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Track OneBeijing has been my home the past seven years北京过去七年都是我的家And no matter how far it is from Scotland it definitely feels like my home不论这里离苏格兰有多远,我的确觉得这就是我的家Beijing has a sense of commy北京有种社区感Even in the most developed areas you can still find these wee nookets – places where people have lived here generations即使在最发达的地区,仍然可以找到这些;wee nookets;,当地人世世代代都居住在这里They are in the streets, in the shops and local businesses他们存在于各种街道中,小商店以及本地商业点You really feel at home because people are so welcoming你真的有宾至如归的感觉,因为人们是如此热情好客Eager to engage with you no matter where you are from and ask you questions不论你来自哪里他们都渴望了解你,与你熟络,问你许多问题That is what makes me feel at home这就是使我感觉很像家的地方Also the winter because I am Scottish and I love the winter还有冬天,因为我是苏格兰人,我喜欢冬季I came to China, the first time by train – all the way from Moscow我第一次来中国是乘火车来的,一路从由莫斯科过来I took four weeks – my last stop was Beijing – it was in – I only had four days我花了整整四周—最后一站才是北京—那是年了—我却只待了四天After days I said to myself ;There is something really special here – I will have to come back and find out more;四天之后我对自己说;这里真的有一些特别之处,我一定得再回来,好好地了解她;It is just a magical situation – pulling up at the train station – the chaos – trying to get a taxi to wherever we were staying – my friend sofa at that time这真是个有魔力的经历—到达火车站—进入喧嚣的洪流—拦出租车到达我们的住所—那会儿就是我朋友家的沙发It was just so exciting – people were so helpful – people were so curious但这一切是如此令人兴奋—人们都如此友善好客,如此对我充满好奇There was such a great feeling about the city and excitement对这个城市有一种很棒的兴奋的感觉It was – the year of the Olympics – the World was talking about Beijing and here I was after traveling across the continent在年,就是奥运会那一年,整个世界都在谈论北京,穿越大洲,跋山涉水,我来了So the following year I moved out接下来的一年我把家给搬了过来You do not the Sunday Post? There was a two-page sp all about Beijing 你没读周日邮报吗?它有两页专门报道北京We were all talking about it – we were all fascinated about it – what was going to happen我们都在谈论它—我们都为它着迷—接下来都会发生什么?Just the feeling and I am sure the Olympics was part of that就是这种感觉,而且我确信奥运会是其中一部分There were certainly only blue skies – I had no idea about pollution then – that was just a rumour那时当然只有蓝天—我跟本对污染没有概念—那些只是谣言Track TwoThere is something about Beijing – anyone who lives here would just agree有些关于北京的事是任何生活在北京的人都会认同的It is a city that captures your heart – your attention – easily becomes your home if you give it a chance那就是:这个城市轻而易举地俘获了你的心—你的全部注意力—只要你给它一个机会它就会很容易地成为你的家You havent lost the affection; you havent lost the interest after all these years?经历这些年之后,你还没失去对这里的感情和兴趣吗?Definitely not – every day when you wake up in Beijing you never know what you are going to see当然没有—当你每天醒来,你永远不会知道今天将会看到什么I love getting on my bike every day – carefully although I have been described as though I cycle like a maniac我喜欢每天骑上我的自行车,小心翼翼地骑着,尽管我被形容得骑得像疯了一样Getting around Beijing – the streets – the crazy traffic – it is just the element of surprise every day在北京城里四处溜达,街道,疯狂的交通,都是每日令人惊奇的元素You do not know when your door knocks who is going to be there – what is going to be happening – who you are going to encounter你永远不会知道下一秒谁会来敲你家的门,谁会站在门外,即将要发生什么,你会遇见谁It never ceases to stop – in one week in Beijing you can have enough stories a lifetime一切从不会停止,在北京一周你就会拥有足以诉说一生的故事This is why I take my camera with me every day – there is always something这也是为什么我每天都必须带上我的相机--这里总会有故事发生Whether it is the delivery men with their electric bikes all gathering together – or a guy sitting on his pedicab outside the Opposite House hotel不论是快递员们和他们的电动自行车停在一起,还是一个人坐在他的停在瑜舍酒店外的三轮车上There is always something这儿总有故事发生It could be a nouveau riche girl with the latest smart phone或者是有个暴发户女孩儿拿着她的最新款的智能手机It is just that whole array of things that we see in Beijing that keep it the vibrant city that it is就是我们在北京所看到所有一系列的城市风景使得这个城市充满了清新的活力I have got two dogs – that just opens into another commy here in Beijing我有两只,它们刚刚在北京替我打通了另一个社区Two pugs – that all Chinese people know – they love that me the eigner have got these two Chinese dogs两只哈趴,所有中国人都知道,他们喜欢我作为外国人养两只中国犬I am very involved in the dog commy in the area that I live in我很好地融入了我小区里的;社交小区;That opens up a lot of doors of meeting different people and hearing their stories那也为能见到不同的人,聆听他们的故事打开了许多方便之门 50

