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2017年12月16日 11:26:53 | 作者:放心新闻 | 来源:新华社
听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):In the last few weeks, intimidating acts have been aimed at Jewish and Muslim communities in Michigan. In Ann Arbor, a bomb threat forced the evacuation of a Hebrew Day School. In Dearborn, threats have been called into Muslim community centers and mosques.David Shtulman, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor, and Kassem Allie, executive administrator for the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, joined Stateside to discuss their responses to these acts.Shtulman said that the Jewish community is becoming more and more concerned. Anti-Semitism has been on the rise over the last few years, he noted, first in Europe but now also in the ed States. Although the Hebrew Schools evacuation procedure went ;extremely smoothly,; and some younger students may have even considered it an ;unexpected field trip,; anxiety remains.For Shtulman, President Trumps short statement condemning anti-Semitism is not a sufficient reaction. But hes also concerned about the reaction from some who oppose the president.;Instead of talking about resisting whoever is in power,; he said, ;why dont we talk about trying to work with and change the attitude of those who are in power?;;Coming together for a cause is a much more productive manner of approaching something than resisting it at all costs,; he said.Like Shtulman, Allie also characterized his communitys mood as ;one of anxiety.; Muslim organizations like Allies have received a range of negative calls, including many from people who say that Sharia is incompatible with the Constitution.Allie said that for most calls, he tries to respond with an open heart and ;inform [callers] of what the reality is in regard to Sharia, Islam, and the Constitution.; He said he tells callers that Islam is ;totally compatible; with civic law in the ed States, and the religion is one of peace and diversity.;We have, obviously, a faith that teaches us certain traditions, certain rules, and practices that we must abide by based on our traditional faith - not unlike the Jewish community, and not unlike the Catholic and Christian community,; he says.Some callers do seem to want to ;intimidate and bully; Muslims. His organization alerts authorities when they are threatened. But many calls, Allie said, are from out of state, not from Dearborn or its neighbors.Ultimately, Allie wants to respond to each call in its own context.;We embrace civil rights and freedom of speech,; he said. ;However, we will protect our own civil rights and our own freedom of speech and our own ability to practice our faith.;Hear more from our interviews from David Shtulman and Kassem Allie above.201703/495093今天我们来看一看“好得不得了”用英语怎么说:Couldn’t be better!特别注意t的发音,美式发音常常“t”要是夹在两个元音之间,就容易发成类似“d“的声音,EX:later, city, meeting…D: Hiya, Lily. How are you this morning?嘿,Lily,早上好吗?(外国人真的很喜欢问你好不好!) L: Couldn’t be better! The sun is shining and the weather is warm! I feel great! And yourself?好的不能再好了!阳光闪耀天气温暖,我感觉太好了!你呢!D: Pretty good. I got a new lens for my camera. Check out the photos I just took!不错。我刚买了新镜头,看看我刚刚拍的几张照片! /201409/329332第一, 迷你对话A: Listen, Nancy. If you can’t understand what we’re doing, mind your own business and do not interfere in my business.Nancy,听着,如果你不明白我们在做什么,就少管闲事, 不要干涉我的事情。B: I’m sorry, but I have the right to ask what you will do. It has something to do with me and my two daughters. We don’t want to become the victims of your foolish decision.我很抱歉,但是我有权知道你干什么。这和我以及我的女儿有关。我们不想成为你愚蠢的决定的的牺牲品。A: Yes, you have the right. But I’m not doing anything wrong to threaten your life.