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天河月经不调的治疗广州妇科医院在线解答Staring Eyes and Swiveling Necks瞪大眼睛和旋转脖子Ask any gradeschooler to imitate an owl and youll probably get one of two responses: the giant, staring eyes or that amazingly swivel-prone neck. As it turns out, these two characteristic features are related; they are part of an overall system owls have for catching prey.让任何小学生模仿猫头鹰,他们大概都会有这两种反应:瞪大眼镜,拼命地旋转脖子。事实明,这两种动作是有联系的;都是猫头鹰完整捕猎系统中一部分。To understand the connection, remember that owls are nocturnal birds: they hunt for food at twilight and even in the dark. Food for an owl may be something as large as a rabbit or as small and hard to see as a field mouse. Not only is this kind of meal difficult to spot, it also has a tendency to bolt away quickly at the slightest sound.要弄懂这种联系,须知道猫头鹰是夜行动物。他们在黄昏甚至是黑夜里寻找食物。猫头鹰有时捕食像兔子一样大的猎物,有时捕食如地鼠一般又小又难看见的猎物。这些猎物不仅很难被发现,而且听到一点风吹草动就会迅速消失得无影无踪。The owl overcomes these difficulties by having evolved a visual system that works even at great distances and in low light. This is partly the result of having large eyes that are set on a relatively flat face, thus increasing binocular vision. However, those big eyes dont move much in their sockets, and the owls total visual field is therefore reduced. At any given time, it only sees about one third as much as birds with eyes on either side of their heads.猫头鹰视觉系统不断进化,使它在很远或者很黑的情况下看清物体,这样就克了那些困难。由于猫头鹰面部相对扁平,再嵌上一双大眼睛,这样就增强了双眼视力。然而大眼睛不易在眼窝里转动,因此猫头鹰的整个视野范围受到限制。它的视野只有其它眼睛长在头两边的鸟类的三分之一。That means the only thing to do is to be able to turn those staring eyes in any direction, without the noise that would be caused by actually getting up and moving. And now you can see how the staring eyes and swiveling neck work together: the owls super-flexible spine allows it to remain silent while it scans 180 degrees on either side. Yes indeed -- from a forward-facing position, an owl can look entirely backwards. 这意味着猫头鹰唯一能做的就是,将瞪大的眼睛转向各个方向,并避免因跳上跳下,来回走动而发出声响。现在你明白瞪大的眼镜和旋转的脖子是怎样合作的:猫头鹰的脊梁超级灵活,可以两边180度角地快速侦查环境而不发出任何声响。虽然眼睛长在前方,但猫头鹰确实可以看清后面。201205/182542广州天河做人流去什么医院好 广州市不孕不育大医院

广东广州长安医院结扎复通输卵管怎么样好不好Science and technology.科技。Global health.全球健康。One potato, two potato, three potato.一个懒汉,两个懒汉,三个懒汉。An effort to count the worlds sloths.来数一数世界上的懒汉。A PAPER in the Lancet, shamelessly timed to coincide with the Olympic games, compares countries rates of physical activity. The study it describes, led by Pedro Hallal of the Federal University of Pelotas, in Brazil, is the most complete portrait yet of the worlds busy bees and couch potatoes. It suggests that nearly a third of adults, 31%, are not getting enough exercise.《柳叶刀》①的一篇文章对世界各国人民进行体育锻炼的比率做了一个比较,而这篇文章的发表时间竟有意选在了奥运会召开之际。文章中的研究由巴西佩洛塔斯联邦大学的Pedro Hallal主导,是迄今为止对世界上的勤劳之人和电视懒虫最为完整的描绘。研究显示,世界上有将近三分之一(31%)的成年人缺乏锻炼。That rates of exercise have declined is hardly a new discovery. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, technology and economic growth have conspired to create a world in which the flexing of muscles is more and more an option rather than a necessity. But only recently have enough good data been collected from enough places to carry out the sort of analysis Dr Hallal and his colleagues have engaged in.