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Tesco reports 8 million profit error Tesco, the UKs largest supermarket group, overstated its profits by 8 million. Jim Boulden explains what went wrong.Tesco was once the British retailer which would do no wrong. Now the world’s third largest food retailer has had to admit it mistakenly booked an extra 400 million dollars in expected profits in the first half of the year. Four executives, some believed to be from Tesco’s UK food division, have temporarily stepped aside while an outside auditor and law firm investigate. Tesco CEO Dave Lewis has been in the job for a grand total of three weeks. He says he was told about the irregularity on Friday after an employee alerted senior staff that something was terribly wrong. To be disappointed would be an understatement. It’s not what I would have expected. I don’t think it’s what anybody would have expected. But I will deal with it. It’s a challenge for us as a business and it’s part of leading a business like ours that I have to deal with any issue that comes, whether I expected or not. It doesn’t take me away from what it is I think we can build with Tesco, not at all.Tesco, every little helps.In this case, a little extra profit has not helped. Tesco grew out of Britain to become one of the world’s largest retailers by focusing on building huge stores and cutting prices. But now in the UK it’s been undercut by even cheaper rivals and spent more than a billion dollars revamping UK stores and cutting back on international expansion, including closing its operations in the US. It has had three CEOs since 2010. The retailers also issued numerous profit warnings. Now its shares fell heavily in London trading on Monday, closing down 11.5%, and now faces the possibility of a massive financial scandal, hitting the one-time British darling.Jim Boulden, CNN, London. /201409/332143Jon Stewart采访全球最大的私人军事公司总裁。黑水公司,1997年创立,是美国在伊拉克和阿富汗的主要军事承包商,装备精良,有2300名雇员分布在全球9个国家,还有2万名雇员随时待命,20架飞机严阵以待。黑水和虐俘事件、多起击事件有关201312/270160

Black rhinos are critically endangered.;黑犀牛濒临灭绝;That is what here, at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,那正是我们莱瓦野生动物保护组织were trying to do,正在努力做得事情save the animal,拯救动物provide a safe and secure sanctuary提供一个安全的避难所where the animal can breed and live freely.让动物们能够在这里自由地繁衍生息There arent many true wild rhinos left in Africa.非洲真正的野生犀牛所剩不多Most, like these, in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy,大部分 如同莱瓦野生动物保护组织下的这些are under armed guard.都处于武装保护之下This young female has reached the age眼前的年轻雌犀牛已达到合适的年龄when Matthew must do some health checks,马修必须为她做一些健康检查including taking blood samples.包括采集血液样本This will help deter poachers and traffickers,那能阻止偷猎者以及非法商人as DNA in illegally traded rhino horn因为根据被非法交易的犀牛角中的DNAcan be tracked back to its origin.可以追踪到其来源If you have to do anaesthesia in the wild,如果必须在野外进行麻醉you will expect some degree of risk.将会有一定程度的风险This female has reacted badly to the anaesthetic.那头雌犀牛对麻醉剂产生了严重不良反应Shes not breathing.她没有呼吸了Its a rare and extremely serious situation.此情况很少见 也很棘手He knows that the next few minutes are crucial.他知道接下来的几分钟相当关键201405/301971

These days, competition from modern fishing techniques means the Huangs cant make a living from traditional cormorant fishing alone.如今,现代技术的激烈竞争意味着使黄老汉已不能仅靠鸬鹚这一传统的手段谋生了。And this 1,300-year-old tradition is now practised mostly to entertain tourists. But on Caohai Lake in nearby Guizhou Province, an even more unusual fishing industry is alive and well.这一流传了1300多年的传统如今只能成为取悦游客的表演。但在贵州省附近的草海湖上,一种与众不同的业正在蓬勃发展。Geng Zhong Sheng is on his way to set out his nets for the night. Gengs net is a strange tubular contraption with a closed off end.庚钟胜正在去为夜间布网的路上。老庚的怪网是一种一头扎起来的管状装置。 /201407/310070

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