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哈尔滨市妇儿医院周末有上班吗哈尔滨市第四医院彩超检查好吗approach接近,whisper低声说,urge催促,fund存款Nearing the EndNearing the end, Chuck is surrounded by loved ones. As the final moment approaches, he gathers all his strength and whispers, "I must tell you my greatest secret." His family urges him to go on."Bee I got married, I had it all," Chuck explains. "Fast cars, cute girls, and plenty of money. But a good friend warned me, 'Get married and start a family. Otherwise, no one will be there to give you a glass of water to drink when you're on your deathbed.' So I took his advice. I traded the girls a wife, beer baby food. I sold my Ferrari and invested in college funds. And now here we are. And you know what?""What?""I'm not even thirsty!"临死之前临死之前,Chuck被他挚爱的家人包围着知道自己的最后时刻就要来了,他拿出所有力气,轻声耳语,“我必须告诉你们一个最大的秘密”他的家人催他赶紧说Chuck说,“在我结婚之前,我什么都有:靓车,美女,还有大把大把的钱但是一个好朋友警告我说,‘你应该结婚,建立一个家庭,否则当你奄奄一息躺在床上时,都没个人会为你端上一杯水’于是我听取了他的建议,离开了姑娘们,娶了一个妻子我不再把钱花在啤酒上,而是留下来给孩子们买吃的我卖掉了我的法拉利,投资了大学基金所以现在才有了你们可你们知道吗?”“知道什么?”“可是现在我一点都不渴啊!”1.approach接近可作及物或不及物动词:Few actors approach him in ability.在才华方面很少有演员可与他媲美He approaches in stealth.他偷偷摸摸地逼近.whisper低声说 在口语里有这么一个短语:in a pig’s whisper,是“低声地”或者“转眼间”的意思3. gather all one's strength,意思是“用尽全身的力气”我们再来学几个关于gather的短语:gather speed表示“加速”;gather breath指“喘气”;gather up one's courage意思是“鼓起勇气”另外gathering是名词,是“集会,聚集”的意思,所以“家庭聚会”就可以说a family gathering.on one's deathbed,deathbed就是“临终所卧的床”,所以这个短语就表示while one is in bed and dying例如:While he lay on his deathbed, he told his lawyer that he wanted to give all his money to charity. 他临死之时告诉律师,他想把钱都捐给慈善机构5.trade…… 用…交换…要注意两个名词的位置,比如文中“I traded the girls a wife”是“(舍去)很多女孩儿,换来一个妻子”,而不是“舍去妻子换来很多女孩”6.invest投资除了有投入钱的意思,也可以指投入时间、感情:She invested all her love in her daughter.她把全部的爱倾注在女儿身上 Invest…with使充满:The palace was invested with glamour and romance.这座宫殿充满了魅力和浪漫气息 779哈尔滨道外区太平人民医院做彩超多少钱 Advanced Placement courses and tests; LegosLegoland and Hot Wheels; might versus maybe; judgment call; no-brainerWords:placementcollege-levelsubject areato gear upfinancial aidcollege creditinterlockingkittheme parkreplicatetrackto collectmaybemightjudgment callno-brainer 63Electric car capital Kathmandu, Nepal, has one of the highest per-capita rates of electric vehicles in the worldAmid all the tradition and history of Katmandu, a profound change is in the air. In fact, it might literally clear the air, reducing the choking pollution which has blighted this congested valley. The streets of the capital are gradually being taken over by these new electric vehicles, or EVs. Known locally as safa tempos, they are clean, green and have become increasingly popular especially since heavy-polluting Vikram Tempo rickshaws were outlawed in 1999. Nepal is aly well ahead of the curve, it seems, on adopting electric vehicles.This is one of two companies producing EVs on a small scale. Shree Eco Visionary is churning out five to ten vehicles a month and the waiting list is aly eight weeks.In comparison to the fossil fuel vehicle, electric vehicle are much cheaper. The fossil fuel vehicles cost cents per kilometer, whereas an electric vehicle is 7 cents per kilometer.With oil going ever higher, that cost saving is likely to get even bigger. Sachendra shows me how each vehicle runs on car batteries, six up front, and six at the back. Charging is no problem. These vehicles are very easy to charge. We just have to take the cord, and just plug it into our normal household -amp socket. And this vehicle is with onboard charger, which is very efficient, and charges from seven to eight hours. But if the driver is in a hurry to recharge, they can go to one of 3 power stations and simply swap out the batteries fresh ones in a matter of minutes.Dan Rivers, CNN, Katmandu, Nepal. ---------------------blight——To have a deleterious effect onrickshaw——黄包车, 人力车churn out——艰苦地做出 0哈尔滨中医大二院治疗不能怀孕

