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武汉为什么射精后硬不起来了武汉男人想做爱的时候硬不起来怎么办Rough sleeping露宿街头One home at a time房子的救赎How to cut the number of street dwellers—and save money, too减少倒卧,节约开HANDING a homeless alcoholic the keys to a free furnished flat may seem foolish, unfair or both. That was certainly what Ted Clugston, the mayor of Medicine Hat, a Canadian town of 61,000, used to think—but experience has changed his mind. No-strings housing offers have helped bring the town within sight of a goal it set itself five years ago: to end homelessness by 2015. At the time over 1,000 people passed through its homeless shelters each year, many between spells on the street. If the municipality succeeds, it will be the first in North America to do so.将免费的带家具的公寓的钥匙交给一个无家可归的酒鬼看起来是荒谬的、不正当的,或者是既荒谬又不正当。这也正是拥有6.1万人的加拿大小镇梅迪辛哈特的镇长Ted Clugston以前所认为的,但是一番经历使他改变了主意。不带任何附加条件的房屋供给已将该镇纳入了一个在5年前制定的目标之中:在2015年杜绝无家可归。当时每年有超过1000人获得过该镇的收容,其中许多人是长期流落街头。如果该镇成功,那将是此举在北美的首创。Most of the long-term homeless are mentally ill, alcoholic or drug-addicted, often all three. The standard way to help them has long been the “staircase” approach: requiring them to quit drink and drugs before shepherding them through emergency shelters and temporary lodging until they are deemed y to be housed. But many refuse to sign up. Those who do often fall off the wagon. Typically, fewer than half make it all the way to a (usually subsidised) permanent home.大多数长期无家可归者是精神病患者、酒鬼或瘾君子,或者是三者兼而有之。帮助他们的通常的做法长期以来是“梯级解决”法:首先要求他们戒酒戒毒,然后引导他们获得临时收容和临时住所,最后,他们才被认为有资格被安置。但大多数人不干。即使这样做的人通常也会重蹈覆辙。通常,只有不到一半人可以坚持到最后,(通常是通过补贴)得到一个稳定的住所。In 1992 Sam Tsemberis, a professor of psychiatry at New York University, started a programme that turned that sequence on its head. Pathways to Housing gave rough sleepers furnished flats in poor districts. Medical care, treatment for addiction and help in learning to cook, pay bills and so on were offered, but not required. After five years 88% remained housed.1992年,纽约大学精神病学教授Sam Tsemberis开始一项计划,力图改变人们头脑中的固定思维方式。这个被称作“安居之路”的计划为贫困地区的无家可归者提供拎包入住的公寓。并给予医疗保健、成瘾治疗、以及在学习做饭、付账等方面的帮助,且并不强迫。该计划实施5年后,88%的人得到最终安置。Since then dozens of cities around the world have seen similar success with what has come to be known as “housing first”. The premise is simple: to end homelessness, give out homes—even to people who may have lived on the streets for years.此后全球数十个城市已经通过名为“住房优先”战略见了类似的成功。前提很简单:结束流浪,分配住房—即使对于多年住在街面上的人也是如此。Homeless people are triaged much like arrivals at a hospital emergency room: those deemed most at risk of dying on the street go to the top of the queue. The approach is becoming standard in Denmark and Finland, and is being tried in over a dozen other European countries, as well as Australia and Japan. Over 200 American cities have ten-year plans to end homelessness, following a national plan drawn up four years ago that features the housing-first model. Canadian cities are drawing up similar schemes.无家可归者像在医院急诊室挂号一样排号:那些被认为最可能死在大街上的人排在队列前面。此法成为丹麦和芬兰的标准,并且正在被多达数十个欧洲其他国家试用,也包括澳大利亚和日本。在美国,4年前起草以住房优先模式为重头戏的为国家计划之前,已经有超过200城市拥有了结束无家可归的10十年计划。此外,加拿大的一些城市也正在起草类似的计划。