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10 Things That Make Four AM Friends.1) Seeing each other naked is nothing new to you.当你们在一起的时候,很轻松自在。 /200911/89616新宾满族自治县第二人民医院前列腺炎多少钱抚顺曙光医院治疗龟头炎好吗5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mitt Romney关于米特·罗姆尼你不知道的5件事1. He was a ramblin#39; man.1.他的爱车曾是“漫步者”As a student at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield, Michigan, young Mitt was surrounded by other sons of auto industry executives. Although they cruised around in hippercars like Pontiac GTOs and Corvettes, Romney insisted on driving a rambler, the hallmark initiative of his father#39;s tenure as CEO of American Motors. According to former classmate Jim Bailey, for teens their age, [the rambler] ;was the least cool car in the entire world.;毕业于密歇根布鲁姆菲尔德市著名的克兰布鲁克学院,年轻的罗姆尼周围都是汽车业高管的孩子。虽然其他孩子都开着庞蒂克的GTO和巡洋舰这样时髦的车,罗姆尼总是坚持开一辆漫步者,为了表明他父亲是美国汽车公司的CEO。他之前的同学吉姆·贝利说,对于他们那个年纪的青少年来说,(漫步者)“是全世界最不酷的车。”2. A car accident helped strengthen his faith.2.一起车祸帮助他增强了信念Despite a rocky period as Mormon missionary in France—in addition to constant rejection by French locals uninterested in Mormonism, Romney was involved in a devastating car accident that nearly killed him—the presidential candidate reflects on his time abroad as a defining moment that solidified his faith. As journalists Michael Kranish and Scott Helman write in The Real Romney, ;Having begun his mission with what he called thin ties to the faith, he became a stalwart believer.;罗姆尼曾经在法国做过门教的传教士,度过了一段困难的时期:他一直被对门教不感兴趣的法国人拒绝,之后一场可怕的车祸差点要了他的命。而我们的总统候选人则认为,在国外的这段时期是他信念形成的决定性时期。记者迈克尔·克拉尼希和斯科特·海曼在《真实的罗姆尼》中写道,“尽管最初他所做的事并未包含多少信念,他逐渐成为了一个信念坚定的人。”3. He#39;s a picky eater.3.他是一个挑食的人One of everyone#39;s favorite things to follow election season is what our candidates eat along the campaign trail. This election season, we#39;ve learned a few things about Romney#39;s eating habits:大家在竞选期间最感兴趣的事之一就是我们的候选人在竞选过程中都吃些什么。这次大选期间,我们了解到了一些罗姆尼的饮食习惯:One of his favorite foods is a peanut butter sandwich with honey;He likes pizza, but insists on scraping off the cheese before he even ever takes a bite. He likes fried chicken, but only when the skin has been removed; He prefers to eat only the tops of muffins, the logic here being that during cooking the butter and unhealthful lipids have melted down into the case.他最爱的食物之一是加蜂蜜的花生酱三明治;他喜欢披萨,但吃之前一定要把奶酪去掉。他喜欢炸鸡,但一定要去皮。他喜欢巨无霸汉堡,那一定要去掉中间那层面包;他吃松饼时只爱吃最上面那一层,他的理论是在烹饪时黄油和不健康的油脂融化流到了最底层。4. He#39;s a fool for love.4.他是一个为爱痴狂的人As Romney#39;s said many times on the campaign trail, his wife Ann is the love of his life. During his brief study at Stanford University, he went through extraordinary lengths to sneak back to Michigan and see Ann. Lovesick Mitt worried his parents with his erratic behavior. In one such occasion, reported in The Real Romney, ;he drove nonstop from California to Michigan, showed up at Ann#39;s home a sweaty mess, and dived fully into her pool.;罗姆尼在竞选时说过很多次,他的妻子安是他毕生挚爱。他在斯坦福大学短期学习期间,曾经长途跋涉溜回密歇根去和安见面。饱受相思苦的罗姆尼这种古怪的行为曾经让父母十分担心,在《真实的罗姆尼》中有这样的描述,“他马不停蹄地驾车从加利福利亚开到密歇根,大汗漓淋地出现在安家门前,一头栽进她的泳池里。”5. He#39;s a stickler for rules.5.