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“美国高考”ACT考试遭泄题 香港韩国考试全部取消 -- :00: 来源: 6月号,本是被称为“美国高考”的美国大学入学考试ACT的考试日子因ACT在中国内地不设考场,不少内地学生远赴香港和韩国参加ACT考试然而,在考试前几个小时,学生收到ACT通知,紧急取消6月号在中国香港地区和韩国的考试 An examination students in South Korea and Hong Kong hoping to study at US colleges has been cancelled after "credible evidence" emerged that it had been leaked in advance.韩国和香港参加美国留学的考试竟然因有“可靠据”显示遭泄题而被取消Administrators of the ACT test took the decision just hours bee some 5,500 students were due to sit it.ACT考试的主办方在距离开考仅剩几小时时,宣布了这个决定The ACT is one of two entrance exams available to international and domestic students wanting to go to a US college.国内外想要到美国上大学的人,都必须参加ACT考试,或者另外一项考试This is not the first cheating scandal to hit the tests in East Asia.这已经不是发生在东亚的第一起泄题丑闻The other entrance exam - the SAT - was cancelled in South Korea in because some of the questions were leaked.另一项“美国高考”——SAT,年在韩国也由于泄题被取消考试The ACT test was due to be held at 56 test centres in both South Korea and Hong Kong on Saturday morning.ACT考试原定于6月日上午在韩国和香港的56个考点开考The Associated Press said teachers at some of Seoul’s private "cram schools" said they were not notified until about an hour bee the students were due to sit the test.据美联社消息,首尔的私人“补习班”老师们表示,直到开考前一小时他们才接到通知取消考试ACT Inc, an Iowa-based non-profit organisation that was operating the test, said it took the decision after receiving "credible evidence that test materials intended administration in these regions have been compromised".运营本次考试的ACT公司是一家总部设在爱荷华的非营利机构该公司表示,在收到“可靠的据表明这些地区的考题遭泄露”后,他们马上做出了决定The organisation said in a statement that all students would get a refund but would only be able to resit when the tests are held again in September.该机构在一份声明中表示,会将考试费用退给学生,在今年9月再安排一次考试

美国一男子遭警察击濒死,女友直播现场画面 -- :1:39 来源: 在短短不到两天时间里,美国发生了两起警察杀黑人的事件,在本次事件中,受害人女友更是在Facebook上现场直播了整个过程,这在美国国内引起了极大的震动 A of the dying moments of a black man shot by Minnesota police after being pulled over while driving went viral Thursday, a day after a emerged of a similar incident in Louisiana.本周四一条关于一黑人男子在停车接受检查时遭明尼苏达州警察击濒死的视频在网上疯传,而就在前一天,一条发生在路易斯安那州类似事件的视频刚在网上曝光“Oh my God, please don’t tell me he’s dead, please don’t tell me my boyfriend just went like that… You shot four bullets into him, sir,” a woman, identified on her Facebook page as Lavish Reynolds, is heard saying in the shot on her camera phone.“我的天,不要告诉我他死了,请不要跟我说我男朋友要死了你射了他四,先生”Facebook上一个名叫Lavish Reynolds的女子在她用手机拍摄的视频中喊道Police confirmed the shooting by an officer. Family and activists identified the victim as school cafeteria worker Philando Castile, 3. Castile can be seen in the driver seat, large blood stains sping through his white shirt. Reynolds sat next to him and her young daughter was also traveling in the car.警方实是一名警察开的家人和热心人士确认受害人为学校自助餐厅的工作人员Philando Castile,今年3岁视频中可以看到Castile躺在驾驶座上,大量的鲜血染红了他的白衬衫Reynolds坐在他旁边,他们的小女儿也在车内The shooting took place just one day after police in Louisiana shot dead a black father of five at point-blank range, in an incident being probed by federal investigators.