasingly uncertain world, this Government is determined to keep our people safe and our country secure.201504/369437芜湖做包皮手术哪家好

芜湖市南陵县男性男子男科医院男科挂号Id like to just take a moment and thank the outgoing Board members. I think it has not heen an easy job to be a Board member of Apple over the last few years. These are very decent people and theyve been trying very hard to do the right thing for the company. To welcome our new Board members, I think we have a really exciting task ahead of us: to help the management team and guide Apple back to health and to prosperity. And so I hope youll agree that this is a pretty sweeping change. Were adding a tremendous amount of industry expertise. We are not naming a Chairman at this time. Were going to wait till we have a new CEO, and sort things when that happens.我想要用一点时间去感谢那些即将离任的董事会成员。我想这些年来作为苹果的董事会成员,并非易事。他们是非常不错的人,一直试图为公司做正确的事情,可谓尽心竭力。同时也欢迎新董事会成员的加入,我想我们有非常振奋人心的任务在眼前:管理整个团队并且引导苹果重新恢复生机和繁荣。因此,我希望 你们也认同,这是一个意义深远的变革。我们注入了巨大的行业知识和技能,我们这次不会指定一个董事长,而是等待一个合适的首席执行官出现,到时让他掌管—切。OK, next. Market focus. I cant get anyone to tell me the definitive market share number for Apple, but its around 7%, from what I can gather. And the question is where is Apple relevant? Where is Apple still the dominant player? Which market segments? And there are two. The first one, I call creative content. Its publishing, design, pre-press, etc. Its creative professionals using computers. And whats interesting is that Apple is still the dominant market leader for creative professionals, by far. Its like 80% of the computers used in advertising and graphic arts, design, pre-press are all Macintoshes. And 64%, thats the best number I can find, 64% of all Internet websites are created using a Mac. Its amazing.好,接下来要谈市场定位的问题。是的,我不可能让任何人告诉我苹果确切的市场股份数字,但超过7%的部分是我能收集到的。问题的关键是,哪个领域对苹果来说意义重大?苹果在哪个领域仍然是主控角色?市场的主导在哪里?有两个。第一个我称之为创新产品, 也就是出版、设计、预印等等。 这是创新领域的专业人士使用的电脑。有趣的是,苹果仍然是为创新领域专业人士提供产品的市场主导。到目前为止,有约80%左右的Mac电脑被运用于广告及制图艺术、设计和预印方面。并且有64% 的互联网网页是用苹果电脑做的,这是我所发现的最棒的数字。这太不可思议了。201407/310102芜湖男科生殖中心 We create the conditions for happiness to occur. In other words, we create a habitat of happiness.; Wow, thats interesting. He said that they have a science behind that art, and theyve actually created four essential pillars, nine key indicators and 72 different metrics that help them to measure their GNH. One of those key indicators is: How do the Bhutanese feel about how they spend their time each day? Its a good question. How do you feel about how you spend your time each day? Time is one of the scarcest resources in the modern world. And yet, of course, that little intangible piece of data doesnt factor into our GDP calculations.我们创造那些让快乐能够存在的条件。也就是说,我们创造了快乐的栖息地。”哇,这真是有趣。而且他说他们在这种艺术的背后有一种科学他们实际上创造了四个重要的柱,9个核心指标和72个不同的度量标准这些能够帮助测量GNH。实际上,其中一个核心指标是如何让不丹人感觉到他们是如何度过他们的每一天的呢?这是一个不错的问题。如何感觉你的每一天是如何度过的呢?在现代社会社会中,时间是一种最稀缺的资源。可是,诚然这微小的不可见的数据并不影响我们对GDP的计算。As I spent my week up in the Himalayas, I started to imagine what I call an emotional equation. And it focuses on something I long ago from a guy named Rabbi Hyman Schachtel. How many know him? Anybody? 1954, he wrote a book called ;The Real Enjoyment of Living,; and he suggested that happiness is not about having what you want; instead, its about wanting what you have. Or in other words, I think the Bhutanese believe happiness equals wanting what you have -- imagine gratitude -- divided by having what you want -- gratification. The Bhutanese arent on some aspirational tmill, constantly focused on what they dont have. Their religion, their isolation, their deep respect for their culture and now the principles of their GNH movement all have fostered a sense of gratitude about what they do have. How many of us here, as TEDsters in the audience, spend more of our time in the bottom half of this equation, in the denominator? We are a bottom-heavy culture in more ways than one.所以当我把时间花在喜马拉雅山脉的时候,我开始想象我所谓的一种情感方程式。这是很久以前我从拉比.海曼.斯佳特尔读到的。有多少人知道他?有人知道么?在1954年,他写过一本书,叫做《生活的真正乐趣》他提出快乐并不在于得到你所想要的。而在于你想往你所拥有的。也就是说,我认为不丹人相信快乐等同于想往你所拥有的东西想象一下感恩分割成拥有你所想要的东西满足感。不丹人的志趣不至于一些有抱负但枯燥无趣的工作上持续关注与那些他们没有的事物。他们的宗教,他们的与世隔离,他们深深的对自己文化的尊重以及现在GNH运动的原则,这所有的一切都培养了一种对他们所拥有的感恩的情结。我们之中有多少人,作为TED的拥护者,把更多的时间花在这个方程式的底端,分母上呢?我们总是一种底端受重文化所逼迫在很多方面都是如此。201402/275325芜湖男科医院怎么样

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