黑龙江阳光妇儿医院电话号码哈尔滨市第八医院图片 Catch Some Fish抓到了一些鱼;Let go fishing,; said the father. ;That a good idea,; said the mother. They put the kids into the car. They put the fishing rods into the car. They put the jar of worms into the car. They drove to the lake. The lake was huge. The name of the lake was Yellow Lake. It had yellow sand all around it. The sand looked like gold. But it wasnt gold. It was only sand. They parked the car. They got out of the car. They sat down on the sand. They put the worms on the hooks. They put the hooks into the water. They waited the fish to bite the bait. They waited 30 minutes. Then one of the kids caught a fish. It was a trout. It was a rainbow trout. It had many colors, like a rainbow. But its belly was white. They took the trout off the hook. They put the trout into a bucket of water. The trout swam around in tiny circles. It was confused. Where did the big lake go? They caught three more trout. Then they went home. They had delicious fried fish dinner. ;Can we go fishing every day?; the kids asked their parents.“我们去钓鱼吧”爸爸说“这个主意很好”妈妈说他们让孩子们坐到车里他们把钓鱼竿放到车里他们把鱼饵罐放进车里他们开往湖泊那里湖很大湖的名字叫黄湖湖的周围全是黄沙沙子看起来像黄金一样但它不是金子它只是沙子他们把车停好了他们从车里出来他们在沙子上坐了下来他们把虫子放在鱼钩上他们把鱼钩放进水里他们等着鱼去咬钩他们等了30分钟然后一个孩子钓到了一条鱼是一条鳟鱼是一条红鳟鱼它有很多颜色,像虹一样但是它的肚子是白色的他们把鳟鱼从鱼钩上取下来他们把鳟鱼放在装满水的水桶里鳟鱼绕着小圈在里面游着它很困惑大湖到哪里去了?他们又抓到了三只鳟鱼然后他们回家了晚饭他们能吃到美味的炸鱼了“我们能每天都去钓鱼吗?”孩子们问他们的父母译文属原创,,不得转载 8588哈尔滨市妇幼保健院妇科咨询

哈医大医院网上预约挂号The Firm Helen Keller坚强的海伦.凯勒In 188 a baby girl caught a fever that was so fierce that she nearly died. She survived but the fever left its mark —she could no longer see or hear. Because she could not hear she also found it very difficult to speak.188年,一名女婴因发高烧差点丧命她虽幸免于难,但发烧给她留下了后遗症——她再也看不见、听不见了因为听不见,她想讲话也变得很困难So how did this child, blinded and deafened at 19 months old, grow up to become a world-famous author and public speaker?那么,这样一个在19个月大时就既盲又聋的孩子是如何成长为享誉世界的作家和演说家的呢?The fever cut her off from the outside world, depriving her of sight and sound. It was as if she had been thrown into a dark prison cell from which there could be no release.高烧将她与外界隔离,使她失去了视力和声音她仿佛置身在黑暗的牢笼中无法摆脱Luckily Helen was not someone who gave up easily. Soon she began to explore the world by using her other senses. She followed her mother wherever she went, hanging onto her shirts. She touched and smelled everything she came across. She copied their actions and was soon able to do certain jobs herself, like milking the cows or kneading dough. She even learnt to recognize people by feeling their faces or their clothes. She could also tell where she was in the garden by the smell of the different plants and the feel of the ground under her feet.值得庆幸的是海伦并不是个轻易认输的人不久她就开始利用其他的感官来探知这个世界了她跟着母亲,拉着母亲的衣角,形影不离她去触摸,去闻各种她碰到的物品她模仿别人的动作且很快就能自己做一些事情,例如挤牛奶或揉面她甚至学会摸别人的脸或衣来识别对方她还能闻不同的植物和触摸脚下的地面,依此来辨别自己在花园的位置By the age of seven she had invented over 60 different signs by which she could talk to her family. If she wanted b example, she would pretend to cut a loaf and butter the slices. If she wanted ice cream she wrapped her arms around herself and pretended to shiver.7岁的时候她发明了60多种不同的手势,凭借这些手势和家里人交流比如她若想要面包,就会做出切面包和涂黄油的动作想要冰淇淋时,她会用手裹住自己装出发抖的样子Helen was unusual in that she was extremely intelligent and also remarkably sensitive. By her own efts she had managed to make some sense of an alien and confusing world. But even so she had limitations.