这起击事件发生的前一天,在联邦调查员调查一起事故时,一名路易斯安那州的警察近距离杀了一名5个孩子的黑人父亲In the of the Minnesota killing, broadcast on Facebook Live and aly viewed more than 1.7 million times, Reynolds says the car was pulled over a broken tail light. She later says there was also marijuana in the car.这个在Facebook上直播的明尼苏达州击视频的点击量已经超过0万次,Reynolds称他们因汽车尾灯破碎而停车接受检查后来她承认车上藏有大麻Castile had a legal license to carry a firearm and was reaching his license and vehicle registration when police shot him, she adds.她补充道,Castile拥有持,而当他去拿他的持和驾照时,一名警察对他开了Police said the incident was being investigated and a handgun was recovered at the scene. Castile “was trying to get out his ID and his wallet out of his pocket, and he let the officer know that he had a firearm and he was reaching his wallet, and the officer just shot him in his arm.” Reynolds says in the .警方称事故正在调查中,他们在现场发现了一把手Reynolds在视频中说:“Castile试图从他的口袋中拿出身份件和钱包,他告诉警察他有(持有)并去掏他的钱包,这时警察对着他的胳膊开了”She says the police officer, who has not yet been identified, was “Chinese.”开警察的身份还没得到确认,但Reynolds称是名华人警察With Castile moaning and gasping air, the police officer pointed his gun through the car window.在Castile一边呻吟一边大口喘气的时候,这名警察在车窗外举着“Fuck! I told him not to reach it! I told him to get his hands up!” the officer shouted.他喊道:“我告诉过你不要动!我告诉过你把手举起来!” much of the nearly -minute , Reynolds can be heard wailing, off and on camera, as police apparently cast her phone to the side at one point and later handcuffed her, so she could not hold the phone up.在差不多分钟的视频中,大部分时候都能听见Reynolds哭泣声,不管镜头内还是镜头外的直到警察明显将她的手机扔到一边并给她戴上手铐,她才不能继续拿着手机拍摄了A Facebook page set up by supporters, Justice Philando Castile, said: “Philando Castile was murdered by police on 76. We demand justice!”持者在Facebook上建了一个页面为Castile伸张正义:“Philando Castile在年7月6日被警察谋杀我们要求正义”In a poignant moment toward the end of the , Reynolds’s four-year-old daughter can be heard reassuring her deeply distraught mother.一个令人心酸的瞬间是,在视频末尾可以听见Reynolds四岁的女儿在安慰她悲痛欲绝的妈妈“It’s ok, mommy,” says the girl sweetly. “It’s ok, I’m right here with you.”“没事的,妈妈”小女孩甜甜的声音传出来,“没事的,我会一直在这儿陪你的”Activists said the girl was just four years old.热心人士称小女孩才刚刚四岁

英国脱欧后,英语也要脱欧? -- 18::5 来源:chinadaily PHILIPPE HUGUENGETTY IMESIs the ed Kingdom’s exit from the European Union going to deal a fatal blow to the language of Shakespeare on the continent? English, one of the official languages of the EU, is very much spoken in Brussels and in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. But according to certain leading French politicians, its status after the Brexit should be questioned. 英国脱离欧盟会对英语在欧洲大陆的使用产生致命的影响吗?英语,是欧盟种官方语言之一,在布鲁塞尔和欧洲议会所在地斯特拉斯堡都非常盛行但是据某法国政要说,英国脱欧后,英语的地位也应受到质疑On Friday morning, the mayor of the southern French town of Béziers, Robert Ménard — a man with close ties to the National Front — reckoned that English no longer had “any legitimacy” in Brussels. 法国南部城市贝济耶市市长罗伯特?麦纳德与国民阵线有非常密切的联系,周五上午,他说他猜测英语在布鲁塞尔不再具有“任何合法性”Left-wing presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who supports moving away from European treaties, has, his part, said that English can no longer be “the third working language” of the European Parliament. 左翼总统候选人让?吕克?