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Chinese film director Chen Kaige acrifice, a story of bloody murder and long-plotted revenge set against the sumptuous backdrop of an ancient Chinese court, is set to premier in U.S. theaters nationwide later this month in yet another attempt to bridge the gap between the Chinese and U.S. cinema markets. 中国导演陈凯歌执导的《赵氏孤儿(Sacrifice)以富丽堂皇的中国古代宫廷为背景,讲述了一个关于血腥谋杀和经过长期谋划的复仇的故事该片于7月底首次在全美院线上映,是又一次沟通中国与美国电影市场之间的鸿沟的尝试 Mr. Chen, who catapulted to international fame following his 1993 film Farewell My Concubine, said he doesnt expect acrifice will be a box office smash in the U.S. U.S. audiences dont like subtitles, he said, noting also that most artistic films fall flat with viewers who go to the movies less demanding entertainment. 继《霸王别姬(Farewell My Concubine)在1993年上映之后,陈凯歌在国际影坛声名鹊起对于《赵氏孤儿,陈凯歌称他预计该片在美国的上座率不会太高他说,“美国观众不喜欢看字幕”他还指出,大多数艺术电影都不能吸引为获得更轻松的享受而去看电影的观众的兴趣 If it doesnt shine, acrifice will join a growing procession of Chinese films that failed to engage Western audiences or gain overseas commercial success. Zhang Yimou Flowers of War, released in the U.S. in January, aimed to strike it big with U.S. movie-goers, tapping A-list actor Christian Bale to star as the main character in the story of schoolgirls trapped in Nanjing during the Japanese occupation. Yet the film only brought in , at box offices in North America, according to online box office reporting service Box Office Mojo. (Mr. Zhang also downplayed prospects his film in the U.S. prior to its release there.) 如果《赵氏孤儿的表现不够出众,那么它将成为越来越多的一批未能吸引西方观众或是未在海外获得商业成功的中国影片之一其中,张艺谋执导的《金陵十三钗(Flowers of War)于今年1月份在美国上映,该片讲述了一群中国女学生在日军占领南京期间受困于城内的故事该片请来大牌影星克里斯蒂安#86;贝尔(Christian Bale)担纲男主角,目的是要大举吸引美国观众然而,据票房网站Box Office Mojo统计,该片在北美地区仅收获3, 美元票房(在《金陵十三钗于美国上映之前,张艺谋对该片的票房前景也未寄予厚望) acrifice, made million in China box offices, according to film research firm EntGroup, jostling space with the popular Chinese Western Let the Bullets Fly, which made million. 媒体研究公司艺恩咨询(EntGroup Inc)的数据显示,《赵氏孤儿在中国收获了3000万美元票房,同期与其竞争的还包括大受欢迎的颇具西部片风格的中国国产电影《让子弹飞(Let the Bullets Fly),该片创下了8500万美元票房的成绩 Mr. Chen says commercial success is a secondary consideration, though his most recent film, modern-era Internet drama Caught in the Web, has raked in audiences in its first two weeks in China theaters. The important thing is to make films that ay something about the spirit of the Chinese people he said, as China Real Time caught up with him to discuss Hollywood popcorn, Chinese politics and the movies he still wants to make. 陈凯歌执导的现代题材新片《搜索(Caught in the Web)讲述了由网络人肉搜索引发的一系列故事,该片在上映头两周获得了很高的上座率但是,他说商业上的成功只是次要因素,重要的是要拍出“展现中国人精神”的电影 Here are edited excerpts: 《华尔街日报“中国实时报”栏目近期采访了陈凯歌导演,请他谈论了对好莱坞“爆米花电影”、中国政治体制对电影创作影响的看法以及他依然想创作的电影类型下文为经过编辑的采访选段: China Real Time: How do you think Sacrifice will be received by U.S. movie-goers? 《华尔街日报:您认为美国观众会对《赵氏孤儿做何反响? Mr. Chen: Im not so sure itll work American audiences. So why did I pick this project? With the great progress China has made in the last three decades, were sort of proud of what we did, but there is another side. 陈凯歌:我不太肯定它是不是符合美国观众的口味那么我为什么要选择这部戏呢?