人们的锻炼比率有所下降这并不是什么新发现。自从工业革命开始后,科技和经济发展合谋创造了一个新世界,在这个世界里,锻炼身体(肌肉收缩)越来越成为人们的一种选择,而非迫切的需要。但直到最近,Hallal士和他的同事才从足够多的地区收集到了充足的数据来进行这类分析研究。In all, they were able to pool data from 122 countries, covering 89% of the worlds population. They considered sufficient physical activity to be 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week, 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three days a week, or some combination of the two.Hallal士和他的同事总共收集了122个国家的数据,覆盖了89%的世界人口。他们认为,充足的体育锻炼应该是每周五天进行半小时的适量运动,或是每周三天进行20分钟的激烈运动,或者对这两者进行适当结合。There are common themes in different places. Unsurprisingly, people in rich countries are less active than those in poor ones, and old people are less active than young ones. Less obviously, women tend to exercise less than men—34% are inactive, compared with 28% of men. But there are exceptions. The women of Croatia, Finland, Iraq and Luxembourg, for example, move more than their male countrymen.不同的地区出现了同样的模式。富裕国家的人比那些贫穷国家的人锻炼得更少,老人比年轻人锻炼得更少,这一点在意料之中。但较为隐秘的一个现象是,女性通常比男性锻炼得少。女性懒惰人数占总人数的34%,而男性却只占了28%。但是也有例外情况,如克罗地亚、芬兰、伊拉克、卢森堡这几个国家的女性锻炼得就比本国男性同胞多。Malta wins the race for most slothful country, with 72% of adults getting too little exercise. Swaziland and Saudi Arabia slouch in close behind, with 69%. In Bangladesh, by contrast, just 5% of adults fail to exercise enough. Surprisingly, America does not live up to its sluggish reputation. Six Americans in ten are sufficiently active by Dr Hallals definition, compared with fewer than four in ten Britons.马耳他有72%的成年人缺乏锻炼,成为世界上最懒的国家。斯威士兰和沙特阿拉伯紧随其后,懒惰人数占全国的69%。相比之下,孟加拉国只有5%的成年人缺乏锻炼。让人吃惊的是,美国竟然没有人们所说的那么懒。根据Hallal士的标准,十个美国人中有六个拥有足够的锻炼,而相比之下,十个英国人中拥有足够锻炼的人还不到四个。In an accompanying analysis of peoples habits, Dr Hallal found equally wide differences. In South-East Asia fewer than a quarter sit for at least four hours each day; in Europe 64% do. And even neighbours may differ. Only 2% of Swiss walk to work, whereas 23% of Germans do so.同时Hallal士还对人们的生活习惯进行了分析,发现在这方面不同地区的人差别也很大。在东南亚,每天至少坐四小时的人不到四分之一,但在欧洲这样的人却占了总人口的64%。而且即使是邻国之间差别也很大。在瑞士,只有2%的人走路上班,但在德国却有23%的人这样做。These high rates of inactivity are worrying. Paradoxically, human beings seem to have evolved to benefit from exercise while eschewing it whenever they can. In a state of nature it would be impossible to live a life that did not provide enough of it to be beneficial, while over-exercising would use up scarce calories to little advantage. But that no longer pertains. According to another paper in the Lancet, insufficient activity these days has nearly the same effect on life expectancy as smoking.这么高的懒惰率实在令人担忧。人类似乎已经进化到一种自相矛盾状态,尽管运动十分有益,但人类却唯恐避之不及。在自然状态下,缺乏锻炼的生活是不可能对人有益的,但过度锻炼又可能耗尽宝贵的卡路里,对人体无益。但现在这种说法已经不再适用现代人了。《柳叶刀》中的另一篇文章称,缺乏锻炼对寿命造成的影响几乎和抽烟差不多 201208/193123广州白云专业治疗妇科医院 Despite a tony address and priceless views, this one bedroom condo on Manhattan Seas side was not getting much traffic when it went on sale this summer. Things changed when the empty apartment got a digital makeover. There are now several offers close to the asking price over a million dollars, according to Broker Arehocarf, a house debt property.