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淮安中山医院查精子活跃度淮安哪里流产比较好Today, we celebrate radio as a force for freedom of expression and pluralism, for all men and women. And especially women–who remain under-represented in news-making, in decision-making, and in media ownership.How can we get the full story with only half of the world’s voices?This is why UNESCO is working to develop radio as an independent and pluralistic media for both women and men, and to create a safer environment for all journalists, regardless of gender.Radio can carry any message to any place at any time – we need to fully harness this power for the benefit of everyone.In this spirit, UNESCO calls today on all broadcasters–from local community stations to international media outlets–to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and men both in and through radio.This is UNESCO’s message on World Radio Day.201501/354995江苏省涟水县中医院治疗妇科疾病多少钱 This is Dave Arringdale whos actually been a longtime guest at Vivians motel. He stayed there a hundred times in the last 20 years, and hes loyal to the property because of the relationship that Vivian and her fellow employees have created with him. Theyve created a habitat of happiness for Dave. He tells me that he can always count on Vivian and the staff there to make him feel at home. Why is it that business leaders and investors quite often dont see the connection between creating the intangible of employee happiness with creating the tangible of financial profits in their business? We dont have to choose between inspired employees and sizable profits, we can have both. In fact, inspired employees quite often help make sizable profits, right?这也是为什么大卫.亚玲达尔变成来薇薇安的旅馆的常客的原因.他在那里呆了数百次,在近20年中,他对这个旅馆的忠诚来自于这层关系,薇薇安和她的同事所创造的与他的这层关系。他们创造了一个快乐的栖息地给大卫。他告诉我他总是可以依赖于薇薇安和那里的所有员工,他们让他感受到了家的感觉,为什么企业领袖、投资者通常看不到这层关系创造的不可触摸的员工们的快乐以及商业中的财政利润。我们并不一定要从中选择,或是有受激励的员工,或巨大的经济利润。我们可以同时拥有这两者事实上,受到鼓舞的员工,很多时候对获得巨大的利润很有帮助。So what the world needs now, in my opinion, is business leaders and political leaders who know what to count. We count numbers. We count on people. What really counts is when we actually use our numbers to truly take into account our people. I learned that from a maid in a motel and a king of a country. What can you start counting today? What one thing can you start counting today that actually would be meaningful in your life, whether its your work life or your business life?所有,当今我们所需要的,我的观点是商界领袖和政界领袖,那些知道去衡量些什么的人我们计算数字,我们依靠人,我们真正看重的是当我们可以用数字去真正使我们的顾客收益我从一个汽车旅馆的女仆和一个国家的国王那里学到了这个道理。什么是你从今天开始就计算的呢?有一样东西,你今天就可以开始计算会使你一生受用,不管这是为你的工作,还是为了你的生意Thank you very much.非常感谢。201402/276025And yes I checked it clear没错 我很确信Now I know that youve heard the cliche e that你们肯定听过一句名言life is a marathon not a sprint生命是马拉松 而不是冲刺And Im going to tell you that sometimes我要告诉你们 有时you dont even have the time to prepare for your marathon你甚至连为马拉松做准备的时间都没有See I only had eight weeks我就只有八周时间but the opportunity to raise money for New York City kids was too great但为纽约市的孩子们募集资金的机会太重要了But here is difference但是你们不一样today you are prepared你们今天已经做好了准备See if I didnt leave school early如果我没有辍学I would have been more prepared sometimes when I first was starting out我在最开始着手事业时可能就会更有准备一些I would have been more prepared in some of those boardrooms在一些会议中 我可能也会更有准备一些I would be in the boardrooms negotiating我在会议室中开会商谈事务时I wouldnt be like, what are they talking about?