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Song Dynasty宋朝Jingkang Incident靖康之变The first 25 years at the beginning of the 12th century saw the darkest age ruled by the fatuous and self-indulgent Emperor Huizong.12世纪开头的25年见了由愚蠢而放纵的宋徽宗执政的黑暗时期。Although Huizong usefully kept down the two large-scale peasant uprisings, his dynasty was doomed with the rising Nuzhen tribe.尽管徽宗有力地镇压了两次大规模的起义,他的朝代注定遭遇女真部落的崛起。There lived in the Changbai Mountains and the Helongjiang Valley the ancestors of the Nuzhen people long before.很久以前,女真人的祖先居住在长白山和黑龙江流域。The name “Nuzhen” did not appear in historical records until the Five Dynasties Period (907— 960) when it was under the control of the Khitan.“女真”直到五代时期(907——960)才出现在历史记录里,那时它受契丹族的控制。In 1115, the great headman of the Nu zhen tribe Wanyan Aguda established a new dynasty ---- the Jin Dynasty and proclaimed himself emperor.1115年,女真族伟大的首领完颜阿骨打创立了一个新的朝代——金并自立为帝。Historically, Wanyan Aguda was called as Emperor Taizu.完颜阿骨打在历史上被称为金太祖。In 1125, the emperor of Liao surrendered to Jin and the state of Liao came to its end.1125年,辽国灭亡,向金国投降。Then Jin started to invade Northern Song.之后,金国向北宋(960——1127)进攻。In 1127, Emperors Huizong and Qinzong were deposed, ending the Northern Song Dynasty (960—1127).1127年,宋徽宗和宋钦宗退位,北宋(960——1127)灭亡。This event was referred to as Catastrophe of Jingkang in the history.这个事件在史上被称为靖康之变。In the same year, Zhao Gou, the younger brother of Song Emperor Qinzong, ascended the throne in Yingtianfu (today’s Nanjing) after the withdrawal of the Jin troops, and later moved the capital to Lin’an (western Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province).同年,宋钦宗的弟弟赵构在金国撤军后于应天府(今南京)继承帝位,之后他迁都临安(浙江省杭州西城)。Zhao Gou still called his regime the “Great Song”,which became known as the Southern Song, and chose the reign title of Jianyan.赵构仍然称呼他的政权为“大宋”并立国号“建炎”,这其实就是我们所知的南宋。 /201511/406464My husband and I are gay and are exploring the possibility of having children using an egg donor and a surrogate mother. Sometimes when we mention this in conversation, people ask us, in a chiding tone, Why don’t you adopt? They often then argue that with so many children in need of good homes, it would be ethically superior for us to adopt, instead of spending a small fortune so we can have children to whom we are genetically tied. In addition, there are ethical issues related to paying women for their eggs or paying women to carry our children as surrogates. Are we acting unethically — or at the least selfishly or self-indulgently — in pursuing biological children instead of adopting orphans who could benefit from what (we like to think) would be a good home? David Lat, New York我和丈夫是同性恋,我们正在考虑通过捐赠的卵子和拥有自己的孩子。有时我们在谈话中提起这件事时,别人总是以责备的语气问我们为什么不收养孩子。他们给出的理由往往是有那么多孩子需要良好的家庭,从道德上讲,收养孩子比花钱生育跟自己有基因联系的孩子更高尚。另外,购买卵子和花钱请人也涉及伦理问题。我们想要亲生孩子而不是去收养孤儿好让他们享受(我们自认为)良好的家庭环境真的不道德吗?或者至少是自私或自我放纵吗?——大卫·拉特(David Lat),纽约Anybody who is contemplating having a baby, by whatever means, could be adopting a child instead. If those who chide you include people who have biological children themselves, you might want to point this out. Come to think of it, your friends who don’t have children are also free, if they meet the legal requirements, to adopt. Every child awaiting adoption is someone who could benefit from parental volunteers. There is no good reason to pick on you.任何一个正在考虑要孩子的人——不管是通过什么途径——都可以收养孩子。如果那些指责你的人中有人自己有亲生孩子,可以指出这一点。细想一下,你那些没有孩子的朋友如果达到法律要求,也可以收养。任何等待收养的孩子都能从自愿收养的父母那里受益。所以不能单指责你们。