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玉林治疗非淋最好的医院广西玉林市陆川县那里可以割包皮色拉英语乐园 lesson 81 (17-1) another wonderful product 青蛙先生在逛街时又看中了一个商品,本集学习购物英语砍价篇。本集英语对话文本:Hello what can I do for you? 你好,我能为你做些什么?Hmm… can I have a look at that? 唔…我能不能看看那个?No no, I need something else. 不不,我需要些别的东西.Say what’s that? 喂 那是什么?How much is this? 这个多少钱?That’s one hundred dollars 一百美元.How about a discount? 打个折怎么样?For you I’ll take 10% off of the price. 我给你打9折.本集英语单词:Look 看看/ need 需要/ discount n. 1.折扣 2.减价 3.贴现(率)vt. 1.打折扣 2.忽视,怀疑 折扣/ price 价格/ dollar 美元/本集英语知识要点:Can I ..? 我能不能….?Can I have a look at that? 我能不能看看那个?Can I have a word with you? 我能不能和你说句话?I need something else. 我需要些别的东西.Say, what’s that? 喂, 那是什么?How much…? …多少钱?How much is this watch? 这只手表多少钱?How about …? ….怎么样?How about a discount? 打个折怎么样?How about having a rest? 休息一下怎么样?How about the price? 价格怎么样?For you, I’ll take 10%( percent )off of the price. 我给你打9折.What can I do for you? 我能为你做些什么?Say,… 喂,…Look 看/ need 需要/ discount 折扣/ price 价格/ dollar 美元/ what can I do for you? 我能为你做些什么? / say,… 喂,… /200711/21360玉林男科医院瑞东专业 Hello everybody, so it#39;s been a while since I#39;ve posted大家好,我已经有段时间没更新了and if you follow me on my social media,如果你有一直关注我的社交媒体you will know that I#39;ve been in New Zealand for a while.你就知道这一阵子我去新西兰了But as of yesterday, or I think the day before( Too jetlagged to remember lol )就在昨天,或者前天(因为时差不是很确定lol))I#39;m officially back in Japan now.总之,现在我已经回日本了So, I#39;m gonna to set it off by showing you guys how you can get from Narita Airport to Toyko Station, the cheapest way.这次,我将给大家介绍如何从成田机场去东京站最划算And hopefully this helps some of you guys out there但愿这个视频能帮到你们中who are coming to Tokyo and hopefully save you some money.即将来东京的人,但愿能帮你省点钱So after you#39;ve got your luggage and hopefully passed the customs,当你拿到了行李,顺利地过了海关there should be a place that sells train and bus tickets near arrivals.到港处附近会有卖火车票和巴士票的地方Now there are lots of ways you can get from Narita Airport to Tokyo.从成田机场去东京有很多种方式But in my opinion, I find taking the bus the easiest and also the cheapest.但在我看来,坐巴士是最简单也是最便宜的However if you do have the JR pass,但是,如果你有铁路周游券的话then taking the Narita Express would be the best option for you since it is included in the pass.最好乘座成田特快,因为它会经过东京But today I would just be focusing on taking the bus.但今天我只说坐巴士There are a few bus companies which run from Narita to Tokyo Station,这儿有一些从成田机场去东京站的客运公司but my recommendation will be to take the Keisei Bus.但我推荐乘京成巴士It#39;s 1000 yen when you buy the counter or if you book online before you ride,在柜台买票的话是1000日元,如果乘车前在网上订票it#39;s only 900 yen and it secures your seat.则只要900日元,还有座位The bus comes around every 20 minutes.京成巴士大概20分钟1班It also stops at all three terminals of the Narita Airport.并且在成田机场的3个航站楼都有停靠Now after you#39;ve got your ticket, you go to the bus stop.买好票后,就去站台等If you#39;re tripling of others, it may help to go early to secure seat with each other.如果你是和大家一起的,最好早点去占座位After when the bus arrives, the bus driver will take your luggage and store in the bus.公交到站后,司机会帮你把行李存放好在车内Then you#39;re off on a ride just a little over 60 minutes of Tokyo Station.60分钟多点儿就能到东京So, for a 1000 yen on list, you don#39;t have to worry about changing the trains也就是说,花1000日元你就能免去换乘的烦恼and you can just sit back enjoy the view of Tokyo.坐享东京的风景 Article/201707/517022TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/470022玉林瑞东医院能检查精子吗