虽然地处繁华地段,周围风景秀丽,这间曼哈顿海边一室一厅的公寓在今年夏天却卖不出去。但当这间公寓有了电子装饰后,事情很快有了改观。房产公司的Broker Arehocarf表示,已经有几家买主给出了上百万的价格。The owner of this apartment doesnt live here. She is living in the Middle West right now, so for her to coordinate bringing furniture and the stage and meet with him and pick things out, it just, it becomes very very complicated. So this is a low cost but also sort of like a low hassle alternative.这间公寓的主人并不住在这里。她现在住在美国中西部,所以对她来说,千辛万苦地把家具搬上来给买家看,等卖出去了再几经周折地把家具搬走,实在是太麻烦了。因此,这间公寓价格低廉,但这间空空荡荡的房子也很难卖。So for example, the empty one bedroom looks quite small in this photo, but when furnished digitally, looks much more inviting. Huss Stand says web traffics up at least 20% on listings with virtual staging.因此我们就使用到了电子装饰。这间一室的公寓在照片上看上去很小,但当你装饰上电子家具的时候,这间公寓看上去就很吸引人了。Huss Stand表示,装饰后,这间公寓的网上浏览量提升了20%。We have sort of a module that the brokers can go in, and fill out, you know, whats her furniture they want, the clolor, accessories, wood panel, etc. And we have all different sorts of like, stylistic selections that we can choose from.我们有模块供地产经纪人选择,他想要什么样的家具,颜色,装饰物,木质门框等都可自由选择。我们有各种不同的模块可以选择。Real staging is expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. Companies like Virtual Staging Solutions.com offer their services for just a couple hundred dollars. And with the real estate market still suffering, business is growing, cofounder Denies Miler:真正要装饰一间公寓价格昂贵,通常会花费几千美金。像Solutions.com这样的公司提供虚拟装饰只要几百美金就行了。因此,尽管房地产市场疲软,但这里的房子还是卖得很好。虚拟装饰的创始人Denies Miler说到:Right now we actually start to getting into our developers. We are saving them literally thousands, because they dont have them stage all these apartments that they have in the large complexes, and we are saving them quite a bit dollars because we are showing living spaces whether it be for a single person or a family, we do every type of demographic.现在,我们的业务正在拓展中。事实上,我们为卖主节省了几千元,因为卖家不用将要卖的房子重新装修装饰,我们为卖家节省了金钱,同时很好地向买家展示了房子的生活空间,不管是单人的买家还是一家三口的买家,我们的虚拟装饰都能满足他们的要求。Virtual staging is still a relatively new tool for the real estate business, but if it continues to deliver results, it could become a standard way to make buyers feel more at home.虚拟装饰在房地产业中仍然是新兴手段。但如果虚拟装饰持续为房地产经纪人带来生意,它将成为让买家满意的必要流程。Bobbi Rebell Reuters.Bobbi Rebell,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/197232广州长安医院做造影多少钱

广州治输卵管堵塞专业医院Migraine or Face Pain?偏头痛还是脸部疼痛?If youve ever had a migraine headache, you dont need me to tell you it hurts. Doctors report that about twenty million people suffer from serious headaches, and ten percent of these have intractable pain–meaning it doesnt go away. But heres a surprise: the problem isnt always a migraine. Sometimes very similar symptoms are caused by damage to a nerve of the face, which results in the nerve itself sending nonstop “ouch” signals.如果你曾经有过偏头痛的经历,就不需要我告诉你那有多痛苦。医生报告,大概有2千万人患有严重头痛,并且他们之中百分之十患有顽固性疼痛——那意味着疼痛不会消失。但医生们有一个惊奇发现:问题不总是偏头痛。有时,类似的症状是由脸部神经受损引起的,受损的神经会不间断地疼痛信号。What can be done?