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广州番禺哪里体检比较好广州天河长安医院结扎疏通怎么样好不好Four decades after the last astronauts landed on the moon and planted an American flag in lunar soil, scientists wondered: #39;Does that star spangled banner yet wave?#39;在最后一名宇航员登陆月球并在地面插上美国国旗四十年之后,科学家在想:“星条旗依然舞动着吗?”The most recent photos of the moon taken by NASA#39;s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera show that the flags still exist - except the one planted by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin after they became the first humans to touch the lunar surface July 20, 1969.美国航天局月球勘测轨道飞行器照相机最新照片显示,国旗仍然矗立着——除了尼尔·阿姆斯特朗和巴兹·奥尔德林插下的那面国旗不见了,他们于1969年7月20日成为第一个登上月球的人类。The conditions on the surface of the moon are harsh. Temperatures swing between 250 and -280 degrees Fahrenheit.月球表面条件恶劣。温度早晨可达到242华氏度,晚间可达零下280华氏度。It was feared the flags would be lost due to the rough lunar environment.有人担心恶劣的月球环境会致使国旗丢失。 /201208/193072广州天河四平市最好的人流公立医院 How do I get the gum out?Distributing chewing gum to the passengers, the stewardess explained it was to keep their ears from popping.When the plane landed, one of the passengers rushed up to her and said, I#39;m meeting my wife right away. How do I get the gum out from my ears?怎么把口香糖取出来呢?当空中给乘客们发口香糖的时候,她解释说口香糖有助于他们防止耳鸣。飞机着陆后,一位乘客跑到这位空中面前,说道:; 我马上就要见到我妻子了。我怎么才能把口香糖从耳朵里面取出来呢?;广州天河长安做结扎手术多少钱

广州番禺妇幼医院不孕不育An expert has identified an animal captured in east China#39;s Shangdong province as a Siberian husky dog; a domestic animal that resembles wolves in appearance, the Shangdong Business Daily reports.据《山东商报》报道称:一名专家鉴定于山东捕获的疑似狼动物实则为西伯利亚哈士奇,一种外形似狼的家养宠物。People have been on high alert since a grey wolf reportedly killed two villagers and wounded five others in Tengzhou, Shangdong province on Monday, March 19. Three days after local police shot the animal dead, they captured another animal which they also suspected of being a wolf and took it to the area#39;s local zoo as a 5-year-old she-wolf.有报道称,3月19日星期一这天,一只灰狼在山东滕州咬死2名村民,另咬伤5人。人们自此便高度警戒起来。当地民警随后将这只伤人野狼击毙。三天后,民警又捕获到另一只疑似狼的动物。后这只;5岁母狼;被送往当地动物园。Police believe it was responsible for attacks on seven people, two of whom died.民警认定它就是袭击7人并致其中2人死亡的那只狼。But a local man surnamed Wang claimed it was his pet dog Lady that he had reared for two years, and who was gentle in nature.但当地市民王先生却声称这只;疑似野狼;是他养了两年的宠物;;性情温顺的;Lady;.Xing Hao, a local zookeeper, told China Central Television: ;Its cry is like that of a wolf and the corners of its eyes are tilted, not straight like that of a dog. Its tail is also straight, not sticking up like a dog, and its ears are upright. All these indicators are in line with a wolf#39;s characteristics.;当地动物园饲养员邢浩(音译)在接受中央电视台采访时表示:;它叫起来像狼,眼角倾斜,不像的眼角,是平的。它的尾巴是平直下垂的,不像的尾巴那样会向上翘。耳朵直立着。所有这些都符合狼的特点。;But Wang disagreed. ;It#39;s not a wolf but my dog. I recognized her at a glance from a news photo,; Wang told China Daily.但王先生并不同意这一说法。;这不是狼,这是我的。我在新闻图片中一眼就认出了她。;王先生在接受《中国日报》采访时称。;Her name is Lady and she is very gentle. I have raised her for nearly two years. At around 11 am last Friday, she ran away from home and never came back.;;她叫Lady,性情温顺,我已经养了近两年了。上周五上午11点左右,她从家里跑了出去就再也没回来。;Wang said he now works in another city in Shandong and was only told of events by friends on Friday night.王先生说,他现在山东省的另一座城市工作,所以周五晚才从朋友那得知这件事。;I recognize my Lady,; he said. ;I hope I can get my pet back as soon as possible.;;我认得我的Lady,;他说,;我希望能尽快把我的带回来。;;During her capture, she was hurt badly both physically and mentally. She#39;s very scared of people,; he claimed, relying on reports from family and friends who went to see the dog on Saturday.王先生表示自己的家人和朋友周六那天去看了这只,他说:;她被抓时,身心都受到了很大的伤害。她现在很害怕人。