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绵竹刺青纹绣纹身美甲定妆电话地址和微信qq江油学习化妆造型个人生活妆高级形象设计彩妆内江市纹绣半永久加盟化妆纹绣培训学校 China#39;s famed ;bike wars; may soon be fought on foreign shores, as Bluegogo and Mobike compete with fellow cycle hire company ofo in the British market.随着Bluegogo、拜与自行车租赁同行企业ofo在英国市场展开竞争,我国声名远扬的“单车大战”或将很快在海外打响。Aly locked in a battle for market share across China, the bike-sharing startups now have London in their sights.此前将战场锁定在全国市场份额的这些共享单车初创企业如今又将目光转向了英国伦敦。Ofo is launching a pilot bike-hiring scheme in Cambridge in the UK this month.本月ofo将在英国剑桥推出自行车租赁试点计划。Mobike is reportedly interested in launching similar projects in Birmingham and Manchester.据报道,拜对在伯明翰和曼彻斯特推出类似项目颇感兴趣。The Sunday Times recently reported Bluegogo and Mobike were looking at London.据《星期日泰晤士报》近日报道,Bluegogo和拜正将目光投向首都伦敦。The capital#39;s transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), has expressed interest in the new technology.伦敦交通部门伦敦交通局已对这项新技术表现出了兴趣。TfL#39;s head of strategy and outcome planning, Lilli Matson, said: ;We are always keen to talk to companies to explore advancements in technology and discuss new ideas, and have spoken with a number of companies, to understand their plans.;伦敦交通局战略和成果规划部门负责人莉莉·马特森称:“他们一直渴望与探索科技进步的企业进行交流,探讨新的理念。目前他们已和部分企业进行洽谈,以便了解他们的计划。” /201704/503993The embattled coal industry is facing a fresh onslaught as rich nations consider a bold plan to scale back the billions of dollars of support they pour into coal power plants worldwide.问题缠身的煤炭产业正面临新一轮沉重打击,原因是富裕国家正考虑一项大胆计划,缩减对全球燃煤发电站投入的巨额资金持。Documents seen by the Financial Times show the US has struck a deal with Japan that would rein in export credit agency financing for coal, a leading source of the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.英国《金融时报》看到的文件显示,美国已和日本达成一项协议。该协议会约束出口信贷机构为煤炭提供的融资。煤炭是引起全球气候变化的温室气体的主要排放源。The proposal will be debated at a meeting in Paris next week of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which represents 34 of world’s richest countries.下周经合组织(OECD)将在巴黎的一次会议上就该提案开展辩论。目前,经合组织代表着全球34个最富裕国家。“It’s a huge breakthrough,” said one person familiar with the talks. If agreed by other countries, it would probably make the “vast majority” of about 1,000 planned coal plants ineligible for export credit agency backing, he said.相关磋商的一位知情人士表示:“这是个巨大突破。”他说,如果其他国家也同意这一协议,可能会令约1000座已规划燃煤发电站中的“绝大多数”无资格获得出口信贷机构的资金持。In a sign of the difficulties of securing approval, Australia and South Korea, both home to large coal companies, have produced alternative proposals that would not go as far as the US-Japan plan.澳大利亚和韩国则已拟定了不如美日方案激进的替代方案,显示美日方案要获得通过还有很多困难。目前,澳大利亚和韩国都是多家大型煤炭企业的所在地。Jake Schmidt of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a US environmental group, described the Canberra/Seoul proposal as “a terrible sign” from countries that claim they want to deal with climate change.美国环境组织自然资源保护协会(Natural Resources Defense Council)的杰克施密特(Jake Schmidt)称,澳大利亚和韩国的提案,是自称想应对气候变化的国家发出的“可怕信号”。“They are trying to stop the simplest way to deal with this problem, which is to minimise the public finance going to coal power plants,” Mr Schmidt said.施密特表示:“它们试图阻止应对这个问题的最简单方法,即将流向燃煤发电站的公共资金缩减至最少。”EU countries are still working on their response to the competing proposals, according to people close to the discussions. The OECD secretariat has been hosting closed-door meetings for the past year in an effort to finalise common rules on restricting export agency coal financing. Next week’s meeting is seen as the last chance of reaching a deal.据了解相关磋商的人士表示,欧盟(EU)国家仍在研究该对这些竞争性提案作何应对。过去一年里,经合组织秘书处一直在主持闭门会议,努力最终确定有关限制出口机构煤炭融资的通用规则。下周的会议被视为达成协议的最后机会。The US and some EU countries have been pushing for a deal to be sealed before delegates from nearly 200 na meet in December in Paris to finalise a new UN climate change agreement.美国及部分欧盟国家一直在推动在12月的巴黎气候变化会议前达成协议。届时,来自近200个国家的代表将齐聚巴黎,最终敲定一份新的联合国(UN)气候变化协议。Export credit agencies help companies do more business abroad in industries ranging from aerospace to energy, providing government-backed loans and other financial support for individual projects.出口信贷机构帮助从航空到能源等诸多行业的企业在境外开展更多业务,为私人项目提供政府出资贷款及其他金融持。It is estimated that agencies from OECD countries channelled bn to coal power plants between 2007 and 2014, making these bodies a prominent target as climate change activists press for fossil fuel use to be phased out.据估计,2007年到2014年间,经合组织国家的机构向燃煤发电站输送了340亿美元的资金。在气候变化人士施压要求逐步淘汰化石燃料之际,这些机构成为突出的靶子。A number of large investors have aly agreed to cut their holdings in coal companies over the past year.过去一年里,许多大型投资者已同意减少对煤炭企业的持股。But if OECD countries were to curb their export financing support for coal power plants it would add to the woes of an industry suffering from a glut in supply that has driven coal prices sharply down over the past four years.若经合组织国家限制对燃煤发电站的出口融资持,会令该产业雪上加霜。在过去四年里,煤炭产业已受创于令煤炭价格暴跌的供应过剩。The US and the UK have aly agreed to rules limiting public financing abroad for coal-fired power plants.美国和英国已就相关规定达成协议,限制对燃煤发电站提供境外公共融资。Efforts to extend such rules in the OECD negotiations were initially hampered by opposition from Japan, the world’s top public financer of overseas coal projects, according to a June report by environmental advocacy groups.而把这类规定推广至经合组织磋商的努力,最初曾遭到日本的反对。根据多家环保倡议组织今年6月发布的一份报告,日本是全球对境外煤炭项目提供公共融资最多的国家。The compromise deal reached last month between the US and Japan would still allow export financing for the most efficient types of coal power plants, but restrict support for many dirtier, less efficient units.上个月美国和日本之间达成的妥协协议,仍将允许对效率最高的燃煤发电站提供出口融资,却会限制对许多污染更大、效率更低的发电站的持。These rules would be reviewed from 2019, with the aim of phasing down support further.这些规定将在2019年重新审议,以进一步降低相关资金持。The plans from Australia and South Korea would continue to allow export financing for some of the projects the US-Japan plan would rule out. In the papers, Seoul says it shares the view that coal power plants need to be re to counter climate change, but there should be more consideration for the energy welfare of developing nations.对部分美日计划会排除的项目,澳大利亚和韩国的计划会继续允许出口融资。在相关文件中,韩国政府表示自己也同样认为,要对抗气候变化就必须减少燃煤发电站,不过也应该对发展中国家的能源福祉予以更多考虑。South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy declined to comment. Greg Hunt, Australia’s environment minister, declined to discuss Australia’s specific position on the issue but said Canberra was not trying to obstruct a deal at the OECD talks.韩国贸易、工业及能源部(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)拒绝此事。澳大利亚环境部长格雷格亨特(Greg Hunt)拒绝讨论澳大利亚对该问题的具体立场。不过他表示,澳大利亚不会试图阻止经合组织的磋商达成协议。 /201511/409329邛崃美甲精英全科新娘跟妆师加盟批发市场培训