总是心想 他们在讲什么玩意Go out and finish my economics class去把经济学课程学清楚再来I wouldnt be writing memos my secretary would be saying我写的便函也不至于会被秘书说aint nuts will say it like that没有什么比这更屁不通的了But you are prepared不过你们做好了准备Today, you have earned your Howard degree今天 你们获得了霍华德的学位Youve earned your Howard degree你们获得了霍华德的学位You have earned your Howard degree你们获得了霍华德的学位And today而且今天youre not just graduating from the greatest black school in the world你们不仅是从全世界最伟大的黑人学校毕业了youre graduating from the greatest university on this earth你们还是从这颗星球上最伟大的大学毕业了Be clear, # be clear我明确提醒一下 这里值得#So Ill ask you again我再问你们一次do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Do you know?知道吗Now some of your dreams are going to take longer than you think有些人的梦想可能要比想象的花更长时间It took most of you 4 years to get here大多数人四年毕业了some of you 5, some of you 6有些人花了五年甚至六年If I got, Ill be我如果没辍学 估计也要那么久201501/354619盱眙县医院电话

江苏省淮安妇科检查哪家医院最好的As a kid, I spent my summers with my grandparents on their ranch in Texas. I helped fix windmills, vaccinate cattle, and do other chores. We also watched soap operas every afternoon, especially ;Days of our Lives.; My grandparents belonged to a Caravan Club, a group of Airstream trailer owners who travel together around the U.S. and Canada. And every few summers, wed join the caravan. Wed hitch up the Airstream trailer to my grandfathers car, and off wed go, in a line with 300 other Airstream adventurers.在我还是一个孩子的时候,我的夏天总是在德州爷爷奶奶的农场中度过。我帮忙修理风车,为牛接种疫苗,也做其它家务。每天下午,我们都会看肥皂剧,尤其是《我们的岁月》。我的爷爷奶奶参加了一个房车俱乐部,那是一群驾驶气流拖挂型房车的人们,他们结伴遍游美国和加拿大。每隔几个夏天,我也会加入他们。我们把房车挂在爷爷的小汽车后面,然后加入300余名气流房车探险者们组成的浩荡队伍。I loved and worshipped my grandparents and I really looked forward to these trips. On one particular trip, I was about 10 years old. I was rolling around in the big bench seat in the back of the car. My grandfather was driving. And my grandmother had the passenger seat. She smoked throughout these trips, and I hated the smell.我爱我的爷爷奶奶,我崇敬他们,也真心期盼这些旅程。那是一次我大概十岁时的旅行,我照例坐在后座的长椅上,爷爷开着车,奶奶坐在他旁边,吸着烟。我讨厌烟味。At that age, Id take any excuse to make estimates and do minor arithmetic. Id calculate our gas mileage -- figure out useless statistics on things like grocery spending. Id been hearing an ad campaign about smoking. I cant remember the details, but basically the ad said, every puff of a cigarette takes some number of minutes off of your life: I think it might have been two minutes per puff. At any rate, I decided to do the math for my grandmother. I estimated the number of cigarettes per days, estimated the number of puffs per cigarette and so on. When I was satisfied that Id come up with a reasonable number, I poked my head into the front of the car, tapped my grandmother on the shoulder, and proudly proclaimed, ;At two minutes per puff, youve taken nine years off your life!;在那样的年纪,我会找任何借口做些估测或者小算术。我会计算油耗还有杂货花销等鸡毛蒜皮的小事。我听过一个有关吸烟的广告。我记不得细节了,但是广告大意是说,每吸一口香烟会减少几分钟的寿命,大概是两分钟。无论如何,我决定为奶奶做个算术。我估测了奶奶每天要吸几香烟,每香烟要吸几口等等,然后心满意足地得出了一个合理的数字。接着,我把头探到车前排,拍了拍奶奶的肩膀,然后骄傲地宣称,“每天吸两分钟的烟,你已经少了九年活头了!”201307/249739淮安市妇幼保健医院妇科挂号 Hi, everybody. One of the most important positions in the Presidents Cabinet-and to our national security, our law enforcement, and our criminal justice system-is Attorney General.