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Hong Kong#39;s Disney theme park is set to post its second profitable year since opening in 2005, people with direct knowledge of the data said Monday, with attendance hitting a record of over 7.5 million people thanks to strong demand from mainland Chinese visitors.据消息人士透露,香港迪士尼乐园(Hong Kong Disneyland)自2005年开园以来,将迎来第二个盈利的年头。由于中国大陆游客纷纷到访,迪士尼乐园接待游客数量创出新高,超过750万人次。Hong Kong Disneyland, which is -owned by the city#39;s government, while Walt Disney Co. owns the rest, will announce financial results for the fiscal year ended September 2013 later Monday.香港迪士尼乐园将于周一晚些时候公布截至2013年9月这一财年的业绩。香港政府持有该主题公园52%的股份,其余为华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co., DIS)持有。The park reported its first-ever annual profit in fiscal 2012, totaling US.06 million, while attendance rose 13% to 6.7 million visitors. Tourists from mainland China and Southeast Asia are helping drive the continued growth in visitor numbers, park executives said earlier.香港迪士尼乐园在2012财年首次实现年度盈利,净利润总额1,406万美元,期间接待游客数量增加13%,至670万人次。该主题公园的管理人士早些时候称,中国大陆和东南亚游客推动到访游客数量持续增长。Hong Kong Disneyland had previously been unprofitable, partly because early attendance was lower than expected. Critics have cited its size and a lack of attractions that appeal to Chinese visitors. Hong Kong Disneyland remains the smallest of all Disney theme parks world-wide.香港迪士尼乐园在此之前一直未实现盈利,部分原因是最初的到访游客数量低于预期。批评者认为该主题公园规模小,缺乏吸引中国大陆游客的亮点。香港迪士尼乐园仍是全球面积最小的迪士尼主题公园。To boost attendance, the park was expanded from 2009 to add major attractions, with the last of those additions having opened last year.?了吸引游客,该公园从2009年开始扩建,增加大型游乐景观设施。去年最后一批新景观已经开始迎客。But competition from Shanghai Disneyland, scheduled to open by the end of 2015, could undermine attendance at Hong Kong#39;s compact park. Hong Kong Disneyland has said that the park#39;s investors are discussing plans to build new hotels at the resort in hopes of drawing more international tourists.但2015年底,上海迪士尼主题公园(Shanghai Disneyland)将开业,届时这一竞争将令香港迪士尼游客减少。香港迪士尼的投资者正讨论在度假村建设新酒店,以便吸引更多国际游客。As the opening of Shanghai#39;s park looms, Disney in October unveiled plans to build an Iron Man attraction, the first-ever for a Marvel-based character at a Disney park. The Iron Man attraction will open in 2016, one year after the launch of Shanghai Disneyland.随着上海迪士尼开园的临近,香港迪士尼去年10月份推出了建设“铁甲奇侠”(Iron Man, 又称:钢铁侠)游乐设施的计划,这将是钢铁侠人物首次出现在迪士尼主题公园里。“铁甲奇侠”游乐区将于2016年开业,比上海迪士尼开业的时间晚一年。Unlike many of Disney#39;s other stars, Iron Man has become a hit in China following the success of its movie franchise, and an attraction based on the character of Tony Stark has the potential to be a huge draw for Chinese tourists.与许多迪士尼的其他明星不同,电影《钢铁侠》在中国获得成功后,钢铁侠在中国大热。根据史塔克(Tony Stark)人物原型建造的区对中国大陆游客具有潜在的巨大吸引力。 /201402/276468

China will reduce logging on planted forests and eventually end logging on natural forests, under a plan published this week by the State Council, China’s cabinet.中国的内阁机构国务院在本周公布了一项计划,将减少人工林的采伐量,并最终停止天然林采伐。Under the guidelines, China will reduce commercial harvesting of planted forests by 20 percent and eliminate logging on state-owned natural forests by 2020.根据该指导意见,中国将在2020年前将人工林的商业性采伐减少20%,停止国有天然林场的采伐。Amid the many environmental concerns facing China, the country’s forest cover has seen notable progress over the past several decades. China began aggressive efforts to expand its depleted forests in the 1980s, and that campaign took on a new intensity after 1998, when flooding of the Yangtze River was attributed to rampant logging. As a result “more of the country is forested than at any time since the early Qing” dynasty, the University of Washington scholars Alicia S.T. Robbins and Stevan Harrell wrote last year. The Qing dynasty spanned from 1644 to 1911.中国面临很多环境问题,该国的森林覆盖面积在过去几十年中有了显著增加。中国在20世纪80年代开始大力扩种砍伐殆尽的森林,而这一行动的力度1998年以后愈发增强,因为当时长江洪水泛滥被归因于猖獗的采伐行为。华盛顿大学(University of Washington)学者艾丽西亚·S·T·罗宾斯(Alicia S.T. Robbins)和斯特万·哈勒尔(Stevan Harrell)在去年写道,结果“中国的森林覆盖面积达到了清朝初期以来的最高水平”。清朝的起止时间为1644至1911年。But experts say that such reforestation efforts also have many weaknesses. Large numbers of trees of a single species are often planted together, leaving them vulnerable to disease and vast die-offs. Sometimes the trees are not appropriate for the arid climates where they are planted, increasing the strain on limited water resources. An effort to expand forest cover across north China to slow desertification, known colloquially as the Green Great Wall, has suffered from a poor survival rate of the trees planted.