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The first official drive of a hydrogen fuel cell car in china. G.M boss Rick Wagoner telling CNN his company's ultimate financial viability depends on taking a lead in alternative fuel technology.I wouldn’t want to try to be the, the you know the highest volume guy in in,in the world without the significant capabilities in alternative propulsion. Hydrogen fueled cars emit only water but they remain largely experimental. No company has announced a general production date. Wagoner admits GM is playing catch-up with some green engine technology but claims the fight is only beginning. You know in the end it matters who can get them into customers' hands, make a business out of it, and make you know really make the significant changes in the energy demand and ,and the environment, and so I think the game is significantly going to be played much more over the next 10 to15 years than it has been played over the last you know 10 years.Wagoner says within a few years perhaps a little over 5 years, alternative fuel vehicles will account for half of all GM sales.In the next decade, china will overtake the ed States to become the NO.1 car market in the world. The challenge for china and other emerging markets is how to meet that demand without blowing out the oil budgets or further destroying the quality of the air.The priority at GM’s newly announced 250 million dollars science campus in Shang Hai will be studying automotive ethanol from non-food sources like grass and waste. GM started this years lagging TOYOTA in total sales it has squeaked back in front in the third quarter. But Wagoner says he can’t be certain GM won't end the year in second place, for the first time in more than 75 years.I will tell you whether we win or lose we are gonna be back next year trying to get every sale again and.Future growth will chiefly be outside the US, but Wagoner says the recent deal with the Unions shifting much of GM’s crippling health cost off the books will go a long way towards restoring GM's competitiveness at home in the domestic market.Hugh Riminton, CNN Beijing. Notes:Fuel Cell: An electrochemical cell in which the energy of a reaction between a fuel, such as liquid hydrogen, and an oxidant, such as liquid oxygen, is converted directly and continuously into electrical energy.200807/43635food coma ------ 食物昏迷(指吃多了感到疲惫乏力)(俚语)英文释义(SLANG) A feeling of listless exhaustion after eating too much.例句My mom makes such delicious food that I always eat twice as much as normal at her house, and then fall into a food coma.我妈妈做的菜实在太好吃了,我在她家总是吃下平常两倍的饭量,结果陷入了食物昏迷的状态。 /201611/471219

Hillary Clinton Says She Misspoke About Bosnia Trip克林顿误述波黑行麦凯恩大谈经济   In the U.S. presidential election campaign, Democrat Hillary Clinton was on the defensive Tuesday about a 1996 visit to Bosnia while Republican John McCain sought to boost his economic credentials.  在美国大选的竞选活动中,民主党候选人希拉里.克林顿星期二为自己错误描述1996年出访波斯尼亚的情形进行辩解。与此同时,共和党人麦凯恩试图加强自己在经济方面的资历。Senator Clinton is campaigning in Pennsylvania, which will host a presidential primary on April 22. 希拉里.克林顿参议员目前在宾夕法尼亚州进行竞选活动。宾夕法尼亚州将在4月22号举行初选。Public opinion polls give Clinton a comfortable lead in Pennsylvania over rival Barack Obama. 民意调查结果显示,希拉里.克林顿在宾夕法尼亚大大领先于她的对手巴拉克.奥巴马。But for the second straight day, Clinton found herself playing defense over a visit to Bosnia in 1996 as First Lady. 但是,希拉里.克林顿不得不连续两天为自己错误描述1996年作为第一夫人出访波斯尼亚的情形进行辩解。Last week, Clinton said she recalled landing at the airport under sniper fire and that she and other members of her party had to run to vehicles with their heads down. 希拉里.克林顿上星期说,她记得当时飞机在机场降落时遭到狙击手的袭击,她和其他民主党人低着头向汽车跑去。But news footage of the visit showed an apparently relaxed Clinton greeted on the tarmac by a welcoming group that included an eight-year-old girl. 有关那次访问的新闻纪录片的画面显示,看上去神情放松的希拉里.克林顿在机场受到一群人的欢迎,其中包括一名8岁的女孩。On Tuesday, Clinton told a news conference that the long grind of the presidential campaign had caused her to misspeak about the circumstances of the visit.  克林顿星期二在记者会上说,在旷日持久的竞选活动的压力下,她在描述那次访问情形的时候说错了话。"I made a mistake and, you know, I had a different memory," she said. "And you know, my staff and others have, you know, all kind of come together trying to sort out. So I made a mistake. That happens. It proves I am human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation." 她说:“我犯了一个错误,把事情记错了。我的工作人员和其他人试图把情况理清楚。就是这样,我犯了一个错误。这种事会发生的。这明我只是一个凡人。你们知道,对一些人来说,这是一个意外的发现。Senator Obama will resume his campaign with a visit to North Carolina on Wednesday after a short vacation in the Virgin Islands. 奥巴马参议员在维尔京群岛稍事休息之后,星期三前往北卡罗来纳州,恢复竞选活动。Meanwhile, the presumed Republican candidate, Senator John McCain, focused on the economy Tuesday in a speech in California. 与此同时,共和党总统候选人麦凯恩星期二在加利福尼亚发表演讲,主题是经济问题。McCain said he is open to a variety of possible solutions to the home finance crisis in the U.S., adding that he would not allow what he called political dogma to override common sense. 麦凯恩说,面对美国的房屋贷款危机,他愿意考虑多种解决方案。麦凯恩还表示,他决不允许把他所说的政治信条置于常识之上。"Let us start with some straight talk," he said. "I will not play election year politics with the housing crisis. I will evaluate everything in terms of whether it might be harmful or helpful to our effort to deal with the crisis we face now." 麦凯恩说:“让我们从实话实说开始。我不会在房屋危机的问题上玩弄那套竞选年政治。我将对所有的方案加以评估,判断各种方案对解决我们目前面对的这场危机究竟有害还是有利。”McCain has been criticized for focusing his campaign too much on the war in Iraq and not enough on addressing domestic economic concerns, which has become the top issue for voters. 有人批评麦凯恩在竞选中把注意力过于集中在伊拉克战争上,而对如何解决国内经济问题关注不够。对于选民来说,国内经济已经成为首要问题。200803/32445

