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The process of dying imbues fewer and fewer choices available to us. Even in dying, however, we still have choices concerning how we handle what is happening to us. The following deals with the dying of Jim Molock, a student and close friend of mine. Jim is 5 years old. He is full of life, witty, bright, honest, and actively questioning. He had just graduated from college as a human service major, and seemed to have a bright future when his illness was discovered. About a year and a half and ago, Jim developed a lump on his ehead and underwent surgery to have it removed. At that time, his doctors believed that it was not a cancer .later, more tumors appeared and more surgery followed. Several months ago, Jim found out that the tumors had sp throughout his body and that even with treatment, he would have a short life. Since that time he has steadily grown weaker, and has been able to do less and less, yet he has shown remarkable courage in the way he has faced this loss and his dying. Some time ago, Jim came to Calinia, and took part in a weekend seminar that I had with a review of this book. On this chapter, he commented that, “although we may not have choices concerning the losses we suffer in dying, we do retain the ability to choose our attitude toward our death. Jim has taught me a lot during these past few months, about this enduring capacity choice. Even in extreme circumstances. Jim has made many critical choices since being told of his illness. He chose to continue taking a course of the university because he liked the contact with the people there. He worked hard as a but dog to support himself. He decided to undergo treatment even though he knew that it most likely would not result in his cure because he heard that it would reduce his pain. It did not. And Jim has suffered much agony during the past few months. He decided not to undergo chemical treatment, because he didn’t want to prolong his life if he couldn’t really live fully. He made a choice to accept god and his life, which gave him a full sense of peace. Bee he became bedridden, he decided to go to Hawaii, and enjoy his time in luxury. Jim has always disliked hospitals, so he chose to remain at home in more personal surroundings, as long as he was able, he widely, and continued to write in his diary about his thoughts and feelings on living and dying. With his friends, he played his guitar, and sang songs that he had written. He maintained an active interest in life and in the things around him without denying the fact that he was dying. More than anyone I have known or heard about, Jim has taken care of unfinished business, he made it a point to gather his family and tell them his wishes. He made contact with all his friends and said everything he wanted to say to them, he clearly stated his desire cremation, he wants to burn those shamans, and then have his ashes scattered over the sea, a wish that reflects his love of freedom and movement. Jim has very little freedom and movement now, he can do little but lie in his bed wait his death to come. To this day, he has chosen to die with dignity, and although his body is getting weaker and weaker, his spirit is still very much alive. He retains his mental sharpness, his ability to say a lot in very few words and his sense of humor. He has allowed himself to grief over his losses, as he puts it, “I sure like to hang around to enjoy all those people that love me.” Realizing that this is impossible, Jim is saying goodbye to all those who are close to him. Throughout his suffering, Jim’s mother has been truly great. When she told me how remarkle Jim has been in complaining so rarely despite his constant pain. I reminded her that I never heard her complain during her month of caring him. I have been continually amazed by her strength and courage. And I have admired her willingness to honor Jim’s wishes and accept his beliefs, even though at times, they have differed from her own... Jim has been showing me that his style of dying would be no different from his style of living. By his example and by his words, Jim has taught me how to evaluate my own life. 19Virtue 美德 Sweet day,so cool,so calm,so bright! 甜美的白昼,如此凉爽、安宁、明媚! The bridal of the earth and sky- 天地间完美的匹配----- The dew shall weep thy fall to-night; 今宵的露珠儿将为你的消逝而落泪; thou must die. 因为你必须离去 Sweet rose,whose hue angry and brave, 美丽的玫瑰,色泽红润艳丽, Bids the rash gazer wipe his eye, 令匆匆而过的人拭目而视, Thy root is ever in its grave, 你的根永远扎在坟墓里, And thou must die. 而你必须消逝 Sweet spring,full of sweet days and roses, 美妙的春天,充满了美好的日子和芳香的玫瑰, A box where sweets compacted lie, 如一芬芳满溢的盒子, My music shows ye have your closes, 我的音乐表明你们也有终止, And all must die, 万物都得消逝 Only a sweet and virtuous soul, 唯有美好而正直的心灵, Like season'd timber,never gives; 犹如干燥备用的木料,永不走样; But though the whole world turn to coal, 纵然整个世界变为灰烬, Then chiefly lives. 它依然流光溢 671Lesson 7Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie, known as the King of Steel, built the steel industry in the ed States, and , in the process, became one of the wealthiest men in America. His success resulted in part from his ability to sell the product and in part from his policy of expanding during periods of economic decline, when most of his competitors were reducing their investments. Carnegie believed that individuals should progress through hard work, but he also felt strongly that the wealthy should use their tunes the benefit of society. He opposed charity, preferring instead to provide educational opporties that would allow others to help themselves. "He who dies rich, dies disgraced," he often said. Among his more noteworthy contributions to society are those that bear his name, including the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh, which has a library, a museum of fine arts, and a museum of national history. He also founded a school of technology that is now part of Carnegie-Mellon University. Other philanthrophic gifts are the Carnegie Endowment International Peace to promote understanding between nations, the Carnegie Institute of Washington to fund scientific research, and Carnegie Hall to provide a center the arts. Few Americans have been left untouched by Andrew Carnegie's generosity. His contributions of more than five million dollars established ,500 libraries in small commies throughout the country and med the nucleus of the public library system that we all enjoy today. 1

