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六年级英语作文:My beautiful school --1 :: 来源:   my school is baodai primary school, this is a beautiful school.  there are many flowers, many leaves, many clarooms, many offices, a big hall, a playground in our school, in the playground we can run and play.also there is a garden in my school, many flowers and trees in it, we often walk in the garden after lunch.  i like my school very much! do you like my school?

Playing Chess 下棋 --7 :33: 来源: Playing Chess 下棋  I like playing chess, Chinese chess.  When I was a litle boy, there were some old men in my village. They often got together playing chess. Although I was only eight, I liked watching them play. From then on, I became interested in it.  As time goes on, I have become a chess fan. I often play chess with my classmates and neighbours hours on Sunday. When I win a game, I will jump with joy. Playing chess can make me clever, brave, and careful.    我喜欢下棋,下象棋  当我是个小男孩的时候,村里有几位老人,他们常聚在一起下棋虽然我年仅八岁,但我喜欢看他们下棋从那时起,我就对下棋感兴趣了  光阴荏苒,我已经称为棋迷我常常星期日连续几个小时与同学们、邻居们下棋当我赢了时,我会高兴地跳起来下棋使我机灵、大胆、谨慎

《星际穿越精对白 --30 :3: 来源: 精词句1. When weset the table, wealways setthe plate upside-down. 我们不管什么时候摆餐具,都得把碟子朝下放. Startpulling your weightyoung man. 年轻人,该你出力了3. I mean, it doesn't evenqualify as futile. 这种做法说它没用都便宜它了. That's thelong shot. 那件事成功希望就很渺茫了5. Tom will be alright, but you got tomake things right withMurph. 汤姆会没事的,但你得把莫菲说通了6. Just remember Coop, you're literallywasting your breath. 记住库珀,你只是在白费口舌7. Okay, Plan A does not work, if the people on Earth are dead by the time wepull it off. 如果我们完成时地球上的人已经死光,那么计划A就失效了8. I'm not thanking anybody until we get outta herein one pieceRom. 罗姆,除非我们能毫发无伤地离开这里,我是不会感谢任何人的精对白欣赏:1. After you kids came along, your mom, she said something to me I never quite understood. She said: Now, we're just here...to be the memories our kids. I think I now understand what she meant. Once you're a parent, you're the ghost of your children's future.. When you become a parent, one thing becomes really clear. And that's you want to make sure your children feel safe. And it rules out telling a -year-old that the world is ending.3. You once told me that when you come back...we might be the same age. And today I'm the age you were when you left. So it would be a real good time you to come back!精片段欣赏:Cooper: Come on! Get to the hatch!Doyle: Go, go. Go.Cooper: Shit. Manually overriding inside hatch!Brand: Cooper! Wait! Cooper don't! Cooper!Cooper: The engines are flooded! I'm gonna have to shut it down! Holy shit! Hang on! Whoaa! CASE what's the problem?CASE: Too waterlogged. Let it drain.Cooper: Goddamn it!!Brand: I told you to leave me!Cooper: And I told you to get your ass back here! The difference is that one of us was thinking about the mission.Brand: You were thinking about getting home!! I was trying to do the right thing!Cooper: Can you tell that to Doyle? CASE, how much time?CASE: 5 to an hour.Cooper: The stuff of life huh? What's this gonna cost us Brand?Brand: A lot. Decades.Cooper: What happened to Miller?Brand: Judging by...the wreckage she was broken up by a wave soon after impact.Cooper: How's the hell the wreckage stayed together after all these years, huh?Brand: Because of the time slippage. On this planet's time she, she's landed hours ago, she...she probably just died minutes ago.CASE: The data Doyle received was just the initial status echoing endlessly.Cooper: Oh we are not prepared this. You eggheads have the survival skills of a boy-scout troop.Brand: Well we got this far on our brains, farther than any human in history.Cooper: Well not far enough. And now we're stuck here till there won't be anyone left on Earth to save.Brand: I'm counting every minute same as you Cooper.Cooper: Is there any possibility? I don’t know, some kind of way we can maybe all jump in a black hole? And gain back the years? Don't shake your head at me!Brand: Time is relative, okay. It can stretch and it can squeeze, but, it can't run backwards! Just can't! The only thing that can move across dimensions, like time, is gravity.Cooper: Okay. The beings that led us here, they communicate through gravity, right? Could they be talking to us from the future?Brand: Maybe.Cooper: Okay, if they can…?Brand: “They” are beings of 5 dimensions. Right? To them, time might be yet another physical dimension. To them, the past might be a canyon they can climb into, and the future, a mountain that they can climb up, but to us, it's not! Okay! Look Cooper, I screwed up. I'm sorry. But you knew about relativity.Cooper: Brand. My daughter is years old. Couldn't teach her Einstein's theories bee I left.Brand: Couldn't you have told your daughter that you were going to save the world?Cooper: No. When you become a parent, one thing becomes really clear. And that's you want to make sure your children feel safe. And it rules out telling a -year-old that the world is ending.CASE: Cooper.Cooper: How long the engines CASE?CASE: A minute or two.Cooper: Well we don't have it! Helmets on! Brand, co-pilot you're up. CASE, run the cabin oxygen through the main thrusters. We're gonna spark it!CASE: Roger that.Brand: Locked.Cooper: Depressurizing. Engines up!