Perhaps surprisingly, the new approach seems to save taxpayers money. Typically, long-term rough sleepers are about 15% of all homeless people but use more than half of all public spending on services for the homeless as they cycle through emergency medical care, detox and jail. Denver, Colorado, reckons each of its 300 “heaviest utilisers” costs taxpayers ,000 a year and that putting them straight into housing with intensive support from social workers would cost less than half as much. Calgary, the first Canadian city to use a housing-first approach, saw average annual savings of more than ,000 per person from housing its most acute cases.该新政似乎能节约纳税人的钱,这或许出人意料。一般而言,长期的露宿者占全部无家可归者的15%,但是他们耗掉了为无家可归者务的政府开的大半,因为他们一次次经历紧急医疗护理、戒毒和拘押。科罗拉多州的丹佛市,估算该市300位“烧钱大户”每人每年花费纳税人3.7万美元,而直接把他们塞进住房里,并且由社工提供精心扶助的花费将比原来少一半。第一个使用住房优先方法的加拿大城市卡尔加里,依靠为最困难的露宿者提供住房,见了每人平均结余每年3万美元的奇迹。Savings from housing rough sleepers with less complex problems are lower, and sometimes non-existent, says Nicholas Pleace of the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York. But getting them off the streets at least means less wasteful use of public services: a police officers time is better spent fighting crime than arresting vagrants for trespass.纽约大学的住房政策中心的Nicholas Pleace认为,安置无家可归者的所产生结余并不高,有时甚至没有。但是让他们离开街面至少意味着较少的公共务使用上的浪费:一名警察的时间应该花在打击犯罪,而不是去逮乱窜的流浪汉。Critics view such programmes as rewarding bad behaviour: many of those housed continue to drink and use drugs, and remain unemployable. Advocates point to the harms avoided: a recent study in Canada that randomly assigned participants to housing-first or a standard programme concluded that housing them did more to improve their quality of life and their functioning in the community. Such findings help win over those who favour doing what is most humane, says Paul Howard of Community Solutions, a charity that champions the housing-first model. The criticism will fade further, he thinks, as more people come to see addiction as a grave health problem exacerbated by rough sleeping, rather than a choice.批评者认为这种项目会奖励不良行为:许多被安置者继续酗酒吸毒,并且仍然失业。而持者指出这种危害可以避免:加拿大最近一项研究标明,将申请者纳入住房优先或者是一项标准计划的结果就是:为他们提供住房大大提升了其生活质量和社会职能。这些发现有助于,社区解决机构的Paul Howard认为:这些发现有利于争取那些最热衷于最大限度行善的人,而社区解决机构一直是住房优先模式的捍卫者。他认为,随着更多的人把成瘾看成由露宿街头加剧的一种严重的健康问题而不是由个人选择而决定的时候,批评将进一步褪去。For many cities seeking to house rough sleepers, finding homes is the hardest part. Rents are soaring, and waiting lists for subsidised housing growing ever longer. Medicine Hat cleared its housing-first waiting list in August. Even so, Mr Clugston is reluctant to declare homelessness beaten before a planned public-housing development comes through.对于寻求安置无家可归者的许多城市而言,最难的是找房子。租金在飙升,而等候补贴性住房的名单越涨越长。Medicine Hat今年8月安置完了他们住房优先的候选名单。即使这样,Clugston镇长不得不宣布,在规划好的公共保障住房新区建成之前,又一波无家可归者来袭。翻译:沈竹 校对:江虹蕾 译文属译生译世 /201411/342712武汉淋病医院

武汉总院人民医院男科挂号武汉慢性前列腺炎多少钱Human rights and Europe人权和欧洲Playing to the right为权利上演的“宫心计”The Conservativesplans to reform human-rights laws are a muddle保守党针对人权法案的改革计划如今还是一团糟“UNWORKABLE”, “contradictory” and “incoherent”. Those were among the epithets that have greeted the Conservative Partys plans to reform Britains human-rights laws. The Tories have long wanted to scrap the Human Rights Act (HRA), passed in 1998 by a Labour government. On October 3rd Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, promised to do just that as the Tories gear up for a May election in which the Eurosceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP) threatens to lure away voters. In fact, the reforms will change less than supporters hope or critics fear.