中国在过去三十年取得了巨大的进步,我们对自己的成就有些感到骄傲,但是我们还要看到另一面 Look at Beijing─I grew up here, but now I come here and am a stranger. I dont want to identify myself as someone who is from Beijing and to me it a shame, really a shame. They give you a new Beijing and let the old one die. I totally disagree with this, because the soul of the city is gone with the physical stuff. We pay very little attention to what we respect and what we loved in the past with our culture. 比如说北京,我在这儿长大,但是如今我来到这儿却是一个陌生人我不想把自己当作一个来自北京的人,对我来说这是一件让人羞愧的事,真的让人羞愧他们给了你一个新北京,就让老北京消亡了我完全不赞同这么做,因为这个城市的灵魂随着物质的东西消逝了我们对自己尊重的东西以及过去喜爱的文化的东西给予的关注非常之少 So that why I want to pick up this project to tell people who we used to be in our past. 这就是我为什么选择这部戏的原因所在,我想告诉大家我们在过去是什么样的人 China film industry now has bigger budgets to work with, but it is still tough to compete with Hollywood blockbusters? 《华尔街日报:如今中国电影产业可供配的预算更多了,但是要与好莱坞大片竞争是否仍然很艰难? What I can say is that we need to develop the market, if we want people to watch a variety of films; you need a variety of audience. This is a like a chain. Young people under , they go to McDonalds, they drink Coca Cola, they wear Nike and they watch Hollywood movies. 陈凯歌:我所能说的是,我们需要开拓市场,如果我们希望大家去看各种不同类型的电影,那么就需要有各种各样的观众,这就像一条链条一样岁以下的年轻人,他们吃麦当劳,喝可口可乐,穿的是耐克,看的是好莱坞电影 You cant imagine the kids will say to you, Let go to McDonalds, and then let go to the Peking Opera. No way. It natural the young kids want to watch U.S. movies. The U.S movies are providing something interesting high technology, a feast of visual and sound effects, it like playing a game. 你无法想象这些孩子会对你说,“我们去吃麦当劳,然后去看京剧”绝对不可能年轻人想看美国电影是很自然的事情美国电影提供了一些有意思的东西,比如高科技,一场视听盛宴,就像打游戏一样 What can we do? We are facing a big challenge from the invasion of Hollywood films. I think we should stay with the situation. We dont need to be scared or screaming like crazy saying The wolf is here! I feel we should make more stories people can relate to and not just make big films to compete with Hollywood. You can have your own story to tell, which is wonderful. 我们能够做些什么?我们正面临好莱坞电影大举入侵所带来的巨大挑战我认为我们应该保持镇定,没必要感到恐慌或者疯狂地大叫“狼来了”我觉得我们应该创作更多能让大家觉得和自己有关的影片,而不是只创作一些大制作的电影来与好莱坞抗衡你可以有你自己想说的故事,这一点很棒 190


  The greatest American superhero team ever is back on the big screen. Highly anticipated Avengers sequel “Age of Ultron” finally arrived at cinemas on the Chinese mainland on May .美国超级英雄史上最强阵容再次回归大银幕5月日,《复仇者联盟:奥创纪元(以下简称《复联)终于登陆中国大陆各大院线This time the all-star ensemble including Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and others is tasked with a greater test of will – defeating the villainous Ultron, who is accidentally created when Iron Man jumpstarts a dormant peacekeeping program and the experiment goes wrong.这一次的“全明星阵容”中,钢铁侠(小罗伯特#86;唐尼 饰)、绿巨人(马克#86;鲁法洛 饰)、美国队长(克里斯#86;埃文斯 饰)、雷神(克里斯#86;海姆斯沃斯 饰)、黑寡妇(斯嘉丽#86;约翰逊 饰)齐上阵他们将与其他漫威英雄一起面临更大的挑战:打败邪恶大反派奥创奥创其实是钢铁侠重新启动搁置多年的全球和平项目时,实验失败的产物Superhero movies always manage to provide thrilling action scenes, and this sequel’s perfectly executed sequences don’t disappoint. To live up to the high standards established by its predecessor, “Age of Ultron” set Marvel’s record visual effects, packing in over 3,000 special effects shots, according to Screenrant.com.