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Despite their reputation for discipline,就算中国在纪律方面有着良好的声望Chinese teachers like Li Ayun are not used to raising their voices in class.像李爱云这样的中国教师并不打算在课堂上提高嗓门When you talk, I will wait.我等你们说完我再讲课I feel very surprised.我觉得很惊讶Why was this morning so quiet when Mr Vaughn was here?为什么今早沃恩老师在时你们那么安静Because were scared of him, frankly.坦白说,我们怕他Honestly, Im not exactly scared of you.但是实话说,我并不怕你I dont think you need respect if you go on like this.如果你们再这样下去,我觉得你们不需要尊重了Class begins. Stand up.上课,起立Stand up. Oy, shush!站起来,闭嘴Keeping control is even more difficult when the subject youre teaching is English grammar.当你在教英语语法的时候,管理纪律就变得更加艰难Sit down, please.请坐But despite their problems managing the class,尽管在管理班级方面困难重重the Chinese teachers are doggedly sticking to their guns.中国老师们还是固执地坚持他们的原则The formation of the passive voice of the verb is?动词过去式的形式是什么Verb of be and PP.be动词和PPWho can tell me what PP means?谁能告诉我PP什么意思What do you mean by PP? Its a PP!你说什么PP?是一个屁屁吧You said ;Pee-pee;!你说的是;尿尿;Grammar is very important in learning a language.学一门语言,语法是很重要的It is especially important to the foreigners,对外国人来说尤其重要but it is still important to the native speakers.但对母语者来说,也很重要What is present continuous?什么是现在进行时What youre doing now, at the moment.你现在在干什么,就现在For example, Miss Li is talking about grammar.比如说,李老师在讲语法We are listening to her.我们在听她讲So far, they dont have a lot of knowledge on grammar, which made me surprised.目前来说,他们没学太多语法知识,这让我非常吃惊In China, we learn more grammar than British people在中国,我们学的语法比英国人还多and our students do better in the international tests in grammar.而我们的学生在国际语法测试中也做得更好So, at the moment, we are all absolutely fantastic at analysing language.所以现在,我们都能游刃有余地分析语言了Youre very good at starting to evaluate it.你们在分析上开了个好头But what Im not getting is a clear point of view within your answers.但我在你们的里找不到任何鲜明的观点Im not really getting a voice or an opinion behind your answers.我在你们的里找不到你的个人观点In Britain, drilling the rules of grammar was phased out of most secondary schools in the 1960s,在英国,探究语法规则早在上世纪90年代就被大多数中学淘汰了to make way for a more creative approach.来给更多有创造力的教学方法让路I want you now to come up with a list of what you think writing to argue does involve.我现在需要你们想出一串跟does有关的动作Jot that down in your books and in three minutes, we will take some feedback.三分钟之内,写在你们的书上,我们会收上来大家写的结果I give the students more responsibility for their own learning,我会让学生在自主学习中对自己更负责任so I like to have a little bit of my own input at the start of the lesson,我喜欢在课堂开始时给出自己的一点观点but then I like to set tasks up and let the students go with it.但接下来我就会给任务,让学生自己去完成So, theres quite a lot of enquiry-based learning in my lessons.所以在我的课堂上就有很多探究式的学习Its giving the students the tools to learn with,我给学生学习的工具but then making them do a bit of learning on their own, before I sort of give them the answers.然后在我给他们之前,让他们靠自己来学习So yeah, I think a bit more active.所以,是的,我觉得这样会更活跃201604/435574广州天河治盆腔炎栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201512/415271广州白云月经不调治疗There’s no wrong way to make a snowman, but there are a few tips to prevent him from looking like a snow monster.堆雪人没有什么方法是错误的,但是遵循下面的建议,可以防止雪人看上去像雪怪。You Will Need你需要Snow雪Warm winter clothes温暖的冬季装Sticks and branches棍子和树枝A carrot一根胡萝卜Buttons or charcoal纽扣或碳条A little imagination一点想像力Steps步骤STEP 1 Let snow settle1.让雪沉淀Wait for the snow to settle. It should be packing snow, not fresh powder.等到雪沉淀的时候,看上去应该是填充物一样的雪,而不是粉末一样。If you can make a decent snowball that stays intact in flight, the snow is y.如果你制作的雪球丢出去都能保持完整,说明雪已经适合用来堆雪人了。STEP 2 Form snow into ball2.制作成雪球Using gloved hands, gather snow and form it into a ball. Continue adding snow to the ball until it is too large to hold.双手戴上手套,收集雪,制作成雪球。不断加雪,直到太大了握不住为止。STEP 3 Roll snowball3.滚雪球Slowly roll the snowball away from you, letting snow accumulate on the outside of the ball. Continue packing the new snow onto the ball with your hands.缓慢地把雪球向前推,让雪逐渐在雪球累积。继续用双手向雪球上加雪。STEP 4 Position base4.