EU Diplomats Widen Sanctions Against Zimbabwe欧盟加强对津总统穆加贝制裁 The European Union Tuesday tightened sanctions against Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe. The EU foreign ministers added 37 more people to the EU list of individuals under a visa ban and asset freeze that aly includes the president and members of his inner circle. Now, for the first time, companies have also been added to the list. 欧盟星期二加强了对津巴布韦总统穆加贝的制裁。欧盟各国外交部长在欧盟对津巴布韦实施的禁止签以及冻结资产的制裁对象名单上又增加了37人,已经在这个名单上的有津巴布韦总统以及他的多名亲信。现在,欧盟第一次将一些企业也包括在制裁名单里。The additional sanctions come a day after President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change agreed to open power sharing talks aimed at solving Zimbabwe's political crisis.  欧盟加强对津巴布韦总统穆加贝制裁的前一天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对党“争取民主变革运动”领导人茨万吉拉伊同意开始举行旨在化解津巴布韦政治危机的权力分享谈判。EU spokesman John Clancy tells VOA this is a "very positive step," but there is need to maintain pressure on Mr. Mugabe. 欧盟发言人克兰西对美国之音说,这是“非常积极的步骤”,不过有必要继续对穆加贝施加压力。"It's not a simple handshake over a memorandum of understanding despite us recognizing its importance, that suddenly means the international community must simply return to business as usual with Zimbabwe. It's simply not the case. It's very important that the average citizen in Zimbabwe realizes that the international community is not simply going to forget the last months of violence and intimidation that they have had to face coming from the government authorities," he said. 克兰西说:“尽管我们认识到签订谅解备忘录的重要意义,但是,并不是双方在达成谅解备忘录时握了手,就算完事了,也并不意味着国际社会突然间就必须完全恢复跟津巴布韦的正常往来。完全不是这样。津巴布韦老百姓应该意识到,国际社会不会把近几个月来津巴布韦政府部门对他们施加的暴力和恐吓忘得一干二净,这点非常重要。”The EU has refused to recognize the result of the June 27 presidential run-off poll in which Mr. Mugabe was the sole candidate. Opposition leader Tsvangirai, who won the first round in March, withdrew from the run-off citing violence against his party and supporters.  欧盟拒绝承认津巴布韦6月27号的总统决选结果,穆加贝是那次选举的唯一候选人。赢得3月第一轮总统选举的反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊因为针对“争取民主变革运动”及其持者的暴力而退出决选。Earlier this month, an effort by the British and U.S. governments to impose U.N. Security Council sanctions on Mr. Mugabe was vetoed by Russia and China. 这个月早些时候,英国和美国政府在安理会提出的应对穆加贝实施制裁的建议,遭到俄罗斯和中国的否决。Clancy stressed that the European sanctions target individuals responsible for human rights abuses and not ordinary Zimbabweans. He says the bloc will maintain humanitarian support for Zimbabwe's needy.  欧盟发言人克兰西强调,欧盟的制裁是针对那些践踏人权的个人,而不是普通津巴布韦人。他说,欧盟将继续向贫困的津巴布韦人民提供援助。"We would like to see as a first step the authorities in Zimbabwe allowing humanitarian aid to the full extent that is should be allowed 100 percent access for international humanitarian aid workers. Let us not forget that Robert Mugabe, his government, his authority blocked humanitarian aid to the civilian population, to the most vulnerable people just days before the second round of the elections. That situation has not changed," he said. 克兰西说:“首先,我们希望看到津巴布韦当局允许全面展开的人道主义援助,也就是说国际人道主义救援人员应该被允许向每个津巴布韦人提供人道主义援助。我们不要忘记就在举行决选的前几天,穆加贝、他的政府及其有关当局还阻挠向津巴布韦平民百姓、向津巴布韦最弱势的群体提供人道主义援助。那种局面现在还没有转变。”The EU first imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 citing human rights abuses and electoral irregularities in the 2002 presidential election. The sanctions also include an arms and military material embargo.  欧盟第一次对津巴布韦实施制裁是在2002年,原因是津巴布韦政府践踏人权,以及2002年的总统选举违规举措。当时的制裁措施包括武器和军用物资禁运。The travel ban does not stop Mr. Mugabe from traveling to international organization meetings such as the ed Nations. Earlier this year, he took part in the summit of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome. 对穆加贝实施的禁止其旅行的制裁并不包括不许他出席联合国等国际组织会议。今年早些时候,他去罗马出席了联合国粮农组织首脑会议。200807/44623

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