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武汉长期不排精有什么危害鄂州男科医院哪家好Apple and its biggest supplier Foxconn are together pledging to build solar power plants to produce more than 600 megawatts of electricity, in a big step towards making the Chinese factories that produce the iPhone run entirely on clean energy.苹果(Apple)和其最大供应商富士康(Foxconn)共同承诺要建造太阳能发电站,发电能力超过600兆瓦。此举将让生产iPhone的中国工厂朝着完全靠清洁能源运转迈出一大步。As part of a new Apple initiative, Taiwan-based Foxconn — the world’s largest contract manufacturer — has committed to building solar capacity of 400 megawatts in China’s Henan Province by 2018.作为苹果提出的新倡议的一部分,富士康承诺将从河南开始,到2018年建设400兆瓦太阳能项目。总部位于台湾的富士康是全球最大的合同制造商。“Foxconn has committed to generate as much clean energy as its Zhengzhou factory consumes in final production of iPhone,” Apple said.苹果表示:“富士康致力于生产更多的清洁能源,相当于其郑州工厂生产iPhone的能源消耗。”At the same time, Apple said it would build 200 megawatts of solar projects, sp across China, to offset the carbon produced by its supply chain in the region, where much of the electricity is produced from coal.同时,苹果还表示将在中国各地建设超过200兆瓦的太阳能项目,以抵消其在该地区的供应链产生的碳排放。该地区的许多电力都来自煤炭。“Climate change is one of the great challenges of our time, and the time for action is now,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, in a statement on Wednesday. “We believe passionately in leaving the world better than we found it and hope that many other suppliers, partners and other companies join us in this important effort.”周三,苹果首席执行官蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)在一份声明中表示:“环境变化是当今亟待解决的挑战之一,现在是时候行动起来了。我们对让世界更加美好的愿景充满热忱,也希望更多供应商、合作伙伴和公司加入我们,共同努力。”Apple said its Chinese operations were now carbon-neutral after the completion of a 40 megawatt solar project in Sichuan province, and that altogether its plans would by 2020 offset the equivalent of 4m passenger vehicles per year.苹果表示,其在四川建设的40兆瓦太阳能项目现已完成,这些太阳能装置使苹果在中国的运营达到碳中和。该公司还表示,到2020年,这些新项目帮助中国减少的温室气体污染,相当于近400万辆客运车辆停驶一年。Terry Gou, founder and chief executive of Foxconn, said the two companies “share a vision for driving sustainability”.富士康创始人兼首席执行官郭台铭(Terry Gou)表示,两家公司都“拥有可持续发展的愿景”。“I hope that this renewable energy project will serve as a catalyst for continued efforts to promote a greener ecosystem in our industry and beyond,” he said.他说:“我希望这一可再生能源项目能成为业内促进绿色生态系统发展的催化剂。” /201510/405507武汉霉菌性尿道炎如何治疗 For most people, gadgets like smart phones and wearables are nothing more than the magical little machines that make it easier to do things like Facebook-stalk an ex in that Monday morning meeting. However, they probably don’t know who invented the first smart watch or the person who paved the way for “smart refrigerators” that can tell you when you’re out of milk。对于大多数人来说,像智能手机和便携式计算机这样的小玩意只是一些神奇的小电器,它们能为人们提供便利,比如让你在周一的会议上用脸书网人肉搜索前任的踪迹。可是,人们大概并不知道是谁发明了第一款电子手表,也不知道谁为能告诉你什么时候没牛奶了的“智能冰箱”发明铺平了路。Many of the world’s biggest inventions that have made life possible and transformed entire industries came from the minds of overlooked and underrated geniuses. Meet the men and women who’ve shaped our reliance on and expectations for technology, but aren’t as widely known as they should be。世界上有许多最伟大的发明,它们为我们实现了新的生活方式,革新了整个工业系统,而它们却都是源于一些被众人忽略,怀才不遇的天才头脑。了解一下这些天才吧,是他们促生了我们对科技的依赖和期望,他们本应名声斐然,却鲜为人知。1.Bertha Benz, Mother of Motoring (1849-1944) 贝尔塔-本茨 汽车之母Bertha Benz was the trailblazing wife of the German engineer, Karl Benz, credited today with inventing the first modern car. Karl was apparently a genius engineer, but he didn’t have the same business acumen or vision as his wife (he didn’t even think to fit the vehicle with a fuel tank)。贝尔塔-本茨是德国机械师卡尔·本茨的妻子,她是名具有开拓精神的女子,她为第一辆现代汽车的发明做了不小的贡献。她的丈夫卡尔确实是个天才的机械师,但他却不如妻子那样具有商业头脑和远见(他甚至没想到在汽车上装上油箱。)