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Horrible Bosses恶老板Truth is nicer than fiction现实比电影好得多A horrible film is generating a lame debate一部糟糕的电影引发一场蹩脚的争论Jul 30th 2011 | from the print editionHORRIBLE bosses come in many flavours. There are psychopaths, bullies and prats. Incompetent bosses are irksome, too. The bosses at New Line Cinema are not incompetent, in that their films make money, but they are still villains. For “Horrible Bosses”, their latest offering, is a crime against art and common sense. The viewer is expected to believe that being propositioned by Jennifer Aniston is so traumatic that it would drive a man to plot her murder. Kevin Spacey (pictured) plays a more convincing psychoboss. But his talents are wasted on a lame script.糟糕的老板会以多种形式出现。有精神病患,恶棍还有傻蛋。蹩脚老板也令人生厌。然而新线影院的老板们并不蹩脚,因为他们的电影能赚钱,但是他们做的还不够好。因为他们的最新作品《恶老板》,犯下了反艺术和常识之罪。剧组期望中的观众会觉得詹妮弗.安妮斯顿的挑逗是如此令人痛苦,以致于他们觉得剧中人物会对她起谋杀之心。凯文.史派西(如图)则扮演了一位更加令人信的变态老板。但是他的才能却浪费在不尽如人意的剧本上。To make matters worse, the film has inspired a torrent of management drivel. OfficeTeam, a recruiter, warns of “Horrible Boss Syndrome”, which “can have serious implications” for morale. An American survey finds that 46% of employees have worked for an unreasonable boss at some point. Nell Minow, a critic, says the film reflects “the bitterness of the post-meltdown era”.而更糟糕的是,这部影片激起了一阵狂潮,矛头直指管理层。一位招聘人员OfficeTeam提醒人们要警惕“恶老板综合症”对员工士气造成的严重影响。美国的一项调查发现,46%的雇员都曾在职业生涯中遇到过不近乎人情的老板。批评家Nell Minow表示,该影片反映了“后衰退时代的痛苦”。201108/147500当地时间5月25日,奥巴马在去美国弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿国家公墓参加美国阵亡将士纪念日的途中,针对朝核问题发表了以下“紧急”声明。声明说,他强烈谴责朝鲜再次进行核试验,朝鲜进行核试验和试射导弹是一种不计后果的行为,严重违反了国际法,对国际社会的和平与安全构成了重大威胁,并敦促国际社会对朝鲜的行为采取行动。Remember the fallen and those who have served America with extraordinary valor.But before I go there I wanted to say a few words about North Korea's announcement that it has conducted a nuclear test, as well as its decision to attempt a short-range missile launch.North Korea's nuclear ballistic missile programs pose a great threat to the peace and security of the world and I strongly condemn their reckless action. North Korea's actions endanger the people of Northeast Asia, they are a blatant violation of international law, and they contradict North Korea's own prior commitments.Now, the ed States and the international community must take action in response. The record is clear: North Korea has previously committed to abandoning its nuclear program. Instead of following through on that commitment it has chosen to ignore that commitment. These actions have also flown in the face of ed Nations resolutions. As a result, North Korea is not only deepening its own isolation, it's also inviting stronger international pressure -- that's evident overnight, as Russia and China, as well as our traditional allies of South Korea and Japan, have all come to the same conclusion: North Korea will not find security and respect through threats and illegal weapons.We will work with our friends and our allies to stand up to this behavior and we will redouble our efforts toward a more robust international non-proliferation regime that all countries have responsibilities to meet.In this effort the ed States will never waiver from our determination to protect our people and the peace and security of the world.Thank you, guys.05/71894Indian PM Calls High-Level Meetings in Wake of Mumbai Attacks印举行高层会议研究应对孟买恐袭 India's prime minister Saturday called together the country's top military and intelligence chiefs. Officials say he wanted details on the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the responsive actions being taken. The government is finding itself under immediate pressure to show its resolve amid political criticism. 