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Packing for your next vacation? Don#39;t forget to bring a book for those long train rides, road trips, or flights. Or for those lazy days on the beach when you just want to escape and unwind, there is nothing quite like a good book.在为即将到来的假日做准备吗?别忘了在漫长的火车、自驾或飞行的旅途中带上一本书。或者,当你想要远离一切,好好放松,享受沙滩上的慵懒时光时,没有什么比读一本好书更棒的了。Here are 5 books that are quick, entertaining s—perfect books to toss in your bag for your next vacation.下面是五本通俗易懂,妙趣横生的书——它们是你度假时的最佳之选。1.;Beginner#39;s Greek; by James Collins《一见钟情》詹姆斯·柯林斯James Collins#39; debut novel is well written and a delightful for your next trip. This sweet, simple romance begins with a man and a woman who happen to sit next to each other on a cross-country flight.该作品是詹姆斯·柯林斯的处女作,品质上佳,可以使你在旅途中享受绝妙的阅读体验。这份甜蜜、纯真的浪漫始于一次越野飞行,男女主人公不期而遇。The premise of this book may make you more excited to board your plane en route to your vacation spot!这本书可以让你更加兴致冲冲地踏上前往度假地的飞机。2.;When You are Engulfed in Flames; by David Sedaris《火焰》大卫·赛德瑞斯The hilarious David Sedaris will keep you entertained and laughing out loud with his latest collection of essays. A great pick for vacationing, you can easily put the book down in between stories for some sight-seeing without looking track of the storyline.幽默作家大卫·赛德瑞斯这部最新的文集会使你开怀不已。作为假日里一个不错的选择,你可以在不需要回顾故事情节的条件下,放下书本,回味无穷。3.;People of the Book; by Geraldine Brooks《书之人》杰拉尔丁·布鲁克斯At 372 pages (the hardcover version), People of the Book is the perfect length for a cross-Atlantic flight. The story follows the history of a book called ;Sarajevo Haggadah;—one of the earliest Jewish volumes to be printed with images—from1480s Spain to Bosnia in World War II.《书之人》全书共372页(精装本),完美地讲述了一次横跨大西洋的飞行。本书借用了《塞拉耶佛祈祷书》一书中的历史背景,这本书是最早的插图版犹太印刷物之一,记录了在15世纪80年代的二战期间,从西班牙到波斯尼亚一带地区的故事。The plot takes place mostly in Europe over several centuries, which could make it a fun if you#39;re embarking on a Euro-trip.故事主要讲述的是长达几个世纪的欧洲,如果你正在欧洲旅行的话,你会觉得它别有一番趣。4.;Beneath a Marble Sky; by John Shors《大理石天空下》约翰·肖尔斯Beneath a Marble Sky is a fictional story surrounding the building of the Taj Mahal. This novel by best-selling author John Shors features murder, intrigue, forbidden love, and rivalries.《大理石天空下》是一本虚构小说,围绕泰姬陵而展开故事情节。作者是畅销作家约翰·肖尔斯,其作品风格以谋杀、阴谋、禁爱和斗争为特色。With all the right ingredients to make a thrilling tale, this novel would please those who like romance combined with adventure.该作品精准地调动了所有的元素讲述了一个令人惊心动魄的故事,喜欢浪漫与冒险情节的读者一定会大呼过瘾。5.;The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time; by Mark Haddon《深夜小神秘事件》马克·哈顿The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is told from the viewpoint of an autistic teenager who is trying to solve the murder case of Wellington—his neighbor#39;s dog.《深夜小神秘事件》是以一位自闭症少年的视角进行讲述的,他试图将惠灵顿的谋杀案弄个水落石出,从而找出杀害邻居家小的真正凶手。A humorous mystery novel, any train ride or flight will pass by in a wink of an eye with this thoughtful and entertaining novel.该作品语言幽默,充满悬疑。有了这本引人深思又充满乐趣的书在手,不管你是在火车还是飞机上,时间眨眼就会过去。 /201707/516547。

【视频欣赏】How To Journal For Therapy on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】Journal therapy is a powerful technique for healing your inner landscape, as well as a free, private, and extremely accessible method for improving physical and mental well-being.You Will Need20 minutes of time, 4 days/week Quiet space Pen or pencil Blank notebook or computer Step 1: Select tools and space(选择好自己喜欢的笔和本子)Select writing tools you’re comfortable using, whether it’s a pen and notebook or a computer, and find a quiet space to write.Step 2: Commit to journaling(每周,写4次日记,每次约20分钟)Commit to journaling for 20 minutes at least four days each week to honestly lay out your thoughts and feelings without regard for formal grammar or punctuation.Writing engages both the right and left brain, enhancing your problem-solving capabilities.Step 3: Define your approach(确定一个主题或者是根据自己的心情而定)Define your approach, deciding whether you will focus on a single topic, such as a troubled relationship, or address issues and feelings as they arise in your life.Step 4: Face the page(没写的时候,不要给自己压力,慢慢写)Face the blank page courageously and get started writing without censoring your thoughts and feelings, letting emotions flow freely.Step 5: Review your journal(一段时间之后,看自己之前的日记,找到自己的成长轨迹)Review your journal after a reasonable amount of time to discover the patterns, trends, or growth your writing reveals and make note of these insights.Step 6: Reflect on insights(进行反思)Reflect on the insights your journal provides to better understand yourself, your world, and the people in your life, celebrating your ability to dig deep for the rewards of personal growth.Research shows journaling reduces physical symptoms of disease and anxiety, enhances self-esteem, and increases self-awareness for people of all ages and backgrounds. Article/201006/105358。

