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CHINESE Internet users are vigorously discussing their unfulfilled dreams and reflecting on the meaning of life as ;the end of the world; draws near.随着“世界末日”的临近中国的互联网用户正积极讨论着他们未能实现的梦想并反思着生命的意义。December 21 marks the conclusion of a 5,125-year-long Mayan calendar, a point associated with the apocalypse.12月21日标志着5125年长的玛雅日历的终结,与世界末日相关的一点。A post by ;Sao Congcong; which simply said ;1999.05.28-2012.12.21,; indicating the dates of his birth and predicted death was immediately popular, with millions of others copying the format on their microblogs.一篇由“骚聪聪”发布的微, 简单地写着“1999.05.28-2012.12.21”,暗示了他的出生日和预测死亡日,立即流行起来,数百万人在他们的微上复制着这种格式。Most of the posts also include an epitaph, a wish list, or a sentence expressing their thoughts about life.大部分的微还包括墓志铭、愿望列表或表达他们对生命思考的一个句子。The wishes range from making breakfast for parents to becoming a superman to save the world. But most are everyday matters to do with family and friends, and are full of love, faith and hope.愿望从为父母做早餐到成为超人拯救世界。但最多的是每天与家人朋友要做的事,充满爱、信心和希望。;Red Sun; said he plans to quit his job and find employment in his hometown so he can spend more time with his 70-year-old father. He said the ;apocalypse; forecast had helped him make up his mind.“红太阳”说他打算辞去工作,在他的家乡就业,这样他就可以花更多的时间和他70岁的老父亲在一起。他说“末日”预测帮助他下定了决心。;In the past, I thought I still had plenty of time to weigh pros and cons; now I know time waits for no man,; he said.“在过去我以为我仍然有足够的时间来权衡利弊;现在我知道时间不等人,”他说。Others are taking positive actions to make their dreams come true. ;Brown sugar; and her five friends plan to spend the winter solstice in Tibet, like the survivors of Hollywood disaster movie ;2012.;其他人正在积极行动使他们的梦想成真。“红糖”和她的五个朋友计划冬至那天在西藏,就像好莱坞灾难电影《2012》中的幸存者那样。;Why don#39;t we just do it instead of sighing in regret that we had not lived life fully?; she asked“为什么我们不行动,而不是叹息遗憾我们没有充实地生活?”她问Several companies are giving employers extra days off on December 20 and 21.几个公司正在给员工12月20日和21日的额外休假日。;Few people believe the world will end, but we can take advantage of it to spend time with our loved ones,; said a Wuhan IT firm CEO surnamed Du, who considers ;doomsday; a chance for revelry.“很少人认为世界会终结,但我们可以利用它来花时间与我们爱的人在一起,”一位武汉IT公司姓杜的CEO,他认为“世界末日”的一个狂欢的机会。However, others are taking the prophecy more seriously.然而,其他人则更严肃地对待预言。Panic buying of candles has swept two counties in Sichuan Province, while a man named Lu Zhenghai in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region spent his life savings to build an ark for 20 people in order to survive flooding on the day.购买蜡烛的恐慌席卷四川的两个农村,在新疆维吾尔自治区一个名叫陆正海的男人花了毕生的积蓄去造了一个容纳20人的柜子,为了那天在洪水中生存下来。People across the country have been scammed, with swindlers encouraging them to buy good-luck tokens at sky-high prices or to give away their savings.全国各地都有人被骗,骗子怂恿他们以天价购买好运令牌或放弃他们的积蓄。Shanghai police issued a public warning on Weibo.com after handling 25 cases relating to the apocalypse within 24 hours. They said: ;The end of the world is pure rumor, do not believe it.;在24小时内处理了与末日有关的25件案子后,上海警方在微上发布了公告。他们说:“世界末日是纯粹的谣言,不要相信。”As the paranoia intensifies, institutions including the Beijing Planetarium and the Astronomical Society of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have used the media to try to scotch the rumor, sending the message: ;December 21 is a normal day.;随着偏执加剧,机构包括北京天文馆以及新疆维吾尔自治区的天文学会已经使用媒体试图辟谣,发送消息:“12月21日是普通的一天”。