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TED演讲视频:日常的用品 悲剧的历史齐亚·加非克拍摄日常用品--手表,鞋子,眼镜。这些照片看似平常;但这些物品都是从波斯尼亚战争中的万人冢中挖掘出来的。加非克作为一个TED研究员和一个土生土长的萨拉热窝人,为了给那些身份不明的牺牲者创造一个活生生的档案,拍下了每一件坟墓里的物品。201705/510149British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down as prime minister later this year.英国首相卡梅伦宣布今年晚些时候将卸任首相职务。I will do everything I can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months. But I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.在未来的几个月里,我将继续努力稳定英国这艘大船,但我不认为我再适合担任船长,引领国家走向下一个目的地。Cameron made the announcement shortly after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.英国投票决定离开欧盟后不久,卡梅伦发表了这一声明。The results almost immediately spelled bad news for the prime minister, who campaigned vigorously to remain. Losing his countrys spot in the EU quickly sparked calls for his resignation.对于大力持留欧的首相,脱欧几乎立即招来坏的消息。失去英国在欧盟的位置很快引发让他辞职的呼声。Cameron said he will continue to serve as prime minister for the next three months but will resign in time for the Conservative Partys conference in October.卡梅伦表示,在未来三个月将继续担任首相,但将于十月在保守党大会上辞职。译文属。201606/451067

Im on a raft off the coast of Alaska,keeping watch for a boat to pick me up.我正乘坐自制筏离开阿拉斯加海岸 继续找寻救援的船只Its noticeably colder here.这里很明显 冷多了The current is taking me towards a lot of this ice,these sort of things,水流正把我引往那些多冰水域 就像这种which isnt ideal. I dont want to get messed up in that.But, you know, its not sea ice.这可不好 我可不想被困在冰中间 但那些并不是海水结成的冰Summertime, thats come from maritime glacier.而是夏天时从海洋性冰川滑落下来的Now all I want to be heading on is to stick out in the open, open sea.现在我要做的便是 尽量呆在无冰的水域Other vessels are unlikely to brave these waters,where they risk being hulled by an iceberg.其他船只不可能冒险来这里 在这里很有可能被冰川撞破Theres a better chance of being spotted out in open water.But Im fighting a losing battle.在无冰海面被发现的几率会高很多 但是我们的情况越来越窘迫了Theres more and more ice in the water now.I must be getting close to its source.水里的浮冰越来越多 我应该是正驶向这些冰的来源Ahead of the field, see that glacier?This time of year, theres big chunks of ice just carving off that.看这片海的那头 看到那些冰川了吗 每年的这个时候 大块的冰 会从那里的冰川上滑落I dont like being funneled backwards towards one of them.我可不想又漂回去了Maritime glaciers are dangerous,with carving icebergs that could cause huge waves.海洋性冰川很危险 从冰川上断落的冰块能激起大浪You dont want to hang around here.没人想在这里停留The best option -- to get out to the shipping lanes and find a vessel.最佳的选择是 驶入正常航道 然后找寻船只Theres a boat through the ice to the right.那里有条船正像右边驶去See the top of the mast.Look at the ice to the right.看见船桅的顶端了 往右边那块冰看Theres a fishing trawler about a mile away.那边一英里外有条渔船Too far to see us.We need to make our way to that ice flow,太远了 看不到我们 我们得想办法到那块浮冰那儿去bigger one. Try and make a bit of a signal fire there.And get spotted like that.大的那块 然后试着生一团信号火 这样就能被发现了My plan -- get to the iceberg quickly and signal from there.Its about the biggest one around here.我的计划是 迅速到浮冰上 然后从那里发信号 这大概是附近最大的浮冰了201605/440419

This little big shot doesnt do anything. Nothing.Nada.此次登上舞台的小达人什么都没做,什么都没做。All he does, he just stares at you.除了他的眼神。But he does it just about as good as anybody.他的眼神和其他人一样完美。From Omaha, Nebraska, heres 10-year-old Sammy.欢迎来自内布拉斯加州奥马哈市的10岁男孩萨米。Sammy, how you doing man? Good. Good.萨米,最近好吗?我很好。很好。Just staring. Mm-hmm.就是盯着你。是的。So, what happened was there was this . In the where were you?其实都来源于视频中的故事。你在视频中出现了吗,在哪里?It was the College World Series.其实它是一个大学生棒球系列赛的视频。Oh, the College World Series. I watch that on ESPN sometimes.哦,大学生棒球系列赛。我有时会在ESPN上看。And somebody captures you staring?然后有人看见了你的眼神?It was actually a robo-camera, and I didnt even know it was recording, so...它其实是一个电子摄像头,我甚至不知道它在录像。And so, it was just going, and it caught you, and you just stared at it? Yep.摄像头在录像,捕捉到了你的眼神,是吗?是的。All right, lets take a look. Look right here.来让我们重温一下,看这边。