他是一个坚持原则的人Jodi Kantor offered a unique glimpse of Romney the campaigner New York Times story, Romney#39;s Faith, Silent but Deep: ;Mr. Romney is quick to uphold rules great and small. During primary debates, when his rivals spoke our of turn or exceeded their allotted time, he would sometimes lecture them. When supporters ask Mr. Romney to sign dollar bills or American flags, he refuses and often gives them a little lesson about why doing so is illegal.;在《纽约时报》的文章《罗姆尼的信念,无声但深刻》中,乔迪·坎托向我们描绘了这位候选人独特的一面:“罗姆尼先生坚持大大小小的各种规则。在最初的辩论中,当他的对手抢了他发言的顺序或者超时的时候,他有时会指出来。当他的持者要求他在美元钞票或者美国国旗上签名的时候,他会拒绝,而且通常会向他们说明为什么这么做是违法的。” /201211/208052Global banking watchdogs have announced their first big crackdown on regulatory arbitrage since the passage of the Basel III reform package with a plan for hefty charges on banks that use pricey credit default swaps to cut their capital requirements.全球业监督机构宣布,计划对利用昂贵的信用违约互换(CDS)来降低自身资本金要求的征收高额费用。此举是自《巴塞尔III》(Basel III)改革方案通过以来针对“监管套利”行为出台的首轮重大打击。The highly technical consultation announced on Friday by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which sets global bank safety rules, takes aim at banks that have been exploiting a regulatory loophole by buying credit protection on risky loans but sping out the premiums for several years.负责制定全球安全规则的巴塞尔监管委员会(Basel Committee on Banking Supervision)上周五宣布了这项颇为技术性的磋商。其矛头指向那些钻监管漏洞的,它们为高风险的贷款购买信用保险,但把保费分摊至数年。The Basel group, made up of 27 countries with major financial centres, announced 15 months ago that it was concerned about these arrangements because they immediately cut a bank’s capital charges, though the costs – and the risk of buying the insurance – do not show up until later.由27个国家(拥有一些大型金融中心)组成的上述巴塞尔委员会曾在15个月前宣布,对此类安排感到关切,原因是它们会立刻降低相关的资本金费用,尽管其成本——以及购买保险的风险——将在以后显现。The US Federal Reserve had said the practice called “into question the degree of risk transfer of the transaction and may be inconsistent with safety and soundness”. But the deals remained popular.美联储(Fed)曾表示,这种操作“使人质疑交易的风险转移程度,可能不利于安全和稳健”。但此类交易仍十分流行。Last month it emerged that Citigroup had bought protection from Blackstone , the private equity group, on a pool of shipping loans. Other banks that have engaged in “reg-cap” deals recently include Standard Chartered and Barclays.上月传出的消息显示,花旗集团(Citigroup)曾针对一批航运贷款向私人股本集团黑石(Blackstone)购买保险。近期从事过所谓“监管资本金”(reg-cap)交易的其他包括渣打(Standard Chartered)和巴克莱(Barclays)。Now regulators have taken a much tougher line, saying they plan to amend the hard-fought Basel III deal to close the loophole. Banks can continue to use CDSs to hedge their losses but they must reflect the cost of the insurance up front and take a capital charge, the consultation says, adding: “The proposed changes are intended to ensure that the costs, and not just the benefits, of purchased credit protection are appropriately recognised in regulatory capital.”现在监管机构大幅收紧了立场,称他们计划修订经过艰苦谈判才得以达成的《巴塞尔III》协议,以求堵塞这个漏洞。磋商文件称,可继续利用CDS对冲自己的亏损,但它们必须从一开始就报告保险成本、录得资本金费用。磋商文件还称:“拟议的变动意在确保所购买之信用保护的成本——而非仅仅是收益——恰当地计入监管资本金。”The move comes as regulators fight to reassure investors and politicians that Basel III will make the financial sector safer and that banks will not be able to evade the new rules by “optimising” their balance sheets to make them appear less risky.