但专家表示,这种重新造林的举措也存在很多问题。大量同一品种的树木通常会被种在一起,导致它们容易患病,出现树木大批死亡的情况。有时,树木会被种在并不适合的干旱气候之中,从而增加了有限的水资源所面临的压力。为了延缓荒漠化进程,中国北部采取了扩大森林覆盖面的措施,即人们所谓的“绿色长城”,但是种在那里的树木成活率很低。Efforts to curb logging have also had unintended consequences. Following the 1998 flooding, a logging ban was enacted in 13 provinces to better protect the Yangtze and Yellow rivers. But that drove up imports, triggering fears of damage to vulnerable forests in Southeast Asia. Subsequent agreements between China and timber-exporting nations in Southeast Asia have helped alleviate some of those concerns.遏制伐木的工作也会带来一些意想不到的后果。1998年的洪水之后,为了更好地保护长江与黄河,中国在13个省颁布了禁伐令。但是,木材进口由此增加,引发了人们对东南亚脆弱的森林会受到损害的担忧。中国和东南亚的木材出口国随后签订的一系列协议,在减轻这些担忧方面发挥了作用。The plan to restrict logging in natural forests will largely be felt in northeast China. Last year China banned commercial logging in natural forests in Heilongjiang Province, the state news agency Xinhua reported. The government has budgeted 2.35 billion renminbi a year, about 0 million, to help cover the living costs of laid-off forestry workers and to promote other forest-related industries, according to chinadialogue, an independent website that reports on environmental issues.很大程度上,限制采伐天然林的计划将在中国东北实施。据中国官方通讯社新华社报道,去年,中国已禁止对黑龙江省的天然林进行商业性采伐。报道环境议题的独立网站“中外对话”表示,政府每年将安排23.5亿元人民币的财政预算,用于保障失业林业工作者的生活开,并促进其他森林相关的行业的发展。 /201503/365917

The hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 now depends on the willingness of governments and the military across Asia to hand over potentially sensitive radar and satellite data.对马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)失联班机MH370的搜索行动,下一步将主要取决于亚洲各国政府和军方是否愿意交出可能较为敏感的雷达和卫星数据。Satellite data provided by London-based company Inmarsat have been crucial, but not enough, in the task of pinpointing the plane.位于伦敦的国际海事卫星组织(Inmarsat)提供的卫星数据非常关键,但还不足以准确定位失联航班。The Boeing airliner’s last communication was with an Inmarsat satellite at 8.11am local time on March 8, more than seven hours after it took off from Kuala Lumpur on a flight to Beijing with 239 people on board. Without other data, investigators are unable to plot where it went next.这架由波音公司(Boeing)生产的客机在当地时间3月8日上午8点11分与国际海事卫星组织的一颗卫星取得了联络,这是这架客机与外界的最后一次通讯,此时距离它从吉隆坡起飞已经过去了7个多小时。该班机本应飞往北京,机上共有乘客239人。在缺乏其他数据的情况下,调查人员无法判断班机下一步去往何方。But with scant history of international co-operation on intelligence sharing – and in some cases outright hostility – there are reasons to doubt whether Malaysia will get the data it needs as it leads a 26-country search for the aircraft 11 days after it disappeared.但考虑到在情报共享方面缺乏国际合作的先例——在某些情况下各国之间的态度甚至彻底敌对——马来西亚很可能得不到其所需要的数据。该国领导了一项有26个国家参与的搜索行动,目前距离航班失踪已经过去了11天。The search involves two corridors stretching from Kazakhstan and Pakistan in the north, across India and to southeast Asia and Australia in the south.搜索行动覆盖了两条走廊地带,北部一线从哈萨克斯坦延伸到巴基斯坦,南部一线从印度穿过东南亚直至澳大利亚。“If we are talking about a multilateral effort that relies on sharing of intelligence, I think we are in uncharted waters. Information and intelligence sharing is always a very sensitive issue,” said Ian Storey, senior fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.新加坡东南亚研究所(Institute of Southeast Asian Studies)高级研究员伊恩#8226;斯托里(Ian Storey)表示:“如果我们讨论的是依赖于情报共享的多国搜索行动,那么我认为我们目前处于一片无人探查过的未知领域。信息和情报共享永远是一个非常敏感的问题。”The search has now widened from an initial stretch of the South China Sea to a vast area of ocean measuring more than 2m sq nautical miles and land roughly equal to two-thirds of the land mass of the US.搜索范围已从最初的南中国海水域扩展至面积超过200万平方海里的广阔海域,以及约等同于美国陆地面积三分之二的陆地区域。Malaysia has asked countries for radar data, as well as satellite data and analysis.马来西亚请求各国提供雷达数据、卫星数据以及情报分析。The hope is that this, together with the Inmarsat information, will allow investigators to plot the airliner’s last trajectory – although Malaysia Airlines has confirmed it had only 30 minutes of fuel left when last in contact with the Inmarsat satellite, over the northern Strait of Malacca.调查人员希望借助这些数据以及由国际海事卫星组织提供的信息,推测出失联班机最后的飞行轨迹,虽然马航已经实,失联班机在最后一次与国际海事卫星组织的卫星联系时——当时班机位于马六甲海峡北部上空——燃料存量仅够其继续飞行30分钟。In some cases, countries will be asked if their military have radar data that could help. But with information sharing between military authorities generally taking place only bilaterally, analysts say some may hold back key data.在某些情况下,各国可能会被问到其军方是否拥有对搜索行动有帮助的雷达数据。但鉴于军方信息通常仅会在两国之间共享,分析师们认为一些国家可能会在关键数据上有所隐瞒。“Generally, military intelligence sharing among southeast Asian states has been minimal – the prevailing strategic uncertainties coupled with political distrust, resource constraints and varying technological capabilities have precluded military transparency,” said Michael Raska of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.新加坡拉惹勒南国际研究院(S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies)的迈克尔#8226;拉斯卡(Michael Raska)表示:“通常来说,东南亚国家之间的军事情报共享非常少见——除了战略上的不确定性这一主要原因以外,政治上的不信任、资源限制、以及参差不齐的技术水平也导致了军事情报的不透明。” /201403/280862