大家好!总统内阁最重要的职位之一,也是对我们的国家安全、法律执行和刑事司法制度最重要的职位之一,就是司法部长。It has been more than four months since I nominated Loretta Lynch to serve as the next Attorney General of the ed States. For 30 years, Loretta has distinguished herself as a tough, fair, and independent attorney. As the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, she successfully prosecuted the terrorists who plotted to bomb the Federal Reserve Bank and the New York City subway. She helped secure billions in settlements for people wronged by some of the worlds biggest banks. Shes been dogged in her pursuit of public corruption. Shes jailed some of New Yorks most violent and notorious mobsters and gang members. And through it all, shes worked closely with law enforcement and local communities to get the job done.我提名洛丽塔?林奇担任下一任联邦司法部长已经过去4个多月了。30多年来,洛丽塔明了她是一位严厉、公平、独立的检察官。作为纽约东部地区的联邦检察长,她成功起诉了密谋炸弹袭击联邦储备和纽约地铁的恐怖分子。她还帮助受到某些世界最大不公对待的人们通过庭外和解保住了数十亿资金。她还致力于打击公权力腐败。她将纽约最残暴、臭名昭著的歹徒和黑帮成员打入大牢。在所有这些事情中,她与地方执法人员和社区通力合作,出色地完成了任务。In short, her qualifications are superb. Thats why, in the past, the Senate easily confirmed Loretta to lead one of the most prominent U.S. Attorney offices in the country-not once, but twice.总之,她的履历超凡出色。正因如此, 参议院在过去毫无困难地确认洛丽塔领导全国最重要的联邦检察官办公室之一。而且不是一次,是两次。Still-it has been more than four months since I nominated Loretta Lynch to serve as Attorney General.到今天为止,距我提名洛丽塔?林奇担任司法部长一职已经过去四个多月了。And this time, Republican leaders in Congress wont even let her nomination come up for a vote. In fact, by Monday, Loretta will have been languishing on the Senate floor for longer than the seven previous Attorneys General combined. Let me say that again-she will have been waiting for a simple yes-or-no vote on the Senate floor for longer than the seven previous Attorneys General combined.这一次,国会的共和党领导人连一次投票表决的机会都不给。而到下周一,洛丽塔的提名在参议院等待投票确认的时间比前七位司法部长等待的时间总和还长。我再强调一遍,她在等待参议院一个简单的同意或否决的投票表决,这一时间超过了前七任司法部长等待时间的总和。No one can claim shes unqualified. No ones saying she cant do the job. Senators from both parties say they support her. This is purely about politics. First, Republicans held up her nomination because they were upset about the actions I took to make our broken immigration system smarter and fairer. Now theyre denying her a vote until they can figure out how to pass a bill on a completely unrelated issue. But they could bring her up for a yes-or-no vote at any time.没有人可以质疑她的工作能力。没有人敢说她不称职。两党的参议员们都说自己持她。这次完全就是政治把戏。首先,共和党人担心我改革移民系统,使其更明智更公平而采取的举措让他们担忧,他们因此阻挠对洛丽塔的任命。现在,他们想等到制定并通过一部与之毫无干系的法案之后再对她进行投票。但他们完全可以在任何时候对她进行投票表决。Republicans promised that Congress would function smoothly with them in charge. Heres a chance for them to prove it. Congress should stop playing politics with law enforcement and national security. They should support good people in both parties who want to reform our criminal justice system. And that means they should end the longest confirmation process for an Attorney General in three decades, and give Loretta Lynch a vote.共和党人承诺掌控国会之后会让各项流程更顺畅。现在就是他们明这一点的机会。国会不可以在关系执法和国家安全的问题上继续玩弄政治手腕。他们应该持两党中想要改革我们刑事司法体系的好人。这就需要他们结束30多年来最长的司法部长确认流程,给洛丽塔?林奇一次投票表决的机会。Thank you. And have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝你们周末愉快! 201503/366781淮安中山医院专治小