Overnight, 50 million views.一夜之间,5000万点击量。50 million views of just staring. Yeah.5000万点击量,就为了你的眼神。是的。When your mom showed you the cellphone, what was she showing you?你妈妈当时让你看了眼手机,手机上有什么?Everybody was texting her that we were on TV.所有人给她发短信说,我们上电视了。When you go back to school, man, and you on this show, too. Whoo-wee!当你再回到学校,你成为了“小小达人秀”的嘉宾。欧耶!You about to be the big dog on the block.你将成为所有人的王。Okay, Sammy, so, this is the idea I got.萨米,听我说。Since youre the worlds greatest starer, you and I are going to have a stare off. Lets do it!你是世界上最酷的“眼神王”,我们要来一场比赛。开始吧!Welcome to the biggest sporting clash since the Rumble in the Jungle, the Thrilla in Manilla, and The War to Settle the Score.自“森林之战”“马尼拉之战”以及最伟大的摔跤比赛之后,我们又迎来了一场规模宏大的比赛。Its the Little Big Shots Stare Off.那就是“小小达人秀眼神之战”。Our first contender is 10 years of age with piercing blue eyes. From Nebraska, its the Omaha eyeballer, Sammy.我们的第一位参赛选手是拥有锋利之光,年仅10岁的内布拉斯加州奥马哈市男孩,萨米。And our second contender with two brown eyes and one mighty mustache, its the Ohio Ogler, Mr. Steve Harvey.第二位选手拥有一双棕色眼睛,浓密胡子的俄亥俄迷眼,史蒂夫·哈维先生。The rules are very complicated. The first to blink, loses.规则很复杂。首先眨眼的即输掉比赛。Gentlemen, 3...2...1...stare!各位,3...2...1...开始。You won, man.你赢了。Ladies and gentlemen, lets hear it for Sammy!女士们先生们,为萨米鼓掌!201707/515691Hunger kills more people around the world than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.世界范围内,因饥饿死亡的人数比死于艾滋病、疟疾和肺结核的总人数还要多。The majority of those living in hunger are suffering from chronic food deficiency大多数生活在饥饿中的人,一直以来都遭受食物匮乏的问题,which is the result of persistent poverty, the kind that does not appear in daily news reports.这是长期贫困造成的结果,这类消息很少见诸报端。;Right now, whats in the news are the famines in Yemen, and in South Sudan, and in other countries of the world.“现在,新闻里常关注的是饥荒问题,在也门、南苏丹以及世界其他国家的饥荒。Somalia... There has been drought in Ethiopia, there are these emergencies.;还有,索马里……埃塞俄比亚遭受旱灾。通常报道的是这些紧急情况。”John Coonrod is executive vice-president of the Hunger Project,约翰·柯龙德是“消除饥饿计划”的执行副总裁,a 40-year-old nongovernmental group that helps communities in 12 countries develop strategies to end hunger.“消除饥饿计划”成立于40年前,作为一个非政府组织,它致力于帮助12个国家团体制定战略消除饥饿。;The largest number of hungry people are in India.“印度的饥饿人口最多。The largest percentage of place where the hunger is the most wide-sp is in Africa.饥饿地区比重最高的地方是非洲。As about 220 million hungry people in Africa, about 280 million hungry people in South Asia.;非洲有约2.2亿饥饿人口,南亚约有2.8亿饥饿人口。”While floods and droughts can cause sporadic food crises,虽然洪水和干旱可能导致粮食危机时而发生,persistent shortages are the result of long-term poor managements, says Coonrod.但持续的粮食短缺状况是长期管理不善的结果,柯龙德说道。That world produces enough food for 10 billion people more than enough for the global population of 7.5 billion.世界能为100亿人口提供足够的食物,远远超过目前75亿的全球人口数量。But as a result of a range of deeply-entrenched social issues in many parts of the world, close to 800 million people are chronically hungry.但是,由于世界上许多地方存在一系列根深蒂固的社会问题,近8亿人仍遭受长期饥饿。;Most of hungry people are food farmers, and most of the food farmers in the world are women.;“大多数饥饿人口是农民,世界上大多数的农民都是女性。”But while women do most of the agricultural work, in patriarchal societies, they are not allowed to make decisions.虽然妇女从事大部分的农业劳作,但在父权制社会,她们没有决策权。;When you empower women, they make the decisions that most affect the lives of the family.“当你赋予妇女权力时,她们会做出最能影响家庭生活的决定。They are the ones feeding the children,她们是喂养孩子的人,so when they get to make decisions, they prioritize food, they prioritize health care, they prioritize education.所以当她们作决定时,会优先考虑食物、优先考虑健康医疗以及教育问题。So because they are directly the ones in the societies doing the work, they know what needs to be done.;因为她们是社会活动的直接参与者,她们知道需要做些什么。”The Hunger Project works on educating communities on how to become self-reliant, and that takes the participation of all their members.