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每日一句口语:Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than one thing . 永远记住你自己想要成功的决心比任何事情都重要。【知识点讲解】resolution n.决心;决定;解决;决议;坚决;分辨率例句:Nothing can unsettle his resolution.什么也动摇不了他的决心。 /201607/452621Life isn#39;t fair.生活是不公平的。It sure isn#39;t.确实不公平。I got a ticket yesterday.昨天我得到了一张票What for?什么票?I was crossing the street.我正穿过马路。Were you in a crosswalk?你当时是在人行横道吗?Yes, but the red hand was blinking.是的,但红色的手在闪烁。So? That#39;s a ticket?所以呢?那是一张票?Yes, it#39;s a 0 ticket.是的,是一张价值140美元的票。That#39;s not right!那不可能!When I started to cross the street, the white walk sign was blinking.我刚开始过马路时,白色的走路标志正在闪烁。You need to walk faster.你应该走快一点。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201508/395617Did you see the woman with the new face?你见过这个整容的女人吗?Did she get a nice job?她得到了一份好工作吗?She got an ;everything; job!她可以得到任何一份工作!What do you mean?你的意思是?A team of doctors gave her a whole new face.一个医生团队给了她一张全新的脸。Why did they do that?他们为什么那么做?A mad dog bit most of her face off.一只疯咬坏了她大半张脸。Oh, that#39;s terrible. What does she look like now?噢,太糟糕了。她现在看起来怎么样?Her face is really fat, but they say the swelling will go down.她的脸真的很胖,但他们说肿胀会消退的。And then will she look normal again?那么她会重新变得正常吗?I guess so.我猜是这样。God bless modern medicine.上帝保佑现代医学。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/422481

splash one#39;s money about大肆挥霍钱A:You are splashing your money about!A:你在大肆挥霍你的钱!B:Why? I have money now.B:怎么啦?我有钱了。A:I can#39;t understand why you should have splashed your money about like this.A:我真不明白你为什么那样挥霍。B:Don#39;t worry. The more you spend, the more you get, you know.B:别担心,你知道,钱花得越多,你就挣得越多。A:I only know saving is getting. Money doesn#39;t grow on trees.A:我只知道“节约一分钱,就多挣一分钱”,钱不是长在树上的。 /201612/477017

世界9日发布题为《福寿延年:东亚与太平洋地区的人口老龄化》的报告,报告中称东亚地区老龄化速度之快历史罕见,致使劳动年龄人口比例大幅下降,仅中国到2040年前将减少9000万劳动年龄人口。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道The graying of the population could shrink the number of working-age adults by more than 10 percent in China by 2040, a report from the World Bank said on Wednesday.世界周三发布的报告显示,人口老龄化问题可能使中国到2040年劳动年龄人口减少10%以上。【讲解】World Bank是世界;the graying of the population是人口老龄化;working-age adults是劳动年龄人口。据世行发布的《富寿延年:东亚与太平洋地区的人口老龄化报告》(Live Long and Prosper: Aging in East Asia and Pacific),中国到2040年劳动年龄人口将净减(a net loss)9000万。报告指出,东亚的人口老龄化速度超过史上任何其他地区(age faster than any other region in history)。全世界65岁以上人口(age 65 and over)中有36%在东亚,人数达2.11亿,在世界所有地区中占比最大(the largest share)。东亚人口老龄化的速度之快,规模之大(the rapid pace and sheer scale of aging),形成了政策上的挑战(policy challenges)、经济与财政压力(economic and fiscal pressure)以及社会风险(social risks)。如果不进行改革(without reforms),预计到2070年东亚地区的养老金出(pension spending)增幅将会达到国内生产总值的8%~10%。世行专家指出,目前东亚正在经历最重要的人口过渡(demographic transition),该地区所有发展中国家(developing countries)都面临着未富先老(getting old before getting rich)的风险。专家建议,针对生命周期不同阶段采取全面的政策(a comprehensive policy approach across the life cycle),通过儿童保育(childcare)、教育、医疗保健(healthcare)、养老金(pensions)、长期护理(long-term care)等领域的结构性改革(structural reforms),提高劳动力参与率(enhance labor-force participation),鼓励健康的生活方式(encourage healthy lifestyle)。报告建议开展一系列紧迫的改革:在劳动力市场方面,中国可以取消养老金制度(pension systems)中存在的鼓励部分劳动者、特别是城市妇女(urban women)过早退休的激励(incentives)。另外,报告建议东亚发展中国家采取措施改革现有的养老金计划(reform their existing pension schemes),包括考虑逐步延迟退休年龄(gradual increase in retirement age)。 /201512/414804Look smart!快点,赶快这是一句口语,在美剧中常见 /201704/503745