My New Room 我的新房间 --30 :7:5 来源: My New Room 我的新房间  I used to live together with my parents. Last month we moved into a new flat, and I have my own room now. I like my new room.  It is big and beautiful. There is a bed, a desk, a shelf and my lovely computer in the room. My doll is in the bed. The lamp is on the desk. The books are on the shelf. The computer is next to the shelf. There is an air-conditioner over the closet. Look! There are many photos on the wall.  I like my new house, and I like my new room!  我过去是和父母住在一起上个月我搬进新房,我就有了自己的房间我喜欢我的新房间  它又宽敞又美丽房间里有床、书桌、书架,还有我那可爱的电脑我的洋娃娃放在床上台灯放在书桌上在书架上放着许多书电脑摆在书架旁边橱柜上方有一台空调你瞧,我的许多照片都在墙上  我爱我的新家,我爱我的新房间!

人:赖皮孙子糊涂爷爷 -- :35:01 来源: 人:赖皮孙子糊涂爷爷演员: P: Pirate-Grandson. M: Mother.F: Father. K: King -Grandpa.旁白: There are members in a family, Pirate, a 7-year-old naughty boy. His mummy is a beautiful white-collar worker. His dad, Andy Lau is a famous singer, and his dear grandpa, King is a kindly old man. Pirate loves his grandpa most, because King is very spoiling him. He hates his parents. Frankly speaking, he is afraid of them, Because they are very strict with him. .正剧:(P,K出场)P: Old King, Open the TV, I want to see Tom and Jerry. I love that mouse. Quick! No time! I can’t wait another second.K: Oh dear! I nearly get it. Don’t worry, I open it right now. (作开电视状)P: Ha Ha! It’s really funny! Tom is so good! (作高兴状) Oh no! “The End!” Where is Tom? I hate the end! (摔电视机,作极度气愤状) Old King!? (对K吼)K:Oh, what a pity dog! (作左顾右盼状) Your parents are not here ,and we can change another one ,our brave Pirate, just tell me. I’m sure your demand will be satisfied. (作充满自信状)P:Really! OK! Now, let’s watch Caribbean Pirates!K: Humm, No, it’s unfit you…… (作犹豫状)P: I just like this film, Old King, you tell lies. You don’t keep your promise.(作气愤欲泣状)K; Oh yes, I play it you. (作为难状) But please be quite, I’m afraid your parents wound not like us doing these.P: Don’t tell so much! I have been an adult man of 7 years old. I promise it to you. (作自豪自信状)K:OK. (作舒心,安慰状)P: Fight him, kill him. Throw these bad guys into the sea…… (高声喊)K: Xu …….. (作禁声状). Remember your promise, young adult man.P: Oh? What promise? I have gotten it. (作天经地义状)K: Oh?! You are right(作理解状,因为Pirate一贯如此,出尔反尔)P: Old King. I give you an honorable mission. (作自豪状) Be my horse, and I will ride on your back , let’s help these people in dangerous situation, just like a brave knight.(作勇敢状)K: What! Ride on my back! Be your horse!!(作惊异状)P: Yes, your hearing is very good, any question? (作若无其事状)K: No, No, sound a good idea! Very good! You are a brave Pirate. Now come on my back. (作无奈状)P: (作高兴状,作跃上马背状) Hei! Let’s go! Kill all those bad men. Quick! Run quick! ....... (意气风发状)(M,F携手进场):P: Oh, my god! Mummy, Daddy! (A,D作慌忙状,挡在电视机前)M: Dad, what are you doing!? Naughty Pirate, isn’t your trick!? (作气愤状)P:(作阳痿状) Mummy, it’s not my fault. Old king let me massage his back. Hei Hei (作心虚状,以掩饰内心的恐惧)M: I don’t believe it. (作严肃状) Dad, isn’t really that? (询问K)K: Yes, of course, I can’t image a child only 5 year old, can massage so good. Oh……. (释然状,因为圆了我的谎)M: Really. I don’t believe the litter pirate can massage, who taught him. (作怀疑状) Dear, isn’t you ?F: No, I haven’t, but I decide to enjoy his massage another day, Do you think so, dear?M: Yes, really a good suggestion.(P,D作惊恐状A:发抖,D:挥汗)(P挡着电视怕被M、F发现,K也为P作掩饰)P: Mummy, Do you feel a little cold?K: Yes, I can feel it. (边挥汗边说冷)M: No, it’s summer. Really hot, do you catch cold?P: No, No, just my feeling. (更加发抖,一不小心被B看到了电视)M: Pirate, what’s behind you? (疑问状)P: Oh, nothing, nothing! (作惊恐状)M: Move away .little Pirate! (作气愤状)P: Oh no! The storm will come. (捂脸作害怕状)M: Caribbean Pirate! What’s a bad film! Little Pirate!? (气愤状)P: Mummy, I surrender. (作投降状)M: Daddy ,this film is unfit him , it is full of killing,ce and negative passion, and it will let him become bad !K: I know that, but I meat to let him watch Tom and Jerry and he like it very much. Yes? Pirate? (想转移话题与Pirate站在同一战线)P: Yes, a very clever mouse and a stupid cat. (作学状)M: Dad, don’t let him watch so much TV, it wastes a lot of time, and it is bad his eyesight. He may become short-sighted. (诚恳状)人:赖皮孙子糊涂爷爷 58英语网整理 人