  Back in 1970, Los Angeles was known as the smog capital of the world — a notorious example of industrialization largely unfettered by regard for health or the environment. Heavy pollution drove up respiratory and heart problems and shortened lives.在1970年,洛杉矶曾被称为“世界光化学烟雾之都”,它是一个不太考虑健康和环境因素,大肆进行工业化建设的臭名昭著的例子。严重的污染加重了呼吸道和心脏疾病的问题,也缩短了人们的寿命。But 1970 was also the year the environmental movement held the first Earth Day and when, 45 years ago this month, Congress passed a powerful update of the Clean Air Act. (Soon after, it was signed by President Richard Nixon, and it was followed by the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency and passage of the Clean Water Act, making him one of the most important, though underappreciated, environmentalists in American history.)但也是在1970年,环保运动人士第一次举行了“世界地球日”(Earth Day)。而且在45年前的9月,国会通过了颇具影响力的新《清洁空气法》(Clean Air Act)。不久以后,理查德·尼克松(Richard Nixon)总统正式签署了该法案,之后美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency,简称EPA)成立,《清洁水法案》(Clean Water Act)也获得通过。尼克松因此称得上是美国历史上最重要的环保人士之一,尽管他在这方面的成就没有得到充分的认可。Since that time, the Clean Air Act has repeatedly been challenged as costly and unnecessary. As a fight brews over President Obama’s new use of the law to address global warming, it’s worth re-examining the vast difference the law has aly made in the quality of the air we breathe, and in the length of our lives.从那个时候开始,《清洁空气法》就反复受到挑战,它被认为成本高且不必要。在奥巴马总统和民主党正酝酿重新利用这一法案解决全球变暖问题时,有必要来重新审视一下,这项法案给我们呼吸的空气质量和预期寿命带来了怎样的巨大改变。Numerous studies have found that the Clean Air Act has substantially improved air quality and averted tens of thousands of premature deaths from heart and respiratory disease. Here, I offer new estimates of the gains in life expectancy due to the improvement in air quality since 1970 — based on observations from the current “smog capital” of the world, China. (To learn more about how this was calculated, click here.)有许多研究发现,《清洁空气法》大幅提高了空气质量,让数以万计的人免于因心脏和呼吸道疾病而提早死亡。在这里,我对自1970年以来因空气质量改善而实现的预期寿命增长,提供一些最新的估算数据,其中参照了对当今的世界“雾霾之都”中国的观察(了解有关该估算方式的更多信息,请点击这里)。For several decades starting in the 1950s, China’s government gave residents in the northern half of the country free coal for winter heating, effectively creating a natural experiment in the health impact of pollution. My colleagues and I recently compared pollution and mortality rates between the north south of China and calculated the toll of airborne particulate matter, widely believed to be the most harmful form of air pollution, on life expectancy.从1950年代开始的几十年里,中国政府给华北地区的居民提供免费的煤块用来冬天取暖,这实际上构成了一个观察污染对健康的影响的天然实验。我和同事最近比较了中国南北方污染和死亡率数据的差异,计算出悬浮颗粒物质导致的死亡人数。普遍认为悬浮颗粒物是对人类寿命危害最大的空气污染物。Applying that formula to E.P.A. particulate data from 1970 to 2012 yields striking results for American cities.将EPA统计的1970年到2012年间的颗粒物质数据,用同一公式计算,就得到了关于美国城市的惊人数据。In Los Angeles, particulate pollution has declined by more than half since 1970. The average Angeleno lives about a year and eight months longer. Residents of New York and Chicago have gained about two years on average. With more than 42 million people currently living in these three metropolitan areas, the total gains in life expectancy add up quickly.在洛杉矶,颗粒物质污染自1970年以来减少了超过一半。洛杉矶人的平均寿命延长了大约一年零八个。纽约和芝加哥的居民平均寿命延长了大约两年。超过4200万人目前居住在这三大都市圈,整体预期寿命的延长,积累起来颇为可观。But some of the greatest improvements occurred in smaller towns and cities where heavy industries appeared to operate with few restrictions on pollution.但状况改善最明显的其实是一些规模更小的城镇,在那里经营的重工业企业,以前似乎不会受到任何污染方面的监管。In 1970, the Weirton, W.Va.–Steubenville, Ohio, metropolitan area had particulate concentrations similar to current-day Beijing. A child born there today can expect to live about five years longer than one born in 1970.1970年,西弗吉尼亚州的韦尔顿(Weirton)和俄亥俄州的斯托本维尔(Steubenville)区域,存在悬浮颗粒浓度高的问题,与如今北京的状态类似。现在出生在那里的孩子,预计可以比1970年出生在那里的孩子,多活大约五年。