我们可以做些什么呢?A new treatment being tried out by a few doctors, including Dr. Robert Levy, a neurosurgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, involves zapping with electricity certain nerves that innervate the face. Its like a marathon in which thousands of runners are crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Someone sends up a firework nearby and for a moment all the distracted runners stop and stare. By hitting the nerves with a mild electrical jolt, you can “distract” the signal-carriers–that is, the pain signals stop crossing the nerves for as long as the electrical charge is on.有几个医生正试验一种新的治疗,包括罗伯特莱维士,他是西北纪念医院的一位神经外科医生,参与到用电流破坏那些刺激脸部的神经。就像一场马拉松,数千名奔跑的人穿越布鲁克林大桥。有的人在附近放烟火,这会儿所有的跑步的人都停下来看。通过一个轻度的电力震动击打神经,你就可以转移信号载波——就是说,疼痛信号停止穿越神经,只要电荷一直处于连接状态。So how to do that? Levy and others have inserted a little battery under patients collarbones, connected it to a wire that runs under the scalp, and stuck the end directly into the misfiring nerve. Odd as it may sound at first, it works. Patients report that when the device is turned on they are pain-free, sometimes for the first time in years. This kind of nerve stimulation is still in its early days, but the results so far look very promising. For chronic headache sufferers, a little wire can make for blessed peace of mind…not pain of head.那么如何做到这一点呢?莱维和其他医生在患者锁骨下面插入了一个小电池,并与头皮下的电线连接,然后把末尾插入神经。起初也许听起来有点奇怪,它能管用。患者报告说,当设备接通时,他们感觉不到疼痛,这是多年来第一次。这种神经刺激仍处于初期,但到目前为止的结果看起来是很有前途的。对慢性头痛患者来说,一小节电线得到内心的平静……而不是头痛。 /201301/223527 Serious produce server Neser Balwich directs from the front seat while aerial cameraman Mike Calen controls the camera attached to the lows. Above 10,000 feet, the pilot must breathe oxygen through a passed tool beneath the nostrils. Approaching the crater, conditions do not look good. Today, Alps is spurting out steam and gases making flying extremely risky. Up here, the air is so thin, the helicopter cannot hover and must keep moving. This is aerial filming at its most extreme. They struggle to get a clear view. The cameraman captures a rare shot of molten lava but it soon not looks good again. The volcano is temperamental. The team have to seek the rare opportunity to see into its molten heart. But now they must be sent to safety.指导制片人倪瑟;巴维奇在前排指导,空中摄影师迈克;卡伦控制着连接到低点的摄像机。在10000英尺以上,飞行员必须通过鼻孔下面的工具呼吸氧气。接近火山口时,条件看起来并不是很好。今天,阿尔卑斯山蒸汽和气体喷射出来,这让飞行非常危险。在这里,空气非常稀薄以致于直升飞机不能爬升但又必须继续前进。这使空中拍摄变得艰险异常。他们很难清楚的观测。摄影师的镜头捕捉到罕见的熔岩,但是它很快又再一次变得模糊。这就是火山的脾气所致。队伍不得不寻求难得的机会以看到其熔融的心。但现在他们必须被送到安全的地方。As the weather closes in the above, the cave team are making progress below. Its Christmas Day and the crew are dressed for their occasion. Just send on what my back... can snap top one off. Right, Im stronger than this pillar of ice, man. If I ?screase pass is not snapping?. Gavin is reassured by the advice from the scientist. It fits perfectly, look that! Fortunately these crystals are made of frozen water and can grow back in weeks.由于上面的天气变得糟糕异常,洞穴团队正在下面努力。正值圣诞节,队员们穿戴整齐奔赴各自的任务地点。在我回来能拍下照片前。是的,我这个人比这个石柱冰块还要强硬。因为害怕而变得手抖?盖文因为科学家的建议而重拾信心。太完美了!你看!幸运的是,这些晶体是由冻结的水组成,而且能够在几周内重新生长成原来的模样。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/171468天河长安检查男性不育怎么样好不好番禺治疗多囊卵巢



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