美文原声:A Red, Red Rose红玫瑰 郭沫若 译By Robert Burns罗伯特·彭斯O my Luve like a red, red rose,吾爱吾爱玫瑰红,That newly sprung in June:六月初开韵晓风;O my Luve like the melodie,吾爱吾爱如管弦,That sweetly playd in tune.其声悠扬而玲珑As fair art thou, my bonie lass,吾爱吾爱美而殊,So deep in luve am I;我心爱你永不渝,And I will luve thee still, my dear,我心爱你永不渝,Till a the seas gang dry.直到四海海水枯;Till a the seas gang dry, my dear,直到四海海水枯,And the rocks melt wi the sun;岩石融化变成泥,And I will luve thee still, my dear,只要我还有口气,While the sands o life shall run.我心爱你永不渝And fare-thee-weel, my only Luve!暂时告别我心肝,And fare-thee-weel, a while!请你不要把心耽!And I will come again, my Luve,纵使相隔十万里,Tho twere ten thousand mile!踏穿地皮也要还 6758

  温网夺冠,安迪·穆雷拿到了这座阔别英国77年的温网男单冠军奖杯,轻吻奖杯的穆雷成为英国人眼中最幸福的风景获胜后,穆雷长时间跪在场地中央,身体趴在草地上,久久没有站立起来在工作人员的提醒后,穆雷才想起到包厢和自己的团队庆祝不过他竟然忘记了自己的妈妈,就在他准备回到赛场时,再经别人提醒后,他才想到了这个对他最重要的人Very special play of the day this morning. 今天早上是非常特别的一档节目Wimbledon champ Andy Murray freshes up his emotional and exhausting win.温网冠军安迪·穆雷宣泄他的情感并且谈论这次阔别已久的胜利I spoke to him early this morning.我今天早上采访了他Andy Murray is joining us now.安迪穆雷现在加入到我们当中And Andy, I know there was a champion ball last night, did you have enough energy to dance the night away?那么安迪,我知道昨晚有一个冠军赛点,那晚你还有足够的精力去狂欢吗?I did not know.我不知道We got there after midnight,我们持续到了午夜之后,and then I spent a couple of hours there and went home, I just got hours of sleep, so I am struggling about this now.然后我在那里花了几个小时之后回家,我刚睡了几个小时,所以我现在还在挣扎We go back to 77 years ago.我们回首77年前Queen Elizabeth was just years old at the time, that the last time a Brit won the men title there, the All England Club.那时候英国女王伊丽莎白才只有岁,上次一位英国人赢得了全英俱乐部的男子冠军What does it feel like?有什么感觉?How does it feel to be your country hero?成为你国家的英雄感觉如何?I mean I, I dont really know yet.我的意思是我,我真的不知道To be honest I think that part hasnt quite sunk in.说实话,我认为狂欢还没有完全退去I realized that I won Wimbledon yesterday.我意识到自己昨天赢得温网But I think the like, the magnitude of the win hasnt really sunk in yet.但是我认为这种感觉,那种胜利喜悦感还没有退去Because the last two or three weeks, I tried to steer away from all the newest papers, and the TVs, and everything like that.因为最后两三个星期,我试图避开所有最新的报纸,电视及各种各样的东西So I am sure in the next couple of days when I get to see all that there and, you know, turn the TVs back on,所以我相信在接下来的几天内,当我有机会看到,而且,你知道,再次打开电视,and watch the news, all stars on the stand, how big a deal it was.看看新闻,所有的明星齐聚一堂才知道这是多大的一种盛况Wed love to see when the champion goes to the family box and you are hugging your couches.我们想看看当冠军去家庭包厢而且你拥抱教练Von Lendo has been great to you.冯·伦德尔一直以你为傲Your girl friend Kim.你的女朋友金And then you are about to leave the box and then you hear a squeal.然后就在要离开包厢的时候你听到一声尖叫Tell us who that squeal was from?告诉我们是谁,尖叫声是从哪儿来的?Oh yeah, it was from my mom.哦,是我的母亲But she wasnt sitting in a cleric box.但她没有坐在一个教会的包厢中She obviously said like, Thank you, to everyone that acknowleged …很显然,她说的像是,谢谢你,向所有人承认…Yeah, I think that was one of you better moves of yesterday, going back to hug your mom.是的,我认为那是使你最感动的动作之一,回去拥抱你的妈妈So we are gonna see you here stay aside in a couple of months defending your US Open Championship.所以我们会看到你在这里呆几个月保卫美网公开赛冠军So what are you got to do when you had a lot of tennis at the meantime.所以当你有很多网球比赛时你会怎么做So what is your thoughts about coming here to the States as the champ?所以作为冠军来美国你会怎么想?Yeah, Im really looking ward to that.是的,我真的很期待It an amazing match last year in New York.去年在纽约真是一场令人吃惊的比赛So, Ill take a bit of break now and …所以, 现在我要休息一下并且…Well, Im sure that you will.嗯,我相信你会的And thank you and I know, we can see how tired you are this morning;谢谢你,我知道,我们今天早上就可以看到你有多累;but you are a good sport getting up and joining us and we really do appreciate it.但是你是一个很好的运动员,起床后就接受我们的采访,非常感谢I dont know about you but my ears are so ringing, appearing, comeon Andy, come on, Andy.我不太了解你但是我一直听闻大名,加油,安迪I had to put my pins down a couple of times when I was there but well done! Congratulations!当我在那里的时候我不得不查阅很多资料,但是做得好!恭喜你!Thank you! Thanks.谢谢你们!谢谢 8639