放置底座When the ball reaches the size that you want for the base, move the ball to wherever you want your snowman to stand.当雪球到达你想要的底座的尺寸,把雪球移动到目标位置。STEP 5 Make smaller ball5.制作一个较小的雪球Make another ball of snow and build it up like you did the first. This ball should end up slightly smaller than the first one.按照刚才的方法再制作一个雪球。这个雪球应该比第一个稍小一点。STEP 6 Place 2nd ball on 1st6.把第二个雪球放在第一个上Place the second ball on top of the first.把第二个雪球放在第一个上。If the second ball won’t stay on top, pack snow between the two balls—or push a long stick into the first snowball and slide the second one onto the stick.如果第二个雪球不能在第一个雪球上放稳,在两个雪球之间塞一点雪,或者在第一个雪球上插一根棍子,把第二个雪球插在棍子上。STEP 7 Create 3rd ball7.制作第三个雪球Create a third ball and place it on top of the first two. Now you have your basic snowman.制作第三个雪球,放在前两个上。现在,雪人的雏形已经形成了。STEP 8 Give snowman arms8.制作手臂Give your snowman arms with sticks or branches.用棍子和树枝给雪人制作手臂。STEP 9 Make a face9.制作面部Make a face using a carrot for a nose and buttons or charcoal for the eyes and mouth.用胡萝卜作鼻子,纽扣或碳条作眼睛和嘴巴。STEP 10 Customize10.装饰Customize with whatever you choose to give your snowman personality.用你选择的任何物品来赋予雪人个性。According to the song, Frosty the Snowman had a button nose, but many depictions of him show a carrot.根据歌曲《雪人》,雪人的鼻子是用纽扣做的,但是许多雪人的形象都是用胡萝卜做鼻子。201501/354126TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201511/411028广州长安医院打胎

广州长安女子医院治习惯性流产广州做人流医院哪家好Playing a simple joke on someone can be amusing, but convincing someone they’re going crazy can elevate the fun to a whole new level.对某人开一个简单的玩笑或许有趣,但是让某人相信他们自己疯了会让乐趣升级到新的水平。You Will Need你需要Stealth秘密行动Speed速度Co-conspirators同谋A straight face面无表情Steps步骤STEP 1 Set clocks1.设置钟表时间Set all of the clocks accessible to the person you want to prank back one hour.想要捉弄某人,把他能看到的所有钟表的时间都调后一小时。It is important to know who you can play pranks on so you don’t lose friends.必须要清楚哪些人可以搞恶作剧而无伤大雅,这样才不会失去朋友。这一点非常重要!STEP 2 Change calendars2.更改日历Change all of the calendars to a day ahead to convince someone that they have lost a whole day.把所有日历都向前翻一天,说某人他们不知不觉中失去了一整天。STEP 3 Whisper their name3.轻唤他们的名字Whisper the persons name. Often. Get other people to whisper their name as they walk by the person.轻唤这个人的名字。经常这样做。让其他人也走过他身边时也这样做。STEP 4 Move stuff4.拿走他们的东西Move stuff around when they aren’t looking. Move things they use often, like eyeglasses, a phone, or keys.当他们眼睁睁地看着的时候,把他们周围的东西拿走。把他们经常用的东西拿走,比如眼镜,电话,或者钥匙。STEP 5 Keep cool5.保持冷静Keep a straight face throughout the entire prank to make them question their sanity.整个恶作剧期间保持面无表情,让他们质疑自己是否神智清醒。The exact origin of April Fool’s Day is unknown, but is said to be due to changing New Years Day from April to January. People still celebrating in April were called fools.愚人节的准确来源不详,但是据说是为了把新年从四月改到一月。仍然在四月份庆祝新年的人就被称为愚人。视频听力译文由。201504/367449广州天河长安医院怀孕检测Theyd won a contest.他们刚赢了场选秀Theyd won at the Apollo Theater Amateur Night,在阿波罗业余选秀中胜出and their prize was to open the show for the great James Brown.奖品就是替詹姆斯·布郎开场Well, he broke out into this James BroWn, l Got the Feelin,他开始唱詹姆斯·布郎的l Got the Feelingand doing his little toes and dancing and looking like James,模仿詹姆斯跳舞if James were a wind-up toy.像个詹姆斯发条娃娃似的And it was amazing.太不可思议了He would perform and do the moves and routine that everyone else was doing.他会模仿所有流行的舞步He used to do Fred Astaire and James Cagney.以前还会学佛雷·亚斯坦与詹姆斯·贾克内Then all of a sudden, he would add a little bit of something in there, different.然后突然就会加入一点不一样的创意And that was him feeling what he was doing.那是他对舞步的感受He excited me. I saw all of this in him.他令我满心期待 我在他身上看到了这些天赋l saw things that he could do that l couldnt.看到了我所没有的才能He had the makings of a great singer.他有当歌手的天赋Michael had universal appeal back when he was real young.迈克尔在很小时就很有舞台魅力l mean, we werent really into marketing or anything like that,那时还没有所谓的营销but it was aly there.但他已经具备那条件l think the word for it, the phraseology, would be,我想更贴切的说法是A diamond in the rough, without very many edges to buff off.一块璞玉 而且需要磨掉的棱角不多201508/393913天河长安网上预约

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