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Guru An overly flattering title added to words like ;social media;。背后的意思:吹牛,随便什么人都能贯上“guru”两字。Guru 专家、大牛。造句:This is Mr. Kai-Fu Lee, Weibo guru.这位是微专家李开复先生。Synergy A fancy way to say ;works well together;。背后的意思:“一起工作配合挺好”的优雅说法。Synergy 配合、合作。造句:There#39;s a lot of synergy between the two companies.两家公司合作很多。Loop in More email in your inbox。背后的意思:亲,今后你会收到更多邮件哦。Loop in 让某人知道、参与进来。造句:I noticed you weren#39;t on the email so I#39;ll loop you in.我注意到你没在这封email里,我会把你加进来。Ping me Let me continue to bother you in a different electronic medium。背后的意思:你跑不掉,我会以另一种方式来继续骚扰你的。Ping me (在msn、qq、skype上)提醒我。造句:Feel free to ping me if I haven#39;t gotten back to you by Friday morning!如果我周五早上还没给你回复记得skype我。Sync up Let#39;s rehash whatever just happened because I wasn#39;t paying attention。背后的意思:咱们来重复一下刚刚的讨论,因为……我刚刚没在听。Sync up 同步。造句:Let#39;s sync our efforts.咱们一起努力吧。 /201309/257334I miss my sugar! I#39;ve decided to go on a diet to lose weight and I had to give up pastries and cakes. It#39;s difficult because I have a sweet tooth and I love cream cakes.我想吃糖。我下定决心要节食减肥,我必须戒掉甜点和蛋糕。这对于我来说很难,因为我很爱吃甜食,并且我喜欢奶油蛋糕。I#39;ve heard that a whole family in South East England lived sugar free for a whole year after they found out their daughter had diabetes. It wasn#39;t easy. I don#39;t go to bakeries to avoid giving in to temptation.Jason Burt#39;s business makes up to 3,000 cakes a week.我听说,在英格兰东南部,有一个家庭在发现他们的女儿患有糖尿病之后,全家人一整年都没吃过含糖的东西。这是很难得的,防止自己经不住诱惑,我都不去面包店了,詹森伯特的生意中,一周可以消化3000个蛋糕They were in shock when the doctor said that their 16-year-old Lucy had to check her blood glucose levels regularly and take insulin. He advised her to eat a normal, balanced diet, but the Burts went further and got rid of sugar altogether.当医生说,他们的女儿Lucy才16岁,需要进行常规的血糖水平的检查,且需要注射胰岛素时,让他们很震惊。医生建议她能进行合理的饮食,但是伯特把医生的误解了医生的话,从此就不吃含糖的东西了。And how does it feel to live without sugar for a while? Jason Burt said that for a month they felt groggy. But later on it all changed. He says he feels “more awake” and full of energy.没有糖的生活如何呢,詹森伯特说,一个月时间不吃糖,让她感觉全身无力。但是之后就不一样了。他觉的自己变的更有精神了,并且充满活力。The British National Health Service advises that the sugar we add to the food and drink we have every day should not be more than 10% of our calorie intake. This is on average 70g for men and just 50g for women. I#39;ve decided to forget about the sweet taste of sugar for a while. As British model Kate Moss says: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”英国国家卫生务中心建议,我们每天在食物和饮料中添加的糖不应高于卡路里所需量的10%。也就是男人平均一天70g,女人一天50g。我决定慢慢遗忘糖的甜味,正如英国模特凯特莫斯所说的,没有任何东西可以和拥有苗条的身材相比。 /201307/250261If you are pregnant, you may be interested in learning more about dietary supplements that might be beneficial to you during the course of your pregnancy. Through this article you will be provided with some essential information about the use of dietary supplements during pregnancy. With this information, you will be able to make better decisions pertaining to the use of dietary supplements when and while you are pregnant.When it comes to dietary supplements that can be helpful to a per5son who is pregnant, dietary supplements that include iron can be useful and appropriate. Oftentimes during a pregnancy and woman can end up having problems maintaining her iron levels appropriately. With this understood, many women oftentimes can benefit by using dietary supplements that do include iron in their formulations.Dietary supplements that contain folic acid can also be helpful to a women who is pregnant. Dietary supplements with this type of formulation can work to ensure that a pregnant woman properly is supplied with necessary folic acid during the course of a pregnancy. This assists in maintaining both the health of the woman and of her child.When it comes to dietary supplements for a pregnant woman, what is not included in the formulation of particular dietary supplements is as important as what is included in dietary supplements. There are some ingredients that need to be avoided when a pregnant woman is using dietary supplements.The primary reason why certain ingredients that are common in many dietary supplements need to be avoided is that these ingredients have been demonstrated to cause fetal toxicity and different types of birth defects.The primary types of ingredients that are common in many dietary supplements that must be avoided by a pregnant woman include: vitamin A, ephedrine, and caffeine. Once again, these are ingredients that need to be avoided all together by a pregnant woman. With this in mind, it is very important for a pregnant woman to fully explore and understand what precisely is included on the ingredient list of any dietary supplements that she may be considering using during the course and term of a pregnancy.Finally, before a pregnant woman takes dietary supplements, she must take the time to meet with her doctor and have a serious and in depth discussion about dietary supplements that can be beneficial during a pregnancy and about dietary supplements that are safe for a pregnant woman to consume. You do need to remember that when you are pregnant and considering dietary supplements, those dietary supplements will effect you and your unborn child. You truly are eating and drinking for two. 如果你正怀,你可能会有兴趣去学习更多有关营养补充剂的知识,可能会对您怀的过程有益的。这篇文章为你提供一些在怀期间有关营养补充剂使用的必备的信息。有这方面的信息,当你怀时,有关使用营养补充剂,您将能够做出更好的决策。Dietary Supplements当谈到营养补充剂,就是可以帮助一些正在怀的人。营养补充剂,包括有益的和恰当的铁。很多时候,妇女在怀期间维持适当的铁水平,可以避免一些问题。与此理解,许多妇女往往从使用营养补充剂中获益, 铁也包括在其配方中。营养补充剂含有叶酸,对怀的妇女也是有帮助的。这种配方的营养补充剂可以保:妇在怀期间适当地提供一些必要的叶酸。这对维持妇和胎儿的两个人的健康都是有好处的。当谈到为一名妇的营养补充剂,什么不包括在制定的特别的营养补充剂中和什么要包括都一样的重要。有一些成分,怀的妇女是需要避免的。主要的原因,某些成分是常见的,在许多营养补充剂中是需要避免的。这些成分已明,会引起胎儿致命的毒性和不同类型的先天性缺陷.主要类型的成分是在许多营养补充剂中是常见的,妇必须避免,包括:维生素A ,麻黄素,及咖啡因。再次,妇需要避免把这些成分同时使用。记住这一点,妇女还要充分发掘和了解什么成分准确地包括在任何营养补充剂中,是非常重要的,她可能在怀的过程中和期间考虑使用。最后,怀妇女在需营养补充剂前,她必须花点时间去看下医生,与他进行慎重而深刻的讨论有关营养补充剂,在怀期间是有益处的并且是确保妇是安全的才消费。你必须记住,当您正在怀,并考虑到营养补充剂,这些营养补充剂会影响你和你的未出生的孩子。你是真正地一人吃喝养两个。 /200806/41290