;;It#39;s quite understandable for local departments to do this, as they want to protect local residents,; Wang said.;我可以理解当地部门的做法,他们只是想保护村民。;王先生说。;But Tengzhou is a small place where huskies are hardly ever seen. It#39;s very possible that people mistook her for a wolf.;;但滕州地方小,很少会见到哈士奇。人们很有可能把它误认成狼。;A vet from Shensheng Pet Clinic, who didn#39;t give her name, said there was ;no significant difference; between some breeds of husky and wolf, as they share a common ancestor.一位来自申盛宠物医院(音译),不愿透露姓名的兽医表示,有些品种的哈士奇和狼没有;明显差异;,因为它们拥有共同的祖先。;Most people don#39;t know this and it#39;s very likely to have been a wrong identification,; she said.她说:;大多数人并不知道这一点,所以这很可能是次错误的鉴定。;Ma Jinsheng, a zoology expert, visited the zoo in Tengzhou on March 26. After close observations and a number of experiments, Ma confirmed that the animal was in fact a husky dog.3月26日,动物学专家马金生教授来到滕州动物园。在进行了严密观察和一系列实验之后,马教授确认,这只动物实际上就是哈士奇犬。;This animal#39;s eyes aren#39;t as angular as a wolf#39;s; and the color of its fur doesn#39;t match that of a wolf. Most importantly of all, it#39;s very friendly towards humans,; Ma said after conducting a controlled experiment using food. The husky dog accepted food from Ma Jinsheng, while in contrast, a real wolf kept at the zoo shied away as soon as Ma approached.马教授在进行了一次喂食对照实验之后表示:;这只动物眼睛的倾斜度不如狼;毛色也与狼不同。最重要的是,它对人类很友好。;这只哈士奇接受了马教授给的食物,而园中真正的狼则恰恰相反,马教授稍一靠近它们就跑开躲了起来。Ma stated that the most absolute and scientific way to determine the true identity of the animal is to take samples of its fur and conduct DNA analysis.马教授表示,确定该动物身份最准确也是最科学的方法便是取得该动物的皮毛样本,进行DNA分析鉴定。 /201203/175798佛山什么医院做人工受孕 There as many types of girlfriends as there are types of boyfriends。女朋友有很多种,有多少种类型的男友也就有多少种类型的女友。Fortunately for you, we are not going to break them down according to their sun signs! We shall however, tell you more about the various kinds of girlfriends you are expected to come across in your dating life. Their nuances, their positives, their obvious negatives and why they could be just the one#39;s for you. So on, and you might just discover your type in this list。对你们来说幸运的是,我们不会根据她们的太阳星座来给她们归类!然而,我们会告诉你更多关于你在约会中可能遇到的各式女友:她们的细微差别、她们的优点以及明显的缺点,以及为何她们会是适合你的那一类型。看看下文,你可能就会在其中发现你中意的类型哦。Individualistic amp; Indian个性鲜明的印度女人型The ;Iamp;I; girlfriend is the one who has brains which she uses and who is culturally rooted. She wants her space, has a strong independent identity, cultivates opinions and cannot be pushed around. At the same time, she knows her boundaries; she accepts the good as well the bad that comes with living in a male-dominated Indian society and has her head on her shoulders. She will be a sane partner; one who will respect your individuality as she treasures her own。Iamp;I类型的女友是那种有思想、文化教养根深蒂固的那种。她需要自己的空间,有强烈的独立特性,培养自己的见解,不受他人摆布。同时她知道自己的界限。对于生活在由男性主宰的印度式社会,好坏方面都能接受,且精明能干。她将会是一个理智的伴侣,会像对待自己的个性那样尊重你的个性。 /201203/173906佛山那家医院做造影最好

广州东圃红十字会医院治疗多囊Poor people are quicker than middle-class or rich individuals to recognize the suffering of others and to show compassion, according to a new study.一项新研究发现,穷人比中产阶级或富人更易察觉到他人受的苦难,表现出同情心。It included more than 300 young adults who were divided into groups that took part in three experiments designed to assess their levels of empathy and compassion.该研究涵盖了300多名年轻人,他们被分成几个小组,参加了三个试验,目的是评估他们的同感能力和同情心。The findings challenge previous research that concluded lower-class people are more likely to react with anxiety and hostility when faced with adversity, said the researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的研究人员称,先前的研究得出结论说,下层社会的人在面临逆境时更容易出现焦虑和敌意。以上的研究发现向先前的研究结果发出了挑战。;These latest results indicate that there#39;s a culture of compassion and cooperation among lower-class individuals that may be born out of threats to their well-being,; study author and social psychologist Jennifer Stellar said in a university news release.