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襄樊市中心医院治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好襄阳那个医院割包皮襄阳生殖感染对生育有影响吗 When Nokia Corp. launches a new series of devices running Microsoft Corp.#39;s new Windows 8 software, Chief Executive Stephen Elop wants to send a clear message: #39;We have clearly put our best efforts, our best engineering, best innovation and intellectual property into these products.#39;当诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)发布搭载微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)操作系统Windows 8的系列新手机之际,诺基亚首席执行长埃洛普(Stephen Elop)希望传达出的明确信号是:显然我们对这些产品尽了全力,投入了最优秀的技术人员、最棒的创新和知识产权。 With the claim, Mr. Elop is betting the Finnish company can again put out products that once made it the dominant handset maker in the world. #39;Some of the things you#39;ll see [Wednesday] you#39;ll look at and say #39;wow, this has clearly been years in the making, it#39;s wonderful work - this is the thing that Nokia has always been known for.#39;埃洛普这样讲其实是在打赌,赌这家芬兰公司可以再次推出曾一度使其主导全球手机市场的产品。他说,你们将在周三看到部分产品,并且惊叹道:哇哦,这显然是酝酿多年的结晶,太棒了!而这正是诺基亚成名的根本所在。 The comments, made during an interview Tuesday in New York, come at a time when the market has become deeply skeptical about Nokia#39;s prospects. Losses have mounted under Mr. Elop#39;s watch, and credit ratings have been dumped to junk status. Nokia#39;s market cap is now just .5 billion, with shares trading 70% lower than they did when he took the helm. 埃洛普是周二在纽约接受采访时说的上述这番话,而此时市场对诺基亚的前景已深感怀疑。诺基亚在埃洛普的掌管之下亏损不断扩大,信用评级已降至垃圾级,公司市值目前也仅为105亿美元。与埃洛普接手诺基亚时相比,该公司股票已大跌了70%。 With Mr. Elop#39;s two-year anniversary at the helm approaching, his most recently launched smartphones - the so-called Lumia series - have yet to attract the desired interest from consumers. Now, Nokia also faces the prospect of greater competition from rival Samsung Electronics Co., which surprised the industry by slipping ahead of Nokia last week and announcing its own Windows 8 phone. 埃洛普出任诺基亚首席执行长已快两年,而该公司最新发布的Lumia系列智能手机所吸引到的消费者关注还没有达到预期目标。如今,诺基亚面临着与对手三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)竞争加剧的前景。上周,三星电子赶在诺基亚之前推出了自己的Windows 8手机,令业界颇感意外。 Mr. Elop dismissed the threat from Samsung, saying the South Korean company threw in a Windows phone at the end of a series of announcements, demonstrating a lack of commitment to the Microsoft platform. 埃洛普似乎并不在意来自三星电子的威胁。他说,这家韩国公司是在发布了一系列产品之后才抛出Windows手机,这表明他们并没有严肃对待这个微软操作平台。 But Mr. Elop says that the full force of Nokia#39;s Ramp;D has been poured into the new Windows 8 phones. #39;That sends a very different message#39; than Samsung#39;s. 埃洛普说,诺基亚对自己的Windows 8新手机投入了全部研发力量。他说:从这一点上看,我们传达出了与三星电子完全不同的信息。 Samsung didn#39;t respond immediately to a request for comment. 三星电子没有立即回复置评要求。 Nokia once led the handset market but has failed to keep up with phones built by Apple Inc. or powered by Google Inc.#39;s Android software. Earlier this year, Samsung replaced Nokia as the world#39;s top seller of mobile phones. 诺基亚曾是手机市场的领跑者,但在苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的iPhone以及搭载谷歌(Google Inc.)操作系统安卓(Android)的其它手机问世后,诺基亚被竞争对手甩到了后面。今年早些时候,三星电子取代诺基亚,成为全球排名第一的手机销售商。 The phones to be introduced on Wednesday are the second generation of Windows devices for Nokia. Investors, particularly on Nokia#39;s home turf, are growing restless with the slow-moving turnaround and will be closely watching to see if the new phones catch on in the marketplace. 诺基亚将于周三推出的手机是该公司第二代Windows手机产品。投资者(特别是芬兰国内投资者)对于诺基亚迟迟未能扭转局面越来越焦躁不安,他们将密切关注该公司本次推出的新手机是否能获得市场青睐。 #39;Most of our 10,000 members own Nokia shares, and there is a lot of disappointment with the company and its management,#39; said Timo Rothovius, chairman of Finland#39;s Shareholders Association for small investors. #39;People are especially disappointed with Stephen Elop.#39; 芬兰股东联合会(Finland#39;s Shareholders Association)主席罗斯维尔斯(Timo Rothovius)说:我们共有1万名会员,其中绝大多数都持有诺基亚股票,他们对于该公司及其管理层都有很多不满,对埃洛普尤其失望。 