是的,你有权力,但是干任何有碍于你生活的事情。B: You get on my nerves by keeping us in the dark about your business.你干什么事情都把我们蒙在鼓里,这就让我们很不安。第二, 地道表达mind one’s own business1. 解词释义Mind one’s own business的意思是“少管闲事,不要多管闲事”。2. 拓展范例e.g. As he was always interfering, I told him to mind his own business.因他常来干涉, 我叫他少管闲事。e.g. He was sensible enough to mind his own business.他很聪明,不管别人闲事。e.g. He asked me if I was married, so I told him to mind his own business.他问我结婚了没有,我叫他少管闲事。e.g. “You mind your own business”, shouted the landlord, turning savagely on him.你少管闲事!店老板叫着,凶恶地看他一眼。第三, 咬文嚼字interfere in:干涉……e.g. We have no right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.我们没有权利干涉别国内政。e.g. When others interfere in the affair, it always makes troubles.他人一插手,棘手的事情就来了。have something to do with:与……有关系e.g. Her diligence must have something to do with his success.她的勤勉和她的成功一定有某些关系。e.g. It has something to do with the young soldier at the castle.这一定和城堡内那位年轻士兵有关。get on one’s nerves:使某人心烦易怒e.g. Children get on their parents nerves by asking so many questions.孩子们提这么多问题,使他们的父母心烦。e.g. The incessant talking got on his nerves and he longed for a quiet place where he could sit by himself.院里众人的穷说,使他心里闹得慌,他愿意找个清静的地方独自坐着。keeping sb. in the dark (about):对某人保守秘密,不然某人知道……e.g. She now resolved to keep Harriet no longer in the dark.现在她决定不再把赫蕊埃特闷在葫芦里了。e.g. Can you promise to keep my father in the dark what I tell you ?你能保不让我父亲知道我告诉你的事情吗?do something wrong:做错事情e.g. He enticed the young men to do something wrong.他诱惑那些年轻人做坏事。e.g. Mothers often talk with their children harshly when they do something wrong.母亲们在孩子做错事后总严厉责备他们。 /201704/504470

The sniping is unfair.这样的指责其实是不公正的。Unexpected shocks prevented the deal from reaching its full potential.意想不到的危机使得这份协定没办法充分展示其潜力。Both the peso crisis of 1994-95 and the global financial crisis dealt blows to trade between the two countries.1994年至1995年的比索危机以及全球金融危机对美墨两国的贸易造成了巨大的打击。So did the American border controls introduced after the attacks of September 11th 2001, which raised the cost of moving goods and people.再加上2001年9月11日美国本土遭受袭击之后推行的边境控制,更是提高了商品运输和人们出行的流通成本,同样也对两国贸易构成打击。The rapid, disruptive growth of China also interfered with North American integration.中国经济迅疾而又极具颠覆性的发展也影响到北美经济一体化进程。The Chinese economy, accounting for more than 13% of global exports and around 25% of global manufacturing value-added, exerts an irresistible pull on global supply chains.占到全球出口总额13%以上,全球制造业增加值约25%的中国经济,对全球供应链有着难以抗拒的吸引力。Nor is NAFTA chiefly responsible for the woes of the American worker.然而对于美国的工人来说,北美自由贸易协定并不是他们痛苦的主要来源。In a recent essay Brad DeLong, an economic historian at the University of California, Berkeley, reckoned NAFTA might be blamed for net job losses of the order of 0.1% of the American labor force—fewer jobs than the American economy adds in a typical month.加州伯克利大学的经济学史家布拉德帝龙在最近的一篇论文中指出,美国劳动力人口中只有0.1%的净裁员可以归咎于北美自由贸易协定,而这个数目比美国经济体一个月内增加的工作岗位数还要少。Even without NAFTA, manufacturing jobs would have dwindled.即使北美自由贸易协定没有签署,制造业的工作岗位也还是会减少。The strong dollar and better transport and communications technology made it more attractive to produce abroad.坚挺的美元、优质的运输以及发达的通信技术都使得将工厂开在国外如此吸引人。Automation hastened the persistent long-term decline in industrial employment that is familiar in all rich economies— even in export powerhouses such as Germany.自动化则加速了长久以来工业领域就业的下滑,这一现象在发达国家很常见,即便是如德国这样的出口大国。Most important, the failure to agree a trade deal with Mexico would not have altered North American geography.最为重要的是,与墨西哥达成贸易协定的失败并不会改变北美的地理情况。Mexico shares a 3,200km-long border with the world’s largest economy.墨西哥与美国,世界上最大的经济体接壤,边境线达3200千米之远。