Xia Xueluan, professor of sociology at Peking University, said: ;We#39;ve lived through several so-called doomsdays in the past decade ... people take satisfaction in talking about them.;夏学銮,北京大学的社会学教授,说:“在过去的十年里我们已经度过了几个所谓的世界末日……人们通过谈论它们以获得满足感。” /201212/213901Seek Ltd. is spending US5 million to raise its stake in Zhaopin Ltd., in the latest step toward an initial public offering of the Chinese employment website.Seek Ltd.即将斥资1.05亿美元增持中国招聘网站智联招聘(Zhaopin Ltd.),这是该公司为实现智联招聘首次公开募股(IPO)迈出的最新一步。The ASX-listed online job advertiser said in a stock exchange filing Friday that it’s buying shares from Macquarie Group Ltd. MQG.AU -0.85% and other investors in order to raise its stake in Zhaopin from 55.5% to 72.3%.同为招聘网站的Seek是澳大利亚交易所(ASX)上市公司。该公司在周五提交给交易所的备案材料里说,它将从麦格理集团(Macquarie Group Ltd.)和其他投资者手中购买股份,将自己在智联招聘的持股比例从55.5%提高到72.3%。Of that, million will be funded from Zhaopin’s cash balance, while the rest will come from Seek’s cash and debt facilities. At the end of last year, the Chinese online market place operator had around 2 million in cash, Seek said.用于增持的资金当中,将有5,500万美元来自智联招聘的现金余额,其余来自Seek的现金和债务融资。Seek说,去年年底智联招聘拥有约1.22亿美元的现金。Moreover, Seek plans to raise its controlling interest further to 79% by buying more shares from other investors, and possibly take that even higher next year.另外,Seek还打算从其他投资者手中购买更多股份,从而将持股比例进一步提升至79%,明年甚至还有可能将持股比例提至更高。The deal is an important step for Seek to make good on its long-standing aim to take Zhaopin public a move that has been delayed as the Chinese company expands into new cities and markets.这次增持是Seek为实现很久以来让智联招聘上市的目标而迈出的重要一步。上市计划在智联招聘向新城市和新市场扩张的过程中被推迟。“The simplification of Zhaopin’s capital structure will assist in its potential progression to an IPO,” Seek Managing Director Jason Lenga said in a statement. “As China’s urbanization and internet penetration increases, we expect it will be the world’s largest online employment marketplace.”Seek的董事总经理伦加(Jason Lenga)发表声明说,简化智联招聘资本结构将有助于智联招聘向IPO的方向前进。他说,随着中国城镇化和互联网渗透率的上升,我们预计它将成为世界上最大的网络招聘市常The deal implies Zhaopin has an enterprise value of around US8 million 16 times the company’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization compared to the US0 million to US0 million that Morgan Stanley MS +3.67% analyst Andrew McLeod estimated it was worth in March.这次增持将智联招聘的企业价值评估为5.58亿美元左右,是该公司息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)的16倍。据根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)分析师麦克劳德(Andrew McLeod)在2012年3月份的估计,智联招聘的企业价值在7亿美元到9亿美元之间。Investors welcomed the news, sending Seek shares up 2.8% to an eight-month high of A.48.增持消息受到投资者的欢迎,Seek股价上涨2.8%至7.48澳元,达到八个月最高。Seek’s latest move comes as it expands its global footprint by raising stakes in other international businesses. Last month, the company announced it would buy the remaining shares in JobsDB, following similar moves in Mexico and Brazil earlier in the year.在迈出最近这一步的同时,Seek也在通过增持其他国际企业扩大全球足迹。该公司上个月宣布将收购JobsDB剩余股份,今年早些时候也在墨西哥和巴西采取了类似措施。Morgan Stanley reckons total online revenue for the industry will reach US.6 billion by 2015, at which time Zhaopin will have an estimated 42% share of the market, up from 24% in 2012.根士丹利估计,到2015年,中国招聘行业线上收入总额将达到36亿美元,届时智联招聘的市场份额估计将从2012年的24%增至42%。 /201302/224977