金湖县妇保院包皮手术怎么样Thank you. In these lectures, I have offered a conceptual framework for a better understanding of human events. These events are not determined by timelessly valid scientific laws. Such laws exist, of course, but they are not sufficient to determine the course of events. The complexity of the situations is one reason, and the role of the participants thinking is another.谢谢大家。在这个系列讲座中,我为更好地理解人类活动设计了一个 概念性的框架。这些活动并不是由永恒不变的正确的科学定律所决定的。当然,这种定律的确存在,但它们还不足以主宰活动的进程。原因之一是环境的复杂性,而参与者思维的作用是其另一个原因。I have focused on the reflective, two-way connection between the participants thinking and reality, and I emphasized the causal role that misunderstandings and misconceptions play in shaping reality. But these influences have been strangely ignored. They introduce an element of uncertainty into the subject matter which, except in the simplest situations, make it impossible to predict the future.我重点解释了参与者的思维与现实之间反射性的双向联系。我强调了错误理解和错误概念在塑造现实中所起的因果作用。但这些影响都被人们莫名其妙地忽略掉了,而正是这些影响,给事物掺入了一些不确定因素。因此,除了极其简单的情况外,预测未来变得不太可能。One can still sketch out various plausible scenarios and evaluate their likelihood. One can also prescribe desirable outcomes, I have done both, many times. Indeed, I can claim to be a specialist in it, focusing on predictions as an investor and prescriptions as a philanthropist I have been successful enough in the former to be able to afford the latter. I should like to devote todays discussion to this dual task.但我们依然可以拟定出各种可能的方案并对其进行可行性评估,也可以采取措施,达到我们想要的结果。我在这两方面都已经尝试了很多次。的确,我可以说自己很在行。作为投资者,我善于预测;作为公益慈善家,我主要为问题提供解决方案;作为投资者,我很成功,并能够借此持我的慈善活动。那么今天的演讲,我就想从这两个方面来展开。201409/325499 When a new inhabitant moves into the tower,当一个新的居住者搬进这座大楼,they aly have a roof over their head,他们已经有一个可以遮盖的房顶,so they just typically mark their space所以他们通常只是使用with a few curtains or sheets.很小的窗帘和单子来突出他们的地方。Slowly, from found materials, walls rise,慢慢地,从现成的材料,高墙,and people create a space out of any found objects人们创造了一个从任何现成物体or materials.和材料搭建的空间。Its remarkable to see the design decisions看到他们的设计规划决定that theyre making,很让人惊叹,like when everything is made out of red bricks,例如当所有东西都是红砖建的时候,some residents will cover that red brick一些居民会在红砖墙外覆盖上with another layer of red brick-patterned wallpaper另一层红砖样式的墙纸just to make it a kind of clean finish.只为了让它看上去有干净的感觉。The inhabitants literally built up these homes这些居住者真的是with their own hands, and this labor of love用他们的双手来搭建自己的房子,这种充满着爱的劳动instills a great sense of pride渗透出一种伟大的自豪感in many families living in this tower.充盈在很多住在这儿的家庭里。They typically make the best out of their conditions,他们特别是要尽最大可能利用他们周围的环境and try to make their spaces look nice and homey,来让他们的生活空间更温馨,更有家的感觉,or at least up until as far as they can reach.或者至少做到他们能尽的最大可能。Throughout the tower, you come across在大楼里,你可以找到all kinds of services, like the barber,各种各样的务,比如理发店,small factories, and every floor has小铺子,每层都有a little grocery store or shop.小的食品杂货店和商店。And you even find a church.你甚至可以找到一个教堂。And on the 30th floor, there is a gym并且在30层有一个健身房where all the weights and barbells那里所有的器械和杠铃are made out of the leftover pulleys都是由剩下的滑轮制成的from the elevators which were never installed.这些滑轮是从那些没有安装的电梯上拿来的。From the outside, behind this always-changing facade,从外面,在这个不断变化的外墙后面,you see how the fixed concrete beams你可以看到固定的混凝土梁柱是如何provide a framework for the inhabitants为居民提供一个房屋框架to create their homes以便让他们以一种有机而直观的方式in an organic, intuitive way去搭建他们的房子that responds directly to their needs.