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广东治输卵管堵塞大概多少钱梅州妇幼保健院治多囊医生番禺人流去哪做好 ATTENDING a full day of school then spending hours afterwards with a private tutor is a must in Taiwan, where students start #39;cram schools#39; as early as elementary school so they can better their exam results and get into a prestigious high school or college.上完一天的课之后花费数小时进行家教在台湾是必须的,学生早在小学就开始“填鸭式”教育,这样他们可以获得更好的考试成绩,并进入一所著名的高中或大学。Director Hou Chi Jan knows it all too well.导演侯季然对这一切太熟悉不过了。He said he spent a copious amount of his adolescence on ;Nanyang Street; - the Taipei street home to many cram schools.他说他青少年的大部分时光都在“南阳街”度过——有着很多补习学校的台北街道。He has such vivid memories about the place, it became the backdrop to his new film, ;When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep.;他对这个地方有如此生动的记忆,这成为了他新电影的背景,《当狼爱上羊》。;I think that (Nanyang) street is a place where dreams are lost. In reality, there#39;s some sadness to it,; Hou said. ;I want to make a film about it, to give it some warmth. The story is about sweet young love and tells you whatever you lose, you#39;ll get it back in other ways.;“我认为南阳街是一个梦想丢失的地方。在现实中有一些悲伤,”侯说。“我想制作一部关于它的电影,给它一些温暖。这个故事是关于年轻人的甜蜜爱恋,告诉你不管丢失了什么,你总会从其他方面重新找回来。”In the film, Kai Ko plays ;Tung,; who goes to Nanyang Street to search for an ex-girlfriend who dumped him to go to cram school.在影片中,柯震东饰演“阿东”,他要去南阳街寻找那个甩掉他去补习班前女友。He meets a quirky girl who loves drawing pictures of sheep on test papers. Tung draws a picture of a wolf to spark up a relationship.他遇到了一个古怪的女孩,喜欢在试卷上画绵羊。阿东画了一只狼来点燃爱情的火花。;When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep; will be released in Taiwan today and Hong Kong next week.《当狼爱上羊》将于今天在台湾以及下周在香港上映。 /201211/208301广州天河妇幼保健院治多囊医生

广州白云哪家医院妇科比较好There#39;s no question that cilantro is a polarizing herb. Some of us heap it onto salsas and soups with gusto while others avoid cilantro because it smells like soap and tastes like crushed bugs.毋庸置疑,香菜受到了两种最为极端的对待:喜欢它的人会把成堆的香菜放到沙拉和汤里,而讨厌它的人却觉得香菜闻着像肥皂,尝起来像是在嚼臭虫。A large chunk of the US population—including the likes of culinary goddess Julia Child—have claimed that it tastes offensive. Kinda like soap, in fact. It sps further than these shores, too: a recent survey suggested that 21 percent of east Asians, 17 percent of Europeans, and 14 percent of people of African descent all claim to be repulsed by the stuff.包括著名厨师朱莉娅·查尔德在内的许多美国人都不喜爱香菜散发出的肥皂一样的味道。但实际上并非只有美国人这样认为,最近一项调查显示,21%的东亚人、17%的欧洲人和14%的非洲人都说他们讨厌这种蔬菜。But what separates the cilantro lovers from the haters? Is it hard-wired in our genes, as Harold McGee suggested a few years ago in the New York Times? It#39;s probably not so simple.但为什么有人对香菜爱得要死,有人却避之不及呢?是像食物专家哈洛德·麦基几年前在《纽约时报》上撰文说的那样,我们体内的基因决定对香菜的喜好吗?也许并没有那么简单。Geneticists at 23andMe in California asked about 25,000 people whether they like cilantro or think it smells soapy. When they searched the people#39;s DNA for regions that correlate with a distaste for the herb, a single spot jumped out. And, it sits right next to a cluster of odor-detecting genes, including one that is known to specifically recognize the soapy aromas in cilantro#39;s bouquet.位于加州的个人基因信息网站23andMe曾调查过25000人,问他们是否认为香菜闻着像肥皂。当网站的基因学家研究DNA,看是否有专门控制排斥香菜的基因位点时,他们找到了一个点,而且这个位点就在嗅觉检验基因簇的旁边,将香菜的味道归入肥皂味的基因也位于这个基因簇中。