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  • 席卷我国大部分地区严寒,使得南方大部分城市也随之降温,这就引发了电力供应不足、燃料短缺的问题。Cold causes power shortageThe cold spell across China has brought freezing temperatures to major cities in the south. It's prompted a surge in power demand and put pressure on fuel supplies.Wuhan city in Hubei Province has begun suspending production at local factories, to leave enough electricity for household consumption.More than 1,800 companies will come to a halt for two days each week.It's the first time in a decade such measures have been taken.Fu Jianjun, deputy central manager of Wuhan Power Supply Company, said, "Urban residents may not feel any difficulties in power consuming now, but the pressure of shortage is huge. We have been making great efforts to ensure the supply. "In east China's Anhui Province, 20 power plants have been forced to cut back on their consumption of coal.Cheng Boru, central manager of Pingwei Power Plant, said, "We use 20,000 tons of coal each day, but now we only have 30,000 tons of coal in our storage. We are constantly in touch with our coal suppliers to maintain the plant's operation."It's the same situation at the largest power plant in Jiangsu Province.Chen Xin from fuel department of Wangting Power Plant, said, "Since last October, our coal storage has kept dropping. Now the stock could only last five days."The plant has sent a team to purchase coal from other provinces, but the bad weather and increasing prices are creating obstacles.Workers at China's second-largest coal output port in Huanghua, have battled severe weather to ensure coal is delivered where it's needed.Two ice-breaking ships are escorting bulk carriers. The port is shipping almost a quarter of a million tons of coal everyday. Article/201001/93877。
  • Only a mad man could dream of running a railroad across mountains like this.只有疯子才会想让铁路从这样的山中贯穿而过They don#39;t call him crazy Judah for nothing.人们叫他疯狂的犹大并不是平白无故Obsessed with the railroad, he sees a way through.对铁路的疯狂痴迷,让他终于找到了解决之道Come on down, boys.下来,小伙子们Theodore Judah makes 23 trips into the peaks.西奥多·犹大曾23次攀上山顶And peg that, boys.把那个钉上Plotting a path across ridges and through mountain summits,building it will be the engineering challenge of the century.测绘出一条横穿山脊并通过山顶的路线,修建这段铁路是那个世纪最大的工程挑战Yup, let#39;s mark that.好的,做个标记This is the most magnificent project ever conceived.这是一项成就空前的伟大创举An enterprise more important to the people of the ed States than any other.这项工程对于美国人意义重大The railroad will be built,and I will have something to do with it.其他工程完全不可同日而语,铁路终将被建成,而我也为之出了一把力Americans love someone who can go through seemingly difficult or impossible things, and make their dreams happen.美国人崇尚一种,克一切困难,冲破万难,最终实现梦想的精神With Judah#39;s route approved, two companies begin work.犹大的路线得到认可后,两家公司开始合作The Union Pacific starts from Omaha in the east;联合太平洋铁路公司从东边的奥马哈开始the Central Pacific from Sacramento in the west.而中央太平洋铁路公司则从西边的萨克拉门托开始They#39;ll meet in Utah.最终在犹他州会师It#39;ll cost over billion in modern money, but the government doesn#39;t have enough cash.工程造价相当于现在的20亿美元,但政府却没有足够的资金It pays the companies in federal land.所以用联邦土地作为报酬付给两家公司They must finish in 15 years or lose everything.但规定需在15年内完工否则将分文不给We have learned in this country,you don#39;t get anywhere in life if you don#39;t take risks.我们在这个国家学习到没有冒险精神的人将寸步难行I think America is by far the shining light of the world in so many ways because we are risk takers.我认为美国之所以在很多领域都名列前茅就在于我们敢于承担风险Paid by the mile, adding curve adds profit.按英里计费,多造弯道显然能多赚钱Corrupt investors built the railroad for every cent they can,利欲熏心的公司为多得土地,无所不用其极a nine mile curve means an extra 120 acres of federal land,and they#39;ll end up owning an area the size of Texas.修建一条9英里的弯道就意味着能多得120英亩联邦土地照此下去,他们相当于拥有了面积堪比德克萨斯州的土地First they must conquer the Donner Pass.首先他们需要征唐纳之路7500 feet up, the highest Judah#39;s route.高达7500英尺是犹大路线中的最高点Cursed by 30 feet o of snow each winter.Avalanches, tragedy.每个冬天积雪深达30英尺,雪崩等惨剧时有发生 /201211/209097。
  • 6月20日是难民日。估计有五万八千名难民在15个月叙利亚的动荡期间越境进入黎巴嫩。但不像边境国家约旦、土耳其,黎巴嫩没有如何对待那些已经逃离人们的官方政策。本月,该国有史以来第一个难民营在阿尔萨镇建立。June 20th is Refugee Day. An estimated fifty-eight thousand refugees have crossed into Lebanon during the 15-month Syria unrest. But unlike border countries of Jordan and Turkey, Lebanon has no official policy on how to deal with those who have fled. This month the country#39;s first ever refugee camp erected in the town of Arsal. CCTV correspondent Stephanie Freid visited the area.A scenic panorama marking the border between Lebanon and Syria, on closer inspection is that people who came across that border. Syrian refugees in Lebanon#39;s first and only tent camp, but we can#39;t get close because this is private land and it#39;s a sensitive issue.Tens of thousands of refugees have crossed into Lebanese towns like this. But not wanting to imply permanency, Lebanon#39;s government has not implemented an official housing policy. Taking on 4000 extra residents has created financial and humanitarian conundrums for this town of 40,000Ali Hojairi, Mayor, Arsal, Lebanon, said, ;We cannot contain any more refugees. We#39;ve asked donors for more tents—three or four hundred. They#39;re in storage. If necessary we#39;ll start pulling out tents and erect a refugee camp.;Without an organized camp, Syrian refugees rely solely on Lebanese hospitality for shelter and foodCCTV correspondent Stephanie Freid said, ;Three Syrian families live inside this dwelling and as you can see, they#39;ve put up blankets to cordon off areas. This is a living area and this is the common area. This corner serves as the makeshift kitchen. It#39;s basic and simple but it#39;s all there is for now.;Some family members have been here for two months, others for mere days. This woman arrived from the hard hit Syrian town of Homs two days ago. She spoke of fighting, heavy weaponry and bloodshed. Every person here has lost a neighbor, a friend or a family member to the unrest in Syria. Escape was fraught with danger.Wazeem, Syrian refugee in Lebanon, said, ;It was really hard to cross. We thought we#39;d be killed all the time because there is a lot of security on the streets and every few hundred meters there#39;s a checkpoint so it was really hard;Their thoughts are never far from the conflict back home. Dreams are of returning to Syria soon. Article/201206/187741。
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