More than 200 million people currently live in places monitored for particulates in 1970 and today. (The E.P.A. focuses on the most heavily populated or polluted areas of the country, which is why these calculations exclude approximately 115 million people.) On average, these people can expect to live an additional 1.6 years, for a total gain of more than 336 million life-years.现在,有2亿多人口生活在1970年和现在都有悬浮颗粒数据监测的地区(EPA主要关注美国人口密集或污染严重的地区,因此有大约1.15亿人口不在计算范围内)。平均而言,这2亿人预计可以多活1.6年,这些人口增加的寿命长度总计超过3.36亿年。Not all of these benefits came from Clean Air Act regulations. Other factors include local regulations and the shifting of relatively dirty industries abroad. But the Clean Air Act was a primary cause.实现这些改变不能仅仅归功于《清洁空气法》的实施。一些地方法规和一些污染相对严重的产业被转移到国外等因素,也发挥了作用。但《清洁空气法》的确是主要原因。The history and impact of the Clean Air Act can serve as a valuable case study for countries that are struggling today with the extraordinary pollution that we once faced. In Northern China, where pollution is curtailing lives by an average of five years, the government has at last declared a “war on pollution.” While enforcement is not perfect, the government has improved transparency and amended environmental protection laws to impose stricter punishments against polluters.《清洁空气法》的历史和影响,可以为正在努力解决我们也曾面临过的严重污染问题的那些国家,提供有价值的研究案例。在中国北部地区,环境污染现在让人们的寿命平均缩短了五年,中国政府终于宣布开启“治理污染之战”。尽管执行得并不完美,但中国政府已经提高了透明度,也修订了环境保护法,对污染环境者采取更严厉的惩罚。In India, pollution is abridging the average person’s life by about three years. But the growing outrage has not yet coalesced into forceful action, although it’s possible that pressure to take steps against climate change will also have an effect on improving air quality.在印度,环境污染现在让人们的平均寿命降低了大约三年。但民众日益加剧的不满,尚未促使政府采取有力行动。不过,采取措施应对气候变化的压力,可能也会对改善空气质量产生影响。The hundreds of millions of life-years saved from improved air quality in our country didn’t happen by accident or overnight. This happened because a collective voice for change brought about one of the most influential laws of the land.在美国,因空气质量提高而延长的总计数亿年寿命,并非偶然实现,也不是一蹴而就,而是因为民众集体发声,要求做出改变,才促成了这个国家最有影响力的法律之一。As the ed States and other nations continue to debate the costs of environmental regulation, they can do so with the knowledge that the benefits can be substantial. As proof, we need look no further than the five extra years residents of Weirton-Steubenville are living and the hundreds of millions of years gained by Americans throughout the nation.在美国和其他国家继续就环境法规的成本进行辩论时,他们需要了解,这么做的益处是非常可观的。只要看看韦尔顿-斯托本维尔区域的居民因环境改善而多出的五年寿命,以及全国民众整体增加的数亿年寿命,就足以明白这一点。 /201509/401151

  Few Chinese take paid leave中国很少有人带薪休假A large amount of Chinese employees refuse to take paid leave, a legal right for workers stipulated by Chinese law, a new survey has found.我国法律规定职工享有带薪休假的合法权利,但很多职工拒绝享受带薪假。According to a nationwide survey conducted by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, around 50% of Chinese employees choose not to take paid leave.人社部一项全国性调查显示,目前我国有50%左右的职工选择不休带薪假。In a bid to find out why, the People#39;s Daily recently interviewed several employees in different employment settings. The newspaper found interviewees who work for government organs, institutions and State-owned enterprises reluctantly give up their rights due to concerns that asking for paid leave might ;leave bosses the bad impression of being lazy; and influence future job promotions.为找原因,《人民日报》近日采访了不同职业背景的一些职工,发现在政府部门、事业单位和国有企业工作的受访者由于担心要求休带薪假可能会给老板留下;偷懒;的坏印象,影响未来工作晋升而不情愿地放弃休假的权利。In other jobs, such as sales, employees forego paid leave to avoid smaller bonuses, as only basic salary is given during that time.对于其它工作,如销售,职工放弃带薪休假是为了避免奖金的缩水,因为带薪休假期间只能拿底薪。 /201507/389138。


  The US environmental watchdog has defended a landmark climate deal with China that Republicans have attacked as one-sided, saying it requires Beijing as well as Washington to make “difficult adjustments”.美国环境监管机构为中美达成的一项具有里程碑意义的气候协议进行辩护,称该协议要求中美两国都做出“艰难调整”。共和党抨击该协议是一边倒的。The world’s two biggest greenhouse gas polluters signed the agreement to curb emissions last month, but Republicans say it imposes too many obligations on the US and too few on China.上月,两个全球最大的温室气体排放国签署了遏制碳排放的协议,但共和党人士表示,该协议令美国承担的义务过多,中国承担的义务太少。Gina McCarthy, head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, rejected the criticism, saying Beijing’s commitment to ensure Chinese emissions peak by about 2030 demands that the central government takes immediate action to pull reluctant provincial governments into line.