海伦在这方面非同一般,她非常聪明、敏感通过努力,她对这个陌生且迷惑的世界有了一些认识但她仍有一些不足At the age of five Helen began to realize she was different from other people. She noticed that her family did not use signs like she did but talked with their mouths. Sometimes she stood between two people and touched their lips. She could not understand what they said and she could not make any meaningful sounds herself. She wanted to talk but no matter how she tried she could not make herself understood. This makes her so angry that she used to hurl herself around the room, kicking and screaming in frustration.5岁时,海伦开始意识到她自己与别人不同她发现家里的其他人不用像她那样做手势而是用嘴交谈有时她站在两人中间触摸他们的嘴唇她不知道他们在说什么,而她自己不能发出任何带有含义的声音她想讲话,可无论费多大的劲儿也无法让别人明白自己这使她异常恼火,以至于常常在屋子里乱跑乱撞,灰心地又踢又喊As she got older her frustration grew and her rages became worse and worse. She became wild and unruly. If she didn’t get what she wanted she would throw tantrums until her family gave in. Her favorite tricks included grabbing other people’s food from their plates and hurling fragile objects to the floor. Once she even managed to lock her mother into the pantry. Eventually it became clear that something had to be done. So, just bee her seventh birthday, the family hired a private tutor — Anne Sullivan.随着年龄的增长,她的挫败感和怒气越来越大,她变得狂野不驯倘若她得不到想要的东西,就会大发 气直到家人顺从她惯用的手段包括抓别人盘里的食物以及将易碎的东西猛扔在地上有一次她甚至将母亲锁在厨房里很显然,得想个办法了于是,在快到她7岁生日时,家里雇了一名家庭教师——安尼.沙利文Anne was careful to teach Helen especially those subjects in which she was interested. As a result Helen became gentler and she soon learnt to and write in Braille. She also learnt to people’s lips by pressing her finger-tips against them and feeling the movement and vibrations. This method is called Tadoma and it is a skill that very, very few people manage to acquire. She also learnt to speak, a major achievement someone who could not hear at all.安尼细心地教授海伦,特别是她感兴趣的东西结果,海伦变得温和了而且很快学会了用布莱叶盲文朗读和写作她又学会了触唇意识,用手指接触说话人的嘴唇去感受运动和震动,这种方法被称作泰德马,是一种很少有人能掌握的技能她也学会了讲话,这对失聪的人来说是个巨大的成就Helen proved to be a remarkable scholar, graduating with honors from Radcliffe College in 19. She had phenomenal powers of concentration and memory, as well as a dogged determination to succeed. While she was still at college she wrote The Story of My Life. This was an immediate success and earned her enough money to buy her own house.海伦明了自己是个出色的学者,19年她以优异 的成绩从拉德克利夫学院毕业她有惊人的注意力和记 忆力,同时她还具有不达目的誓不罢休的毅力上大学 时她就写了《我的生命这使她取得了巨大的成功从 而有能力为自己购买了一套住房She toured the country, giving lecture after lecture. Many books were written about her and several plays and films were made about her life. Eventually she became so famous that she was invited abroad and received many honors from eign universities and monarchs. In 193 she became a vice-president of the Royal National Institute the Blind in the ed Kingdom.她周游全国,不断地举行讲座她的事迹被许多人著书立说而且还上演了关于她的戏剧和电影最终她声名显赫,应邀出国并受到外国大学和国王授予的多项荣誉193年,她成为英国皇家国立盲人学院的副校长After her death in 1968 an organization was set up in her name to combat blindness in the developing world. Today that agency, Helen Keller International, is one of the biggest organizations working with blind people overseas.1968年她去世后,一个以她的名字命名的组织建立起来,该组织旨在与发展中国家存在的失明缺陷做斗争如今这所机构——国际海伦?凯勒是海外向盲人提供帮助的最大组织之一 3719 Phyllis经常在公开场合为Rex的死而哭泣,这令追求仪态的Bree心烦意乱而Bree异常冷静的表现也使婆婆开始怀疑:Bree是不是根本不在乎丈夫的去世呢? 这里是婆媳俩在洗衣店的一段场景本集音频MP3下载 19南岗区妇女儿童医院看病口碑哈市三院妇产科医院



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