It is almost inevitable that America will be Mexico’s largest trading partner (America currently accounts for more than 70% of Mexican exports and more than 50% of its imports) .几乎不可避免,美国将成为墨西哥最大的贸易伙伴 (现今墨西哥出口量超过70%销往美国,进口量超过50%源于美国。)Deep familial and cultural ties across the border shrink the distance between them even more.美墨两国间深厚的家族和文化渊源进一步缩短了两国间的距离。Mexico cannot help but be critically dependent on its neighbor’s economy.墨西哥只能紧紧地依附于其邻国美国的经济。And America unquestionably benefits when Mexico, which has the world’s tenth-largest population and 15th-biggest economy, is more prosperous.毫无疑问,当墨西哥这个拥有世界上第10大人口、第15大国土的国家更加繁荣昌盛时,美国也会受益更多。A richer Mexico would buy more American goods and services and provide more ideas, talent and innovation.更加富裕的墨西哥会从美国购买更多的商品和务,并为之提供更多的想法、人才和革新。It would also be better placed to manage migration, and a stronger diplomatic partner.墨西哥也许可以更好地处理移民问题,成为美国更为强大的外交伙伴。Eliminating tariffs on Mexico would not instantly transform it into Canada, but the notion that higher trade costs between the two economies would serve American interests better is, at best, short-sighted.免除墨西哥商品的关税不会使墨西哥立即转变为加拿大那样的国家,调高美墨两国之间的贸易成本会对美国更加有利的观点,充其量只是一种目光短浅的看法。No wall can insulate America against events to its south, and Americans’ own well-being is intimately linked to the welfare of their around 125m Mexican neighbors.没有哪一堵墙可以将美国的事件与南方的墨西哥隔绝开,毕竟美国自身的经济状况与拥有1.25亿人口的墨西哥邻国的福祉紧密相连。It is hard to blame Americans for seeing globalization as a zero-sum affair.美国人将全球化视为一场零和弈也并不完全是他们的过错。Stagnant pay, rising inequality and government complacency as industrial regions suffered long-term decline have obscured the benefits of trade and created fertile ground for populists.工业区逐年衰落,停滞不前的薪酬、加剧的不平等和政府自满遮盖了国家从贸易中取得的利益,也为民粹主义者的嘲讽创造了契机。As a result Americans feel let down by NAFTA.因此,美国人对北美自由贸易协定倍感失望。Yet NAFTA has itself been let down by American leaders, who neither made the case that higher living standards are a positive-sum game, nor allowed the benefits of growth to be broadly shared.美国领导层同样对北美自由贸易协定失望不已,但是他们既没有认识到该协定是一个可以同时提高本国人民生活水平的正和弈,也阻止了其发展成果广泛共享,北美自由贸易协定在实施过程中也受到很多阻碍。If the upshot is the disintegration of the North American economy, those on both sides of the Rio Grande will be worse off.如果说这份贸易协定带来的结果是北美经济的分崩离析,只怕美墨两国情况都会更加糟糕。 /201702/493612

爱看;绯闻女孩;的网友们对其中流言的传播方式一定记忆深刻。转瞬之间,一条消息就可以通过网络,手机传的尽人皆知。虽然流言只是流言,但凡事都有因才有果,也就是我们常说的;无风不起浪;了。那么,汉语当中的这个;风;和;浪;,在英语当中是由哪两个词来对应的呢?Therersquo;s no smoke without fire, 无火不生烟,怎么样,与;无风不起浪;算是殊途同归了吧。Proverbs serve to express general truths in a short and colorful way, for example, There s no smoke without fire , meaning that there is generally some truth in even the wildest rumors.谚语能用简明生动丰富多的方式表达普遍的真理。例如:;无火不生烟;,说的就是,即使是言过其实的流言蜚语,一般说来也总会有点真实的成分在里面的。再来看一个小对话:A: Therersquo;s a rumor that the Prime Minister is going to resign, but I canrsquo;t believe it. 有个传言说首相要辞职,我根本不相信。B: Well, you know what they say---therersquo;s no smoke without fire. 你知道有句老话吧,无风不起浪。A: You mean itrsquo;s possible? 你的意思是这是真的了?B: I mean nothing. 我什么意思也没有。政客模棱两可的谈话方式。再来看一个例子:The story is all over the town. It is being sp by someone or by some people. Therersquo;s no smoke without fire. 这个传说遍及全镇。有人,或者有些人还在散布。真是无风不起浪。Therersquo;s no smoke without fire. 一个比较简单易记,又很常用的谚语。希望在日常的英语交流中您能学以致用,让鲜活的习语、谚语为您的表达增色。好了,Rose与您相约下期;布朗尼加分;口语课堂。 /201202/172902