“不切实际”、“相互矛盾”又“杂乱无序”。这些词汇都是舆论对保守党改革英国人权法案计划的反应。一直以来保守党都想废除人权法案(HRA),该法案于1988年被工党政府通过生效。司法部长克里斯格雷林于10月3日承诺此种举动仅是保守党为了一个“五月的选举”做准备,对此选举最反欧的英国独立党(UKIP)扬言会拉拢选民。实际上,此项改革能改变的远不到持者所期望的或是批评者所担忧的那样。The HRA incorporated into British law the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which Britain signed (and helped to draft) more than half a century ago. The act allowed Britons to pursue human-rights violations in British courts, rather than going to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Although demonised by the Tories as European interventionism, the HRA actually made it more likely that human-rights cases would be heard in domestic courts, albeit in the light of internationally agreed principles.英国HRA将纳入大英律法,它于半个多世纪前签署(并协助起草)后缔结成欧洲人权公约(ECHR)。此项法案允许英国人在英国法庭之上追究人权侵害之责,而免于奔赴位于斯特拉斯堡的欧洲人权法院。虽然保守党将该法案歪曲成了欧盟干涉主义,但是根据国际公认的原则,HRA实际上更加使得有关人权的案件能在国内法院受审。Several decisions by the European court have particularly upset the Conservatives. The court ruled that Britains ban on any prisoners voting was unlawful; it laid down that whole-life sentences should be subject to review; and it insisted that Abu Qatada, accused of terrorist offences, should not be deported to Jordan without guarantees that neither he nor those giving evidence at his trial would be tortured. Eurosceptics and British tabloids have seized on these cases as evidence of European meddling in British affairs.欧洲法院所做出的一些决议,犹使保守党焦躁不安。法院规定,英国针对囚犯投票的任何禁令是违法的;它主张有关终身性的判决应该受到审查;而且法院坚持认为在没有对他或是其他与审判庭上提供据的人免受责难的担保之下,被指控恐怖主义犯罪的阿布卡塔达不应被流放到约旦。欧洲怀疑论者和英国的小报抓住这类案件作为欧盟干预英国事务的据。The Tories say they will replace the HRA with a new Bill of Rights. They argue that Britain has a long history of its own human-rights laws (including Magna Carta) and that the European court is overreaching. The Conservatives want to limit the rights of individuals (notably foreigners) under the convention in certain circumstances. The European courts judgments would be merely advisory as far as British courts are concerned. If the Council of Europe, the guardian of the convention, refuses to accept these changes, Britain would withdraw from the convention.保守党表示他们将以一个全新的权利法案替代HRA。他们认为,英国在很长一段历史上拥有自己的人权法案(包括《大宪章》)但欧洲法院如今过分干预。遵从公约为前提,保守党希望在某些情况下限制个人权利(特别是外国人)。只有英国法院还是有些忠实的,那么欧洲法院的判决也仅是参考而已。如果欧洲理事会—公约的监护者—拒绝接受这样的改变,英国将退出该公约。In fact the ECHR has less legal power than first appears. International treaties are difficult to enforce, and the court cannot force Britain to change its laws even now. Prisoners do not have the vote despite the courts objection to Britains ban. The main problem is political; other members of the Council of Europe may not want to put up with Britain continually ignoring the courts rulings, as the Tories proposals suggest they might.实际上,相较于ECHR的首次亮相,如今它拥有的法律权力弱了很多,国际条约难以强制执行,即使现在法院也不能强制英国改变它的法律。尽管法院反对英国的禁令,但是囚犯还是没有投票权。这主要是因为政治性问题;由于保守党的提议表明他们可能会继续无视欧洲法院的裁定,而其他欧洲理事会成员国也可能不想容忍英国的这种无视。Nor has European human-rights legislation proved as restrictive as critics suggest. In 2012, of 2,146 foreign offenders ordered to be deported, just 256 successfully appealed on human-rights grounds. In the 16 years since the HRA came into force, domestic courts have made 28 “declarations of incompatibility”, holding that British laws conflict with the European convention. In 2013, of 1,652 British cases dealt with in Strasbourg, judges found violations in just eight.