该研究的作者、社会心理学家珍妮弗bull;斯黛拉在大学的一篇新闻通稿中说:;这些最新的研究结果显示,下层社会的民众中有同情和合作的文化,这可能是为应对自身幸福受到的威胁而产生的。;;It#39;s not that the upper classes are cold-hearted. They may just not be as adept at recognizing the cues and signals of suffering because they haven#39;t had to deal with as many obstacles in their lives,; she explained.她解释说:;并不是上层社会的人冷酷无情。他们也许只是没能那么快地察觉到他人的苦难,因为他们在自己的生活中从不需要去应对这么多的阻碍。;The findings, published online Dec. 12 in the journal Emotion, suggest a scientific basis for emotional differences between the rich and poor that are depicted in such Charles Dickens classics as ;A Christmas Carol; and ;A Tale of Two Cities.;这些研究结果12月12日发表在《情感》杂志的网刊上,研究为查尔斯bull;狄更斯的经典小说《圣诞颂歌》和《双城记》中描绘的富人和穷人间的情感差异提供了科学依据。The results also indicate that people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds may do better in cooperative settings than those who are wealthy.研究结果还表明,在需要合作的环境中,社会经济背景较差的人可能会比富人表现得更好。;Upper-class individuals appear to be more self-focused, they#39;ve grown up with more freedom and autonomy,; Stellar said. ;They may do better in an individualist, competitive environment.;斯黛拉说:;上层社会的人看起来更专注于自身,他们成长过程中有更多自由和自主权,在个人主义的竞争性环境中他们可能会表现得更好。; /201112/166377 Barack Obama may be wrangling with health reform, job creation and an up-coming election but the most pivotal political issue of the day is the ingredients in his favourite chili recipe.奥巴马总统可能正为医保改革,就业问题和即将到来的总统选举受争论。但是最近大家最关注的“政治事件”却是总统最爱的辣椒酱配方。The dish appears on his latest social networking sign-up, Pinterest — an online scrapbook and image-sharing site that is fast becoming the hottest place to be ;seen; for the online community.On the page, which aly has nearly 9,000 followers, pictures of Obama-themed cupcakes, Bo the Obamas#39; dog and voter-friendly infographic fact sheets have been posted by the President#39;s campaign team.奥巴马近日加入了社交网站Pinterest。Pinterest是一个最近非常火爆的线上剪贴类图片社交网站。该账号由他的竞选团队负责运营,其粉丝数已达9000人。奥巴马的Pinterest账号上有不少图片和视频,内容包括选举持率的图片以及家庭菜谱,当然还有他的家庭和宠物等。奥巴马最近在Pinterest发布了辣椒酱菜谱。However it#39;s the Obamas#39; cooking habits that are proving most controversial.正是总统奥巴马的烹饪方式引发了网友的热议。The chili recipe contains all the usual ingredients: onions, garlic, ground beef, tomatoes and red kidney beans, but it#39;s the addition of red wine vinegar that is creating a stir.这则菜谱包括了所有传统的配料:洋葱,大蒜,牛肉酱,番茄和红芸豆。但备受争议的是:总统先生还加入了新配料——红葡萄酒醋。One commentator, Dina Fraioli, writes: ;this is SO NOT how you make chili. It#39;s not even chili! There#39;s hardly any chili spice in it! I want a super hot, hot, hot chili. I expect more President Obama!;有网友(Dina Fraioli)这样写到:“这根本不是做辣椒酱的方法。这里面一点辣椒的辣味都没有,我认为辣椒酱应该非常非常辣!我对奥巴马总统有更大的期待。”However, Mary Johanna defends the President with: ;There are probably a thousand different ways to make a chilli, so why don#39;t you whiners all chill out.;而持者(Mary Johanna)表示:“有上千种做辣椒酱的方法,抱怨的人们应该冷静下来。”While PorterfieldsFineArt says: ;I like Obama#39;s whole page. But I#39;m more interested in what Michelle might pin.;其他的网友(PorterfieldsFineArt)说:“我喜欢奥巴马的页面。但是我对第一夫人米歇尔会贴什么更好奇。”As well as cooking, the page taps into the nation#39;s love of animals. On the pet lovers#39; page, supporters browse photos of the President enjoying some downtime with the family#39;s Portuguese water dog Bo.除了烹饪外,总统的Pinterest也迎合了人们对动物的喜爱。在宠物爱好者的页面,持者们浏览总统在休息时间和他的宠物——葡萄牙水犬Bo的互动照。Barack Obama aly has a powerful presence on social networking sites, such as Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare, and Pinterest is the latest in his campaign arsenal.奥巴马总统对社交网络很有兴趣,早已在推特、脸谱、Tumblr和Foursquare等社交网站注册。 /201203/176172清远市人民医院疏通输卵管天河长安做男科检查多少钱



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