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Lin’s office supplies. How may I direct your call?林氏办公用品店我可以把你的电话接到什么地方呢?Marry Lin please.请接到Marry LinSure, just a moment. …I’m sorry no one answer the phone.当然,稍等......对不起没有人接电话All right, could I leave a message?好的,我可以留言吗?Certainly!当然!Please ask her to call John.请让她打电话给John 6

  At the request of France, the U.N. Security Council meets Monday on the conflict in Mali, where French jets bombed Islamist rebels for the third straight day Sunday.应法国方面的要求,联合国安理会将于星期一举行会议,讨论马里国内的争端。星期天,法国战机连续第三天轰炸马里境内的伊斯兰反政府武装分子。France says it will not back down in its fight against terrorists, as Islamic extremists who control northern Mali threaten to push south.法国政府表示,法国不会在这场反恐战事中退却。目前已经占据马里北部的伊斯兰极端分子威胁说,将向南方推进。Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said four warplanes bombed Islamist training camps and logistic depots around the town of Gao Sunday. 法国国防部长勒德里安说,四架法国战机星期天轰炸了加奥地区伊斯兰极端分子的训练营地以及武器装备库。France deployed troops in Mali at the request of the Malian government, but French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told French television and radio Sunday that the operation is not indefinite.应马里政府的请求,法国在马里部署了军队,但法国外交部长法比尤斯星期天对法国电视台和广播电台说,法国在马里的军事行动不是无限期的。Ansar Dine Islamic militants are threatening France with reprisals. President Francois Hollande has increased security across France.武装团体“伊斯兰后卫”的伊斯兰激进分子威胁要对法国进行报复。法国总统奥朗德下令在法国各地加强戒备。来 /201301/220560

  第一句:According to our travelling schedule, today were going to visit the Palace Museum.根据我们的旅游日程安排,今天我们去参观故宫A: According to our travelling schedule, today were going to visit the Palace Museum.根据我们的旅游日程安排,今天我们去参观故宫B: Let set off right away.我们马上就动身吧第二句:I am eager to have a sightseeing there.我渴望去那儿参观A: Good morning, Mr. Taylor. According to our travelling schedule, today were going to visit the Palace Museum. Are you y now?早上好,泰勒先生,根据我们的旅游日程安排,今天我们去参观故宫你现在准备好了吗?B: Good morning, Mr. Chen. I am eager to have a sightseeing there.早上好,陈先生,我渴望去那儿参观其他表达法:This is the world-famous bidden City where once emperors,empresses and their families lived.这就是举世闻名的紫禁城,曾经是帝王、后妃和他们亲族居住的地方Yes, it looks very lovely and picturesque.是的,它看起来真是可爱且美丽如画 9666。

  夏季女性穿着比较清凉,不少“咸猪手”开始蠢蠢欲动。近日不少网友爆料在地铁车厢遭遇色狼。对此有人建议地铁开设女性专用车厢请看中国日报网报道:Guangzhou Daily recently launched a survey on its micro blog about the necessity to openwomen-only compartmentsafter reports of several molestation cases. Around two in three respondents ticked ;yes;.针对近日发生的多起“猥亵”案件,广州日报近期在微上发起一个调查,询问人们地铁有无必要开设女性专用车厢,三分之二的调查参与者认为有必要上面报道中的women-only compartment就是“女性专用车厢”,也可称作women-only passenger car。目前日本、巴西、墨西哥等国家都开设了专供女性使用的车厢以应对地铁上的lewd conduct(猥亵行为),特别是groping(偷摸)。这种车厢一般都是供rush hour(高峰时段)使用的。有的国家的商场等公共场所还设有womens parking space(女士专用停车位)以方便女士停车或确保她们的安全。近期地铁上发生了很多起molestation(猥亵)案,犯案的人被称为molester(猥亵者)。猥亵是sexual harassment(性骚扰)的一种,英语中有很多词可以表示“猥亵”,比如obscenity、indecency、lewdness等,在语言或写作方面的淫秽被称为smuttiness或者dirtiness /201206/187474

  88:Cook up a low-cal storm第88单元:低卡美食亲手做Turn cooking weight loss into a creative challenge.把调理减肥食物当成是一项富含创意的挑战Dont be a reluctant cook. Experiment. Start a recipe collection. Invent recipes.别当个心不甘情不愿的厨师勇于实验创新开始四处搜集食谱或干脆自创食谱Invite friends and relatives over to try them. Enjoy the applause!邀请亲朋好友到家里来试试你的手艺享受他们的掌声吧! 3690A Malian militant group has suspended a ceasefire with the government, saying officials are gearing up for war.马里的一个激进组织暂停了和政府的停火,理由是当局正在为开战做准备。In a statement posted to its website, Islamist group Ansar Dine says it was willing to hold talks but says Malis government has not shown ;the least bit of sincere will for peace and negotiation.;伊斯兰激进组织“伊斯兰后卫”发表声明说,他们愿意谈判但马里政府没有展示“丝毫和平谈判的诚意”。The group accuses the government of buying arms, recruiting fighters, and mobilizing militias.该组织指责马里政府购买武器,招募兵员并动员民兵。An Ansar Dine spokesman, Sanda Ould Boumama, confirmed the statements authenticity to VOA.“伊斯兰后卫”发言人马马向美国之音实了声明的真实性。Ansar Dine and the Tuareg separatist group MNLA agreed to a ceasefire with the government on December 21st.“伊斯兰后卫”和图阿雷格族分离主义组织阿扎瓦德民族解放运动(MNLA)在121日同意与政府停火。The truce came a day after the U.N. Security Council approved a West African plan to deploy troops to Mali, with the goal of retaking the north from Ansar Dine and two other Islamist groups.停火前的一天,联合国安理会批准了西非国家向马里派兵的方案。西非地区各国出兵的目的是收复马里北部,把“伊斯兰后卫”和另外两个伊斯兰激进组织赶走。The two other groups -- the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa and al-Qaida in Islamic Maghreb -- have shunned negotiations taking place in Burkina Fasos capital, Ouagadougou.另外那两个组织“西非圣战统一运动”和“伊斯兰马格里布基地组织”拒绝参加在布基纳法索首都瓦加杜古举行的谈判。来 /201301/218663