欧洲的人权立法也不如批评家们指明的限制性。2012年,在被命令驱逐的2146名外国罪犯中,仅有256名成功的以人权缘由上诉。自HRA生效施行的16年间,国内法院给出了28 次有关“无法兼容的通告”,认为英国法律与欧洲公约存在冲突。2013年,在斯特拉斯堡处理的1652起英国案件中,法官发现仅有8起出现违规。Without the HRA, the liberties enshrined in the European convention would still apply to Britons, who would then have to revert to going to Strasbourg about human-rights violations, as they did before its introduction. If the promised Bill of Rights were at odds with the convention, appeals would multiply.没有HRA,欧洲公约中的一些自由许可可能仍旧适用于英国人,随之英国人就必须恢复到奔赴斯特拉斯堡处理人权侵害的问题—就像在签署公约之前一样做。若是承诺的权利法案与公约还是存在冲突,上诉可能会增多。Even if it ditched the ECHR, Britain would still be bound by the EUs Charter of Fundamental Rights, which draws on the convention. It would also remain bound by other international treaties. The UN Convention against Torture prohibits deporting people to places where they maybe abused. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child makes expelling foreign criminals with offspring in Britain tricky. And, since the act was passed, at least some of the convention rights–such as those not to be tortured or held indefinitely without charge–have become more firmly rooted in English common law (which is based on precedent), argues Philippe Sands, a law professor at University College London.即使英国挣脱了ECHR,它还是会受到《欧盟基本权利宪章》的限制,因为该宪章的制定借鉴了欧洲人权公约。英国同样会受到其他国际条约的制约。《联合国禁止酷刑公约》表明,禁止将人流放至他们可能受虐的地方。儿童权利宣言使得驱逐外国罪犯同时要机警处理他们在英国的后代。而且自从人权法案被通过,至少有一部分公约的权利—像是那些没有被虐待或是并无指控无限期收监的人—会变得越来越扎实的植根在英国普法之中(基于先例的普通法律),来自伦敦大学的法学教授菲利普桑斯如是表明。Devolution complicates matters further. The convention is incorporated into devolution legislation and the Good Friday agreements in Northern Ireland. Scottish police could therefore become subject to different human-rights obligations for crimes for which Westminster has responsibility (terrorism, say) and for those devolved to Scotland (most other offences). Having survived the Scottish vote on independence, the Conservatives proposals may shake the union again.权力下放会使事情更加复杂化。公约被纳入授权立法和《北爱和平协议》。因此,苏格兰警方会遵从于不同的人权责任针对那些英国议会责任的罪犯(恐怖主义),和那些被移交至苏格兰的罪犯(大部分因为其他罪行)。在苏格兰独立公投中胜利了,保守党的提议可能会再一次撼动这个联合王国。Yet for those who bemoan Europes influence, the court is a lightning rod for discontent. The Tory proposals look like a sop to them, ahead of an election. But the message that such changes would send is a bad one. Five countries, led by Russia and Turkey, were responsible for more than half the violations found by the European court last year. Getting them to comply with its rulings will be harder if Britain will not do so. For citizens of countries less committed to the rule of law than Britain, the court sometimes offers a final hope.然而对于那些哀叹欧洲影响力的人来说,欧洲法院就是他们宣泄不满的“避雷针”。在选举之前,保守党的提议看似安抚了他们。但是这种变化发出的信息走势并不好。由俄罗斯和土耳其领导的五个国家,要对在去年由欧洲法院发现的一半以上的违规行为负责。如果英国不愿遵守裁决,那么要让这五国一起依从裁决将会变得难上加难。鉴于相较于英国,这五个国家的公民那较弱的坚定程度,偶尔给法院还带去了最后的希望。译者:张娣 校对:周晓婷译文属译生译世 /201506/382891They should be left where they are.Leave them where they are.它们应该待在原地 让它们待在原地But the trainer did promise me by July I would look like Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man.