“消除饥饿计划”致力于教育人们如何自力更生,这需要所有社会成员的参与。Coonrod says world food projects are by and large successful.柯龙德认为,大体上看,世界粮食援助项目都比较成功。World hunger has been nearly cut in half since 1990 and he says the goal of ending it by 2030 is achievable.自1990年以来,世界饥饿人口已经减少了一半,他表示,到2030年消除饥饿的这一目标有望实现。Zlatica Hoke, VOA News, Washington.VOA新闻,兹拉蒂·霍克于华盛顿为您播报。201706/514207Radio waves have been produced by stars and planets for billions of years.几十亿年来 恒星和行星不断制造着无线电波Now physicists use electric currents to produce them at will: Morse code.如今物理学家利用电流 创造出自己想要的无线电波: 莫尔斯电码Where once we communicated face-to-face,now we can send messages across the planet.曾经我们面对面才能交流 如今却能够全球发送信息On board the Titanic: 1,316 passengers,More than half crammed into third-class cabins.泰坦尼克号上载客1316人 其中一半以上挤在三等舱Men like Theodor de Mulder,a peasant farmer dreaming of a new life in a new world.这些人都是像西奥多·马尔德 那样梦想在新世界开启新生活的乡下农民He left his wife and children in Europe.西奥多把妻子儿女留在了欧洲His ticket: the equivalent of a years income.买船票花光了他一年的收入The amazing thing about humans is were never satisfied,人类最不可思议的地方就是我们永不知足were incredible risk-takers,were always exploring,我们是无畏的冒险者 不管生活有多美好and no matter how good life is,theres always some effort to see我们总是要不断探索 总是想瞧一瞧whats past the next mountain or around the next corner.翻越下座山 绕过下个弯会有什么With mass production comes mass transportation.大规模生产带来大规模迁移Steamships power the greatest migration in human history.汽船的出现促使了人类史上最大规模的迁移201605/440941

In soft snow,your bollard needs to be at least 10 feet across.当积雪松软时 系绳桩直径至少要有10英尺But it will hold many times your weight.它足以撑数倍于你体重的物体Theyre incredibly strong,and have been used by the military for years.它牢固的令人不可思议 多年来一直为部队所利用Okay. Here we go.好 可以出发了I need to kick in steps into the snow and use the friction of the rope as I descend.下落过程中 我要深深踩入积雪中 并利用绳索的擦力Okay. Get down the last bit of this without any rope.好了 最后这段路可以不用绳子Its quite precarious, this bit.Good, positive steps.Control your own descent.这一小段的雪很松 很好 能踩实 要自己控制好下山速度Dont let the mountain control it for you.不能让山来控制你的速度Never rush in the mountains.下山时绝不能着急It doesnt get you down any quicker,at least not in a good way.那并不能提高速度 至少不是安全下山的方式Okay. Then across to under here.好了 然后到这下面来Okay. This is good. Come down to me.这里不错 下来我这里A rocky outcrop like this is like an island of safety.像这样露出来的石头就好像安全岛一样You can use them to catch your breath and assess your situation.你可以利用它来喘口气 分析一下周围情况Okay. Cool. Reach, reach.I got you. Lets go. Lets go.好 不错 过来 过来 我抓住你了 过来 过来Okay. Lets just take a quick two minutes here.让我们在这休息两分钟You know, one of the big dangers, actually,要知道在高海拔地方of high altitude is just getting really dehydrated.最危险的事情之一就是严重脱水You burn up so much fluids here.在这里你会消耗掉大量的水分Youre breathing hard. Youre working hard.你在用力的呼吸 用力的攀爬Youve got to keep drinking.你要记得不断喝水Its always tempting just to eat snow.一般方法就是直接吃雪But actually, that can give you blisters in your mouth.但事实上 那会让你的嘴里起泡Its just gonna lower your core temperature.并且会使你的体温降低Youre better off trying to melt some snow.最好是尝试先把雪化掉201704/504016栏目简介:The Chenshan Botanic Garden in Shanghai held another outdoor classical music concert over the weekend. Sun Caiqin has more...201703/496731栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477478