The strongest variant lies within a cluster of olfactory-receptor genes—part of the genome which influences our sense of smell. Buried within that cluster is a gene called OR6A2, which encodes a receptor that makes people sensitive to the aldehyde chemicals contributing to cilantro#39;s characteristic flavor.在这簇嗅觉受体基因中,有一称作OR6A2的最强变体,它负责编码一种受体基因,能使人们对香菜特殊气味的醛类物质异常敏感。But, ;it didn#39;t make a huge a difference in cilantro preference from person to person,; Nicholas Eriksson, the lead author on the study says. In fact, their results suggest that a hatred for cilantro has only a small underlying genetic component. He and his team just published their findings on the arXiv.org.不过该研究的主要作者尼古拉斯·埃里克森告诉记者:“个人对香菜的喜好和这个基因的关系并不大。”实际上,这个研究表明,基因组成只是某些人反感香菜的一小部分原因。埃里克森和他团队的这一研究已经发表在arXiv.org网站上。The scientists pinpointed three more genes that influence our perception of cilantro: Two of the genes are involved with tasting bitter foods and one gene detects pungent compounds, like those in wasabi.通过研究,这些科学家又指出三个影响我们对香菜接受度的基因。其中有两个和品尝苦味有关,第三个和探测类似芥末的刺激性气味有关。Overall, Eriksson says these studies demonstrate that DNA does shape our opinion of cilantro, but probably not enough that we can#39;t overcome it. ;It isn#39;t like your height, that you#39;re stuck with. People can change it,; he says.总之,埃里克森认为,虽然DNA的确会影响人们对香菜的好恶,但却还在可控范围内。他说:“这并不像你的身高一样,一旦定型就不可改变。我们还是可以改变对香菜的看法的。”As Nature reports, McGee offers a strategy for building up an appreciation for the herb: Try a cilantro pesto. Crushing the leaves, he says, releases enzymes that convert the soapy, stinky compounds into more mild aromas.根据《自然杂志》的报道,麦基为我们提供了一个接受香菜的食谱:香菜蒜香酱。把香菜的叶子捣碎,这样香菜就能释放出多种酶,把刺鼻的肥皂味变成更轻微的香气。But Julia Child, an avowed cilantro hater, said she would just pick it out and throw it on the floor, Nature reports.不过《自然杂志》也报道,查尔德依然坚定地站在反对香菜的阵营里,她说她更愿意把香菜挑出来扔到地上。 /201305/240212广州番禺体检哪个医院 Forget what your parents, your self-help guides or your religion may have told you: money can buy you happiness.忘了你的父母、你的自助指南或者你所信仰的宗教可能告诉你的话吧:金钱能够买来幸福。That, at least, is the conclusion from the number crunchers at the UK’s Office for National Statistics, who have combined data from surveys on household wealth and personal wellbeing.这至少是英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)统计人员得出的结论,他们把有关家庭财富与个人幸福感的调查数据结合起来分析。Life satisfaction, sense of worth and happiness are higher, and anxiety less, as the level of household wealth increases,” the ONS said in a paper released on Friday.英国国家统计局在上周五发布的一篇论文中表示:“随着家庭财富水平上升,生活满意度、价值感以及幸福感会提升,忧虑会减少。”Indeed, one very specific type of money has the strongest relationship with wellbeing: net financial wealth, which could be stocks and shares, savings in the banks or money under the mattress.实际上,有一类财富与幸福感的关系最为密切:金融财富净值,它们可能是股票券、存款或放在床垫下的钱。However, Generation Rent — young people struggling to get on the housing ladder — need not despair entirely. The ONS found that increasing property or personal pension wealth did not result in a measurable increase in wellbeing. Levels of household income — rather than assets aly owned — were also far less strongly related.然而,租房一代(年轻人很难购房)不必感到绝望。英国国家统计局发现,房地产或个人养老金财富的增加不会带来幸福感的显著上升。家庭收入水平(而非已拥有资产)与幸福感的关系也谈不上密切。