印度总理曼莫汉.辛格星期六召集印度最高层的军方和情报官员开会。辛格要求官员们提供有关孟买恐怖袭击和有关部门采取的反应行动的细节。在一片政治讨伐声中,印度政府眼下面临着显示决心的压力。On the day local elections were held in New Delhi, with polling underway in five other states and Mumbai counting bodies from the terror attack, top government officials huddled in the capital.  星期六,地方选举在新德里进行,另外五个邦也在举行选举,而孟买却在清点在恐怖袭击中遇难者的尸体。与此同时,政府高级官员云集新德里召开会议。An Indian academic security specialist predicts little will result from the high-level meetings. Brahma Chellaney of the Center for Policy Research believes Indians have become accustomed to terrorism. He says officials lack the political will to make fundamental changes, even after this attack, which he considers the worst since September, 2001.  一位印度安全专家预测,高层会议不会产生任何结果。政策研究中心的布拉马.切拉尼认为,印度人已经变得对恐怖主义无动于衷。他说,这次在孟买发生的袭击是2001年美国的9/11事件以后发生的最恶劣的恐怖袭击。即使在这次事件之后,官员们仍然缺乏进行彻底变革的政治决心。"Just the way people here have come to accept corruption they've come to accept a high level of terrorism," said Chellaney. "It's like a part of life. This is a kind of attitude which you will not see in most other parts of the world. This is a terrorist siege of India. This is the whole country being held hostage again and again by small bands of terrorists who obviously have the backing of some important actors outside."  切拉尼说:“就像人们已经接受腐败一样,他们已经接受很高程度的恐怖主义。这已经成为生活的一部分。这是一种态度,一种你在世界上大多数地方看不到的态度。这是印度面临的恐怖包围。整个印度被一小撮恐怖主义分子劫持为人质。而这一小撮恐怖分子显然得到了外面的大人物的持。”Opposition politicians are wasting no time portraying Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his allies as soft. Some of the political voices on the right also emphasize Pakistan and Islamic extremists as culprits, threatening to worsen tensions between India's majority Hindu and minority Muslim communities.  反对派政界人物抓住时机批评辛格总理以及他的盟友心慈手软。一些右翼政客则强调巴基斯坦和伊斯兰极端分子是恐怖事件的共谋,从而威胁着进一步加剧占人口多数的印度教徒和少数派穆斯林人口之间的紧张关系。The nationalist BJP party, for example, in Friday newspapers, ran front-page advertisements illustrated with bloody graphics. It called the government weak, unwilling and incapable of fighting terror. India's science minister, speaking on behalf of the governing coalition's top party, Congress, called the ads "a matter of national shame." Some television news channels have been running scrolling commentary from viewers calling for revenge against the culprits and demanding harsher security measures. Strategic studies professor Brahma Chellaney tells VOA News the government has resisted tougher relevant laws, fearing their misuse. "There's a big political controversy in India about counter-terror laws,"he said. "I don't like special laws for the purpose of combating terrorism. But the reality is when you are under siege you need certain laws that will speedily bring perpetrators to justice." Prime Minister Singh wants a new federal investigation agency to combat terror. But that is being resisted by the states. 辛格总理希望成立一个联邦调查机构同恐怖主义进行斗争。但是却遭到一些邦的抵制。The states have been criticized for a lack of cooperation among themselves and with the federal government in terror probes. Rivalries among numerous state and national agencies tasked with law enforcement, border security and intelligence gathering have also stymied past investigations.  人们批评这些邦在对恐怖活动进行调查中相互之间以及和联邦政府缺乏合作。不同邦之间以及全国执法、边境安全和情报搜集部门之间的竞争也妨碍了过去的调查活动。