每日一句口语:It#39;s not where you are today that counts. It#39;s where you are headed.你现在的位置并不重要,重要的是你前进的方向。【知识点讲解】count v.数数;计算总数;把…算入;重要 例句:It#39;s the wages that count. Not over-generous, but there you are.重要的是工钱,不要过于慷慨,但也没办法。 /201509/399759昨天,微上一段小视频让很多人称赞,它拍摄的是一天的生活动画,这个视频的特别之处在于,是真人摆弄着动画里的各种调料做出丰盛的晚宴,形成“纸上做饭”的视觉效果,亦真亦假,让人分不清这是在现实还是动画里。这是一位川美在校女生的作品,很多看过的网友瞬间“路人转粉”。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道A student of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in southwest China#39;s Chongqing has been praised for creating a short personalized animated film by viewers on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.四川美术学院位于中国西南部重庆,该院一名学生创作的一部个性化动画短片得到“中国版推特”——新浪微用户的点赞。【讲解】a short personalized animated film是个性化动画短片。短片创作者张爽正在四川美术学院(Sichuan Fine Arts Institute)综合艺术专业念大三,因为要完成一个创意作业,她决定制作一个1分钟长的短片(one-minute film),反映她的日常生活(daily life):刷牙洗脸、做饭(cooking)、学习、吃火锅(eating hotpot)、晚饭做热(making hotdogs for dinner)。张爽说,刚开始(at first),她也不知道要做什么,就随意画画,开始画了很多吃的喝的(draw some food):咖啡、汉堡、火锅……画着画着灵感就来了(suddenly got an idea)。这个1分钟的视频讲述了她的日常生活(daily routine),不过,视频里没有一个人出现,只有一双手。许多网友表示看上去像在纸上做饭(cooking on paper)。张爽表示,视频中出现的“手”后期拍摄的,在寝室(dorm room)完成,整个短片历时3天完成。 /201707/516897

释义:get on 相处get on 是相处(get along)的意思,get on sth 是指“与某人相处”,而 get on with sth 表示“继续做某事”。另外,get it on 是“开始某事”,get right on 则表示“马上开始做某事”。例句:How#39;re you getting on?过得怎么样?You get on with it. I quit.你继续吧,我不干了。Never mind. Let#39;s get on with the game.不要在意,我们继续玩游戏。I#39;ll get right on it.我马上就开始。对话:A: Has Shelia met your cousin Andy?沙利亚见过你堂兄安迪了?B: Sure, she gets on with him very well.是啊,他们俩相处得很好。 /201603/431074台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:We need to get back to being brave enough to accept that we have different opinions, and thats okay. Because that#39;s what America is built on. The idea that we can stand up, speak our minds and live our lives, and not be punished for that, or mocked on the internet, or killed by someone you don#39;t know.我们得勇敢接受每个人的想法迥异,且此点无伤大雅。因为这就是美国的基础。我们能够拥护、为自己发声、过自己的生活,且不需为此付出代价、在网络上被抨击、或因此被陌生人杀戮。学习重点:1.accept 接受accept (v.) 接受acceptance (n.) 接受expect (v.) 预期expectation (n.) 预期except (v.) 除...之外exceptional (adj.) 超凡的2.different 不同的different (adj.) 不同的difference (n.) 差异differentiate (v.) 使...有区别3.punish 惩罚punish (v.) 惩罚punishment (n.) 惩罚4.mock 嘲弄mock (v.) 嘲弄 /201606/451710

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