Surprisingly, although physical assets such as antiques, yachts, swish cars or stamp collections might induce smugness, the ONS found they had no relation to levels of personal wellbeing, which may or may not disprove the theory that it is nicer to cry in a Ferrari than on a park bench.令人意外的是,尽管古董、游艇、豪车或集邮等有形资产可能会让人沾沾自喜,但英国国家统计局发现,这些与个人幸福感毫不相关,这或许可以——也或许不可以——明这种理论是错误的:在法拉利(Ferrari)车里哭泣要好于在公园长椅上哭。The ONS asked individuals to rate their own wellbeing on a scale of 0 to 10, on questions such as how satisfied they were with life and were the things they did worthwhile? These responses were then crunched alongside household wealth and income, with the statistical model controlling for variables such as gender or ethnicity, to see what impact wealth or income had on an otherwise alike individual.英国国家统计局邀请个人对自己的幸福感打分,分值从零分到10分,问题包括他们对生活的满意程度以及他们所做的事情是否有意义。接着将这些与家庭财富和收入结合起来。这一统计模型对性别或种族等变量进行了控制,以了解财富或收入对其他条件都相同的个人的影响。The ONS is confident the relationships it describes are statistically significant. For net financial wealth, for example, those in the bottom 20 per cent scored themselves on average 0.4 points lower than those in the middle 20 per cent.英国国家统计局确信,其所描述的关系具有重大统计意义。例如,就金融财富净值而言,那些处于最低20%的人群给自己的打分比处于中间20%的人群平均低0.4点。The report is the latest entry into the debate about whether it is absolute or relative income and wealth that matter when it comes to improving wellbeing.这份报告是围绕以下辩论的最新尝试:在提升幸福感的问题上,是绝对收入和财富重要,还是相对收入和财富重要。For instance, in influential papers, the economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers tried to find evidence to support the idea that what matters for wellbeing is how you compare with those around you — in other words, keeping up with the Joneses. They failed.例如,经济学家贝齐史蒂文森(Betsey Stevenson)和贾斯廷茠尔弗斯(Justin Wolfers)在一些引起重大影响的论文中试图找到据,持这种观点:对于幸福感而言,重要的是你如何与周围的人比较,换句话说,跟社会地位相同的人比较。他们失败了。After looking at multiple countries and numerous definitions of wellbeing and basic needs, they concluded: “If there is a satiation point [at which income and wellbeing are no longer related], we are yet to reach it”.在对多个国家的情况以及关于幸福感和基本需求的多种定义进行考察后,他们总结称:“如果说存在一个收入和幸福感不再相关的饱和点(satiation point)的话,那么我们现在还没有达到这个点。”More importantly for policymakers, perhaps, they found that countries that enjoyed faster economic growth, on average also experienced greater growth in wellbeing.或许,对于政策制定者而言更为重要的是,两位经济学家发现,经济增速较快国家的幸福感上升速度一般较快。In 2006, David Cameron, then opposition leader, urged statisticians to focus more alternative measures of the national quality of life. “Wellbeing cannot be measured by money or traded in markets,” he said.2006年,时任反对党领袖的戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron)曾敦促统计学家更多关注其他衡量国民生活质量的指标。他表示:“幸福不能由金钱衡量,也不能在市场交易。”Yet the new statistics, which resulted from his policy drive, suggest perhaps you can have a good go.然而源自于他的政策举措的最新统计结果表明,或许人们可以试试这么做。Diane Coyle, founder of Enlightenment Economics, is one economist who thinks statistics should be focused on more tangible outcomes.Enlightenment Economics创始人、经济学家戴安娜科伊尔(Diane Coyle)认为,统计应着眼于更切实的收入。; I don’t think we should be measuring happiness at all. It is not a ‘policy useful’ measure. The government doesn’t have levers that easily affect happiness, and should concentrate on the things that government can do,” she said, pointing to employment or spending on mental health.