The A.4bn takeover tussle for Sundance Resources has taken another unexpected turn, with the Australian iron ore explorer revealing Chinese suitor Hanlong Mining is likely to miss a key bidding deadline.中国汉龙矿业(Hanlong Mining)出价14亿澳元收购Sundance Resources的交易又一次出现意外波折——后者披露称,汉龙可能会错过关键的投标截止日期。Hanlong has until next Tuesday to prove it has financing for the takeover offer, which was launched in October 2011. If it cannot provide the necessary paperwork, Sundance can walk away from the deal.汉龙必须在下周二前明自己获得了收购所需的融资。如果汉龙无法提供必要的书面文件,Sundance就可能放弃此次交易。汉龙在2011年10月对Sundance发起收购。“Hanlong has not finalised discussions with potential large Chinese partners in accordance with the requirements set by China’s National Development and Reform Commission,” Perth-based Sundance said in a statement.总部位于珀斯的Sundance在一份声明中表示:“汉龙没有按照中国国家发改委(NDRC)的要求,与潜在的大型中资企业达成合作协议。”“Therefore it is not likely Hanlong will be in a position to deliver credit-approved term sheets by March 26.” The latest development followed reports that Hanlong chairman Liu Han and some family members had been detained by the authorities.“因此,汉龙将不太可能在3月26日前提交贷款意向书”。此前有报道称,汉龙董事长刘汉及其部分家人已被警方拘留。The twists and turns of the deal are being closely followed by the mining industry. China is the world’s largest consumer of iron ore – accounting for more than half of seaborne iron ore shipment – and Chinese mining companies have been trying to expand their presence overseas.采矿行业密切关注着此次交易的曲折进展。中国是全球最大的铁矿石消费国,占到铁矿石海运贸易量比重一半以上,同时中国矿业公司一直在努力扩大海外影响力。Sundance is developing an Abn iron ore project on the border of Cameroon and the Republic of Congo.Sundance正在喀麦隆和刚果共和国边境处开发一个价值50亿澳元的铁矿石项目。However, Chinese regulators have become more cautious about granting approval for large mining investments overseas after several Chinese mining companies ran into trouble with iron ore investments in Australia, most prominently with the Sino Iron mine in the Pilbara.然而,中国监管机构在审批国内企业在海外投资的大型矿业项目时,变得更为谨慎,原因是中国多家矿业公司在澳大利亚的投资陷入了麻烦,尤其是皮尔巴拉(Pilbara)地区的中澳铁矿项目(Sino Iron)。Hanlong, a privately owned company, originally bid 57 cents a share for Sundance in October 2011 but was forced to cut the offer price to 45 cents in August by the NDRC after the iron ore price slumped.汉龙是一家民营企业,最初在2011年10月出价每股0.57澳元收购Sundance,但在铁矿石价格暴跌之后,被迫在2012年8月根据发改委的要求将收购价降至每股0.45澳元。The NDRC refused to sign off the acquisition unless Hanlong paid a “reasonable” price.中国国家发改委表示,除非收购价格是“合理”的,否则不会批准此次收购。It is also insisting that Hanlong secure a large Chinese partner to finance and “deliver” Sundance’s Mbalam-Nabeba project.发改委还坚称,汉龙必须与一家能够提供融资的大型中资企业合作,共同开发Mbalam-Nabeba铁矿石项目,才能继续推进收购Sundance的交易。Sichuan Hanlong Group, the parent company of Hanlong Mining, said it “did not know” if reports of Mr Liu’s detention were true, and declined to provide further information.汉龙矿业公司的母公司四川汉龙集团(Sichuan Hanlong Group)表示,该公司“不清楚”刘汉被拘留的报道是否属实,并拒绝透露进一步的信息。Shanghai Securities News claimed Mr Liu and his wife had been detained after visiting Beijing for last week’s National People’s Congress. A second company also chaired by Mr Liu, Sichuan Jinlu Group, was suspended from trading in Shenzhen yesterday.《上海券报》(Shanghai Securities News)报道称,刘汉及其妻子在上周去北京出席全国人大会议之后被拘留。刘汉担任董事长的另一家深交所上市公司四川金路集团(Sichuan Jinlu Group)昨日停牌。 /201303/231683

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