  地点:莫妮卡和钱德勒公寓人物:莫妮卡,乔伊,瑞秋,菲比事件:得知瑞秋意外怀后,好友乔伊虽不知孩子的父亲是谁,但为了不让她一个人,他贴心地向瑞秋求婚Monica: Hey! Howd it go?莫妮卡:嘿,情况如何?Joey: Yeah. What—what did Tag say?乔伊:是啊,泰格怎么,怎么说的?Rachel: Tag is not the father! And Joey knows now?瑞秋:泰格不是孩子的父亲还有现在乔伊也知道了?Joey: I do Rach. I do, and Im so happy you.乔伊:是的,瑞,我知道了,而且我为你感到非常高兴Rachel: Oh wow, you didnt even try to unhook my bra!瑞秋:哇噢,你这次竟然没有试图解开我的内衣!Monica: So are you ever gonna tell whoever it is?莫妮卡:所以你还打算告诉孩子的父亲吗?Rachel: Na, I will. Im just not up it tonight.瑞秋:是的,我会告诉他只是今天晚上我不想说了Joey: Hey Rach listen, no matter what this guy says I want you to know youre not gonna be alone in this.乔伊:嘿,瑞,听着,不管那家伙说什么,我想让你知道,你不会一个人面对这一切的Rachel: Im not?瑞秋:我不会吗?Joey:Listen I uh...It a scary world out there especially if youre a single mom. Yknow, I always felt like you and I have this—this special bond. Yknow?So, Rachel Greene, will you marry me?乔伊:听着,我,嗯……世道凶险,对单身妈妈来说尤为如此你知道吗?我总是觉得咱俩之间,有一种特殊的关系,,瑞秋·格林,你愿意嫁给我吗?Rachel: What?瑞秋:啊?Monica: What?莫妮卡:什么?Phoebe: What?菲比:什么? 501。

  Ladies and gentlemen, I've got a little story to tellAbout Mona Lisa, And how she suddenly fell (huh)See everyone knew her, They knew her oh so wellNow I am taking over to release her from her spellShe's ungetable, she was a legend thoughIt's kinda pitiful that she's goneIt's kind of incredibleShe's so unpredictableIt's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's goneShe was taken under, drowning in her seat (huh)Running like an angel, she was crying but could not see (oh no!)Now see everyones watching, as she starts to fallNow don't have a breakdownYou will hit the freakin wall.She's ungetable, she was a legend thoughIt's kinda pitiful that she's goneIt's kind of incredibleShe's so unpredictableIt's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's goneNow ladies does that make you cryyyy? (huh)Now fellas you have to say goodbyeeeCuz Mona Lisa's got to flyyyyyEveryone, may we have a moment of silence? Right here.GodShe's ungetable, she was a legend thoughIt's kinda pitiful that she's goneIt's kind of incredibleShe's so unpredictableIt's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's goneShe's ungetable, she was a legend thoughIt's kinda pitiful that she's goneIt's kind of incredibleShe's so unpredictableIt's time to let her go cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone, cuz she's gone..... 936