玉林前列腺医院可以刷医保玉林公立医院有哪些 英语口语1+1:A wolf in sheep's clothing【1+1英文】Angela: "I want you to stay away from that boy. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing. 【1+1中文】安吉拉:“我想让你离那男孩远点。他是一只披着羊皮的狼” 【1+1】A wolf in sheep's clothing" is a dangerous person pretending to be harmless.中文意思:披着羊皮的狼 /200605/7036玉林省玉林市男科医院

玉林人民医院挂号几点上班We gave them food and shelter,我们给他们提供食物和庇护in return for keeping mice and rats at bay.作为回报他们替我们抓老鼠It#39;s the same reason these cats这也是这些猫得以生活在live on David Hicks#39;s Oxfordshire farm today.戴维·希克斯牛津郡农场的原因We were just overrun with rats and the poison wasn#39;t working.我们鼠患成灾 捕鼠器也没什么作用They were burrowing under the floors of the buildings,他们在建筑的地板下打洞undermining the floor so the floor collapsed,破坏地板导致地板塌陷making holes in the bags of food,在粮食袋子上嗑洞and mucking and peeing in the food,在粮食里大小便making it inedible for the animals.弄得动物们都不吃We had such a rat problem,鼠患十分严重in the end, a friend suggested we got some cats后来 一个朋友建议我们养些猫because they sorted his rat problem out.因为他们会解决老鼠的问题We#39;re three, four years on now,这方法已经用了三四年了we#39;ve got lots of cats but no rats.猫多了 老鼠少了This relationship explains why it was beneficial这段关系解释了为什么猫保持野性for cats to hold on to their wild side.是有益处的Cats like these must live much in the same way这样的猫的生存方式 as we imagine cats must have lived right at the beginning of domestication,差不多跟刚被驯化时期的猫猫们一样when cats were first beginning to associate themselves with man.当猫与人类开始建立联系的时候These cats are really here as hunters,这些猫作为捕猎者they are here to keep the rats and mice down on this farm.他们在此保了老鼠们远离农田重点解释:1.in return for 作为 ... 的报酬例句:I bought him a drink in return for his help.我请他喝酒以酬谢他的帮助。2.in the end 终于; 最后例句:If you persevere with work, you#39;ll succeed in the end.你如果把工作坚持下去,最终会取得成功的。3.hold on 抓住;继续例句:You should hold on to your oil shares.你应该继续保留着石油股份。 Article/201608/461643 Historians like a quiet life and usually they get it.历史学家多爱平静的生活 也通常得偿所愿For the most part, history moves at a glacial pace,working its changes subtly.多数时候 历史是在缓慢的进程中 悄然变化着In Britain, especially,we like to think there#39;s something about our history,特别是在不列颠 我们倾向认为自己的历史向来不乏温和like our climate, our landscape, that#39;s naturally moderate,比如我们的气候与地貌not much given to earthquakes and revolutions.没有频发的地震或剧烈的地壳运动But there are times and places when history, British history,但历史上 不列颠的一些地方确有这种时期comes at you with a rush, violent,decisive, bloody,a truckload of trouble排山倒海般的剧变 暴力 果决 血腥与种种knocking you down, wiping out everything that gives you your bearings in the world:打击与摧毁着给予人们文明举止的一切力量law, custom, loyalty and language.And this is one of those places.法律 习俗 忠诚以及语言 这里便是其中之一I know it doesn#39;t look like the site of a national trauma,does it?我知道这里看上去并不像民族血拼之地 不是吗Especially these days,it looks more suitable for a county fair than a mass slaughter.特别是如今 这里更适于乡村赶集 而非大规模杀戮But this is the battlefield of Hastings,但这里是黑斯廷斯战役的战场and here one kind of England was annihilated and another kind of England was set up in its place.英格兰的一个时代在此终结 转而开启了另一个时代Some historians will tell you that for most people of England Hastings didn#39;t matter that much,有些史学家会告诉你 对多数英格兰人来说 黑斯廷斯之战并没有那么重要that 1066 was mostly a matter of replacing Saxon lords with Norman knights.1066年的改变不过是 诺曼骑士取代了撒克逊王族Peasants still ploughed their fields and paid taxes to the king,农民们仍一如既往地耕地纳税prayed to avoid poverty and pestilence and watched the seasons roll round.祈求远离贫困与瘟疫 年复一年经历着四季更迭 /201607/455805玉林第一人民医院下午几点上班玉林治阳痿哪家医院最好



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