The path you have chosen, it’s true, mixes commerce and reproduction through egg donation and surrogacy. But while acquiring an egg and then working with a surrogate mother are transactions with ethical risks, they can each be conducted in morally permissible ways. The main concerns I would have are avoiding exploitation — so you need to make sure that the donor and the surrogate are acting freely and are fairly compensated — and taking care that your understanding with the surrogate mother is clearly laid out in advance. But any responsible agency that assists you in this should cover these bases.的确,你们选择的方法涉及卵子捐赠和,所以把商业交易和繁育后代联系到了一起。但是,虽然购买卵子以及与母亲合作是有伦理风险的交易,但是都能以伦理允许的方式进行。我最主要的担心是避免剥削,所以你需要确保卵子捐赠者和母亲是自愿的,且能得到合理补偿,要注意提前与母亲达成清晰的共识。不过,任何一个负责任的协助的机构都会注意这些基本问题的。Wanting a biological connection with your child is pretty normal: We evolved to pass on our genes, after all, even if we’re free to give Mother Nature the side-eye. There are also things you can more likely do for children to whom you’re biologically related — notably, on the organ-donor front. So while it would be terrific if you adopted, it’s no more incumbent on you than it is on any other potential parents.希望孩子跟自己有基因联系是很正常的想法:毕竟我们通过基因传递而进化,就算我们对大自然不以为然。另外,有些事情你更可能为自己的亲生孩子去做,最明显的就是捐赠器官。所以,虽然收养是很好的事情,但是你们并不比其他潜在的父母更有义务这样做。I’ve worked as an educator and administrator in public schools for over a decade. During this time, I have served as a character witness and written letters on behalf of students who have been arrested. In certain cases, these students have been charged with violent offenses. I often found myself in heated arguments with a loved one over these acts of advocacy, specifically because court proceedings typically take place during the day, which requires me to have someone cover my duties at school. I feel that this advocacy is justified because I am an adult who has invested deeply in the development of the children and knows who they are outside of their offenses. Is it ethical for school staff members to offer their time and efforts to support students charged with violent crimes? Name Withheld我在公立学校担任教师和管理者十多年。在此期间,我曾为那些被拘留的学生做品格担保人,代表他们写文书。在某些案件中,这些学生被判暴力犯罪。我经常与我爱的人就我的辩护行动进行激烈争论,尤其是因为法庭活动通常在白天进行,所以我必须请别人代班。我觉得自己的辩护行动是合理的,因为我在这些孩子的成长过程中投入了很多,我知道他们不违法的时候是什么样子。学校员工付出时间和精力持被判暴力犯罪的学生合乎道义吗?——匿名You’re presumably talking about helping the courts to understand the social and educational contexts of students accused of crimes. You’re permitted to testify when the courts find this information relevant in deciding what to do with young offenders. In doing so, you’re helping the courts make what are often very difficult decisions. As long as your advocacy is truthful, it can be a valuable contribution. Asking colleagues to cover for you when you’re doing a public service would seem entirely acceptable; they have good reason to support what you’re doing — and because of that, you should be willing to cover for others when they do the same.你说的可能是帮助法庭了解被判有罪的学生的社会和教育背景。当法庭发现这些信息对决定如何处置少年犯有用时,你被允许去作。你这样做是在帮助法庭做出通常很艰难的决定。只要辩护的内容是真实的,那会是很有价值的贡献。你进行公共务时请同事代班似乎是完全可以接受的。他们很应该持你做的事情,因此,当他们去做同样的事情时,你也应该愿意为他们代班。Let me address an issue you haven’t raised: The fact that a student on whose behalf you speak could receive a lighter sentence may upset his or her victims or their families. If the court is doing its job properly, however, the sentence is lighter only because its decision would have otherwise been based on a less complete picture. There is, of course, a question of fairness here, because many young offenders don’t have the advantage of a teacher willing to speak up for them. But you wouldn’t contribute to the overall justice of the situation by denying helpful information in one case on the grounds that it’s unavailable in many others. If you want to help with that problem, you might try to persuade your union to develop ethical guidelines for conducting this form of advocacy.请允许我谈一点你没提到的问题:替学生说话可能帮他轻判,这可能会让受害人及其家人感到失望。不过,如果法院判罚得当,那么从轻处罚只是因为法院对情况有了更全面的了解。