  Colors of Hungary匈牙利民俗A doll dressed in Hungarian folk costume — this is the most popular and sort of the souvenir the tourists take home with from Hungary — the colors of unique charm, the dolls enchant. But only a few people know that not only is this wonderful item, folk doll, available on the shelf of souvenir shops among the cold walls of museums, but it is a living reality. It is visible, tangible and can be experienced. It is a rarity, which is not disappeared in the modern life.这是一个身穿匈牙利民族装的布偶,是游客们最爱买回家的纪念品布偶身上独特的色散发着无穷魅力但是很少有人意识到,它们不仅是物馆的冰冷外墙之间的纪念品商店里摆设的精美商品,也是当地人的现实生活——看得见,摸得着,可以尽情感受这是能在现代生活中存活的少有传统Holloko, possibly the most charming Hungarian village in the mountains of the northeast, is also part of the world heritage.霍罗克可能是匈牙利东北部山区最具魅力的村庄,也是世界文化遗产的一部分Local people as well as tourists can admire age-old wedding ceremonies of this region. The bride trousseau is transported along the main street the whole world to see all the brightly decorated stuff — a sign of the family wealth. Tradition also calls a joined-commy eft to make the newly weds an anticipation many children to come.当地人和游客们可以看到旧式的婚礼仪式新娘的嫁妆要穿过主要的街道,向世人展示这些装饰精美的物件——也象征着家庭的财力传统还提倡大家都参与进来,预示着新婚夫妇次来子孙满堂 359Boss Quotes老板的话We are going to continue having these meetings, everyday, until I find out why no work is getting done.这样的会议我们要每天开,一直开下去,直到我弄清楚为什么工作没有完成I didnt say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame it on you.我没说这是你的错,我只是说要归咎于你The beatings will continue until morale improves.精神面貌改变了才能扭转败局We passed over a lot of good people to get the ones we hire.为了找到我们要用的人,我们刷掉了很多人才Im sorry if I ever gave you the impression your input would have any effect on my decision the outcome of this project!如果我给了你你会影响到我对这个项目的决策这种印象的话,我很抱歉!What you see as a glass ceiling, I see as a protective barrier.你眼里的玻璃天花板是我的保护墙I see youve had no computer training. Although that qualifies you upper management, it means youre under-qualified our entry level positions.我注意到你没有接受过电脑知识的相关培训,虽然这一点使你有资格进入管理层,但是你却不能胜任我们的初级职位 3

  No apology : Fury in China after Australian calls swimmer a drug cheat拒绝道歉:中国之怒!澳大利亚选手称我国游泳运动员为“吃禁药的骗子”Australia has refused to apologize after an Olympic swimmer sparked outrage by accusing China Sun Yang of being a ;drug cheat.; Speaking to the media after beating Sun by a mere. of a second to win the 00m freestyle gold , Mack Horton described his win as one ; the good guys.;澳大利亚的奥运会游泳运动员指责中国运动员孙杨为“吃禁药的骗子”之后,引起公众强烈不满,澳大利亚就此拒绝道歉在以0.秒的微弱优势击败孙杨获得00米自由泳金牌之后,霍顿称自己的胜利为所谓“好人的胜利”The Australian comments sparked fury in China after an emotional Sun broke down in the post-race press conference, accusing Horton of deliberately trying to psych him out. A hashtag ;Sun Yang Dont Cry; quickly went viral on the Chinese web, and Horton Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts were flooded with comments attacking him and demanding he apologize to Sun.这名澳大利亚运动员的言论引起了中国网民的愤怒,在赛后的新闻发布会上,孙杨情绪激动地指责霍顿故意在心理上试图使他崩溃一个名为“孙杨不哭”的标题迅速在中国互联网传播开来,霍顿的脸书,推特和instagram 被攻击要求其向孙杨道歉 69The snow blows white on the mountain tonightNot a footprint to be seenA kingdom of isolation and it looks like Im the QueenThe wind is howling like the swirling storm insideCouldnt keep it in, heaven knows I triedDont let them in, dont let them seeBe the good girlYou always had to beConceal, dont feelDont let them knowWell, now they knowLet it goLet it goCant hold you back anymoreLet it goLet it goTurn my back and slam the doorAnd here I stand, and here Ill stayLet it goLet it goThe cold never bothered me anywayIt funny how some distanceMakes everything seem smallAnd the fears that once controlled meCant get to me at allUp here in the cold thin airI finally can breatheI know i left a life behind but Im to relieved to grieveLet it goLet it goCant hold you back anymoreLet it goLet it goTurn my back and slam the doorAnd here I standAnd here Ill stayLet it goLet it goThe cold never bothered me anywayStanding frozen in the life Ive chosenYou wont find me, the past is so behind meBuried in the snowLet it goLet it goCant hold you back anymoreLet it goLet it goTurn my back and slam the doorAnd here I standAnd here Ill stayLet it goLet it goThe cold never bothered me anywayna na na na na naLet it go na na nayou goLet it goLet it goLet it go 7561