梅朗松持把英语从欧盟协议中去除,他个人认为英语不能再是欧洲议会“第三大工作语言”了In various ways, they’re both wrong. The very complex operation of multilingualism in European institutions doesn’t rely on the single criterion of a member state’s membership in — or withdrawal from — the EU. 从多种角度看,他们都错了欧盟复杂的多语种工作机制并不依赖于成员国留下或退出欧盟这一单一标准The EU’s official languages are communicative languages recognized by the institutions. At the inception of the European structure, during the creation of the European Coal and Steel Commy (ECSC) in 1951, there were four: French, German, Italian and Dutch. Today there are of these official languages, including Bulgarian, Danish, Croatian and, obviously, English. In the European Parliament, all documents and discussions must be translated simultaneously into the languages. 欧盟的官方语言是由组织机构认定的交流语言在欧盟的初始阶段,在1951年欧洲煤钢共同体成立期间,有四种工作语言:法语、德语、意大利语和荷兰语如今有种官方语言,包括保加利亚语、丹麦语、克罗地亚语,当然了,还有英语在欧洲议会,所有的文件和会议讨论都必须同时译成种语言The official language of a member state doesn’t automatically become an official language of the EU (as is notably the case with Luxembourgish). This recognition happens at the request of the state. If a state withdraws, its language might also be withdrawn, even if a case it was never made. 成员国的官方语言并不会自动转为欧盟的官方语言(卢森堡语的例子就很著名),应一国要求,才会得到认可如果一国退出,它的语言也许也会退出,尽管之前没有过这样的例子Nevertheless, Great Britain’s exit should not be enough to abolish the use of English in Brussels, contrary to what Robert Ménard thinks. That is quite simply because the English language is one of the official languages of Ireland and Malta, who are still members of the EU. 然而,英国退出对废弃在布鲁塞尔使用英语而言还远远不够,和罗伯特?麦纳德所想相反道理非常简单,因为英语是爱尔兰和马耳他的官方语言之一,它们还是欧盟的成员Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s proposal is subtler because the European MP is targeting English not in its capacity as an official language, but as a working language. To enable the fluidity of exchanges within the EU, certain discussions led by certain institutions happen in a limited number of languages. Contrary to what the presidential candidate asserts, this isn’t the case during sessions of the European Parliament (except press conferences). The European Commission, however, does have three official working languages: French, German and English. 让-吕克?梅朗松的提议就比较微妙,因为他针对的不是英语作为官方语言的能力,而是工作语言为了保欧盟内部交流的顺畅,一些机构组织的一些会议中,语言使用的数量是有限的与梅朗松宣称的相反,这和欧洲议会的会议没多大关系(除了新闻发布会)而欧洲委员会有三种官方工作语言:法语,德语和英语This linguistic choice is clearly tied to member states’ influence, but it also follows practical concerns and historical traditions. Deliberation in the European Union Court of Justice takes place in French, as do the majority of discussions in the European Court of Auditors. 这种语言学上的选择显然是和成员国的影响力联系在一起的,但是它也要遵循实际考虑和历史传统欧洲法院的审议是用法语进行的,欧洲审计院的大部分会议也是用法语So although the U.K. doesn’t use the euro and has preserved its monetary sovereignty, the European Central Bank has, since its creation, always and exclusively used the English language. And this is not London’s sake, but the sake of not complicating its extremely sensitive communication by multiplying the channels of translation. ,尽管英国不使用欧元,保留着它的货币主权,但欧洲中央自从建立之初就总是使用英语一种语言这不是因为伦敦的影响力,而是因为不想增加翻译的语种,避免让它已经非常敏感的交流变得更复杂Vocabulary: inception: 起初 exclusively: 唯一地,排外地英文来源:赫芬顿邮报翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning

3个小孩不听话 被狠心妈丢弃在沙漠 -- :51:59 来源: 美国一个家庭3个5至7岁的孩子,只是因为不听话,被狠心的妈妈丢弃在沙漠中,所幸后来被经过沙漠的好心人搭救,妈妈则因涉嫌虐待儿童被拘禁 A Calinia mom and her boyfriend are both facing felony child abuse charges after police say they left her three young children alone in the Mojave Desert Wednesday, seemingly as a punishment.加州的一位妈妈和她的男朋友正面临虐待儿童的指控——星期三,警方发现他们将3个小孩丢弃在莫哈维沙漠中,看样子是为了惩罚孩子Outside temperatures were in the mid-90s when suspects Mary Bell, , and Gary Cassle, 9, allegedly left the kids, ages 7, 6 and 5, alone without water or shoes in the blazing sun near the city of Twentynine Palms.据称,当天的室外气温达到华氏90多度,犯罪嫌疑人岁的玛丽.贝尔和9岁的盖理加索将他们三个分别 7岁、6岁和5岁的孩子留在了二十九棕榈村附近的烈日下,他们赤着脚,也没有水喝The news was first reported by Desert Sun on Thursday.《沙漠太阳报最先报道了这则新闻The kids were found by a good Samaritan after being outside in the desert roughly 5 minutes.孩子们在沙漠中暴晒了约5分钟后,被路过的好心人发现They were subsequently placed into the custody of San Bernardino County’s Children and Family Services. It does not appear that they suffered any injuries as a result of the ordeal.他们随后被迅速安置到了圣贝纳迪诺县的儿童家庭务中心所幸的是,虽经过痛苦的折磨,他们倒没怎么受伤"Obviously this is a very serious incident,” Cindy Bachman, a public inmation officer at San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, told InsideEdition.com. “It’s a good thing that the citizen saw them. They were obviously disturbed by what they saw."辛迪.巴赫曼,圣贝纳迪诺县治安部门公共信息官告诉InsideEdition.com ,“很明显,这是一个非常严重的事件”“幸亏有好心人发现了他们显然,他们对此非常吃惊”Bell and Cassle, who were apprehended in their vehicle not far down the road, are due in court Friday afternoon. The pair are currently being held at the Morongo Basin Jail on 如何用最短时间完成最多工作? -- :: 来源: 现代生活节奏越来越快,人们也变得越来越忙碌以下八项规则让你能够更高效地完成工作 We are designed by evolution to be busy. That’s OK the caveman, who needs to feed himself; not OK you in the 1st-century when you have to deal with an ever-growing range of tempting distractions. Which is why it is so baffling that Paris has been identified as the city with the shortest working week, when France is renowned having higher productivity than the UK.进化论决定我们势必非常忙碌对于洞穴人来说这也许没什么,毕竟他们需要维持生计;但对于生活在1世纪、需要面对日益增长的外界诱惑的你而言,则没有那么容易这就是为什么法国在拥有最短工作时间的同时,又因拥有高于英国的生产力而著称,此点着实令人困惑As a coach who specialises in enabling people to get more done more quickly, I notice that those who get the most worthwhile work done in the smallest amount of time follow a set of rules. Oddly, we are never taught these rules, and most of us just stick to the same old unconscious (bad) habits. Here are eight rules to help you get the most done in the shortest time:作为一位专门研究如何使人们更快地完成更多事情的导师,我注意到那些用最少时间完成最多有价值工作的人,都遵循着一套规则然而奇怪的是,从没有人教过我们这些规则,我们大部分人还是沿袭老旧的下意识的(坏)习惯以下八条规则能够帮助你用最短的时间完成最多的工作:1. Disappear1.消失Lock yourself in a room away from distractions and focus fully on one task at a time. Sounds dead simple, but try it. If you multitask a lot, you will find this especially painful. And research shows, interestingly, that those who multitask the most are in fact the worst at multitasking.将自己反锁在远离干扰的屋子里,某一时刻全身心专注于一项工作虽然这听起来非常简单,但你不妨尝试一下如果同时进行多项工作,你会觉得非常痛苦有意思的是,研究也表明,同时进行最多项工作的人实际上最不懂得多任务处理. Don’t fight distraction.