2. Florence Parpart, Creator of The Modern Refrigerator (Early 20th Century) 佛罗伦萨-帕帕特,现代冰箱的发明者In 1914, Florence Parpart - a housewife from New Jersey - won a patent for the first modern refrigerator that used electricity, rendering the icebox obsolete. It is believed that she may have used her fiancé’s expertise in electrical circuitry to assist with the first prototype。在1914年,佛罗伦萨-帕帕特——一位来自美国新泽西的家庭妇女——为自己的发明获得了一项专利,她发明了第一台电力驱使的现代冰箱,淘汰了冷藏库。人们相信她在研制第一代冰箱原型的时候一定借助了她的未婚夫在电路上的专业优势。3. Marie Van Brittan Brown, Home Security Siren (1922-1999)玛丽-范-布里坦-布朗,家用安保系统As a nurse who worked odd hours, she was concerned about the recent uptick in crime and wanted to easily identify visitors at the door。作为一名上班时间不固定的护士,玛丽对当时犯罪率的不断上升感到忧虑,她希望能够在家门口就能辨别来访的人是否安全。She and husband Albert Brown, an electronics technician, devised a mechanism featuring four peep holes and a motorized camera, which could slide up and down to look out each one. The surveillance device also gave a homeowner the ability to unlock the door with a remote control, or press a button to alert a nearby neighbor or security firm。她和作为电子机械师的丈夫艾伯特·布朗发明了一种机械,这种机械备有四个监控口,还有一个可活动的摄像头,摄像头可以上下移动,观测四个监控口中的情况。这种监控设备还能让家中主人遥控开门,或者触动按钮向周围邻居或安全公司发出警示。Patented in 1969, the Browns’ invention is now the framework for modern home security, crime prevention, and traffic monitoring。设备在1969年获得了专利,布朗的这项发明成为了现代家庭安保设备,社会预防犯罪设施,交通监控设施得以发展的基本架构。4. Edward Thorp, Father of Wearable Computing 爱德华-索普,可穿戴式电脑之父MIT mathematics professor and hedge fund manager Edward Thorp loved beating the odds so much that in 1961 he invented the world’s first wearable computer to help him win at casinos。麻省理工大学的数学教授和对冲基金经理——爱德华-索普喜欢战胜困难,就此在1961年,他发明了世界上第一台可穿戴式电脑,帮助他在里赢钱。Thorp and his co-conspirator, professor Claude Shannon, who had worked on cryptography and code-breaking during World War II, created what is widely regarded as the first wearable computer。索普和自己的合作者——在二战时期致力于密码编写和破译的相关研究的克劳德-香农共同发明了被公认为世界上第一台的可穿戴式电脑。 /201508/393747Apple may have set a date for its next round of product announcements.据悉,苹果公司可能已经确定了下一轮的新品发布会。According to the tech blog 9to5Mac, the event is currently set for March 15, although the exact date could change and Apple has not confirmed any plans.根据美国科技客9to5mac(该客经常有关于苹果的最新爆料)称,目前该发布会日期定为3月15日。不过这个日期还没最终确定,苹果方面也没有确认此项计划。Apple is widely expected to unveil a new, possibly smaller version of the iPhone, an updated iPad Air, and new software and band options for the Apple Watch.现在大家都在猜测苹果公司将会发布一款新的、尺寸可能更小的苹果手机,以及新版本的iPad Air和拥有新系统、更多表带选择的苹果手表。;The media event would be Apple#39;s first since September, and much like the fall event, is planned to touch on three major product categories for the company,; 9to5Mac reported.据9to5Mac报道称,这场发布会将是苹果公司自去年9月新品发布会后的首场发布会。和传统的秋季发布会相同,这场发布会也将会涉及到苹果公司的3大类产品。The anticipated iPhone model, reportedly dubbed the iPhone 5se, may mark a return to the 4-inch screen size last seen on the iPhone 5s, but with upgraded features like those in the iPhone 6s, such as an A9 chip, better cameras, support for taking animated Live Photos, and an NFC chip for Apple Pay.据报道,即将揭晓的苹果新机被命名为iPhone 5se,这款苹果手机将可能使用4英寸大的屏幕。4英寸屏幕最后一次使用还是在iPhone 5s上,但是这款新手机仍会保存iPhone 6s中使用的先进元素,比如A9芯片、更好的摄像头,持动态照片拍摄以及苹果付中的NFC芯片。Apple is also expected to unveil a new iPad model: the Air 3. According to 9to5Mac, the new iPad will include a number of iPad Pro features such as improved speakers and a Smart Connector for connecting to a keyboard。此外,人们还在猜测苹果公司将会发布一款新的iPad机型:iPad Air 3。根据9to5Mac的报道称,新的iPad将拥有很多iPad Pro的元素,比如先进的扬声器,可持外接键盘的智能连接口等等。 /201602/426752武汉龟头炎去哪查