Cumberland gave a taste of what he was capable of at Carlisle.坎伯兰公爵在卡莱尔展示了他杰出的才能The garrison had been captured by Jacobites on their march south,尽管詹姆斯二世党人在南下的时候 端掉了这里的驻军but they were unable to hold out against Cumberlands advance.但他们仍无法抵抗坎伯兰公爵的进攻Into this tiny space were crammed hundreds of Jacobite soldiers,在这个狭窄的空间里 挤着几百名詹姆斯二世党军队的士兵locked up without any air or any water.关在这里没有空气 也没有水源What they did have were these shiny stones.有的只是这些发光的石头Smooth, damp, slimy a terrible memento of their distress.光滑 潮湿又黏滑的石头 这些都是他们永久的梦魇To this day, theyre called ;Licking stones;直到今天 他们都被称为;舔石;because the prisoners were brought to such horrible extremities因为有很多囚犯被送到 这个可怕的绝境that they were forced and reduced to sliding their tongues被迫沦落到把他们的舌头in these cavities to try and collect the pathetic amount of moisture gathered on the rock.伸到这些洞穴里来收集 岩石里少的可怜的水分This really was Hanoverian Britains Black Hole of Calcutta.这里就是汉诺威王朝时代英国 在加尔各答城的小地牢By the time winter turned into spring in the Highlands,待到苏格兰高地上冬去春来之时it was unmistakably clear that,whatever its temporary successes,the Jacobite war was lost.形势毫无疑问地表明 尽管取得过短暂性的胜利 詹姆斯二世党人还是战败了With every passing week,the Hanoverian advantage in men,money and guns told.随着时间的推移 汉诺威王朝在人力 财力和军力方面的优势逐渐显露出来The two armies eventually faced each other at Culloden,near Inverness.最终两军队在因弗内斯附近的 卡洛登相遇了Cumberlands force was only a third as big again as the princes,坎伯兰公爵的兵力只有美王子的三分之一but it was lethally better equipped.但装备更为精良A new verse of the National Anthem proved to be prophetic as the big guns began to fire.随着炮声响起 国歌当中的一段歌词 也得到了实 /201706/512867If youre watching this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should probably turn off the phone and stick it in your fireplace.如果你正在用三星Galaxy Note7看这个视频,你或许应该关了手机,把它插入你家的壁炉。The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall for about a million Galaxy Note 7s sold in the U.S. because the phones lithium-ion battery can overheat and catch on fire.美国消费者产品安全委员会宣布召回约100万部在美国销售的Galaxy Note 7,因为手机的锂离子电池会过热并着火。Samsung received 92 reports of the phone batteries overheating, dozens of which caused injuries and property damage.三星收到92份手机电池过热报告,数十起造成人员受伤和财产损失。Samsung issued a recall earlier in September, but its been anything but smooth. It took nearly two weeks to coordinate the recall with the U.S. government. In the meantime, Samsungs market value plummeted by billions of dollars.早在九月初,三星就对手机发布召回,但一直不顺利。三星花了近两周时间与美国政府协调召回事宜。与此同时,三星的市场价值骤跌数十亿美元。Caught in the middle are people like a Florida man who said he didnt hear about the recall until after his phone exploded and the flames sp to his jeep, destroying the vehicle.其中像一名佛罗里达州的男子说,直到手机爆炸火焰蔓延到他的吉普车并烧毁前,他没有听到召回的消息。Consumers have until Sept. 21 to exchange the phone. A CPSC spokesman said roughly 97 percent of Galaxy Note 7 phones sold in the U.S. should be eligible for a refund. You can visit Samsungs website to see if your phone qualifies.消费者在9月21前可以去更换手机。消费者产品安全委员会的一名发言人表示,大约百分之97的在美国销售的Galaxy Note 7手机应退款。你可以访问三星的网站看看你的手机是否有资格。译文属。201609/466402In his view, this shouldnt be a problem,在他看来 这不是个问题as privacy has pretty much disappeared online anyway.毕竟网络上隐私基本已经不复存在了The reality is that we dont have too much privacy现实就是我们在网络空间in the cyber space.没有太多隐私If you want to travel, if you want to pay with your credit card,如果你想旅行 如果你想用信用卡if you want to access internet, forget about privacy.如果你想上网 那就忘掉隐私吧Yet, the idea that we could soon inhabit a world然而 人们却难以接受我们生存的世界where our lives are ever more transparent is very unpopular.变得越来越透明化的这个事实Some people say, ;Privacy is over, get over it;,有人说;隐私不存在了 忘掉它吧;because basically were trending towards the idea因为基本上来讲 我们正向着of just completely transparent lives.全透明化的生活发展I think thats nonsense我认为这是一派胡言because information boundaries are important因为信息界限是很重要的so that means that weve got to have systems which respect them我们要建立一套能尊重隐私的系统so weve got to have the technology to produce,所以我们要利用科技来制造一个which can produce privacy.能产生隐私的系统重点解释:1.credit card 信用卡例句:They usually buy with credit cards.他们通常用信用卡购物。2.ever more 永远例句:Anything left behind became ever more diffuse.任何残留之物则变得更为分散。3.so that 以至于例句:I study hard, so that I may not fail in the examinations.我用功,免得考不及格。201704/505278

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