当然,还有一个公平问题,因为很多少年犯没有这样的优势,没有哪位老师愿意替他们说话。但是,如果因为很多其他人没有这样的优势,所以你也拒绝提供有用的信息,那么你也不会提高整个情况的公平性。如果你想改善这种情况,那么你可以试图劝说工会制订进行这种辩护的伦理指导方针。I am the director of a student’s research for his master’s degree and his eventual thesis. When I accepted him as a student, I was impressed by his intelligence, but I have come to know him as a conniving person who easily lies to get his way. He has no problem manipulating people who don’t know him, and I have come to dislike him because of the way he uses his intelligence. My question is how to respond to his eventual requests for recommendations. He hasn琀 written his thesis yet and busies himself with many other activities, but I know that he will eventually produce a document. I do not want to give this individual a good recommendation. Denying him will probably create an enemy for life, and that can be a difficulty given the culture of the South American country where I live. What should I do or say to him when it comes time to respond to his request? Do I have some obligation to recommend him, looking for any good points I can speak to? Name Withheld, Bogotá, Colombia 我担任一名学生的硕士学位研究和论文写作的导师。我同意做他的导师时,对他的才智印象深刻,但是后来我才知道他是一个爱搞阴谋的人,经常为达目的撒谎。他完全不介意利用那些不了解他的人,他耍小聪明的方法让我越来越不喜欢他。我的问题是如果最后他让我给他写推荐信,我该怎么办。他还没写论文,忙着进行很多其他活动,但我知道他最终会拿到学位。我不想给这个人写一份好推荐信。拒绝他很可能会给我树立一个终生的敌人,考虑到我所生活的这个南美国家的文化,这会是个麻烦。将来他提出那个要求时我该怎么办,怎么说?我有义务给他写推荐信吗?比如写些我愿意说的优点?——匿名,波哥大,哥伦比亚Here in the ed States, you’re certainly free to tell a student you won’t write a recommendation for him, or to say that you don’t think a recommendation from you would be helpful if you did. Indeed, if you’re sure that it will be unhelpful, I think you have a duty to say so. But I don’t know what the conventions are in your country; you seem to be worried that this sort of frankness might create a dangerous enemy. Maybe you have reason to doubt that your recommendation would be kept in confidence.在美国,肯定可以对学生说,你不会给他写推荐信,或者说你觉得自己的推荐信对他不会有什么帮助。真的,如果确定不会有帮助,我觉得你有责任这样说。但是我不知道你的国家的习惯。你好像很担心这样的坦率可能会制造一个危险的敌人。也许你有理由怀疑你的推荐信能始终保密。That may justify care and caution; it doesn’t justify mendacity. You should write a letter that your student could see without feeling you betrayed him and that you could write without feeling you betrayed yourself. Accurately describe his intellectual skills and achievements. But you don’t need to say anything at all about his character. Readers will surely make their own inferences; they know that what you don’t say is just as important as what you do. If it’s conventional where you live to say something positive about a person’s character, your silence can be expected to prompt a negative inference. Even if it doesn’t, you won’t have said anything to support a positive inference.从小心谨慎的角度讲,这无可厚非,但是从弄虚作假的角度讲,这是不应该的。应该写一封即使你的学生看到也不会觉得你背叛他的推荐信,同时这样一封推荐信也不会让你觉得背叛自己。准确描述他的知识技能和成绩。但是完全不需要提到他的性格。读这封推荐信的人肯定能做出自己的推断。他们知道你没说的和你说的同样重要。如果你所在的国家在推荐信中通常都要提到一个人性格方面的优点,那么你不提肯定会引发负面的推断。即使不能,也没有说任何持正面推断的话。Here’s a test you might put to yourself: Suppose someone employs your student after ing your recommendation and then discovers the faults you describe. The employer res your letter. Will he or she have cause to feel misled?可以用这个方法进行衡量:假设在看完你的推荐信后,某个单位雇佣了你的学生,后来发现这名学生有上面提到的那些缺点。那位雇佣者重读你的信。他/她会觉得自己被误导了吗?Once a week, I volunteer at a nonprofit organization, answering a distress line. As a token of its appreciation, the organization provides volunteers with two subway tickets for each day they volunteer. I do not use these tickets because I get to the organization by walking. Instead, I use the tickets to get to another volunteer job that is farther away and that does not provide volunteers with subway tickets. Am I obliged to use the tickets for their implicit purpose of getting me to and from the volunteer job? Name Withheld 曾经有一周,我在一个非盈利组织做志愿者,接听苦恼求助热线。