The prime minister met with military and intelligence chiefs as commandos still were going room to room in the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel to secure the damaged Mumbai landmark.  就在突击队员们还在孟买的泰姬玛哈酒店和奥拜罗三叉戟酒店逐个房间清查恐怖分子,以便确保这两个地标性建筑的安全时,辛格总理会见了军方和情报部门的首领。Notably the man in charge of domestic security, Home Minister Shivraj Patil, was not present. Opposition leaders have been calling for his ouster for his alleged weak response to terrorist bombings even before the Mumbai attacks. Patil also convened his own meeting of top officials of various military forces and law enforcement agencies. The Home Ministry's special secretary for internal security, M.L. Kumawat, says one immediate change after the Mumbai attacks will be improved surveillance of India's 8,000 kilometers of coastline.  印度内政部负责国内安全事务的特别事务次长库玛瓦特说,加强对印度八千公里长的海岸线的监视将是孟买袭击发生后马上就会出现的变化。"It was decided that there's a need to have better coordination between the navy, coast guard and police by an institutional mechanism and further upgrade coastal security as expeditiously as possible," he said. “会议决定需要建立相关机制,加强海军、海岸警卫队和警察之间的协调,尽快提高海岸安全。”Some of the terrorists used boats to infiltrate Mumbai's Colaba coast.  一些恐怖主义分子利用船只渗透进入孟买的科拉巴海岸。Prime Minister Singh has also called for all political party leaders to meet Sunday in the capital to discuss the attack, which has shocked the nation and prompted calls for a clear and quick response. 辛格总理还呼吁所有政党的领袖星期天在新德里会面讨论这次袭击事件。这次孟买袭击事件使整个印度感到震惊,民众要求政府做出明确和快速的反应。200812/57604A grand wedding ceremony of Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and her personal trainer, Mr Daniel Westling was held in the Cathedral in Stockholm on Saturday.About 1,500 family members and guests including the Kings and Queens from Sweden, other European countries and even Jordan attended the wedding.Swedish Archbishop Anders Wejryd married the couple in front of their parents and guests. Thousands of roses decorated in and outside the church.The wedding is also considered a festival for the whole city. Tens of thousands of people stood along the road to watch the couple's cortege with royal guards riding on the horses after the church ceremony.After the 6.4 kilometer trip both by the cart on land and the royal barge at the sea, the newly-weds went up to the castle together with the King and the Queen, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and his wife and other leaders and waved hands to tens of thousands of the crowds gathering around the palace."I like to thank you, the Swedish People, it is you who gave me my prince, I and my husband are unbelievably happy and grateful," Princess Victoria said to the public.Many people expressed that Princess Victoria did a good job and it is great that she married the one she loves.The new couple will live in the Haga park in Stockholm after the wedding.Vocabulary:cortege:a procession, esp. a ceremonial one(行列,随从)背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106767

Coping with Japan's nuclear disaster应对日本核灾难Living with radiation与辐射共生A sping cloud of economic and human costs 经济和民众开销忧虑蔓延开来Giving the brassicas a once-over测量青花菜的辐射量A PEN-LIKE dosimeter hangs around the neck of Katsunobu Sakurai, the tireless mayor of Minamisoma, measuring the accumulated radiation to which he has been exposed during the past two weeks of a four-week nuclear nightmare. The ing of 43 microsieverts is about the dosage he would get from a single chest x-ray. No cause for alarm, then. Yet he believes the radioactive particles from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, 25km from his office, have led this once-prosperous city of 70,000 into a fight for its life.