她表示:“我认为,我们根本不应该衡量幸福感。这不是一个‘对政策有用’的指标。政府没有办法轻易影响幸福感,应关注于政府能够采取的措施。”她指的是就业或者心理健康出。In previous work by the ONS, good health, type of employment and personal relationships have proved to have the strongest links to high levels of self-reported wellbeing. At least the first two are something the government can do something about.在英国国家统计局之前的研究成果中,良好的健康状况、就业类型以及人际关系被明为与自我报告的幸福感水平关系最为密切。至少,前两个是政府能够为之付出努力的。And if you don’t believe the ONS, you might agree with Ronald Reagan when he said: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it will certainly get you a better class of memories.”如果你不相信英国国家统计局的数据,你或许会同意罗纳德里根(Ronald Reagan)的话,他说:“金钱买不来幸福,但肯定会提升你的回忆。” /201509/397482广州东圃红十字会医院不孕不育科怎么样好不好

番禺有哪些妇科医院Cheers! A key ingredient found in beer, effective against a respiratory virus, may help ward off winter sniffles and cold, a new study suggests.干杯!一项新研究指出,在啤酒中发现的一种关键成分能有效对抗呼吸道病毒,啤酒可能有助于防治冬日感冒和伤风。Japanese researchers at Sapporo Medical University found that humulone, a chemical compound in hops, was effective against the respiratory syncytial (RS) virus and was found to have an anti-inflammatory effect.日本札幌医科大学的研究人员发现,啤酒花所含的化合物蛇麻烯能有效对抗呼吸道合胞病毒,而且有消炎作用。;The RS virus can cause serious pneumonia and breathing difficulties for infants and toddlers, but no vaccination is available at the moment to contain it,; Jun Fuchimoto, a researcher from Sapporo Breweries said.札幌酿酒厂的研究人员渊本说:“呼吸道合胞病毒会引发婴幼儿严重的肺炎和呼吸困难,但目前还没有可以遏制这一病毒的疫苗。”Particularly common during cold winter months, the RS virus can also cause symptoms similar to that of the common cold in adults, international online news web media reported.网络媒体国际在线消息报道说,呼吸道合胞病毒在寒冷的冬天特别常见,这一病毒还可能引发类似于成人普通感冒的症状。Sapporo Breweries now hopes to create humulone-containing food and (non-alcoholic) beverages that both adults and children can consume.札幌酿酒厂现在希望能制作出成人和小孩都能食用的含蛇麻烯的食物和(无酒精)饮料。It#39;s not the first time that the health benefits of beer have been touted.这并非第一次宣扬啤酒对健康的益处。Previous research has suggested that drinking beer may help build better bones thanks to its high silicon content.先前的研究显示,由于啤酒中的硅含量很高,喝啤酒可有助于骨骼强健。The mineral is important for the growth and development of bone and connective tissue and helping reduce the risk of the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis, the report said.报告称,硅物质对于骨骼和结缔组织的生长和发育很重要,能帮助降低患骨质疏松症的风险。While experts agree that beer may be beneficial for some people when consumed in moderation, guzzling too much beer-or alcohol - can result in weight gain, dehydration and a plethora of other physical and social hazards.尽管专家们一致认为适量饮用啤酒对某些人有益,但饮用过量啤酒或酒精则会导致体重增加、脱水及其他许多身体损伤和社会危害。Since only small quantities of humulone can be found in beer, researchers say you would have to drink adequate amounts of it to benefit from the anti-virus effect.因为啤酒中蛇麻烯的含量很少,研究人员表示,一个人必须喝足够量的啤酒才能有抗病毒的效果。Another leading beer expert, Professor Ramon Etruch of the University Hospital in Barcelona, had previously said that only a single unit#39;s worth of beer is required to obtain some of the beneficial health effects.另一位权威啤酒专家、巴塞罗纳大学医院的拉蒙#8226;艾特鲁赫教授曾表示,只需喝半品脱啤酒,就能对健康产生一些益处。 /201301/219839 东莞哪里有孕前检查最好广州天河治疗重度宫颈糜烂专门医院



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