介绍西安大清真寺的英文导游词 --5 ::51 来源: 介绍西安大清真寺的英文导游词  the mosque is a major spot religious activities of over 60.000 moslems in xi’an, likewise, an important cultural relic protected by the provincial people’s government. unlike the arabic mosques, with splendid domes, the minarets reaching into the clouds, the coulourful engraved sketches with dazzling patterns, the mosque here in xi’an possesses much chinese traditional touch in both its design and artistic outlook; besides the style peculiar to islamic mosques, this mosque also holds characteristics of chinese pavilions with painted beams and engraved ridgepoles.   however, any further discussion about the mosque will be futile unless anything of the introduction of islam into china is brought up.   islam as a religious order was founded in the early period of the 7th century a.d. and was introduced to china in the mid-600s. at that time, arabian merchants and travelers came to the northwest of china by way of persia and afghanistan and thus established diplomatic, trade, and military contacts with china. in the meantime, another route saw a batch of sea voyagers through bangladesh bay and the malacca strait to china’s guangzhou, quanzhou, huangzhou, yangzhou and other cities where many of them settled down and married the local women who later gave birth to babies who then became moslems.   however, massive immigration of the moslems to china did not take place until as late as the early period of the th century, when genghis khan, as a result of his expedition against the west, had conquered vast expanses of land stretching from central asia to eastern europe, including the north of iran. many of the moslems in the conquered areas were thus ced to enlist and later settled in china.   among the enlisted many were soldiers, and some were smiths and officials who were called the hui people in the history books on the yuan dynasty. the hui people later followed kublai khan down to the south, helping him unifying china and then establish the yuan dynasty. in the wake of the conquest, islam sp all over china and mosques began to appear everywhere. in the yuan dynasty, many moslems held positions both in the military and civilian organs of the country. and a lot of the moslems took part in zhu yuanzhang’s uprising in the early th century and made great contributions to the founding of the ming dynasty. theree, all the emperors of the dynasty issued mandates to protect islam, and to set up mosques in praise of the moslems their feats. in the early th century, islam predominated qinghai on the minority nationalities including the huis, the uygurs, the kazaks, the kirgizes, the tajiks, the tartars, the ozbeks, the dong xiangs, the salars and the bonans. the moslems in xi’an are mainly the huis, being a small portion out of the ten million in china.   the mosque at hua jue lane is the largest in xi’an, and at the same time, it is also one of the earliest built on a comparatively large scale, and well preserved mosques in china.  