形似钢笔的放射量测量器戴在樱井胜延的脖子上,这位不知疲倦的南相马市市长正在测量他在过去两周中吸收的累积辐射量,而核噩梦已经持续四个周了。测量器显示的43毫西弗大约是他做一次胸透所接收的辐射量,这完全无害。然而,樱井市长相信:从距离自己办公室25千米外的福岛第一核电站飘来的放射性粒子,已经导致居住在这座曾经繁荣的城市的70,000市民不得不为生存而战。About 50,000 inhabitants who lived closest to the plant have been evacuated or have fled since radiation levels started to rise after the March 11th tsunami—which also left at least 1,400 of the town’s residents dead or missing. Even though external radiation has since returned to near-harmless levels, Mr Sakurai fears many of Minamisoma’s evacuees may never come back.3月11日发生海啸之后,辐射水平开始上升,居住在核电站附近的50,000名居民已经被疏散或者是逃离了住所,这场海啸至少造成镇上1,400名居民死亡或者失踪。尽管在此之后外部辐射回到了几乎无害的水平,樱井市长还是担心一些从南相马市疏散的居民可能不会再回到市里。Three worries predominate. One, the information passed out by the government and Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which owns the Dai-ichi plant, may be unreliable. Two, the plant is still unstable, at risk of suddenly emitting vastly greater amounts of radioactive particles. Three, the longer it takes to stabilise, the more lasting damage wind- and waterborne radiation may do to the livelihoods of the farmers and fishermen who are the economic lifeblood of the community. If they go, so does the town.人们主要有三个顾虑。第一,政府和拥有第一核电站的东京电力公司(TEPCO)放出的信息可能不可靠。第二,核电站还是处于不稳定的状态,存在着突然释放大量放射性粒子的风险。第三,用于稳定核电站的时间越长,所产生持续的伤害存在的时间也就越长,同样的,水性辐射可能影响到农民和渔民的营生,他们可是这个城市的经济命脉。如果他们离开了,那么镇子也就完了。These worries resurfaced on April 7th when TEPCO started to inject nitrogen into one of the plant’s six stricken reactors. That was to prevent a repeat of the hydrogen explosions that blew radiation out of the plant soon after cooling systems failed in the wake of the tsunami.4月7日,东京电力公司(TEPCO)开始向核电站中六个损坏的反应堆的其中之一注入氮气,这令那些忧虑开始重新浮出水面。海啸发生之后冷却系统失效导致了氢气爆炸,这把放射物吹出了核电站,注入氮气的行为就是为了防止这一悲剧再次发生。Even before that news, Mr Sakurai was saying that he was fearful of another explosion. It was why he continued to discourage hope that the town could get back to normal. “The lack of information is making people deeply stressed and frustrated,” he said.即便在这消息发布之前,樱井市长就在说他害怕再次发生爆炸。这就是他一直不相信南相马市能恢复原样的原因。他说:“信息的缺乏让人们感到巨大的压力和沮丧。”201104/131793

He never really kind of went out there like he wanted fame. He wanted money or anything like that. He just wanted to make good products.他从来没有真正想要名声。他也不需要钱,或任何类似的东西。他只是想做好的产品。I think every time you hear that little thing on your phone or your iPad, you remember him.我认为每一次你在电话或你的iPad上看到这样的小事情,你都会记得他。He has inspired millions and millions of people.他鼓舞了千千万万的人。They got a really good team at Apple but Steve, himself, that passion and energy, that ability to rally the troops and make it happen will never be replaced.在苹果他们有一很好的团队,而史蒂夫,他自己的和能量,能够团结队伍而让它永远不会被取代。Its true. One person can really change the world. And we just, you just dont see that very often.这是真的。一个人真的能改变世界。我们只是,你只是不经常见罢了。Somebody once said that to follow the path others have laid before you is a reasonable course of action. And therefore, all human progress is made by unreasonable men. Well, Steve Jobs was an unreasonable man.有人曾说,走前人已经铺好的道路是一种合理的行为过程。因此,所有人类的进步都是由不合理的人创造的。嗯,史蒂夫bull;乔布斯就是这样一个不可理喻的人。Hopefully, our little journey into his life will inspire you to go out and be unreasonable as well.希望我们这次对于他生命的旅程将启发你寻找一条不寻常的道路。As the man himself said, stay hungry, stay foolish. And one more thing... Thanks Steve!作为男人他曾说过求知若饥,虚心若愚。还有一件事;那就是谢谢斯蒂夫!165666

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