美国环保局(US Environmental Protection Agency)局长吉娜#8226;麦卡锡(Gina McCarthy)拒绝接受这一批评。她表示,中国承诺将确保中国的碳排放量在2030年左右见顶,这要求中央政府立即采取措施,让不情愿的省级政府步调一致。“They are going to have to make really difficult adjustments to their entire economic structure and policy structure to be able to make that happen,” she said in an interview with the Financial Times. “This is a huge challenge for them and it’s one I certainly never envisioned they would embrace.“要做到这点,他们将不得不对他们的整个经济结构和政策结构作出一些真正艰难的调整,”她在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示,“这对他们而言是一项巨大挑战,我确实想不到他们会迎接这样的挑战。”“I think people who are unfamiliar with [the US-China deal] may look at it as being disproportionate. I don’t think so.”“我认为,不了解(中美协议)的人可能会认为其不成比例。我不这么认为。”Her comments highlight how efforts to tackle global warming depend partly on the world’s two largest economic powers managing tensions between central and regional governments.她的言论突显出,解决全球变暖的努力。在一定程度上依赖于全球两大经济强国妥善处理中央与地方政府之间的紧张关系。Beijing’s weak environmental bureaucracy faces constant battles with local leaders who have historically been told to prioritise economic growth above environment concerns, political analysts say.政治分析人士表示,中国薄弱的环境部门面临着与地方领导者的持续角力,后者传统上被告知把经济增长置于环境关切之上。Ms McCarthy, who was appointed in 2013 to help curb the pace of climate change part of President Barack Obama’s legacy, faces her own regional challenges at home.麦卡锡在国内也面临着地方政府发起的挑战。她于2013年得到任命,以帮助控制气候变化的速度,这将是美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)的政治遗产之一。Her agency is being sued by 12 US states that oppose plans to cut greenhouse gas pollution from the power sector, which accounts for 40 per cent of the country’s emissions. A total of 17 state attorneys-general have declared the proposals illegal.反对降低电力行业温室气体排放计划的美国12个州正起诉美国环保局,该行业的碳排放量占美国总排放量的40%。有17个州的首席检察长宣布这些提议非法。The regulations are central to the US’s ability to meet its own commitments to emit 26–28 per cent less greenhouse gas in 2025 than it did in 2005.这些规定对于美国兑现自己承诺的能力至关重要,美国承诺在2025年令其温室气体排放量较2005年减少26%至28%。 /201412/347260

  Whenever a company suffers a setback or calamity, business school professors and management journalists lay out the lessons for other businesses.每当一家公司遇到挫折或者灾难,商学院教授和管理类新闻记者就会为其它公司总结经验教训。That was true for General Motors and its faulty ignitions (make sure employees who spot problems bring them to management’s attention) and Starbucks’ UK tax difficulties (don’t underestimate consumers’ ability to do you damage).在通用汽车(General Motors)的点火开关缺陷(教训是保发现问题的员工将问题传达到管理层)事件上是这样,在星巴克(Starbucks)在英国遭遇税务问题(教训是别低估消费者给你造成损失的能力)的时候也是这样。But there does not appear much other companies can learn from Malaysia Airlines’ travails. Its twin disasters – one passenger jet lost and the other apparently shot down – are too unusual to generate advice for anyone else.但是其它公司似乎没办法从马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)的困境中学到什么。一架客机失踪,一架客机则明显被击落,马航遭遇的这两起灾难太不寻常,不能给其他人带来什么重要教训。It is hard to see what the airline itself can learn from the tragedies. The first is still unexplained. The second was not its fault. It was flying over a war zone, but so were other respectable carriers.马航自身能从这些悲剧中学到什么也很难说。第一起事故至今还未查明原因。第二起事故错不在马航。马航客机的确飞经战区,但是其他优秀航空公司也这样做。Given these awful misfortunes, it is understandable that the airline is contemplating changing its name and starting again as something else.考虑到这些可怕的不幸事故,也难怪马航正在考虑更改公司名称,以新的身份重新开始。We can see how extraordinary Malaysia Airlines’ plight is by looking at the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s safety report.看一看国际民航组织(International Civil Aviation Organisation)的安全报告,我们就能理解马航的困境有多不寻常了。In 2013, 3.1bn passengers took a scheduled international or domestic flight. Of those, 173 died in an accident. This year’s figures will be higher – there have been other fatal crashes, including that of Air Algérie in Mali – but they will still be a tiny proportion of passengers.2013年,有31亿名乘客乘坐国际或者国内的定期航班,其中有173人死于事故。今年的死亡人数会更高——除了马航两起事故以外,还发生了其他坠机事故,包括阿尔及利亚航空公司(Air Algérie)的飞机在马里坠毁——但依然只会占乘客总数的很小一部分。But not even these statistics show how unusual the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and the downing of Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine were.但仅仅这些统计数字还不能说明马航MH370航班失踪和MH17航班在乌克兰东部坠落有多么不同寻常。The vast majority of air accidents take place while aircraft are landing or taking off. Just 10 per cent of 2013 accidents happened mid-flight.