according to “the stele on the building of the mosque”, the mosque is said to be built in the tang dynasty. however, the architectural style of the mosque suggests a possible building dating back to the ming dynasty. the four courtyards of the mosque cover an area of more than ,000 square meters, out of which about ,000 are occupied by various structures. the still intact wooden front memorial gateway of the front yard, built at the turn of the th century, with glazed tiles on the top, spectacular corners and upturned eaves, is about 9 metres high, and has a history of about 360 years. the stone memorial gateway in the center of the second courtyard is flanked with a tail stele on either side with dragons carved on each, recording the repair work ever since the building of the mosque. on the back of one of the steles are engraved characters by the master calligrapher mi fu, “may buddhism fill the universe”, on the other, “royal -bestowed”by dong qichang, another master of the same art of the ming dynasty. they are treasures in chinese calligraphy. at the entrance of the third courtyard is an imperial built hall, where a “month tablet”, showing the calculation of the hui calendars in arabic, is stored. it was compiled by a man in charge of the mosque called xiao mining in the early period of the qing dynasty. a three –storeyed octagonal wooden structure called “retrospection tower”also stands in the center of the courtyard, which has the same function as the minaret in islamic temples in arabic countries, and which is a place from where orders were sent to call the moslems to come to worship. respectively, on the south and north wings of the tower, are a reception chamber and a scripture chamber, both elegantly laid out. the five wooden houses, which are called “water houses”in the southwest section of the mosque are the place where the believers bathe themselves bee they attend their services. and in side the fourth courtyard there is a structure called “the pavilion of phoenix”, a place where the worshipers used to wait the services. the pavilion, in fact, is a compound structure of three small buildings. the six-gabled structure of the central part, adjoining the two three-gabled buildings on each side looks very much like a flying phoenix, and hence its name. just at the back of the pavilion, there is a fishpond, beyond which is a platm occupying an area as large as 700 m. across both ends of the platm stands the 1,300 square metered service hall, holding over a thousand worshipers at once. there are over six hundred sunk panels well as the sunk panels, are decorated with patterns of painted trailing plants and arabic letterings. the imam leads his group of worshipers, while facing in the direction of mecca, to chant in koran and to pay their religious homage.   the moslems in china share very much the same customs with their brothers and sisters elsewhere in the world. they worship five times a day: at dawn, at noon, in the afternoon, at dusk, and at night. female worshipers attend their services in a separated place from their brothers, usually at home. moslems pay special attention to their health and see that they always wear clean clothes. they are teetotalers not only of wine, but also of pork and animal blood in koran pigs have been mentioned four times as being “unclean”. according to koran, a man can have four wives and women should wear veils when they go out. however, except a few places in xinjiang, the chinese practise monogamy and women are veiless when they go out. upon his death, a moslem has to be “thoroughly cleaned”(thoroughly bathed), has to be put on “ke fan”(to be shrouded with a piece of white cloth) and has to be buried coffinless in the ground, with an imam reciting scriptures at the funeral.   the chinese constitution promulgates that freedom of religion of each citizen and freedom of preserving or reming local customs every nationality are permitted. and of course, the moslems in china enjoy equal rights with peoples of other nationalities and their religious beliefs and customs are respected everywhere in the country. 介绍西安大清真寺的英文导游词

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