If he likes you, but is not telling you directly, there might be ways in which he is conveying this to you non verbally. The way he conducts himself in your presence, talks or even behaves with other people, are signs that he likes you. There are physical signs of confirming your apprehension. Here are 6 body language signs which indicate that he likes you.如果他喜欢你,却没有直接表白,不用担心,总会有其他非语言的方式能传达爱意。他在你面前的表现,甚至和其他人的谈话、行为都会包含喜欢你的信号。下面这些身体信号就暗示着他喜欢你哦。1. Eye contact1. 眼神交流Whenever you talk to him, his gaze softens. He obviously finds you beautiful so he looks at the way your hair falls, admires what you’re wearing and even looks at your eyes and lips. Sometimes, if he is caught looking at you stealthily, he will suddenly look away. His eyes will search you when you’re not around.每次和他说话,他的眼神都很温柔。情人眼里出西施,他会很明显地盯着你的秀发看,会欣赏你的穿着打扮甚至看着你的眼睛和嘴唇。有时如果他的偷看被你发现,就会马上转换视线。你不在时,他的眼睛会到处找你。2. Lowers his voice2. 压低嗓音When he talks to you, there is an initial need to present himself in the best possible light. He won’t raise his voice even to other people. He will speak gently and softy. He won’t always address you by your name.和你说话时,他总会想着表现自己最好的一面。甚至和其他人交谈也不会提高分贝,真是既绅士又温柔,当然他也不会直呼你的名字。3. Acts consciously3. 小心行事Whenever you are around, he is very conscious of your presence. He looks at you frequently, looks for your approval, listens to you more than anyone else; he makes sure that you are always impressed with him.你在周围时,他会十分在意你的存在。不时的看看你,想得到你的肯定,当你的忠实听众,确认你对他已经有印象了。4. Indications of being nervous4. 表现紧张Sometimes he looks shy, turns away, and fidgets with his fingers. Under the assumption that you are aly friends, he feels very nervous to ask you out. When you have dinner or lunch with him, he acts as though you are on a date. He tries to make you feel comfortable.有时他看起来很害羞,转过身去,不安的玩弄着手指。即使你们已经是朋友,但约你出来仍会让他万分紧张。共进晚餐或午餐时,他会表现得如同情侣约会般郑重,也尽量让你觉得自在。5. Finding ways to be around5. 找机会陪你When you’re unwell, he comes to visit you first thing, brings chicken soup, and looks after your needs. Even if you need to go somewhere, he makes sure he is around to see you. He will try to stay around you and make sure that you know he cares.你不舒时,他会第一时间带着鸡汤来看望你,照顾你。即使是你需要去哪里,他也要确保能在附近照看着。他会一直陪在你身边,让你能感受到他的关怀。6. He smiles when he sees you.6. 一见你就笑His face lights up as soon as he sees you, especially after many days. He just can’t look away from you. Sometimes you might catch him smiling without any reason.一看你他整张脸都亮了,尤其是分别数日的情况下。他的眼光就是无法从你身上挪开,有时还会发现他对着你傻笑呢。 /201302/224993

There was a farmer who fell and broke his hip while he was plowing, and his horse immediately galloped five miles to the nearest town and returned, carrying a doctor on his back.一位农夫在犁田时,不慎跌倒摔伤了屁股,他的马立即飞奔到五哩外最近的小镇,载了一位医生回来。;That#39;s a pretty smart horse,; the farmer#39;s friend later observed.;Well, he#39;s not really so smart,; the farmer said. ;The doctor he brought back was a veterinarian!;一个朋友看到后便夸赞说:“你这匹马真是聪明!”农夫说:“也没有你想的那么聪明啦!它带来的是一位兽医!” /201305/240534

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