绝大多数飞行事故是在飞机降落或者起飞时发生的。在2013年发生的飞行事故中,仅有10%发生在飞行途中。And while both Malaysian aircraft were Boeing 777 jets, turboprop planes are more likely to crash. As many as 46 per cent of aircraft accidents involve turboprops, even though they account for a far smaller percentage of the world’s commercial fleet than jets do.马航失事的两架客机都是波音(Boeing)777喷气式飞机,相比之下,涡轮螺旋桨飞机更有可能发生坠机事故。在世界商用飞机中,涡轮螺旋桨飞机所占比例比喷气式飞机要小得多,但前者发生的空难却占到了46%的比例。There will be small lessons the airline industry can learn from Malaysia Airlines’ experience. They will have another look at how they communicate with customers after a tragedy. I was impressed, flying on Malaysia Airlines after its first disaster, to note that, rather than avoiding the subject, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, its chief executive, expressed his sorrow on the front page of the in-flight magazine.航空业可以从马航的事件中学到一些小小的经验。他们应该反思在悲剧发生后怎么和客户沟通。在马航的第一起灾难发生后,我乘坐了马航的客机,发现马航没有对事故避之不谈,在飞机上的杂志的头版文章中,马航首席执行官艾哈迈德#8226;乔哈里#8226;叶海亚(Ahmad Jauhari Yahya)表达了他的悲痛之情,这给我留下了深刻的印象。As to the lessons on flights across war zones: as Hugh Dunleavy, Malaysia Airlines’ commercial director, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph, a central international body should determine what is safe, not individual airlines.对于飞经战区的飞机的经验教训是:就如马航的商业总监休#8226;邓利维(Hugh Dunleavy)在《星期日电讯报》(Sunday Telegraph)上发表的文章中所写的,应该由一个主要国际组织,而非个体的航空公司,来确立安全标准。Malaysia Airlines appears to have suffered from two episodes of extreme misfortune rather than mismanagement (unless we discover something new about the lost aircraft).让马航陷入困境的,似乎是这两起极其不幸的事故,而非管理不善(除非我们发现失踪客机的新信息)。Yet its business is suffering. Bookings are down. “In this part of the world in Asia people are more superstitious so this works against them,” an industry executive told the Financial Times. It is not just in Asia; many others will hesitate before booking one of its flights.然而马航的业务正在蒙受损失。机票预订减少了。“亚洲人更加迷信,所以这会对他们产生不好的影响,”一位行业主管告诉《金融时报》的记者。不只是在亚洲,其他地方的人在预订马航航班时也会犹豫不决。So should Malaysia Airlines change its name? One person I expected to answer “definitely” was Paul Argenti, professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck business school who, over a decade ago, studied 40 years of name changes and found that the company benefited in every case.那么马航是否应该改名?我认为有个人应该会回答“当然”,那就是达特茅斯大学(Dartmouth)塔克商学院(Tuck business school)的保尔#8226;阿根提(Paul Argenti)教授。十多年前,阿根提教授研究了40年以来公司改名的案例,发现每个案例中改名的公司都从中受益了。He told me he expected to find the same results today. The reason was that a name change usually went along with a new strategy.他告诉我,他认为现在也会是同样的结果。因为改名的同时,公司通常也会采取一种新的发展战略。Malaysia Airlines needs one of those, and did even before its twin tragedies. The company has made net losses for the past three years. As with many large carriers, its long-haul operations are doing reasonably well, but its short-haul business is suffering because of competition from low-cost carriers such as AirAsia.马航需要一项新策略,甚至早在两起悲剧发生之前就需要新策略了。在过去的三年中,马航连年净亏损。与其他许多大型航空公司一样,马航的长线航班业绩相当良好,然而短线航班业务则因遭受来自亚洲航空(AirAsia)等廉价航空公司的竞争而表现不佳。But Prof Argenti told me that he thought that, even with a new strategy, Malaysia Airlines was the one company he had come across that should not change its name. There would be no point. Its disasters were just too big.可是阿根提教授却告诉我,他认为,即使采取新策略,马航也是目前为止他遇到的唯一一个不应该改名的公司。因为改名毫无意义。马航遭遇的灾难太严重了。What about Valujet, the US airline that, after a 1996 crash in the Florida Everglades, re-emerged, successfully, as AirTran? That was a US incident, Prof Argenti said. “This is a global story that everyone is following.”那么美国瓦卢杰航空公司(Valujet)的例子呢?1996年在佛罗里达大沼泽地发生坠机事故后,这家公司更名为穿越航空(AirTran),成功再次崛起。阿根提教授说,那是一起美国的事故。“马航事件则是每个人都在关注的全球性事件。”He is right. Whatever Malaysia Airlines becomes, people will remember what it was. It needs to fix its business and win back fliers’ trust. A name change won’t help.他是对的。不管马航改叫什么,人们都会记得它曾经叫着什么。马航需要重整业务,赢回乘客的信任。改名起不了什么作用。 /201408/318653