不要对抗干扰Those who get more done quickly don’t fight distractions – we can’t. Rather, they work in short bursts, with high levels of focused attention, so that they benefit from the satisfaction of making headway on one important project at a time. They know they have been successful when they can answer a simple question: “What did I get finished today that was important to me and the organisation I work ?”那些最快完成工作的人从不试图对抗干扰-因为我们根本做不到相反,他们会最高程度集中注意力,以最短时间完成工作,并且某一时间段内在一个重要任务上取得进展还能给他们以巨大的成就感“今天我完成了哪些对我或者我所效力的机构很重要的事情?”当他们能够轻松回答这样一个简单的问题时,他们就知道自己成功了3. Simplify3.简化As Laozi said: “To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” So what can you stop doing? Habits drive us to continue doing tasks that don’t need doing. Try not to take on more tasks without first asking: “Why is this really important?” Often we say yes bee even making a conscious choice. What can you simplify? Reduce emails and reports to the bare minimum. Encing brevity saves time everyone.老子曰:“为学日益,为道日损”那么你能够不做哪些事情?习惯驱使我们继续做些根本没必要的事情在承担更多工作前,首先问问自己:“这件事为什么如此重要?”我们常常没有经过深思熟虑就轻易拦下这些工作你能够简化什么?将邮件和报告减到最少删繁就简为所有人节约了时间. Find your rhythm.找到自己的节奏Do thinking work in the morning. It’s tempting to clear out emails so you feel on top of things, but you will not look back when you are in your 70s and say: “God, I was proud of keeping my inbox to zero.” Instead spend the first 60 minutes of your day on the one or two really important tasks you need to get done. It even helps to write them down the night bee – this sets clear intentions, which the brain likes as it can focus on what is in its control.清晨进行思考工作清理邮箱以完全掌握所有事情可能对你来说非常有诱惑力,但当你七十多岁回首往事时,绝不会说:“天哪,我为处理完了所有邮件而感到骄傲”相反,你应该把一开始的一小时用来处理一天当中最为重要的一到两件事甚至,在头天晚上把要做的事情写下来也会有帮助-这能清晰罗列目标,我们的大脑喜欢这样因为它能够帮助大脑掌握重点5. Strengthen5.专注强项How much of your day is spent doing things you are not good at? You will get through much more work more quickly if you actively arrange your role so you can focus on what you are good at and, even better, practise getting even better at what you are good it. Does Usain Bolt run half-marathons?一天当中你有多少时间浪费在你不擅长的事情上?如果你积极安排自己的角色,能够让自己专注于擅长的事情,你会更快地完成更多的事情,甚至可以将自己擅长的事情精益求精你见过尤塞恩·尔特(牙买加短跑运动员)跑半程马拉松吗?6. Watch the robots6.小心变成机器人Be careful about trying to get too efficient. Robots are efficient, and they are taking jobs and transming industries. It is better to focus on being effective, example working on the most important task – which requires you to think and be creative.注意不要过度高效机器人很高效,它们承担了一些工作并且变革了传统工业尽量专注于高效本身,比如解决最困难的任务-这需要你思考和创新7. Be honest7.坦诚It’s often our own deeply entrenched habits that stop us from getting more done more quickly. If you find yourself regularly sitting in long, poorly run meetings, or if you constantly switch from one task to another, then you are likely to struggle in the 1st-century workplace, which is currently going through huge change.很多时候,我们根深蒂固的习惯阻止我们更高效完成工作如果你发现自己经常参与冗长乏味的会议,或者你经常从一个任务转换到另一项任务,那么你很可能挣扎在1世纪的工作场所,而它现在正经历着巨大的变化8. Avoid s like this8.扔掉鸡汤文It’s easy to turn to self-help books when you consider the basic paradox: you won’t ever do all the things you need or want to do in your allotted time. But if you stop ing this and get to work, that might be a good start.