来直接应对他们的需求。Lets go now to Africa, to Nigeria,让我们现在去看看非洲,尼日利亚,to a community called Makoko,来到一个叫马卡卡的住宅区a slum where 150,000 people一个居住着15万人的贫民窟live just meters above the Lagos Lagoon.住在仅在拉各斯湖上面几米的地方。While it may appear to be a completely chaotic place,虽然它看上去好像是一个很混乱的地方,when you see it from above, there seems to be但当你从上往下看,那里好像存在a whole grid of waterways and canals一个由水路和运河形成的格子网connecting each and every home.连接着每家每户。From the main dock, people board long wooden canoes从主码头,人们坐上长木做的小木舟which carry them out to their various homes and shops带他们前往在很大一片区域里的located in the expansive area.各种房屋和商店When out on the water, its clear当进入水域时,很明显that life has been completely adapted生活已经完全融入to this very specific way of living.这种特殊条件下的生活方式。Even the canoes become variety stores甚至木筏子也变成各种各样的小店where ladies paddle from house to house,女人们划着木舟从一家到另一家,selling anything from toothpaste to fresh fruits.卖着从牙膏到新鲜水果的各种东西。Behind every window and door frame,在每一扇窗户和门框背后,youll see a small child peering back at you,你都会看到有小孩子在背后盯着你and while Makoko seems to be packed with people,虽然马卡卡看上去到处都是人,whats more shocking is actually但更让人吃惊的是实际上the amount of children pouring out of every building.每座房屋里面拥有的孩子的数量。The population growth in Nigeria,尼日利亚的人口增长,and especially in these areas like Makoko,尤其是在像马卡卡这样的区域,are painful reminders痛苦地提醒着人们of how out of control things really are.生育失控后带来的结果。In Makoko, very few systems在马卡卡,只有非常少的生活系统and infrastructures exist.和基础设施存在Electricity is rigged and freshest water电是被垄断的,且干净的水comes from self-built wells throughout the area.来自于这片区域里自己建造的井。This entire economic model整个经济模式is designed to meet a specific way of living是为了应对特殊的水上生活方式而设计的on the water, so fishing and boat-making所以和造船are common professions.是普遍的职业。Youll have a set of entrepreneurs这里还有一系列的商户who have set up businesses throughout the area,在这片区域建立经营着自己的生意,like barbershops, CD and DVD stores,比如理发店,CD和DVD商店,movie theaters, tailors, everything is there.电影院,裁缝铺,和其它的一切。There is even a photo studio这是甚至有一个照相馆where you see the sort of aspiration让你看到一种期望to live in a real house or to be associated去住在真正的大房子里或者和一个遥远的地方with a faraway place, like that hotel in Sweden.产生联系,比如瑞典的旅馆。On this particular evening,在这个特别的夜晚,I came across this live band我遇到这个dressed to the T in their coordinating outfits.穿着舞台表演衣的现场演奏乐队。They were floating through the canals他们在河道里漂着in a large canoe with a fitted-out generator坐在一个装了可发光的大船里,for all of the community to enjoy.让所有居民欣赏他们的演出。By nightfall, the area becomes almost pitch black,深夜降临后,这片区域变得漆黑一片,save for a small lightbulb除了一些小的电灯or a fire.或者火光。What originally brought me to Makoko最初使我来到马卡卡的原因was this project from a friend of mine,是一个我朋友的做的项目,Kunl茅 Adeyemi, who recently finished building昆里阿德耶米,它最近修建了this three-story floating school一个漂在水上的三层学校for the kids in Makoko.给马卡卡这里的孩子们使用。With this entire village existing on the water,由于整个村落都在水上,public space is very limited,公共空间十分有限,so now that the school is finished,所以现在学校建好了,the ground floor is a playground for the kids,底层就变成了孩子们的活动场所,but when classes are out, the platform但是当课上完了,整个平台is just like a town square,就变成了一个小的城镇广场,where the fishermen mend their nets渔民在那里补网and floating shopkeepers dock their boats.划船卖东西的人们在那里停靠木船。201503/365890淮阴区耳鼻喉科淮安清浦区男科医院




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