  László Andraschek, of Hungary, was on his way to a workshop for recovering alcoholics back in September, when he decided to spend his last coins on a lottery ticket, the Guardian reports. Expecting the same bad luck and disappointment that had befallen him his whole life, he was shocked to discover he won the equivalent of about .8 million.去年9月份,匈牙利流浪汉安德拉谢克在前往布达佩斯参加戒酒工作坊的途中,用身上仅有的数枚硬币在车站买了一张票。原本因人生中充满的霉运和沮丧而不报希望的他,竟发现自己中了279万美元(约合人民币1720万元)的头奖。“I had only picked six numbers and the female shop assistant reminded me that I needed to pick a seventh,” Andraschek told The Guardian. “I told her to make it 24 – it doesn#39;t matter, anyway.”安德拉谢克告诉《卫报》说:“我只选了6个数字,店员叫我再选一个,我告诉她我选24——反正也没什么关系。”The 55-year-old has decided to use his good fortune responsibly -- and for a good cause, the outlet notes. In fact, Andraschek’s big win went unnoticed until he made a big donation to a hostel for the homeless in February. He also plans to open a foundation for addicts and women who have been abused.55岁的安德拉谢克决定对这笔幸运的奖金负起责任——出于善心,他决定把奖金捐献出去。事实上,安德拉谢克的消息没有公开,直到2月份的时候,他给一个流浪汉中心捐了一笔不小的捐款时,他的秘密才大白于天下。他甚至还打算建立一个基金,用来帮助瘾君子和遭受虐待的女性。Andraschek’s philanthropic efforts for the homeless couldn’t have come at a better time. In 2013, the Hungarian parliament passed a law that threatens those who sleep on the streets with community work, fines and in some cases imprisonment, according to the B.安德拉谢克的善举真的是雪中送炭。2013年,B有报道称,匈牙利议会通过了一项法令,露宿街道的人应被罚社区务,并处罚金,甚至可能面临牢狱之灾。This isn’t the first instance of a homeless man using jackpot winnings to help others. After winning ,000 in April 2013, Dennis Mahurin, of Illinois, decided to opt out of improved living conditions and stay put in his tent. He gave 0 to all the other homeless people in the area.流浪汉用票的奖金来帮助他人的例子已经不是第一次了。2013年4月,伊利诺斯州的丹尼斯·马胡林在中了5万美元的奖之后,决定不把这笔钱花在改善自身生活条件上,而是继续住在帐篷里。他给了住在同一区域的流浪汉每人100美元。 /201403/278812。


  The No Make Up Selfies which have taken the internet by storm over the last two days are thought to have raised a staggering #163;1 million for charity.素颜自拍活动这两天在网络上掀起了一场风暴,由此活动募捐的善款达到令人惊讶的一百万英镑。And now the Fellas of Facebook and Twitter have decided they too want to get their mugs in on the action and a flurry of selfies featuring men in make-up have started appearing online.现在Facebook和Twitter上的小伙子们也坐不住了,想在这个活动里露一把脸,于是,一汉子们的化妆照在网络上传播开来。Some of the fellas seem to have gone girly and cute, while others were maybe inspired by Halloween outfits when they got out the slap, but their efforts were all commendable.这其中有一些看起来女孩子气而可爱,另一些则像是换上了万圣节装扮。当然了,他们的良苦用心是值得称赞的。Meanwhile the #NoMakeUpSelfie shows no signs of dieing down just yet as women continue to strip back their look in the name of charity.与此同时,“素颜自拍”慈善活动并没有因此消失,女性们依然在为了慈善活动上传素颜照。Kath Abrahams, Director of Engagement and Income generation at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said: #39;We are delighted to see the success of the no make-up selfie viral campaign. It is great to see the British public getting behind the campaign and helping to raise awareness of breast cancer.#39;“突破乳腺癌”项目参与与创收一代主管Kath Abrahams说道:“我们很高兴看到素颜自拍活动病毒性宣传的成功。看到英国民众持和提高人们对乳腺癌认知度的感觉很棒。”#39;Here at Breakthrough, we have seen a huge spike in the number of unique visitors to our website, smashing our record to date. We have received hundreds of donations from people simply texting PINK to 70300 in the past 24 hours. We would like to thank all those who have supported us, enabling our scientists to continue their life-saving research.“在活动中,我们看到了网站独立用户访问大幅上升,打破了记录。在过去的24小时里,我们收到了成百上千通过发送‘PINK’到70300捐款的短信。我们非常感谢持我们的人,这些捐款使得我们的科学家能够继续拯救生命的研究。”#39;Breast cancer is not yesterday’s problem; every ten minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Anything that gets the public behind this important cause is to be celebrated. It isn’t too late to get involved, so go ahead and text PINK to 70300.#39;“乳腺癌并不是已经过去的问题,现在每十分钟就有一位女性被诊断出乳腺癌,任何一个能拉动公众关注这个重要议题的事情都值得庆贺。任何时候参与都不晚,所以行动起来,发短信‘PINK’到70300捐款吧。”Most women usually shy away from the camera if they#39;re not wearing at least a slick of mascara or a pop of colour on their lips.任何一位女性如果没有上睫毛膏或抹口红都很羞于站在镜头前。But anyone using social media over the last 48 hours can#39;t fail to have noticed a flurry of snaps featuring women with no slap on.但是任何使用社交媒体的人都可能看到一大堆没有抹口红的女性照片。In fact the trend has taken Twitter and Facebook by storm with thousands of females wiping off their make-up and posting photos using the hash tag #NoMakeUpSelfie.事实上,Twitter和Facebook上数以千计的女性卸下妆容,拍下了自己的素颜照片上传网络,并带上标签“素颜自拍”。Everyone from cancer survivors to men in full drag have been posting pictures in on Twitter and Facebook.从癌症存活者到男扮女装者,他们都在上传照片。Though nobody seems to know where the idea came from, the rule seemed to be that women post their picture and then nominate other female friends to do the same with all posting that the photos were to #39;raise awareness of cancer#39;.