但是训练师向我承诺 到了七月 我看起来会像《钢铁侠》的小罗伯特·唐尼I assume he met not in the suit.我觉得他的意思是不穿战衣Because I would feel kind of silly walking around in the red tin thing.因为我觉得穿着红铁皮到处走挺傻的But by July.By July.yeah.Youre going to be ripped.Im going to be ripped.Im going to be,you know.到七月时 到七月时 是的 你会成为筋肉人 我会成为筋肉人 你知道What is he having you doing?because everyone has different techniques.他让你做了什么 因为每个人的技巧都不一样Is it just weights?Is it also.Its cross training is what it is and I had to do something called a Burpee.只有哑铃吗 还是说 是交叉训练 我必须做波比操Are you familiar with that?I am familiar with the Burpee.你听说过吗 我听说过波比操Yeah,I had to do a Burpee,which I thought involved him just patting me on the back.我必须做波比操 我以为只是他拍拍我的后背But apparently,you have to do a push-up and get into crouch position但是 显然你得做俯卧撑 然后蹲着and clap your hands over the top of your head.You look like an idiot.在头顶拍手 你看起来像个傻子Yes,no,anyone who,I mean,you feel stupid.It has an embarrassing name,the Burpee.是的 任何人 你感觉很傻 名字也很囧 波比操They should have called it something,the should called the Hi,Hey!Just some cool noise.他们应该取别的名字 应该叫“嗨耶” 某种很酷的声响And,yeah,you got to jump up and then your legs burn.Everything burns out.你跳起来 燃烧腿上的脂肪 燃烧全身的脂肪Thats the idea of the new exercise technique,burn out everything at once.这是这种新锻炼技巧的理念 一次燃烧全身脂肪I cant move.I cant believe I was able to walk out here.我动不了 我都不敢相信我能走出来I know,you had the exercise,I mean the massage chair.Massage chair.我知道 但是你躺了椅 椅Please,please,can I have a free one of those?拜托了 能免费送我一把吗You have to name the company.I dont know,whats that.你必须提到那家公司叫什么 我不知道 什么Brookstone,Brookstone,its Brookstone,Brookstone.布鲁克斯东 布鲁克斯东 是布鲁克斯东 布鲁克斯东201607/457453武汉阳痿是什么Now,I will tell you for many reasons I feel good,我告诉大家 有很多原因让我感觉非常棒 there is smile on my face,there is spring in my step and there is a ring on my finger.我脸上挂着微笑 我脚下如按弹簧 每步雀跃 我的手上也带上了一枚戒指Right,so yeah,I dont know if you all heard or not,but I got married.我不知道你们听说了没有 但我已经结婚了It was kind of quite,so nobody.这件事比较低调 所以没有人会知道you know,Ill tell you as you know every little girl dreams about two things大家知道 每个小女孩都梦想这两件事thats having a beautiful wedding day and meeting the Jonas brothers,Ive done both now一个是拥有美好的婚礼和跟乔纳斯兄弟见面 这两件事我都完成了So Im done all,all right,so I know I promised to show you some photos and Im gonna keep my vows to you我的梦想都实现了我之前许诺大家要给你们看一些结婚照片 今天我就实现我的诺言And Im gonna show you some photos that I brought here today我给大家看看今天带来的相片and these are from our personal photos from kind of the wedding and a little bit after这些是婚礼和婚礼过后的一些私人照片and some I havent even seen myself,we rushed them to get them y for the show有一些我自己也都还没看过 我们催着让工作人员快点准备好节目的照片So the whole wedding was on our house,and It was just our family and a few of friends我们整个婚礼是在我房子里举行 参加婚礼的只有我的家人和一些朋友and of course our dogs,and our cats had pilot commitments so they could not,they didnt show up.当然还有我们的 我们的小猫们有飞行任务 所以他们没有出席And I wanna say a shout out to Zac Posen, Zac Posen designed our outfits.they were absolutely gorgeous我想感谢Zac Posen,Zac Posen设计我们的礼 这些礼非常漂亮they made me beautiful like shirts and pants for the vest in,a dress for Portia that was so gorgeous跟结婚马甲配套的衣和裤子让我很漂亮 Portia的礼裙也非常好看this is the dress,yeah,that is not portia,thats just the dress.这就是裙子 对 那不是Portia 只是礼裙 /201607/456174武汉哪一家医院有甲状结节消融术

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