在武汉看男科去哪儿好Engineering Students Use Sound Waves To Extinguish Fires工科男利用声波灭火Water, foam, sand, blankets, and even baking soda are well-known solutions to putting out flames. But sound waves? That has to be a first. But that is exactly what two young engineers from George Mason University are using to douse small fires.洒水、泡沫、沙土、毛毯甚至发酵粉都是常见的灭火方法,但声波灭火也许你是头回听说。Electrical and computer engineering students Viet Tran and Seth Robertson were looking for an interesting idea for their senior research project. That#39;s when they stumbled upon an experiment conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA ) in 2012. 电子工程专业学生Viet Tran和Seth Roberson当时正在为他们大四毕业设计找一个炫酷的方向,随后就偶然间发现了DARPA2012年做过的这个实验。Tran and Robertson decided to challenge themselves and see if they could take the research to the next level and build a fire extinguisher that could be used commercially. As with any radical idea, they faced a lot of skepticism even from faculty members many of whom declined to serve as advisors. Tran和Roberson打算挑战自我,看看能否进一步推进这个实验,制造出一款可以创造商业价值的灭火器。这个不切实际的想法让他们面对很对质疑,甚至还有许多学院成员拒绝做他们的导师。The young engineers first tried to extinguish the fire by placing a subwoofer near a flame created using rubbing alcohol. But they soon realized that #39;music#39; is not such a good idea since it is inconsistent and unpredictable. The next option was exposing the fire to 20,000 to 30,000 hertz frequencies. However with the high frequencies, the flames only vibrated. The duo hit a home run when they reduced the frequency to about 30 to 60 hertz. Turns out that at these low frequencies, the sound vibrates the oxygen away from the flames. With no fuel to keep them going, the fire suffocates and dies.两位年轻的工程师首先尝试了用低音炮熄灭酒精火源。很快,他们认识到,用音乐来灭火并不是一个好主意,因为音乐不连贯也不规则。另一个方案是把火置于2万到3万赫兹的频率中,但是无论音频有多高,火焰都只是震颤了几下。但当他们把频率降到了30-60赫兹的时候,就开始有效果了。实验明,在低音频下,声波把氧气从火焰中震颤出去,没了燃料,火很快就减小熄灭了。Tran and Robertson are not letting naysayers stray them from their goal. They are forging ahead with their idea, this time with the full support of the University who is even helping them apply for a provisional patent. If they do succeed, there may be soon be a time when fire trucks will be extinguishing flames with some sweet music, instead of messy toxic chemicals!这时的Tran和Roberson并没有让唱反调的人阻挡他们前进的步伐,他们正在不断推进自己的想法,也获得了来自校方的全力持。校方甚至要帮助他们申请为临时专利。如果发明成功的话,救火车以后就会不用脏脏的有毒化学物品灭火了,放些甜美的音乐就能搞定一切。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/385821武汉华夏男子切包皮预约 As a direct challenger to the Apple Watch, Chinese technology company, Huawei, Wednesday launched its high-end smartwatch products in Britain.中国华为科技公司周三在英国发布了高端智能手表,向Apple Watch发起直接挑战。Two months after being launched in the ed States, the Huawei Watch arrived in Britain as one of the most expensive smartwatches that run on Google#39;s Android Wear operating system. Huawei#39;s ambitious wearables product will be priced between 289 pounds to 599 pounds, depending on the style, according to the company.在美国上市两个月后,华为智能手表进军英国。这款手表采用谷歌Android Wear操作系统,是最昂贵的智能手表之一。华为公司表示,这款可穿戴设备的预期定价在289磅到599磅之间,具体价格还要看手表的款式。Measuring 42 mm in diameter and encased in a cold-forged stainless steel frame, the smartwatch features a fully circular 1.4-inch touch-sensitive AMOLED display, which is coated in scratch-proof sapphire crystal.Huawei Watch直径42毫米,外嵌冷锻不锈钢,配以1.4英寸圆形AMOLED触摸屏,屏身镶有防刮蓝宝石水晶。This is part of Huawei#39;s efforts to bring more products into major markets outside of China.此举是华为开拓国外市场迈出的又一步。Huawei has emerged as second largest Android brand in European Union#39;s big five markets, namely Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, according to the latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech for the third quarter of 2015.Kantar Worldpanel ComTech2015年第三季度的最新智能手机销量数据显示,在英国、德国、法国、意大利和西班牙这五大欧盟市场中,华为已成为第二大安卓品牌。But when it comes to the wearables, the market is by far a tough nut to crack, as many consumers are yet to be convinced that they need these products, at least in major markets like the ed States.