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抚顺市新抚区第一医院医院东洲人民医院治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好抚顺市矿务局西露天矿职工医院在哪个区 What else is going on?Supreme court weighing gay marriage.Thinking about gay marriage.还有什么 最高法院在商榷同性恋婚姻一事 在思考同性恋婚姻问题This week supreme court deliberations on gay marriage have apparently revealed great divisions between justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy.本周最高法院针对同性恋婚姻的审议据称出现了很大分歧 分歧在安托尼·斯卡利亚和安东尼·肯尼迪两位大法官之间产生yeah,So I guess their engagement is off.That was silly.看来他俩的婚是结不成了 二死了Apple watch,is the apple watch out yet?You hear about the apple watch?Im not sure.苹果手表 发售了吗 你听说苹果手表的消息了吗 不知道I think the apple watch is about to come out or its out aly.苹果手表好像要发售了 要么就是已经在发售了No one knows.Does anyone here have an apple watch yet?People are just yelling at me,its out.没人知道 在座有人已经有苹果手表了吗 大家都在冲我喊 已经发售了Those are the people that dont exercise.Theyre like,its out.Apple watch is out.那些不锻炼的人 大喊 发售了 苹果手表已经在发售了Thats not a great ad for apple.Peoples attitude,its out.这可不是什么好广告 大家就这个态度Theres no sense of excitement there.No,no.毫无兴奋感 是啊Heres the latest on the apple watch,kids.Apple,hey,gang,gather around,you see.这是苹果手表的最新消息 孩子们 各位 过来啊Apple has banned fart sound apps from being downloaded to the apple watch.You cant do that.苹果屏蔽了放屁声应用软件 不可将其下载到苹果手表上 不能这么做Which is why I will be buying the Samsung fart watch myself.Thats what one Im going to get.所以我要去买三星的放屁手表 我要去买那个its actually the fart series four.Sure.Its fart-o-clock.其实是放屁系列第四代 嗯 屁点了Hey Andy,really,its that time?yeah,its half past fart.very nice.Were adults.安迪 真的 都这时候了吗 是啊 屁点半了 很好 我们是成年人201608/463005抚顺望花中心医院内科

抚顺中心医院网上咨询抚顺人流医院那家好 听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):The vast majority of climate scientists agree climate change is happening and it’s mainly caused by people.A new study looks at how middle school students beliefs about climate change is shaped by their teachers’ own beliefs.Kathryn Stevenson is the lead author and an assistant professor in the College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University. She and her colleagues studied kids and teachers in North Carolina.Ninety-two percent of the students had a teacher who believed climate change is happening.;Having a teacher that believes in climate change was almost as impactful as what students know themselves,; she says. ;So having a teacher that believes climate is happening was influential of students’ beliefs that climate change is both happening and human caused.;But she found just 12% of students had teachers who believe climate change is mainly caused by people.;We found a very small percentage of students had teachers that actually think that climate change is predominately caused by humans even though 97% of climate scientists will tell you that’s the case,; she says.Stevenson says her study was inspired by a national survey of middle and high school science teachers published in the journal Science earlier this year, that found a lack of understanding of the science of climate change.This NPR piece explains:Roughly 3 in 4 say they talk about global warming in class, though typically only for an hour or two. But the studys lead author, Eric Plutzer of Penn State, says barely a majority are getting the science right.;A little more than half are sending clear messages that human consumption of fossil fuels is the major cause of recent warming,; Plutzer says.What are the rest saying?Well, roughly 30 percent tell students that humans are only partly to blame for climate change, along with natural causes. The problem with that, Plutzer says, is that it sends mixed messages, suggesting that the causes of climate change are still up for debate — when there is no debate among the vast majority of climate scientists.;They found that teachers are essentially as polarized as the general population of adults, and most of those beliefs are driven by ideology,; says Stevenson. ;We were wondering, oh, gosh, is that polarization just getting transferred to the next generation?;So, Stevenson and her team surveyed kids and their teachers.;Among adults what we’re finding over and over, is that peoples perceptions of climate change really have very little to do with how much they understand the science. It has more to do with their political ideologies or what news sources they turn to,; she says. ;But with kids, it has less to do with these political ideologies and much more to do with their actual understanding of climate science. So yet again, in this study, we found that kids’ understanding of the actual science of climate change seems to be the most important factor with forming how they think about climate change.;As she writes in the study:We found that teacher beliefs that global warming is happening and student climate change knowledge were the strongest predictors of student belief that global warming is happening and human caused. Conversely, teacher beliefs about human causes of global warming had no relationship with student beliefs, suggesting that science teachers’ low recognition of the causes of global warming is not necessarily problematic in terms of student outcomes. These findings may be explained by previous research suggesting adolescents interpret scientific information relatively independently of ideological constraints. Though teacher polarization may be problematic in its own right, it appears that as long as climate change information is presented in classrooms, students deduce anthropogenic causes.201609/465496抚顺顺城区中心医院治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

抚顺中山医院治疗阳痿多少钱 Theres...um well...we havent got a break.But I just wanna say,if you see the documentary, there was one thing我们暂时不进广告 我还想说一下 如果你有机会看这部纪录片 有一个细节and I was really so impressed and you did this when we were in Orlando让我觉得真的很感动 当你在奥兰多演出的时候it started raining and you didnt care - Right.天开始下雨 但你继续表演 -对you were dancing and singing on stage which is dangerous, you could get slip你在舞台上载歌载舞 这其实是很危险的 你可能会滑倒and you could get electrocuted. - Right.All kinds of things.All kinds of things.你还可能会触电 -对 什么事情都有可能发生 对 什么事情都有可能发生And you were just out there and what country were you in when it was pouring down raining Um, in Brazil.但是你还是坚持演出 下着倾盆大雨那次你是在哪个国家 那是在巴西I think its that way. Brazil is that way. - Yeah.那是那个方向吧 巴西在那个方向 -对I dont know why I am pointing that way. - Is it Brazil?我也不知道我为什么要指着那边 -那边是巴西吗Brazil is that way. - Oh yeah.Or is it that way?巴西在这个方向 -对的 还是那个方向Anyway, it was pouring down raining. - Yeah.回到正题 当时雨下得很大 -对It was amazing that you It was a torrential rain.Yeah, and you went out and did it anyway.你真的很棒 当时在下暴雨 对 然后你还是走上舞台表演了When the fans stayed out there, you just feel so bad.粉丝们就在外面站着 你真的会对他们很抱歉They paid their money for their tickets.Its their one time to see you. - Yeah.他们都是花了钱买票 就为了在现场看一下我的表演 -是的I was leaving Brazil the next day.It was like, I had to do the show.我当时第二天就要离开巴西 所以我在想 我一定要完成这次演出And we did. Listen We were slipping all over the place. - I know, it was great.然后我们做到了 你知道吗 我们在舞台上不停打滑 -我知道 真的很棒cutting choreograph and stuff like that.我们把舞蹈动作和很多程序都精简了But it was still,probably still one of the best memories from tour. - Yeah.但我还是觉得 那是整个巡回演唱会过程中最美好的回忆之一 -是的Well, I remember Pacific Brazil Its fantastic and so好的 我记得 巴西演唱会 真的太精了Um anyway, we are talking about the movie when we come back.稍后我们来谈一谈你的新电影 /201512/413129抚顺妇科阴唇整形多少钱望花区打掉孩子多少钱



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