超级英雄的电影中,惊心动魄的打斗场面自然不可少,而《复联中的动作场面也是不负影迷的期待据电影新闻和预告网Screenrant.com报道,为了延续上一部的高水准,《复联以超过3000个特效镜头刷新了漫威电影的记录Everyone knows the Avengers are dedicated to safeguarding Earth from evils too powerful a single hero to combat. But this time US writer and director Joss Whedon tries to deliver a more interesting and exciting storyline that allows every character to shine as a hero and as a human being.众所周知,(超级英雄联盟的电影情节往往都是)复仇者们献身于保卫地球的事业,而邪恶势力总是异常强大,他们需要联合起来才能打败敌人但这一次,美国编剧兼导演乔斯#86;韦登打算讲述一个更加有趣而热血的故事,其中每个角色都熠熠夺目,他们既是超级英雄,也是凡人“I got to say a lot of things about humanity, personal relationships and society... Superheroes are the best version of us, and at the same time, they are the goofiest and worst version we could be,” Whedon said in a conversation with Mtime.在接受《时光网采访时,韦登说:“我会在片中更多地探讨人性、人际关系以及社会……超级英雄是人类最完美的存在但同时,他们身上也有人类最为愚蠢和糟糕的品质”Everyone on the team adds to the movie, with the chemistry between Black Widow and Hulk getting a lot of praise from reviewers.复仇者队伍中的每个人都为电影增光添,其中黑寡妇和绿巨人之间的火花尤其备受好评“Joss Whedon attempts to inject just enough human drama into these noisy proceedings to keep it from turning into a Transmers-style crashathon,” Christian Science Monitor film critic Peter Rainer said, criticizing the robot series as mindlessly destructive .《基督教科学箴言报电影人彼得#86;莱纳则说:“为了不让《复仇者联盟像《变形金刚一样陷入‘无限打斗模式’,乔斯#86;韦登在喧嚣的情节中增添了更多人性的冲突”While “Age of Ultron” has met fan expectations, there’s a bit of a steep learning curve those unfamiliar with the Marvel superheroes or who never watched the last Avengers film. The movie opens with a straightward fight, never bothering to introduce the characters, and the many surprises and twists that follow could be difficult the newly initiated to keep up with.虽然,在漫威迷眼中,《复联完全对得起他们的期待,但是对于不熟悉漫威超级英雄的观众、甚至连《复仇者联盟1都没有看过的人而言,《复联的门槛依旧不低影片一开场就是战斗场面,并没有多费口舌介绍人物,许多初来乍到的观众对其中的诸多惊喜和曲折也难以理解“It’s just an action blockbuster an ordinary audience, but surprises are everywhere Marvel fans, so you’d better do some preparation bee going to the cinema,” suggests Mtime.“对于普通观众而言,《复联不过是一部动作大片;在漫威迷眼中,它却处处有惊喜”《时光网建议大家:“在走进电影院之前,不妨做做功课” 375337。


  1、Meet Darren Prew, 37, and Kerry d, 33, from Hered.来看看这对来自赫里福郡的夫妇吧:37岁的达伦·普鲁和33岁的凯瑞·福特、They’ve just had the most extraordinary wedding you’ve ever seen. They just got married dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.他们所举办的婚礼是你看过的所有婚礼中最不同寻常的,夫妻二人分别装扮成龙妈和雪诺3、Their best man (Mike McKeown, 33) was dressed as a White Walker. Their best woman (Carey McKeown, 35) was dressed as Ygritte.他们的伴郎、33岁的麦克·麦基翁装扮成异鬼,伴娘、35岁的凯里·麦基翁装扮成耶哥蕊特、The father of the bride — Terry d, 66 — was Hodor, and the groom’s sister — Samantha Crump, 39 — was dressed as Brienne of Tarth.新娘的爸爸、66岁的特里·福特装扮成阿多,新郎的、39岁的萨曼莎·克伦普装扮为布蕾妮5、The organisers hired Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury, the ceremony.婚礼组织者还租下了莱德伯里附近的伊斯特诺城堡,来举办这场婚礼6、The elaborate makeover of the -strong wedding party took more than 50 hours of fitting, styling, and theatrical makeup — handled by a professional team.这场精心设计和装扮的婚礼是由一个专业团队打造的,试衣、造型、化妆等环节总共花费了50多个小时7、The groom’s brother-in-law was also the mighty Khal Drogo, while the mothers of the bride and groom played Catelyn Stark and Melisandre.