为了表示感谢,这个组织每天给志愿者提供两张地铁票。我没用这些票,因为我可以走路去那里。我用那些票去离我的住处比较远的地方做另一份志愿工作——那份工作不给志愿者提供地铁票。我必须把这些车票用在做这份志愿工作的通勤上吗?——匿名If someone gives you a benefit to be used for a particular purpose, you owe it to that person to ask if you can use it for another. Suppose you’re in college, and your rich uncle gives you money to pay for the expensive new textbooks your syllabus requires. Instead, you buy cheap used editions and put the rest of the money to another use. Maybe you’re buying booze. Maybe you’re donating to the Betty Ford Center. Either way, this isn’t what your uncle had in mind; you’ve broken an implicit agreement.如果有人给你一项福利是为了实现特定的目的,那么需要问问那个人你可否用作他途。假设你在上大学,你富有的叔叔给你钱购买课程所需的昂贵的新书。而你买了些便宜的二手书,把剩下的钱花在其他地方。比如买酒。或者是捐给贝蒂·福特中心(Betty Ford Center)。不管怎样,那不是你叔叔所设想的。你实际上违背了默认的协议。So ask a responsible person at the organization that gives you the subway tickets. I doubt your conduct will cause concern; you may well be told that the tickets are for the organization’s volunteers to use as they please. All the same: Ask. (And by the way, thanks for doing all this volunteer work!)所以问问给你地铁票的那个组织的负责人。我觉得你的行为不会带来任何问题。你可能会被告知,那些车票是供这个组织的志愿者们随意使用的。总之:问一下(另外,感谢你做这些志愿工作!)。 /201602/425881

The Christmas tree experienced a burst of popularity in 1848, when Britain#39;s Queen Victoria and Prince Albert decorated a tree as part of their holiday celebrations at Windsor Castle. Since then, the Christmas tree has become a common sight in homes and city centers around the world, serving as cheery and bright reminders that the life can flourish -- even during the cold, dark nights of winter.1848年,英国维多利亚女王和阿尔伯特王子在温莎公园将装饰大树作为节日庆典的一项活动之后,圣诞树就大受欢迎。自那以后,圣诞树便成为了全世界万千市中心及千家万户司空见惯的景致,就算在寒冷黑暗的冬夜,圣诞树也能给人们带来欢乐和积极的寓意:生活定会充满勃勃生机!Here are some of the most creative Christmas trees of 2015.以下是2015年最具有创意的圣诞树。1.Taipei, Taiwan1.台北,台湾At 118 feet high, this LED tree is the largest public Christmas decoration in Taiwan. In the month leading up to the holiday, it features a light show every half hour after sundown.这棵LED圣诞树高118英尺,是台湾最大的公共圣诞装饰。12月份圣诞节到来之际,这棵圣诞树会在日落后每半个小时上演一场灯光秀。2.London, England2.伦敦,英国About 2,000 soft toys were used to create this Disney-themed Christmas tree in London#39;s St. Pancras International Station.在伦敦的圣潘克拉斯国际车站,这棵迪士尼主题圣诞树用了大约2000个毛绒玩具搭建而成。3.Muskegon, Michigan3.马斯基根,密歇根州The 15-tier, five-story Singing Christmas Tree at the Frauenthal Center holds 220 students from the Mona Shores High School Choir.这棵位于弗朗萨尔中心的唱歌圣诞树共15层,有5层楼高,上面;装;着来自蒙纳海岸高中合唱团的220个学生。4.Quezon City, The Philippines4.奎松市,菲律宾SM North, the fifth-largest mall in the world, unveiled its 50-foot Christmas tree on Nov. 6.世界上第五大商场SM North商场于11月6日公布了其50英尺高的圣诞树。5.Melbourne, Australia5.墨尔本,澳大利亚Over half a million Lego bricks were used to create this Christmas tree in Federation Square.联邦广场,50多万块乐高积木被用来制作这棵圣诞树。6.Washington, D.C.6.华盛顿特区The National Christmas Tree at The Ellipse.爱里斯公园里的国家圣诞树。 /201512/418146

A survey of more than 2,000 people living in the UK has found that those with a higher IQ are more likely to live a longer life. Researchers analysed data from the Scottish Mental Surveys - in which almost every 11-year-old in Scotland was given the same IQ test on the same day in 1932 - and tracked the participants#39; lives up to when they passed away.基于对2000多名英国居民的调查,研究结果显示:智商越高的人长寿的几率越大。研究者分析了来源于苏格兰心智调查的数据:1932年,几乎每个11岁的苏格兰儿童都在同一天接受了相同的智商测试,之后测试者将接受追踪调查,直至他们去世。Even when factors such as economic status and employment level were accounted for, the smarter kids ended up living longer than those with lower IQs. These results correlate to several previous studies that have found a link between IQ and mortality when other factors were filtered out.即使经济地位和就业水平等因素都被考虑在内,调查仍旧显示,智商高的孩子寿命更长。