此举出台之际,监管人士正努力向投资者和政界人士保,《巴塞尔III》将提高金融行业的安全性,而且将无法通过“优化”自身资产负债表、使其看上去风险不那么大来逃避新规。“It appears pretty draconian,” said one person who works at a counterparty fund.“这项计划看起来相当严厉,”在一只基金工作的一名人士表示。该基金是的交易对手。Daniel Davies, analyst at BNP Exane, said: “It seems like a sensible piece of regulation. It’s pretty difficult to make a case that capital credit should be given for credit protection without recognising the full cost.”BNP Exane分析师丹尼尔戴维斯(Daniel Davies)表示:“这看上去像是一条明智的监管规定。在不承认全部成本的情况下对信用保护给予资本金信用——这种做法很难站得住脚。” /201303/231755新抚妇幼保健院男性专科

抚顺二医院正规的吗抚顺做性功能康复技术多少钱Commutersin Toronto and Montreal may spend a lot of time in their cars, but a new survey shows they have a relatively stress-free commute compared with others. 多伦多和蒙特利尔的通勤上班族花在路上的时间可能就不短了,但一项最新调查表明,和其它城市相比,这真是小巫见大巫。 The IBM Commuter Pain Index survey ranks the emotional and economic toll of commuting in 20 major cities around the world. IBM近日发布“通勤痛苦指数”,针对全球20个大城市的通勤损失进行了调查,包括精神损失和经济损失。 Toronto and Montreal were both a part of the survey with the latter finishing at the bottom of the list and Toronto finishing fifth from the bottom. 多伦多和蒙特利尔也在调查之列,蒙特利尔排名垫底,多伦多排在倒数第五。 Mexico City topped the list with Shenzhen, Beijing, Nairobi and Johannesburg rounding out the top five. New York finished one point above Toronto. 通勤压力最大的五个城市分别为墨西哥城、深圳、北京、内罗毕、和约翰内斯堡。纽约排在倒数第六。 "Commuting doesn't occur in a vacuum," said Naveen Lamba, IBM's global intelligent transportation expert, in a statement. IBM全球智能交通专家纳文·兰巴在声明中说:“通勤与其它因素互相影响。” "A person's emotional response to the daily commute is colouredby many factors — pertaining both to traffic congestion as well as to other, unrelated, issues. This year's survey indicates drivers in cities around the world are much more unsettled and anxious compared with 2010." “人们对每日通勤的情感反应受到很多因素的影响,和交通拥堵以及其它看似不相干的问题都有关系。从今年的调查来看,全球的司机都比去年更不淡定、更焦躁了。” The survey includes questions about commuting time, time spent in traffic, the price of gas, stress, anger and how traffic affects work. 调查问题包括通勤时间、交通耗时、油价、通勤压力、交通状况导致的愤怒情绪、交通状况对工作的影响等。 Globally, 42 per cent of people say their stress level has increased and 35 per cent say they get angry because of traffic. 全球来看,42%的受访者认为通勤压力上升,35%认为交通问题给心里添堵。 While 23 per cent of people in Toronto say congestion is better, 40 per cent are more stressed because of congestion. 而有23%的多伦多人认为交通拥堵有所改善,另有40%认为交通拥堵使自己压力更大了。 IBM surveyed more than 8,000 people on six continents with the majority saying traffic has become worse in the last three years. It points out 40 per cent of commuters say improved public transit would help and the number of people taking transit is up in most places. IBM对来自六大洲的八千多人进行了调查,多数受访者认为在过去三年中交通状况变差了。调查指出,40%的通勤者认为改善公共交通有好处,在大多数受访地区,乘坐公共交通的人数也有上升。 More people taking transit is a good thing because one expert says cities can't expect to solve the problem by building more roads. 乘坐公共交通的人数增加是件好事。有专家称,解决城市交通问题不能靠多修路。 "We can't simply build our way out of congestion no matter which city," said Vinodh Swaminathan, IBM's director of intelligent transportation systems, in a statement. IBM智能交通系统总监维诺德·斯瓦米纳森在声明中说:“不管在哪里,解决交通拥堵都不能靠修路。” "In order to improve traffic flow and congestion, cities need to move beyond knowing and reacting; they have to find ways to anticipate and avoid situations that cause congestion that could turn the world into one giant parking lot." “为了疏导车流,减少拥堵,城市不能每次都做事后诸葛亮,而是要想法预见并避免拥堵的原因,不然整个地球会变成一个巨无霸停车场。” /201110/157662More Americans are in favor of gay marriage, and more place the importance of gun owner rights above gun control, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.皮尤调查中心的投票结果显示,越来越多的美国人持同性恋婚姻,同时,越来越多的美国人认为持权利比械管制重要。The poll’s findings indicate landmark shifts in opinion for both issues, marking the culmination of trends that have built up over the past several years.此次投票结果表明,在这两个问题上民众意见有了重大转变,这标志着近年来形成的两种潮流达到了顶峰。Currently, 49% of Americans believe it’s more important to protect the rights of gun owners, and 47% are in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Though neither are amajority, those in favor of both policies outnumber those against, with 45% placing gun control above gun ownership and 43% in opposition to gay marriage.目前,49%的美国人认为保护民众持权利更为重要,同时47%的美国人持同性婚姻合法化。虽然两项投票结果都没有占多数,但是持这两项政策的人数超过了反对的人数。其中仅45%的美国人认为械管制更重要,43%的人反对同性婚姻。Including data since 2003, opposition to gay marriage reached its peak in 2004, as the topic reached the forefront of the year’s campaigns, with state amendments and the possibility of constitutional prohibition building steam. But public opinion has shifted significantly, most particularly in regard to those strongly in favor and against gay marriage.该调查收集了自2003年以来的数据,调查发现人们对同性恋婚姻的反对在2004年达到了高潮。这个话题与各州修正案以及宪法可能禁止修建蒸汽设备的话题,一起成为当年各类游行的主题。但是,公众的意见已发生重大转变,尤其是那些强烈持和反对同性婚姻的人。Strong opposition, ever since its peak of 38% in December 2004, had fluctuated around 30% until 2010, when it began its slow descent to its current22%. Strong support, which was as low as 8% in 2004, has risen to equal the opposition at 22%.在2004年12月,同性婚姻的反对率达到38%的顶峰后,一直徘徊在30%左右,直到2010年,反对率开始下降至目前的22%。在2004年,坚决持同性婚姻的比例只有8%,而目前则升至22%,与反对者人数相当。The percentage drop in the opposition of gay marriage was conveniently equal in both those under the age of 30 and those at or above the age of 65, at 18%, though 56% of the older generation still are against it, compared to just 30% of their younger counterparts.在年龄小于30和大于65的年龄层中,同性婚姻反对率均降低了18%,尽管56%的年长一代仍然持反对态度。相较之下,年轻人群的反对率仅为30%。Stretching back to 1993, Pew has found a consistently sizeable plurality, if notmajority, of Americans placed more importance on gun ownership, peaking at 66% in 2000. Since then, that number has seen a steady decline, hitting 49% both in 2012 and 2011.追溯至1993年,皮尤调查发现,即便不是大多数,也有相当数量的美国人一直持持权利,这个数字在2000年达到了顶峰,为66%。自此,这项数字一直持续降低,在2012和2011年的时候降到了49%。That said, what does this shift mean for the upcoming elections? Obviously the sentiments of Americans are changing, but the implications of those changes look to be incremental in influencing the electoral results.那么,这种转变对即将到来的总统大选意味着什么呢?显然,美国人的观点在转变,而这些转变中隐含的意义将越来越多地对选举结果产生影响。An earlier Pew poll found that 28% place gay marriage as “very important” to their vote, and 47% gave gun control the same weight. As has been said before, and will be said again before the polls close, it’s economy that trumps all matters, regardless of the changing tides toward gun-owning gay couples.