虽然没人知道这个主题是从哪里来的,但规则似乎是女性上传自己的照片然后提名其他的女性朋友跟上,以此来提高人们对癌症的关注。After becoming aware of the flurry of selfies, Cancer Research sent out a tweet saying: #39;We’re loving your #cancerawareness #nomakeupselfie pics! The campaign isn’t ours but every #163; helps #beatcancersooner.#39; Cancer Research says so far it has raised #163;1million in 24 hours.在注意到这股自拍潮流后,癌症研究中心发布Twitter消息:“我们非常喜欢你们上传的‘关注癌症’‘素颜自拍’照片!这个活动不是我们发起的,但是大家的每一份捐款都会帮助‘日后战胜癌症’。”癌症研究中心称在过去的24小时里他们收到了一百万英镑的募捐。Those posting the selfies or nominating others to do so are texting the word BEAT to 70099 TO DONATE #163;3.这些发布自拍或邀请别人的活动就是发布BEAT到70099,以此捐出3英镑。Carolan Davidge, director of communications at Cancer Research UK said, “The #nomakeupselfie Twitter trend isn’t something Cancer Research UK started – but it’s great to see so many people getting involved to help raise awareness of cancer amongst their friends and family. If people would like to choose to support our work to beat cancer sooner, they can visit www.cruk.org.”英国癌症研究中心媒体总监Carolan Davidge说道:“这股Twitter上的‘素颜自拍’潮流并不是英国癌症协会发起的,但是能看到这么多人加入进来提高周围人们对癌症的认识很棒。如果他们愿意持我们打倒癌症的事业,可以访问www.cruk.org。”It#39;s not known where or how the trend for using a no make-up selfie started this time around although last week author Laura Lippman caused an online storm with a similar campaign in support of actress Kim Novak and her appearance at the Oscars.现在还不知道用素颜自拍宣传癌症这个活动是从哪里或者怎样掀起的,虽然上周作家Laura Lippman在网上发起了一个类似活动持演员Kim Novak和她在奥斯卡上的露面。Now, following this new viral selfie campaign the Facebook group No Make Up Selfie For Cancer Awareness has more than 153,690 likes and hundreds of photo uploads.现在,伴随着这个自拍活动,Facebook上的“素颜自拍关注癌症”小组已经获得153690个赞以及几百张照片的上传。Cancer survivor Deborah Ferguson from Liverpool submitted her photo to the Facebook group and agreed to have it published on MailOnline.来自利物浦的癌症存活者Deborah Ferguson在Facebook小组上传了自己的照片,并同意将照片发布在《每日邮报》上。She said: #39;Can I campaign on behalf of all neglected boobies please? Give them a check, I did that#39;s why I have such a big smile as am a survivor.#39;她说:“我能代表所有那些被忽视的傻瓜们吗?亲亲他们,因为我是存活着,所以我才能有如此的笑容。”Another participant., Abigail Spillman said: #39;I think it is a fantastic way to raise awareness. Its only been going on since yesterday and aly it is trending worldwide.另一位参与者Abigail Spillman说:“我觉得这是提高人们关注的一个奇妙方式。虽然是昨天才开始,但是已经席卷了全世界。”#39;Along with a #nomakeupselfie and a small donation (if you wish) is a massive help. Well done on using Facebook and Twitter for putting it to good use!#39;“上传一张素颜照片,再加上一笔小小捐款就是很大的帮助了,这是充分利用Facebook和Twitter。”Sophie Williams, who works for a PR firm, told MailOnline she posted her #nomakeupselfie and promises to donate 50p for each like she receives to Cancer Research UK.在公关公司工作的Sophie Williams透露,她上传了自己的素颜照,并承诺每得到一个赞就捐出50英镑给英国癌症研究中心。Dancer Felixy Splits posted a fresh faced pic, and told MailOnline: #39;Everyone knows someone who has suffered from this awful disease.舞者Felixy Splits上传了自己容光焕发的照片,她说道:“每个人都知道有些人正遭受着这种疾病的折磨。”#39;It#39;s not only important to raise awareness but to donate anything you can. Make a difference and do something positive today.#39;“光提高人们的注意力是不够的,你还得尽你所能做些实事。与众不同,拿出行动。”Katie Weir of Freya Lingerie also joined in. She told MailOnline: #39;Through the recent nomination trend on Facebook it is easy to see the power of social media and how quickly posts can go viral.Freya内衣品牌的Katie Weir也加入了这个活动。她说:“通过这段时间Facebook的点名活动,我们能轻易看到社交媒体的力量以及病毒式传播的迅速。”#39;It is fantastic to see young women embracing their make-up free faces to raise awareness of breast cancer.#39;“看到年轻女性通过素颜提醒人们关注乳腺癌很好。”#39;I was nominated by my friend and by doing so I donated #163;5 to the charity which I wouldn#39;t have done if I hadn#39;t seen the status!#39;“我是被朋友点名然后上传照片并捐出了5英镑,如果没有看到这个活动我就不会做了。”And it#39;s not just women who are getting in on the action. In solidarity, men too have com up with their own way of raising awareness - but they#39;re slapping on the make-up.而且,不只是女性加入了这项活动,为了团结一致,男性们也通过自己的方式提醒人们关注,不过他们是给自己脸上化妆。Rachel Horkan submitted a photo of her 12-year-old little brother Zach in full make-up.Rachel Horkan上传了自己12岁的弟弟Zach化上浓妆的照片。She wrote: #39;[He] decided to put the make-up on as us girls are taking it of all to help cancer awareness, so proud of him to do this at such a young age! Bless him lots of likes for this young man people xxx#39;她写道:“他决定画上浓妆办成女孩子来持这项活动。他能在这么小的年纪这么做让我很骄傲!希望她的行为能得到大家的很多赞。” /201403/281670


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