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泉州省中医院的具体地址泉州新阳光处女膜修复一个便条 A Note -- ::39 来源: Dear daddy,When I was doing my homework, Blaire called me to go out with her. She wanted to go to the bookshop. I also have some books to buy, so I go out with her. I will return at about 5 o'clock p.m.. Don't worry about me.Yours,Lily亲爱的爸爸:我正做作业的时候布莱尔打电话叫我陪她出去一下她想去书店,我也有些书要买我大概下午5点回来不用担心我李丽泉州无痛人流口碑好的医院 旅游英语:莫高窟英文介绍 -- :0:00 来源: 旅游英语:莫高窟英文介绍莫高窟是国家重点文物保护单位,又称千佛洞莫高窟保存完好的壁画世界闻名Mogao Caves are the nation key cultural relic preservation organ, is named Thousand Buddhas Cave, is situated west the Gansu Corridor end Dunhuang, is world famous by the fine mural and the cast. Itsbeginning constructs at countries' mer Qin times, has beenthrough repeatedly countries, the Northern Dynasty, Sui, Tang, fivegenerations, Tangut , the Yuan and so on all previous dynastiesconstructing, ms the huge scale, existing cavern 735, the mural5,000 square meter, argillaceous painted sculpture ,, are in theworld the extant scale is biggest, the content richest Buddhism artplace. Since the modern times had discovered the Buddhist scriptureshole, in had 50,000 ancient times cultural relics, and grew speciallyto study the Buddhist scriptures hole ancient book and Dunhuang artdiscipline - Dunhuang studies. But since Mogao Caves receive many people in the modern times thedamage, the cultural relic massively drain, its integrity wasseriously destroyed. In 1961, Mogao Caves are announced by thePeople's Republic of China State Council one of first batch ofnational key cultural relic preservation organs. In 1987, Mogao Cavesare listed as the world culture inheritance.  Mogao Caves are located southeast the Chinese Gansu Province Dunhuang east 5 kilometer place Mt. Mingsha on the foothill cliff, first near dawdle Quan River, face east, north and south length 80 meters, height 50 meters.Cavern distribution height scattered about, row after row, about most has five.Its beginning constructs at country times, "the Li Obliging Repairs Mogao Caves Niche a statue of Buddha Tablet" according to Tang the record.  mer Qin establishes a reign title two years (366 years), the Buddhist priest happy goes via this mountain, sees the golden light sparkle suddenly, if presently ten thousand Buddha, theree then opened cutting on the dike the first cavern.Hereafter the law good Zen master and so on continues in this to construct the hole to repair the imperial sacrifices, is called the desert high hole, Italy is the desert high place.Because later generation desert and not general, then renames as Mogao Caves.When Northern Wei Dynasty, Western Wei Dynasty and Northern Zhou Dynasty, the ruler respects and believes in Buddhism, the rock cave construction has the nobility support, the development is quick.The Sui and Tang dynasties time, along with Silk Road prosperity, Mogao Caves is prosperous, when Wu Zetian has cavern thousand.After the Anlushan Rebellion, Dunhuang successively and turns over to the troops fighting in a good cause by Turfan to seize, but the statuary activity too greatly has not been affected.The Northern Song Dynasty, the tangut and the Yuan Dynasty, Mogao Caves gradually hasten the decline, only repaired the previous dynasty hole room primarily, newly built extremely few.After Yuan Dynasty, along with Silk Road abandoning, Mogao Caves also stopped constructing and is neglected gradually in common people's field of vision.After clear Kanghsi 0 years (in 01), here only then again manner attention.The modern times, people usual name it “Thousand Buddhas Cave.  The Mogao Caves extant Northern Wei Dynasty to Yuan cavern 735, divides into the north and south two areas.South the area is Mogao Caves' main body, is engaged in the religious activities the clergy the place, some 87 caverns, have the mural or make an idol.North the area has 8 caverns, in which only then 5 existence murals or makes an idol,But after other all is the clergy leads a pious life the place which, the housing and the death buries, has life facilities and so on the adobe bed, stove kang, flue, niche, desk lamp.Two area total 9 cavern existence mural and makes an idol, has the mural 5,000 square meter, the argillaceous painted sculpture , Tang Songmu constructs cliff eave 5, as well as several thousand lotus flower pillars, sp out on the floor the decorative brick and so on.- 旅游英语 莫高窟英文介绍我最喜欢的颜色 The Color I Like Most -- :3: 来源: Amongall the beautiful colors in the world, I like purple most. I don’t know why. WhenI see the purple color, my eyes are attracted immediately. I think it’s aromantic color. Lavender and the purple rose are my favorite flowers. They bothare purple. As a result, I have many purple things, such as purple clothes,shoes, cups and so on. My room is light purple. I am so happy to be in such apurple world.泉州妇科医院哪个好