这些结果与先前的研究不谋而合,即在排除其它因素的条件下,智商与死亡率有一定的关联。;Subjects who died before 1 January 1997 had a significantly lower mean IQ at age 11 years than subjects who were alive or untraced,; says the report, published in the British Medical Journal. ;Our data shows that high mental ability in late childhood reduces the chances of death up to age 76 years.;发表于《英国医学杂志》的报告显示:1997年1月1日前去世的调查对象11岁时的平均智商远远低于当时还健在的和没接受追踪调查的群体,数据表明,如果一个人在童年后期表现出较高的心智能力,76岁前死亡的几率会有所降低。The numbers crunched by Lawrence Whalley from the University of Aberdeen and Ian Deary from the University of Edinburgh show that someone with an IQ of 115 at age 11 was 21 percent more likely to be alive at the age of 76 than someone with an IQ of 100 (the general average), as David Z. Hambrick at Scientific American reports.《科学美国人》的戴维·汉布里克报道称,由阿伯丁大学的劳伦斯·沃利和爱丁堡大学的伊恩·蒂尔瑞估算的数据显示,智商值为115的11岁儿童活到76岁的几率比智商值为100(平均水平)的儿童高21%。We don#39;t yet understand why this is the case, but more than 20 longitudinal studies (studies with data points covering a long period of time) carried out around the world have found similar links.这一现象是如何产生的呢?我们也尚未发现原因所在,但是全世界20多个纵向追踪研究都发现智商与寿命间有类似的关联, 这些研究数据均来自长时间的调查。There are some interesting hypotheses: one is that intelligent people are more likely to strap themselves in while driving, choose to eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking, and exercise more often. Whalley and Deary found that those with a higher IQ were more likely to quit smoking after its negative health effects were publicised in the 1950s. In other words, smart people might just be better at avoiding things that are going to kill them.下面是一些有趣的猜测:其一,聪明人往往更倾向于约束自己,比如,开车谨慎,饮食健康,拒绝吸烟,锻炼身体。沃利和蒂尔瑞发现,20世纪50年代曝光吸烟有害健康之后,智商较高的群体戒烟的可能性更大。也就是说,聪明人更懂得如何避免健康危机。Another hypothesis is that a high IQ is a signifier of a sturdy constitution and a body that#39;s going to last - it#39;s essentially a signifier rather than a cause, some scientists believe. One study published in 2005 found that better reaction times specifically helped people live longer - so a high IQ is possibly an indication of an efficient nervous system, rather than being itself a cause of longer life, the researchers proposed.另一个猜测是,有些科学家认为,高智商是强健、耐受体质的标志,而不是长寿的原因。2005年发布的研究表明,反应越快的人活得越久,研究者因而指出,高智商很有可能就是神经系统高效运转的标志,但它本身不是长寿的原因。Alternatively, or perhaps in addition to the above suggestions, it could be that genes are contributing to the link between IQ and longevity. Hambrick cites a recent study involving twins that provides the first evidence for this hypothesis:除了上述的猜测,另一种可能性就是基因导致了智商和寿命之间的关联。汉布里克引用了最近有关双胞胎的一项研究,为这一假设提供首个依据:;Twin studies disentangle the effects of environmental and genetic factors on an outcome such as intelligence or lifespan by comparing identical twins, who share 100 percent of their genes, and fraternal twins, who on average share only 50 percent of their genes. [The researchers] performed statistical analyses to estimate the contribution of genetic factors to the IQ-lifespan relationship. The results were clear and consistent: genes accounted for most of the relationship.;“通过比较同卵双胞胎(百分之百的基因相同)和异卵双胞胎(平均只有百分之五十的基因相同),研究者理清了环境和基因因素对智力和寿命的影响,他们分析了数据以推测基因因素对智商和寿命的关系起到的作用。结果明确而一致:大部分二者的关系能用基因解释。”It#39;s a complicated area of science, particularly as an IQ score doesn#39;t necessarily directly represent intelligence, and can be affected by social class, education standards, and other cultural factors - if you#39;re preconditioned to think you#39;ll do badly in an exam, for example. Nevertheless, the link is there - and researchers are still trying to find out why.关于智商与寿命的研究是一个复杂的科学问题:智商值不能直接代表智力。因为智力还会受到社会阶级、教育标准和其他文化因素的影响。因此,可别认为智商值低就考不好试。无论如何,智商和寿命是一定存在某种关联的,只是研究者还需要试着去发现个中原因,揭开奥秘。 /201601/421774

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