但就可穿戴设备而言,市场还需解决诸多难题,比如,很多消费者并不认为他们需要这些产品,至少在美国这样的大市场情况如此。The wearables market is still in its infancy, with only three percent of the U.S. population aged 16 and up owning a smartwatch or a smartband, according to the latest data released by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, which specializes in monitoring and analyzing consumer behavior.目前,可穿戴设备的市场仍旧处于初级阶段。Kantar Worldpanel ComTech是一家专门调研分析消费者行为的机构,根据该机构发布的最新数据,16岁以上的美国人中,只有三分之一有智能手表或智能手环。The figures are based on a survey conducted in late August among eleven thousand consumers.该数据基于去年八月对11000名消费者进行的一项调查。The survey showed that among the non-owners of smartwatch interviewed, 20 percent were not sure what these devices were, and 11 percent had never heard of them.调查显示,没有智能手表的受访者中,20%的人并不清楚这些设备是否有用,11%的人甚至从未听说过这些设备。;Considering the poor job vendors have done thus far in defining the smartwatch category it is surprising that 52 percent of those interviewed were able to identify what these devices are: something you wear like a watch, and that let you runs apps,; said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.Kantar Worldpanel ComTech首席研究员Carolina Milanesi说:“商家对智能手表这类设备没有清晰明确的定义,因此,52%的受访者能知道这些设备是‘可以运行应用程序,像手表那样的东西#39;我感到很诧异。”But according to Kantar, manufacturers, ecosystem owners, and developers all see significant opportunities ahead in the wearables market.但按照Kantar Worldpanel ComTech的说法,制造商、智能生态系统公司、以及研发者都认为可穿戴设备市场潜力巨大。 /201511/408374湖北省中西医结合医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

武汉治疗生殖器疱疹的方法Hewlett-Packard is spinning off its Chinese server business into a joint venture with Tsinghua university, as US hardware makers come under pressure in China.就在美国硬件制造商在华面临种种压力之际,惠普(HP)将其在华务器业务剥离,与清华大学(Tsinghua University)成立了一家合资企业。The Silicon Valley technology group said it would sell a majority stake in the Chinese unit for about .3bn, valuing it at .5bn net of cash and debt.这家硅谷高科技集团表示,将以大约23亿美元的价格,出售在这家在华业务部门持有的多数股股权。以这一价格计算,惠普在华业务部门的估值为45亿美元。The new company will be called HC3 and also include technology assets from the prestigious Chinese research university.新公司将被命名为新华三(H3C),其旗下资产还将包括清华大学这家著名中国研究型大学注入的高科技资产。Meg Whitman, HP’s chief executive who is in the middle of splitting the company in two, said it was a “bold move to win in today’s China”.惠普首席执行官梅格#8226;惠特曼(Meg Whitman)表示,此举是“为在今日中国赢得胜利而采取的大胆举措”。这位首席执行官正在将惠普公司分拆为两家公司。In a statement released ahead of the company’s earnings report, due after the markets close in New York, she said: “The combined company will build upon an extensive and valuable patent portfolio, best-in-class products and customer focus, and Tsinghua’s world-class research capability.”惠普定于在纽约股市收盘后发布财报。在财报前发布的一份声明中,惠特曼表示:“合并后公司所仰仗的基础,将包括丰富而极有价值的专利组合、对产品和客户第一流的关注、以及清华大学的世界级研究能力。”The move comes after US technology companies have faced questions in China about potential links to US spying, after revelations by Edward Snowden purported to show the US National Security Agency tampering with hardware exports.就在惠普最新交易之前,美国高科技企业在中国面临重重质疑,即它们或与美国间谍活动有关联。在此之前,据报道,爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)的爆料曾显示美国国家安全局(NSA)对硬件设备出口的干预活动。HC3 will be the largest player in networking in China and a leader in servers, storage and technology services, HP said. It will have .1bn in annual revenue, adjusted operating profit of 0m and 8,000 employees. The management for the new company has yet to be appointed and the deal is expected to close near the end of 2015.惠普表示,新华三将成为中国网络互连领域的最大商家,并成为务器、存储器及技术务领域的业界龙头。该公司将拥有8000名员工,年收入将达31亿美元,调整后的运营利润为4亿美元。新企业的管理层目前尚未任命,该交易预计将在今年年底时达成。 /201505/376517 汉川治疗早泄多少钱咸宁市中心医院泌尿外科




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