泉州哪家医院治疗妇科方面是最好的医院日常聊天口语对话篇:(3)Techno-chat-- ::57 Dave: So how did you meet Linda?Phil: I met her through a computer bulletin board (电脑告示板).Dave: Oh really? What bulletin board?Phil: It was one I used down at the local coffee house called the San Francisco Net. It's been around since about 1991. Dave: I've heard about that., but I've never tried it.Phil: You ought to. One dollar buys you minutes of computer time. A "Chat session" links you with cappuccino sippers (喝加牛奶的咖啡的人)in other cafes and at home computers on the network.Dave: I have no desire to talk on a network with a bunch of strangers.Phil: That's the whole point. All your inhibitions (顾虑;约束)disappear because you can't see the other person. This network allows you to talk to people whom you normally wouldn't talk to.Dave: I just want a private conversation with one other person. Phil: You can do that. A private session lets two talk alone. This techno-chat program lets you talk with about anything with everyone, without prejudice because you can't see them.Dave: Well, maybe I'll tag along (跟着某人学样;紧跟在某人的后面)and watch how you talk.Phil: That's fine with me. but we'll have to get there early, because after 8 p. m. there's always a long waiting line.Dave: It's that popular?Phil: Welcome to the 90s!Dave: Okay, okay. We're there tonight. So what does it cost?Phil: One dollar buys minutes of computer time. This talk ain't cheap.Dave: I don't know. I'll feel funny talking through a computer. Phil: Remember, that's how I met Linda. I guarantee you can talk to girls who would never talk to you if they saw your face.Dave: What's that supposed to mean?Phil: Look in the mirror, man. (老兄,照照镜子去吧)泉州阳光医院看病怎么样 我的全家福(My family photo) -- ::9 来源: 我的全家福(My family photo)   look! there is a family photo on the wall. in the photo, there are my mother, my father, my sister and i .my father likes watching tv.  he watches tv every day. but my mother doesn’t like watching tv. she likes making clothes. she makes pretty dresses me. my sister likes playing table tennis. on sundays, she usually plays table tennis with her friend. she plays very well. i like taking photos. i have many beautiful photos. my family has the same hobby. we all like listening to music.  i like my happy family.泉州leep刀技术多少钱

泉州新阳光妇科医院感激(Gratefulness) -- 1:51:6 来源: 感激(Gratefulness)  one sunday afternoon when i was learning to ride my bike, i fell down and hurt my arms badly. as soon as my parents heard this, they took me to the hospital at once.  during my stay in bed, they took good care of me and cheered me up. meanwhile, they helped me with my lessons. with their help, i caught up with my classmates. now i'll try my best to study well to repay my parents.    一个星期天的下午,我正学着骑自行车时,我摔倒了,胳膊伤得很厉害父母一听说,就立刻把我送到医院在我卧床养伤期间,他们静心照顾我,让我高兴起来与此同时,他们还帮我学习  在他们的帮助下,我赶上了我的同学现在我要尽力学好功课来报答我的父母 疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第5课: 最后一刻改变了主意-- ::57 你相不相信个性决定命运呢?有些人天生举棋不定,三心两意,连吃饭点菜都拿不定主意,最后还是乱点一通对于这些经常改变主意的人,他们常把这句话挂在嘴边:I changed my mind at the last minute. (我在最后一分钟改变主意),有时候,你也可揶揄他说:Does it work any better?(这样子比较好吗?)谈到终身大事,就不能用change my mind这么简单举例说:What happened to Joey? She's supposed to get married last week.(祖儿发生什么事?她应该在上星期结婚)原来她变了心(She had a change of heart) 对话 A: Why didn't you take the new job? It would have been a great opporty you. B: I changed my mind at the last minute as I was going to sign the employment contract. A: What happened? B: They introduced me to their general manager and she's my ex-girlfriend. 甲:为什么你不接受新工作?这会是个很好的机会 乙:我在签合约的最后一刻改变了主意 甲:发生了什么事? 乙:他们给我介绍他们的总经理,她是我的前任女朋友 I changed my mind at the last minute.即‘我在最后一刻改变主意’这‘最后一刻’英文还有一个叫法:(at) the eleventh hour At the eleventh hour是‘第十一个钟头’,为什么解作‘最后一刻’?这成语原来出自《圣经.马太福音第二十章:葡萄园主招人到园里工作,议定一天一钱银子他清早雇用了一批工人,十一小时之后,快要收工了,他又雇用了一批收工时,迟来的和早来的一样,都获得一钱银子工资这是‘进天国不分来早来迟’的比喻所以,at the eleventh hour就是‘最后’的意思,例如:I finished my work at the eleventh hour.(我在最后一刻把工作做完了) 改变主意,往往是重新考虑的结果这‘重新考虑’英文叫second thought(s),例如:At first I supported the proposal, but on second thoughts I decided against it.(最初我持那建议,但重新考虑之后,决定反对)英谚说:Second thoughts are best.(三思而行,是最好的)留意on second thoughts的决定,总是和最初的决定不同 三思而行,不等于犹豫不决犹豫不决,英文叫做in two minds,例如:I'm in two minds about the job offer.(接不接受那职位,我拿不定主意)当然,假如前度恋人会做你的上司,不接受或可免尴尬‘前度恋人’英文俗称old flame(旧的火焰),颇为有趣泉州市新阳光咨询安溪治疗妇科多少钱



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