But then once I put on that face and put in the contact lenses.但是当我化完妆 戴上隐形眼镜后Cause it was a nose and lips,eyebrows,ears.All subtle but a lot of stuff.因为有鼻子 嘴唇 眉毛 耳朵 都是小东西 但是有很多and then Im like ok,yeah,this isnt me anymore.然后我说好吧 这个人已经不再是我了Now I can be this guy and talk that tough guy.Im not going to do it.现在我能变成他 说那些狠话 我现在不会说If you try to do that voice without the nose,I just sound silly.Right,right.因为不戴着鼻子学他的嗓音 会听起来很傻 对 对I brought some noses.I didnt know.I dont know like, 我拿了一些鼻子来 我不知道 我不知道Im curious.youre a great actor.我只是好奇 你是个很棒的演员Im curious,is that a nose that would transform you if you put that nose on?我很好奇 这个鼻子 会不会在你戴上以后转变你Let me see.These are top of the line noses.让我试试 这些都是高端鼻子I bought these from Microsoft this morning.Top of the line.我今早刚从微软买的 高端产品What does it look like?看起来像什么So this is like someone whos been punched in the nose a lot of times.Yeah,thats a guy beaten.这看起来就像一个鼻子被打了很多次的人 对 一个被揍过的人So this is like,this is like,this is like,dont look at me.Dont look at me.Look over there.就像这样 不准看我 不准看我 看那边Why are you looing at me?Dont look at me.You look like a witch.你为什么看着我 不准看我 你看起来像个巫婆What if youre talking to this guy here.如果你跟这个人说话呢Holy gee,listen buddy,I dont want trouble with you.You can do some magic.天呐 听着老兄 我不想惹你 你会魔法That guy is a hawk.I like this one right here.Lets check this one out right here.这个人是只鹰 我喜欢这个 我们看看这个 瞧瞧You dont even talk anymore with that nose.Youre a magical figure.戴着那个鼻子都不用说话了 你就是个神兽Come over here,bird.come over here.Come here.过来 大鸟 过来 过来201704/504236

Subject: The final will be a comprehensive test. 迷你对话A: The final exam will come soon. But I don’t know how to prepare for it.期末考试就要来了,但是我不知道如何去复习。B: Neither do I. The final exam will be a comprehensive test.我也是呀,期末考试是没有范围的。 地道表达 a comprehensive test 解词释义关于考试的词语可以好好学学。Comprehensive指“没有考试范围的,覆盖面很广的”,cumulative test的意思是“上次考过的范围现在也要考”。另外,其中考试是midterm exam,期末考是final exam,测验是quiz,随堂测验是pop quiz。 Ps:prepare for的意思是“为......准备”。例如: She decided to forgo the party and prepare for the English exam. 她决定不去参加聚会,为英语考试作好准备。Ive been out of circulation in order to prepare for the TOEFL. 为了准备,我已经不从事社交活动。 /201312/270756

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):A listener named Toby recently wrote to us with the story of a first date that almost didnt happen.He tells us that a mutual friend put him in touch with a woman named Phyllis. Toby gave Phyllis a call on a Thursday and the two made plans to go out for dinner ;next Sunday.;;In my mind, next Sunday meant a week from the following Sunday, since the earlier Sunday wouldve been this Sunday,; Toby said.A few days later, Toby got a call from Phyllis, who wanted to know why he hadnt come by to pick her up.;In Phyllis mind, I meant this coming Sunday. Needless to say, she was all y for me to pick her up on that earlier Sunday. After my no-show, and much to my future good fortune, she phoned me to ask what had happened,; he said.Luckily, theres a happy ending to this story. Toby and Phyllis did end up going out on a date and are now married.Weve to got ask though, if its Thursday and someone tells you, ;See you next Sunday,; does that mean youll see them in three days, or does it mean youll see them in 10 days?Unfortunately, we dont have a great answer for this one. Usage guides say ;next; is ambiguous, and there are people who would agree with Toby and others who would agree with Phyllis.Whats interesting though, is that its not ambiguous when youre less specific.For example, if someone tells you, ;On Monday I bought a new shirt, but I returned it the next day,; youd assume they returned the shirt on Tuesday. Or if someone says, ;Next month Im taking a trip to Europe,; that means theyre going to Europe in March 2017Naming the specific day or month is where things get confusing, and you end up with a situation like the one Toby and Phyllis found themselves in.What do you think, does ;next June; mean June 2017 or June 2018? If its February 5, does ;next Friday; mean February 10 or February 17?In other words, are you Team Toby or Team Phyllis?201702/490370

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