  面试英语口语Lesson7: Beginnings Application Letters经典对话:86.In reply to your advertisement in today(newspaper) an ant, I tender my services.拜读今日××报上贵公司招聘会计广告,本人特此应征863. I would like to apply the post of Assistant ant as advertised in today (newspaper).拜读今日××报,本人欲应聘助理会计一职86.In reply to your advertisement in China Daily of May 18 a clerk,I offer myself the post.欣读5月18日《中国日报上贵公司招聘职员广告,敝人愿应征此职865.With reference to your advertisement in today Jiefang Daily an ant, I tender my services.从今日《解放日报广告栏得知贵公司招聘会计,本人特致函应聘866.On looking over yesterday Xinmin Evening Paper,my attention was attracted by your advertisement two department managers, I should like to apply the position.拜读贵公司在昨天的《新民晚报上所刊登的招聘广告,得悉贵公司招聘两部门经理,特此备函应征867.Please consider me an applicant the position which you advertised in People Daily of August 88月8日贵公司在《人民日报上刊登广告,招聘人才,我欲应聘,请予考虑868.Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this morning (newspaper),I wish to apply the position advertised.谨随函附上贵公司在今天的××报刊登的招聘广告,本人愿申请这一职位869.I have learned that your company is looking a computer operator and would like to apply the post.Enclosed is a resume which sets out full details of my qualifications, interests and work experience.据悉贵公司正在招聘电脑操作员,本人欲申请该职位,谨附上详述本人学历兴趣及经验的履历表一份870. I am writing in reply to you request through the University Appointment Service a Trainee Engineer,and would like to apply the position.本人于大学就业辅导处得悉贵公司欲招聘见习工程师,故特此备函应征871. Your advertisement in this week(magazine) a sales representative caught my attention. My working experience matches your requirements closely.本人对贵公司于本期××周刊内刊登之招聘广告甚感兴趣,自信能符合所述条件,故特备函应征87. I wish to apply the post of clerk in your company which is advertised in today (newspaper)欣读今日××报,得悉贵公司招聘职员,本人特此应征此职873.Your advertisement a telephone operator in the(news-paper) of March 8 has interested me.I feel I can fill that position.贵公司3月8日在××报上刊登广告,招聘一名接线员,本人阅后极感兴趣我相信能胜任此职87.Having heard that the situation of a cashier in your office is vacant, I wish to offer my service it.据闻贵公司出纳员一职空缺,特备函应征875.I have heard that perhaps you might need an ant with considerable experience working with companies such as yours.据悉贵公司有意招聘一名有丰富相关经验的会计876.I would like to ask you to consider my qualification the position in sales that you advertised in last week newspaper.贵公司上周在××报刊登广告,招聘推销员一职,我拟应聘,敬请给予考虑877.I believe my experience and qualifications suit the position you advertised in last month(newspaper)and hope that you will.consider my application.本人学历与工作经验与贵公司上月于××报上刊登之职位空缺相符,故特备函应征878.Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this morning (newspaper),I wish to apply the position referred to.I feel that my business experience has been sufficiently broad to adapt me to any work requiring managerial ability.看到今天早上××报刊登的招聘广告(随信附寄),我极愿申请这一职位我觉得个人工作经验丰富,足以胜任经理的工作879.Your advertisement a Senior Production Planner in the March Beijing Youth Daily interested me because your requirements closely parallel my working experience.3月日《北京青年报上刊登贵公司招聘高级生产设计员一职的广告,本人极感兴趣,因所列条件为本人工作经验相符合Notes 注释:1.应征函起首语主要表述申请人写信的原因,作为一封求职信的开场白,是必不可少的,包括两点内容:一、表明从何处得知招聘信息;二、明确向招聘方表明对申请职位极感兴趣,或满足所列条件,或表明自己能胜任此职.in reply to…为了答复……3.tender v.提出,提供tender one s services 提出愿为……效劳.with reference to…关于……,根据……referencegt;T-GT+QK n.查询,参考5.enclose把……封入the enclosed 函内附件6.caught my attention引起我的兴趣7.with considerable experience具有相当的经验8.parallel v.与……相应 66





  Beyond the guarantee period过了保质期Excuse me, sir. Is there anything I can do you?请问,先生,我能帮您什么忙吗?Yes. I bought the can two days ago, but today I found that is beyond the guarantee period.是的,我在两天前买了这个罐头,可是今天我发现罐头居然已经过了保质期Let me see. I am sorry, sir. We will change another one you. Please wait a moment.让我看看,很抱歉,先生,我们会给您换一罐请稍等 7635

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