  88  Siamese Twins  Siamese twins are med from a single egg which develops into two almost separate parts of cells. Normally, each part becomes an identical twin. However, cells in Siamese twins become confused about where they are in the body -- indeed which of the two Siamese twins they are actually in.  In normal fetus development every cell knows where it is in the body because the neighboring cells produce chemical messages. So a skin cell knows not only it is skin, but that it is, say, nose skin, rather than chin or ear or lip skin. In Siamese twins these chemical messages dont work properly -- ho can they? The end results can be very odd: a single organism with two heads, tow hearts, four legs and arms -- or is that single organism actually two people, two individual Siamese twins?  Although at first sight each appeared to have a separate well-med body with some joining at the lower body, detailed tests showed these Siamese twins were very unequal. In some cases, one was providing the heart, lungs and many other basic functions. The other Siamese twin was vey poorly equipped separate life. To make matters worse, these Siamese twins were to some extent dependent on each other. If separated, the stronger and more capable Siamese twin would need huge amounts of surgery over the following years, and was likely to suffer significant handicap.  It is a brave doctor indeed who is willing to take the knife to two Siamese twins, both of which are at that point alive and growing, and see perhaps both Siamese twins die in the operating room or very shortly afterwards. It is easier to go ahead if the parents want their Siamese twins separated and understand and accept the risks -- but what if you have had to ce the whole thing on them in the first place? A key Problem in Siamese twin decisions is that the parents themselves may no always agree on the separation, and it is common them to feel somehow that the birth of Siamese twins is their fault, or to blame each other, doctors, society or God. The natural joy of birth has been replaced by deep grief the loss of one or two perfectly normal children.  And there is another issue. The survivor of these Siamese twins would need huge care efts. This would be unlikely in some cultures and parents may feel very angry at medical interference.  On balance, doctors should t with great care when it is a human right and the responsibility parents to make decisions on behalf of their children to refuse certain medical treatment. 18701。

  5 The Name of the Memory Clinic5 记忆恢复诊所的名字Two elderly couples were sharing a friendly conversation when one of the men asked the other, ;Fred, how was the memory clinic you went to last month?; ;Outstanding,; Fred replied. ;They taught us all the advanced techniques—X-ray, hearing aid, radiation, etc. It was great! ;;That great. And what was the name of the clinic?; the latter asked. Fred went blank. He thought and thought, but couldnt remember. Then a smile broke across his face and he asked, ;What do you call that flower with the long stem and thorns?;两对老夫妻正在愉快地聊天,其中一个老头问另一个,“弗瑞德,上个月你去的那家记忆恢复所怎么样?”“非常棒,”弗瑞德回答:“他们教给我们所有先进的技术:X光,助听器,放射等等真是太好了”“这么棒!诊所名字叫什么?”后者问弗瑞德脑袋一片空白,想了很久,却怎么也记不起来过了一会儿他脸上出现了一丝笑容,问:“那种长着长长的茎,带着刺的花叫什么?”;You mean a rose?;“你是说玫瑰?”;Yes, that it!; He turned to his wife, ;Rose, what was the name of that memory clinic?;“是的,就是玫瑰!”然后他转头问妻子,“露丝(玫瑰),那家记忆恢复诊所叫什么名字来着?”



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