新郎的夫装扮成马王卓戈卡奥,这对新人的两位母亲扮演猫姨凯特琳和红袍女梅丽珊卓8、Bride Kerry explained: “I was on Facebook one evening and I saw an ad seeking couples to marry Game of Thrones style. I mentioned it to Darren. I said, ‘Who on earth would do that?’ Little did I know that he then went online and applied — without telling me!”新娘凯瑞说:“有一天我在Facebook上看到一则广告,说要寻找一对新人举办冰火主题婚礼于是我和达伦说了这事,我还说‘到底有谁会做这种不同寻常的事呢?’然后他就去网上申请了,居然没告诉我!” 3183Glee has been off the air almost a month (yes, were still drying our eyes from this, too), but doesnt that mean the cast behind the Fox musical comedy hasnt been hard at work.《欢乐合唱团已经停播了将近一个月了(当然我们还在望眼欲穿的等待),但是这并不代表FOX这部音乐喜剧的演员们没有努力工作And now the cast is taking Gleeks behind the scenes of an upcoming permance of the worldwide hit ;Gangnam Style; by Psy. ;You know we had to do it,; Kevin McHale says. In the , featuring a rare sneak peek at the show dance rehearsals, the cast gets right into the intricate dance moves associated with the song as Chord Overstreet rocks Psy signature sunglasses. In addition to the permance, which will air in late November, the also gives away a few spoilers those looking extra closely. example, who is that blonde female all the way to the left dancing with Jake (Jacob Artist). Could it be New Directions-hater Kitty (Becca Tobin)?现在演员们在幕后排练红遍全球的鸟叔的《江南Style“你知道我们必须要这么做,”凯文麦克海尔说在视频中,我们可以抢先目睹他们排练着鸟叔的经典舞步“骑马舞”的样子,寇德#86;欧文斯崔还戴上了鸟叔的经典墨镜这部剧会在月8日(周四)复播,在视频中除去《江南STYLE的精表演,还小小剧透了一下例如,在左边一直和杰克跳舞的金发美女是谁呢?是讨厌新航向合唱团的凯蒂么? 15

  As any mother knows, keeping your children occupied during a lengthy trip to the shops can be no mean feat.只要当过妈妈都知道,如果要带着小孩子在商店里逛很久,要让他们全程保持安静可不容易However Victoria Beckham proved just how easy it can be when she headed to London Westfield Shopping Centre in White City on Sunday.但维多利亚·贝克汉姆却不把这当一个难题星期天她带着孩子们去伦敦白城的韦斯特菲尔德购物中心,全程亲自明了让孩子听话很容易The singer-turned-fashion designer treated Cruz and Harper to a sweet treat from Joe Delucci Gelato Store ,which appeared to be keeping them very happy as they looked around a number of stores.维多利亚在和孩子们逛商店的间隙,带着克鲁斯和小七哈珀去了乔迪路奇冰淇淋店,用冰淇淋成功俘获孩子的心,让他们很是高兴于是孩子们又听话地和妈妈逛了好几家店Wearing an all-black outfit, the 39-year-old blended in with the other shoppers as she pushed her two-year-old daughter in a bright yellow pram.这位39岁的辣妈当天以一身黑的造型出现在购物中心里,她推着哈珀的黄色小婴儿车,很快地没入人群中Both Harper and Cruz appeared oblivious to everyone else as they munched away at their ice-creams, after a visit to the Lego store.在逛过乐高玩具店后,哈珀和克鲁斯旁若无人地大口吃着他们的冰淇淋The pair, who are thought to have been accompanied by a security guard, must have been enjoying some time with their famous mum after she returned from Paris on Saturday.明星妈妈维多利亚星期六刚刚从法国回来,这两个总是被保镖围绕的孩子总算可以和妈妈单独相处一会儿了,他们一定很开心Victoria kept her hair tied back in a ponytail the outing while opting a smart coat, skinny trousers and flat boots.维多利亚当天梳着马尾,搭配了一件小外套,下身穿着紧身皮裤,还穿了一双平底靴While Harper looked as cute as ever in a beige top, jeans and a pair of tan boots.哈珀当天以一件米黄色上衣配牛仔裤、还搭了一双棕褐色小靴子,看上去很可爱The previous day, Victoria had shared a snap as she planted a number of flowers in London Hyde Park with her children.前一天,维多利亚和孩子们去了伦敦海德公园,她还分享了一张满是花朵的照片She commented: Fun day planting snowdrops in Hyde Park with the boys and their school!.她附言到:“和孩子们一起在海德公园种雪花莲真开心!” 7






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