If the new phones don#39;t sell, Mr. Rothovius said his group will push for Mr. Elop#39;s removal. 罗斯维尔斯说,如果诺基亚这次推出的新手机卖得不好,芬兰股东联合会将力主让埃洛普下台。 Finns owned 24% of Nokia#39;s total shares at the end of June this year, up from 16% before Mr. Elop announced his new strategy in early 2011. 截至今年6月底,芬兰投资者持有诺基亚24%的股份,而埃洛普2011年初宣布新战略之前,这个比例是16%。 The value of those shares has taken a beating, losing nearly three-quarters of their value since Mr. Elop took over in September 2010. The company has piled up billions of losses, and its credit rating has been slashed to junk status. 自2010年9月埃洛普上任以来,诺基亚股票的市值遭遇重创,大跌了近四分之三。诺基亚已出现了数十亿美元亏损,信用评级也被下调至垃圾级。 Mr. Elop joined a company that was failing to compete in the smartphone market and which had grown bloated and slow. The move to team up with Microsoft was designed to get new smartphones to market quickly, which Mr. Elop accomplished in under a year. 埃洛普加盟诺基亚时,这个公司已从智能手机市场的竞争中败下阵来,机构组织臃肿不堪,公司增长缓慢。而诺基亚之所以与微软联手,本意就是将新智能手机迅速推向市场,这个目标埃洛普已在一年内实现。 #39;One can#39;t blame Mr. Elop for the difficult task he has had to carry through,#39; said Christian Elfving, director of the Sigrid Juselius Foundation - which owns a 0.2% stake in Nokia. #39;Many of the measures have been unpleasant, but they also have been absolutely necessary.#39;基金会Sigrid Juselius Foundation的董事埃尔夫文(Christian Elfving)说,不能因为埃洛普必须完成的这项艰难任务而责备他,虽然他采取的很多措施都令人不快,但却是绝对有必要采取的。该基金会持有诺基亚0.2%的股份。 /201209/198329Google yesterday became the first large online ad network to charge clients only if their adverts have been seen, in a radical shake-up of pricing that affects more than 2m sites in its display advertising network.谷歌(Google)昨日宣布,广告只有被浏览才收取费用,由此成为业内首家作出如此承诺的大型网络公司。谷歌此举将会给它的广告定价带来巨大影响,波及到它广告展示网络中的逾200万家网站。“If you are an advertiser and a human being didn’t see your ad, then frankly nothing else matters,” said Neal Mohan, Google’s vice-president of display advertising products.谷歌展示广告业务副总裁尼尔#8226;莫汉(Neal Mohan)表示:“如果用户没看到广告商发布的广告,坦白说,广告就失去了意义。如果没人看你的广告,广告商为什么要付钱?”“If you are a marketer, why pay if a human being did not see the ad?”“广告没被看到的问题”,一直以来都在困扰着总值达1170亿美元的全球在线广告业。The problem of adverts that do not get seen has plagued the 7bn global online advertising industry.据估计,广告商购买的多达一半的数字广告根本没人浏览,还有一大部分广告只有当网络用户向下滚动到网页底部时才会被看到。数字广告尽管发展迅猛,但仍然只占广告总开的五分之一左右。莫汉表示,帮助广告商衡量广告宣传的有效性,才能保广告商增加投入。It is estimated that as many as half of the digital ads that marketers buy are not seen at all, with a large portion only being viewed if a website user scrolls all the way down to the bottom of a web page. Despite explosive growth rates, digital advertising still accounts for about only a fifth of the overall spending on marketing, and Mr Mohan said helping marketers measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns would secure more spending.电视广告也面临这一问题。广告商可以追踪其投放的广告是否在电视上播放,却很难确定人们是否在看广告,还是趁广告时段跑到厨房弄吃的。This problem is also shared by television adverts. On TV, marketers can track whether an ad is shown but it is difficult to find out whether or not someone actually saw a commercial or ran to the kitchen for a snack.为了开发新产品,谷歌使用了一种新型行业标准,即如果一则广告的50%以上出现在电脑屏幕上,并至少持续一秒,才能被视为这则广告是“可视”的。谷歌自主开发了相关技术,不仅能测定广告是否呈现,而且还能找出广告的哪一部分出现在电脑屏幕上。To develop its new product, Google used an emerging industry benchmark that only considers an ad “viewable” if more than 50 per cent of it is visible on the screen for one second or longer. Google developed its own technologies to detect not only whether an ad is visible but also what portion of it can be seen on the screen.谷歌没有对哪些在线广告属于“不可视”范畴发表置评,但它强调,消除“不可视”广告会导致广告产品供应受限,因而广告费用有可能上涨。Google would not comment on what portion of ads on its networks are not “viewable” but noted that prices are likely to rise as the supply of ad inventory is constricted by the ruling out of “non-viewable” ads.广告商同时还面临数字广告方面的其他问题,如大量出现的在线广告欺诈行为,这是指诈骗者侵入其他用户电脑,并伪造对某些网页的浏览或对广告的点击。 /201312/268706襄阳第三人民医院男科妇科网上预约

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