皮尤早前的一次投票显示28%的人认为同性恋婚姻的问题会很大程度影响他们的投票,47%的人则认为械管制是同样重要的影响因素。但正如之前所说,而且在调查末尾还将再次提到的,经济因素盖过一切,无论人们对持权利或同性恋婚姻的态度发生了怎样的变化。Pew’s survey was conducted via telephone interviews among 3,0008 adults nationwide between April 4-15, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9-3.0%.皮尤这次的调查是在4月4日至15日,通过电话采访了30008名美国各地的成人,误差范围为正负2.9-3.0%。 /201206/185611抚顺市东洲治疗早泄多少钱Red packets traditionally contained a small sum of money given to children during the Chinese New Year.红包传统上是在过年期间送给孩子们的一小笔钱。But unlike in southern China, such as Guangdong Province and Hong Kong, where people mostly give several tens of yuan for children during the New Year holiday, red packets in most parts of China, including Shanghai, now see large sums of money exchanging hands.但不像中国南部如广东和香港,那里的人们大多在春节给孩子们几十元,在中国的大部分地区,包括上海,现在能看到大笔的钱在手中流转。;I#39;m always amazed to see how generous people are when giving red packets here. The amount is sometimes 50 times what we are used to giving,; said Mark, a Hong Kong resident visiting relatives in Shanghai. ;I wonder if they really earn that much each month.;“我总是惊奇地看到这里的人们在给红包时是那么慷慨。有时是我们过去给的50倍,”来上海探亲的香港居民马克说。“我想知道他们是否真的每个月赚那么多。”A report by TNS, a market research firm, found people on the Chinese mainland on average allocate 3,668 yuan (US8.8) as red packet money for the Chinese New Year. An average red packet for family members contains 1,323 yuan, and those for relatives average 893 yuan, according to the report.市场研究公司TNS公司的一份报告发现在中国大陆人们过年平均出3668元(588.8美元)作为红包。为家庭成员准备的红包平均1323元,给亲戚的平均893元,根据该报告。Daniel Tao, a Shanghai white collar worker, said his two-year-old daughter had received more than 10,000 yuan so far this year, mostly from relatives and friends.丹尼尔陶,一个上海白领,说他两岁的女儿今年目前为止已经收到超过1万元的红包吗,大部分来自亲戚和朋友。;She really got a good harvest,; Tao said, adding that grandpa, grandma, uncles and aunties had each given the toddler 1,000 yuan.“她真的有一个好收成,”陶说,爷爷、奶奶、叔叔、阿姨每个人给了孩子1000元。;But we also have to give out a lot in return,; he said. ;It#39;s almost a meaningless exchange.;“但我们也给了很多作为回报,”他说。“这几乎是一场毫无意义的交换。”For those who are just starting to work and don#39;t have any children, the problem is that they have little money to give away. Some web users complain that they have to spend all their annual bonus on red packets and taking relatives to nice restaurants.对于那些刚开始工作还没有孩子的人,问题是他们没有钱去发红包。一些网民抱怨他们不得不花费他们所有的年度奖在红包和带亲戚去好餐厅上。;It seems that 500 yuan is the minimum amount of money for children of relatives,; an online post said. ;The tradition of giving red packets will cost all my bonus in a week.;“看来500元是给亲戚孩子最少的钱,”一个网民发帖称。“给红包的传统在一星期将花掉我所有的奖金。There have long been proposing to cut the size of red packets, but reality seems to be against it.长期以来一直有人提议削减红包大小,但现实似乎与此作对。An online poll conducted by Tencent found that 40 percent of web users would allocate three months#39; salary for red packets, and 70 percent expected to spend more every year.一个由腾讯发起的在线民意调查发现,40%的网民会为红包花掉三个月的工资,70%的人预计每年花费更多。 /201302/225158抚顺医院预约泌尿外科

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