资阳学习美甲精英全科新娘跟妆师半永久化妆术培训课程班重庆/美甲纹绣半永久培训 成都/美甲纹绣培训班

达州纹绣纹眉皮肤整形美容培训班 Beijing announced that public hospitals will end markups on drug prices to separate medical treatment and drug sales, and to lower costs to patients.北京市日前宣布,公立医院将取消药品加成,以实现医药分离,降低病患就医成本。Drug prices were previously marked up by up to 15% but this will be discontinued in over 3,600 hospitals and medical institutions in the city from April 8.4月8日起,北京市内3600多家医院和医疗机构将全面取消药品加成,实施药品阳光采购。此前药品加成比例最高可达15%。Instead, Beijing will mandate transparent drug purchase, choosing suppliers by open bids and having drug and producer information fully disclosed.北京市将公开招标选择供药企业,并全面公开药品和生产企业信息。Registration and treatment fees will be replaced by a medical service fee of between 50 yuan and 100 yuan. Medical insurance will cover 40 yuan of the fee.医事务费将取代挂号费和诊疗费,金额为50-100元,其中40元将由医保报销。Fang Laiying, head of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, said the reform aims to break the system of covering hospital expenses with drug sales.北京市卫计委主任方来英表示,这项改革旨在破除;以药养医;的体制。;Separating treatment and drug sales will cut off the channel of making money through over-prescription, and help medical practitioners provide more and better treatment services,; he said.他说道:“医药分离将切断通过开药过度赚钱的渠道,帮助医护人员提供更多、更好的医疗务。” /201703/501213绵竹市美甲纹绣半永久培训绵阳美甲美睫化妆造型培训课程报名地址官网在哪里



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