口语小词:“凑热闹”用英语怎么说? -- ::53 来源: 导语:世园内,人来人往,大多数游客不过匆匆在各大展馆间辗转,敲章,留影,就完成了这一趟世游可是,世会的精之处不是简单凑一下热闹就能领会到的,其中的文化内涵和交流、新生活理念、城市文化等等,需要我们放慢脚步,细心解读  那么,“凑热闹”这个词在英语中是怎么表达的呢?  有一个词组:come along the ride,它的意思是:to join in an activity without playing an important part in it,这就是中文中“凑热闹”的意思啦来看一个例句:  My boyfriend loves this rock band, he has booked two tickets the concert tonight, but I just came along the ride.  我男朋友很喜欢这个摇滚乐队,他老早就订好了演唱会的门票,不过,我只是来凑个热闹  中文中有句俗语:外行看热闹,内行看门道可以用来形容世园中的诸多游客,有的走马观花,有的品位精髓“外行”在英语中是layman,那么“门道”在英语中又是怎么表述的呢?  英语中同样有个词组:know the ropes,表示“懂行” 的意思,同理,to learn the ropes就可以表示刚入职的新人学习行规等知识,所以这句“外行看热闹,内行看门道”就可以表述成:The professional know the ropes,while the laymen just come along the ride  有机会去逛世的同学,千万不要去go along the ride哦,世有很多精的地方是要你们慢慢欣赏的 怎么 英语 热闹 口语

The Definition of ;Price;Prices determine how resources are to be used. They are also the means by which products and services that are in limited supply are rationed among buyers. The price system of the ed States is a complex network composed of the prices of all the products bought and sold in the economy as well as those of a myriad of services, including labor, professional, transportation, and public-utility services. The interrelationships of all these prices make up the ;system; of prices. The price of any particular product or service is linked to a broad, complicated system of prices in which everything seems to depend more or less upon everything else.If one were to ask a group of randomly selected individuals to define ;price;, many would reply that price is an amount of money paid by the buyer to the seller of a product or service or, in other words that price is the money values of a product or service as agreed upon in a market transaction. This definition is, of course, valid as far as it goes. a complete understanding of a price in any particular transaction, much more than the amount of money involved must be known. Both the buyer and the seller should be familiar with not only the money amount, but with the amount and quality of the product or service to be exchanged, the time and place at which the exchange will take place and payment will be made, the m of money to be used, the credit terms and discounts that apply to the transaction, guarantees on the product or service, delivery terms, return privileges, and other factors. In other words, both buyer and seller should be fully aware of all the factors that comprise the total ;package; being exchanged the asked- amount of money in order that they may evaluate a given price.

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