当你思考基本矛盾:“你永远不可能在有限的时间里完成所有需要完成或者想要做的事情”时,你很容易求助于自助书籍(心灵鸡汤)然而,如果你抛开这些文章立刻投身于工作,也许是个不错的开端哦,000 bail each, the Associated Press reported.贝尔和加索的车停在这条路的不远处,他们之后被逮捕,并于星期五下午被告上法庭两人目前被拘留在洛根盆地监狱,每人需交万美元的保释金,据美联社报道It is unclear why the children were being punished. According to Bachman, the group appeared to be homeless and living out of their car.孩子们被处罚的原因尚不清楚据巴赫曼表示,看起来,这一家人应该是以车为家,到处流浪It’s not the first time parents have faced legal action allegedly deliberately leaving their children unattended.父母因为故意丢弃孩子而面临诉讼,这已经不是第一次了A mom in Connecticut, was booked in April leaving her kids on their own so she could go shopping. Similar cases have also occurred in Texas and Maryland.月,在美国康涅狄克州,一位妈妈丢下孩子们自己去购物在德克萨斯州和马里兰州也发生过类似的案例In Japan, a 7-year-old was found alive after a week alone in bear-infested woods where his parents left him as punishment throwing rocks at cars.在日本,一位7岁的男孩被丢在了熊出没的森林里独自生活了一周,而父母这样做,是为了惩罚他总是往汽车上扔石头

《哈利·波特之母哀悼奥兰多击案遇难友人 -- :5: 来源: 上周日在美国奥兰多爆发的击案中,50人不幸遇难,举世震惊J.K.罗琳在推特上对一名遇难的哈利·波特主题公园的工作人员表达了哀悼之情 Names of the victims from Sunday’s horrific Orlando nightclub shooting have started to be released, putting faces to the tragic losses. On Sunday night, famed "Harry Potter" scribe J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to remember one such life.上周日奥兰多夜店击案的受害者名单开始对外公布,令人们陷入悲痛之中周日晚间,《哈利·波特之母J.K.罗琳在推特上对一位逝去的朋友表达了哀悼之情“Luis Vielma worked on the Harry Potter ride at Universal. He was years old. I can’t stop crying. #Orlando,” Rowling tweeted, along with a photo of Luis wearing his employee unim, which featured a Gryffindor tie, and flashing a thumbs up.“刘易斯(Luis Vielma)在环球影业的哈利·波特主题园工作,他才刚刚岁,我无法停止哭泣#奥兰多,”罗琳在推特中写道,还附上了一张刘易斯的照片照片中刘易斯身着工作,系了一条格兰芬多的领带,竖着大拇指Luis is one of 50 victims from the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, which happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. In addition to the lives lost, 53 people are still injured as a result of a gunman opening fire at the known gay bar. The shooting happened while some cities around the country were hosting LGBT Pride celebrations and just a day bee the Tony Awards, which dedicated their show on Sunday night to the Pulse victims.上周日早晨在佛罗里达州奥兰多的帕尔斯俱乐部发生了一起击事件,一名男子在这间同志酒吧中向人群开火,导致50人丧生,53人受伤,刘易斯正是遇难者之一击案发生时,美国一些城市正在进行LGBT大游行而本应在本周一举办的托尼奖颁奖典礼也改在周日晚间在帕尔斯俱乐部举行,为的就是纪念击案死难者The loss was acknowledged by Tonys host James Corden, who opened the awards show with a touching tribute to the victims, declaring, “Hate will never win.”托尼奖颁奖典礼主持人詹姆斯·柯登确认了死难者的人数,在开场白部分哀悼了死难者,直言“憎恨绝不会取得胜利”Several theater stars spoke with ET at the show about their reaction to the painful news.戏剧明星纷纷向ET网站表达了自己对这则令人悲痛的新闻的看法“It feels more important than ever to celebrate new music,” "Hamilton" creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda told ET. “If art is what fights tragedy, if art is what fights the void, if art is what helps us make sense of violence and random acts of cowardice and killing, then tonight’s important.”《汉密尔顿的创作者,戏剧明星林-曼努尔·米兰达在接受ET网站采访时表示“赞美新音乐的意义从未如此重要倘若艺术是悲剧的克星,虚无的天敌,暴力、在人类身上不时浮现的懦弱和种种杀戮行为再无人追捧,那么今晚便具有重要的意义”


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