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We tend to regard hair only as a reflection of our personal style, but as a living, growing part of our body, it's also tied in to our physiology. "Hair reflects internal changes--things like sickness, nutrition and stress," says dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, M.D., a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology. There are three parts to your hair: the hair shaft (the fiber), the hair bulb (the root) and the hair cycle (the period of rest and regeneration). Most problems are related to one of these three things, says Mirmirani. 我们习惯于把头发仅仅当作个人风格的一种反映,但是作为我们身体的一个不断生长的部分,头发与我们的生理系统息息相关。美国皮肤学会教员、皮肤科医学士马诺莫尼表示:“头发可以反映出身体内部的变化——比如疾病、营养和压力。” 我们的头发包含三个部分:毛干(纤维),毛球(根部)和毛发周期(休息和再生的周期)。马诺莫尼表示,大多数的头发问题都与其中的某个部分相关。 /200903/65881。

  • With the white beard and hair Santa may look old, but he doesn't seem to be getting any older. What are his secrets to longevity? How does the Jolly Old Elf keep up year to year? I managed to get Santa on the phone in a rare interview:1. The "Ho-Ho-Ho" Secret"My trademarked 'Ho-Ho-Ho' is more than just my natural expression of joy," began Santa. "It's my form of stress relief. Things can get quit hectic this time of year and the elves can be especially difficult about all the overtime. I find that laughter and smiling are the best ways to dissipate stress and lighten my mood. If I could bring one gift to all the grown ups this Christmas, it would be more smiles and laughter."2. Mrs. Claus"My next secret is Mrs. Claus," continued Santa. "She is the most wonderful wife and I couldn't do anything without her. She doesn't like the spotlight, but have to give her credit for making sure I take care of myself and keeping from obsessing too much over my work. Just being with her takes years off my life."3. Chimney Squats"You may not know it from my waistline, but I am quite fit. I have to train all year round to be strong enough to leap up through millions of chimneys on Christmas Eve," continued Santa. "I have a whole team of elves working with me everyday to exercise. They are always after me to leave the cookies behind, but I just love cookies so . . ." he said with a distant look in his eyes.4. Managing Elves"I can't begin to tell you how much I love working with elves. I think they are one of the reasons I stay so young," Santa explained. "When you have a thousand or so elves preparing millions and millions of gifts for the Big Day, you have to have some pretty good management skills. This keeps my mind working and engaged all year long." Santa recommends that anyone who want to stay sharp find ways to be creative and engage in daily problem solving and mental challenges.5. Giving and Thinking Positive"My final longevity secret: Think positive. I look forward to every year and the joys and challenges it brings. I just love my giving gifts and sping joy during the Christmas season. It gives my life meaning and value. That, in my opinion, is the number one secret to longevity." With that, Santa gave a mighty "Ho-Ho-Ho" and excused himself to check on an assembly line. /200812/59854。
  • Few would be surprised to learn that those who live in upmarket, leafy suburbs tend to have healthier lives.   大概不会有人感到惊讶,那些居住在高档的绿树环抱的郊区的人们过着更加健康的生活。 Now, however, scientists have found that being closer to nature brings even greater advantages.   然而现在,科学家们发现,亲近自然其实可以带来更多的好处。   Those who live in places surrounded by greenery are also more generous, sociable, calm and trusting – no matter how impoverished the area might be.   那些住在绿树成荫之处的人们在会表现的更加刚开大方,善于交际,冷静与信任,这与该区域的经济情况并不相关。   The findings come from a study by Professor Frances Kuo, a professor of the landscape and human health.   这个发现来自于一位名叫Frances Kuo的教授,她是研究环境景观和人类健康之间关联的专家。   She says that the health benefits come irrespective of other factors and that once we are deprived of green space, our health suffers dramatically.   她表示,在不考虑其他有益健康的因素的前提下,一旦生活中的绿色出现了缺失,我们的健康将遭到影响。   Prof Kuo said that access to nature and green environments yields better cognitive functioning, more self-discipline and impulse control, and greater mental health overall.   Kuo教授称,大自然和绿色的环境可以让我们受益良多,并有助于提高认识能力,增强自我约束力和对冲动的控制力,对于整体的心理健康情况而言都是有好处的。   But greener environments also enhance recovery from surgery, enable and support higher levels of physical activity, improve immune system functioning, and help diabetics achieve healthier blood glucose levels.   而更多绿色的环境还促进在手术之后身体的复原情况,利于更加活跃的运动,提高免疫系统功能能,帮助糖尿病患者的血糖恢复到健康的水平。   By contrast less access to nature is linked to exacerbated attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms, higher rates of anxiety disorders, and higher rates of clinical depression.   相比之下,很少接近绿色的人更容易出现烦躁不安的症状,同时加剧了焦虑的产生,临床表现上出现抑郁的情况。 /201105/134900。
  • The exercise is found to decrease the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts in two studies of regular runners.Add vision protection to exercise's list of benefits.In two new analyses based on the National Runners' Health Study, one found that people who ran an average of 2 to 4 kilometers a day (1 mile equals 1.6 kilometers) had a 19% decrease in their risk of age-related macular degeneration, when compared with people who ran less than 2 kilometers per day. Those who ran more than 4 kilometers per day had a 42% to 54% decrease in risk. The other analysis found that men who ran 64 or more kilometers a week had a 35% lower cataract risk than those who ran less than 16 kilometers per week. Paul T. Williams, a staff scientist with the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and author of both studies, believes that exercise could provide similar protective benefits for the eyes as it does for the heart and other systems."There are overlaps," he says. The study appeared in January's Investigative Ophthalmology amp; Visual Science. /200902/62699。
  • 【中英文对照】Today's fashions, such as slinky stilettos,skin-tighthipster jeans and cute hand-held purses, may look sharp but may not be all that great for your body . These tips will help you stay fashionable and comfortable:如今的时尚单品,诸如细高跟鞋、紧身牛仔裤和可爱型的手包,看起来时髦,但穿起来对你的身体未必有益。下面的这些小贴士可以让你的穿着既时髦且舒适。 1. Wear high heels, but bring along a pair of flats to change into should your feet start screaming in pain.穿高跟鞋的时候另备一双平跟鞋,当你感到脚痛的时候正好可以换上。2. If shoes are uncomfortable when you stand, they're likely to feel even worse when you walk. The wrong shoes can affect the body's centre of gravity.如果穿鞋站着都不舒,那么走起路来会更难受。不舒适的鞋子会影响身体的重心。3. While sitting for any length of time, take frequent standing breaks to alleviate atrophy of the hamstring muscles.坐了一段时间之后,时不时地站起来活动一下,可以避免腿部肌肉的萎缩。4. If you like tight clothes, choose items that allow you to perform daily tasks with ease. These days, body-hugging clothes are mostly made of stretch fabric--hooray!如果你喜欢穿紧身衣的话,也要挑选穿上能够轻松进行日常活动的衣。不过叫人欢呼的是,如今的紧身衣大多是由弹性面料制成的。5. When carrying a bag or briefcase, switch sides frequently to avoid placing the bulk of weight on only one side of your body.拎手提包或公文包时,应该不时地两边轮换着拎,避免让身体的一侧负担过重。6. Empty junk and other unnecessary items--old receipts, business cards, gum wrappers, etc--from your bag to make it lighter.为背包减负,把包里的旧收据、商务名片、口香糖包装纸等垃圾和其他一些不需要的东西清理掉。7. If you're driving or sitting for long periods, remove your wallet or card holder from your back pocket.如果你长时间开车或者久坐,记得把钱包和名片夹从裤子后面的口袋里拿出来。 /200904/68309。
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