如果被问到,饮用瓶装水和自来水,哪个更安全?你一定会回答:瓶装水。但其实事实又是怎么样的呢?瓶装水一定比自来水干净吗?我们来听听下面这段新闻,再好好想想你的。If the best things in life are free, why do Americans spend billions of dollars on bottled water? “Do you feel like bottled water is healthier than tap water?”“I don’t really drink tap water, ever.”“Do you drink tap water?”“Are you kidding me?”Many consumers believe bottled water is better, and yet when the environmental working group tested 10 bottled water brands, it found they contained the same contaminants in trace amounts the tap water does. In fact the industry acknowledges that as much as 45% of bottled water comes from municipal water supplies. Some is filtered further after that, some not. Bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose where their water comes from, how it’s treated or whether it’s treated at all. And only about 1/3 of bottlers give this information to consumers voluntarily. “It doesn’t say anything about sources. I mean, just…so you don’t know where this water really came from.”At a hearing today on Capital Hill, representatives explored options like requiring manufacturers to list test results for contaminants on their websites, just like tap water suppliers do. “Why single out water?”“it makes up more than half of our body, we are drinking 8 servings a day, no other food are we consuming so much of a single product. It deserves a special place, special attention.” Article/200907/77122。

The mineral-rich soil of the Loess plateau黄土高原的富矿土壤is incredibly fertile难以置信的富饶People have lived here for thousands of years人们已经在这儿生活了数千年hollowing their homes out of the soft soil在软土中抠建而成了他们的住所The caves might lack glamour of Beijing窑洞也许缺乏北京一样的魅力but people can survive here对这儿的人们来说却是生活的一部分warm, secure, but best of all不但温暖而且安全well fed最好的是能够吃得饱As a result of centuries of farming作为耕作了数个世纪的结果the landscape has become scarred大地被刻下了深深的印迹with thousands of water-worn gullies密布着数千条被水冲蚀而成的沟渠But this spectacular erosion但是这种壮观的冲蚀结果has had an unexpected benefit却带来了一个意想不到的好处The streams which drain the gullies席卷沟渠的水流carry the fertile yellow soil夹杂着肥沃的黄色土壤into the plateau#39;s major river流进了黄土高原的一条较大的河流里known to the Han people汉族人把这条河称为as the mother of Chinese civilization中华文明的母亲河This is the Yellow River这就是——黄河 /201209/198568。

Step 1 Begin the night before1.前一天晚上开始No matter when you roll in, take off your makeup, apply a good moisturizer,and drink a tall glass of water so you don#39;t wake up with a dry, flaky face.无论你想以怎样慵懒的姿势睡觉,一定要卸妆,然后好好涂抹保湿霜,喝一杯水,这样你醒来时就不会面部皮肤干燥。Step 2 De-puff your face2.消肿When you get up, steep two caffeinated tea bags. Once they#39;ve cooled, lie down for 15 minutes with them resting on your closed eyes to reduce puffiness. Chilled cucumber or potato slices work, too. If your entire face is puffy, dip a washcloth in ice water and pat that against your skin.起床后,浸泡两个含有咖啡因的茶包。冷却之后,紧闭双眼,用茶包敷15分钟。冷黄瓜或土豆片效果也不错。如果整个脸都肿了,可以在冰水中浸一条毛巾,然后轻轻拍打皮肤。Tip Keep a clean washcloth in your freezer for future beauty emergencies.小贴士:可以在冰箱中放一条干净的毛巾,以备将来美容急用。Step 3 Add some color3.增添一点色If you#39;re pale, put on a little bronzer or tinted makeup to bring some color to your face.如果你面色苍白,可以使用一点色化妆品,让你的面部增加一点色。Step 4 Get mellow with yellow4.使用黄色更加柔和Lighten under-eye circles with a yellow-based concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. Then, brush a little pale yellow eye shadow on your lids and under your brow bones.用黄色系的遮瑕膏提亮下眼圈,比皮肤的颜色稍微淡一点。然后在眼睑和眉毛下刷一点浅黄色的眼影。Tip Dab some white eye shadow or highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes, near the bridge of your nose.小贴士:在眼睛的内眼角,鼻梁附近敷一点眼影或荧光剂。Step 5 Curl your eyelashes5.将睫毛夹弯Curl your eyelashes. It#39;s an easy way to make your eyes look more open, giving you a more awake look. Make your eyes look even more commanding by emphasizing your brow arch with a little brow gel or mascara. Use white eyeliner under your eyes to make the whites look brighter.让睫毛卷曲起来。这样可以让眼睛看上去更大,更清醒。用睫毛膏或眉毛凝胶来画一下眉毛可以让你看上去更加精神百倍。使用白色的眼线可以让白色看上去更加明亮。Step 6 Go pink6.粉色唇膏Dab on some pink lip gloss. The blue tones in it will make your teeth look whiter, brightening up your whole face.涂抹少量粉色润唇膏。其中的蓝色调会让你的牙齿看上去更白,整个面部更加明亮。Fact In 1900, Americans averaged almost 9 hours of sleep per night, two to three hours more than they get today.事实:1900年,美国人平均每晚的睡眠时间是9个小时,比现在多两到三个小时。 Article/201212/214251。