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Knowing a little first-aid could be life-saving if you see someone lying unconscious.  如果你看见有人晕倒,而你又了解一些急救措施,那很可能会挽救一条生命。  Too often people don't do anything because they think they will kill the patient, but by learning simple rules you could make the difference between life and death.  通常人们都是什么都不做,因为他们认为自己的做法可能会害死病人。但是学习些简单的措施你就可能救死扶伤了。  First, you need to find out if they're unconscious, asleep or drunk, by squeezing the skin between their neck and shoulder and shouting.  首先,你需要通过挤压他们脖子和肩膀之间的皮肤,并大声呼喊来确定他们是无意识了,还是睡着了或者喝醉了。   If there is no response at all, you need to establish if they are dead or just unconscious - sometimes it's very difficult to tell the difference.  如果没有回应的话,你需要确定他们是死了还是仅仅是晕过去了,虽然有时是很难分辨清楚。 /201007/107986看了《奥巴马给女儿的信》我们一家一起冒险,很有感触,来和大家一起分享一下  Dear Malia andSasha,   I know that you‘ve both had a lot of fun these last two years onthe campaign trail, going to picnics and parades and state fairs,eating all sorts of junk food your mother and I probably shouldn‘thave let you have. But I also know that it hasn‘t always been easyfor you and Mom, and that as excited as you both are about that newpuppy, it doesn‘t make up for all the time we‘ve been apart. I knowhow much I‘ve missed these past two years, and today I want to tellyou a little more about why I decided to take our family on thisjourney。  亲爱的马莉亚和莎夏:  我知道这两年你们俩随我一路竞选都有过不少乐子,野餐、游行、逛州览会,吃了各种或许我和你妈不该让你们吃的垃圾食物。然而我也知道,你们俩和你妈的日子,有时候并不惬意。新来的小虽然令你们兴奋,却无法弥补我们不在一起的所有时光。我明白这两年我错过的太多了,今天我要再向你们说说为何我决定带领我们一家走上这趟旅程。  When I was a young man, I thought life was all about me—about howI‘d make my way in the world, become successful, and get the thingsI want. But then the two of you came into my world with all yourcuriosity and mischief and those smiles that never fail to fill myheart and light up my day. And suddenly, all my big plans formyself didn‘t seem so important anymore. I soon found that thegreatest joy in my life was the joy I saw in yours. And I realizedthat my own life wouldn‘t count for much unless I was able toensure that you had every opportunity for happiness and fulfillmentin yours. In the end, girls, that‘s why I ran for President:because of what I want for you and for every child in thisnation。  当我还年轻的时候,我认为生活就该绕着我转:我如何在这世上得心应手,成功立业,得到我想要的。后来,你们俩进入了我的世界,带来的种种好奇、淘气和微笑,总能填满我的心,照亮我的日子。突然之间,我为自己谱写的伟大计划显得不再那么重要了。我很快便发现,我在你们生命中看到的快乐,就是我自己生命中最大的快乐。而我也同时体认到,如果我不能确保你们此生能够拥有追求幸福和自我实现的一切机会,我自己的生命也没多大价值。总而言之,我的女儿,这就是我竞选总统的原因:我要让你们俩和这个国家的每一个孩子,都能拥有我想要给他们的东西。  I want all our children to go to schools worthy of theirpotential—schools that challenge them, inspire them, and instill inthem a sense of wonder about the world around them. I want them tohave the chance to go to college—even if their parents aren‘t rich.And I want them to get good jobs: jobs that pay well and give thembenefits like health care, jobs that let them spend time with theirown kids and retire with dignity。  我要让所有儿童都在能够发掘他们潜能的学校就读;这些学校要能挑战他们,激励他们,并灌输他们对身处的这个世界的好奇心。我要他们有机会上大学,那怕他们的父母并不富有。而且我要他们能找到好的工作:薪酬高还附带健康保险的工作,让他们有时间陪孩子、并且能带着尊严退休的工作。 /200910/86912

Those in a serious relationship have long been warned about the dangers of the seven-year itch. But research has found couples risk running into trouble far earlier-thanks to the seven-month slouch。已婚男女要警惕“七年之痒”说法由来已久。但一项调查发现,情侣之间出现问题的时间要远远早于七年,这就是“七月之懒”。This is the point at which we stop trying quite so hard to impress our new love and start revealing all the bad habits that have so far remained hidden。当两人在一起相处了七个月之后,双方不再像刚开始那样努力想给对方留下好印象,而开始“原形毕露”。These can include unsavoury bodily functions such as breaking wind in front of an other half, nose picking or letting armpits go unshaven. Before the milestone, most couples enjoy an extended honeymoon period where both go out of their way to keep well-groomed and observe good manners。比如,当着对方的面放屁、挖鼻子,或不刮腋毛。而在此之前,很多情侣都处于热恋期,两人都用心地装扮自己,努力在对方面前保持好的形象。However, it seems once a couple has been together for around seven months they decide they really do love each other and start to let go。然而,似乎两人在一起到了七个月左右时,他们就会觉得彼此的感情已经稳定,便开始放任自流。According to a survey of 1,000 adults, the seven-month point is when couples are most likely to think it acceptable to stop paying attention to details such as shaving regularly and keeping nails trimmed while also putting their bad habits on display。一项对1000名成年人开展的调查显示,情侣们在一起到了七个月时,便开始觉得可以不再注意定期刮毛和修指甲这样的细节问题,而且还会渐渐暴露出自己的坏习惯。More than nine in ten women and almost as many men admit that they let themselves go once they are in the full throes of a romance。90%以上的女性承认,一旦感情稳定下来,她们便开始放松自己。相同比例的男性也是如此。However it seems men are far happier to relax their standards while more women told researchers from Remington that they never allow themselves to be seen looking hairy or too unkempt。然而据雷明顿调查人员的调查,男性似乎更容易放松自己的标准,较多的女性称她们从不会让自己看起来头发凌乱或邋里邋遢。More than half of all adults said they make a special effort at the start of a relationship。超过一半的人说他们在刚开始谈恋爱时都特别注意这些问题。Once life with their other half becomes more routine, 48 per cent said they start breaking wind in front of their partner, 68 per cent will skip sexy clothes for unflattering outfits round the house and 58 per cent walk around naked。而一旦与另一半的感情稳定下来,48%的人会开始当着对方的面放屁,68%的人不再追求性感的衣着,而是穿得非常随便,58%的人会光着身子在屋里走来走去。Only 6 per cent said they would never let their partner see them be so uncouth。只有6%的人说他们永远不会在伴侣面前表现得如此放肆。There are also still some traditionalists out there, with 13 per cent saying they believe revealing bad habits is only acceptable after marriage。调查对象中不乏一些传统人士,13%的人认为只有在结婚之后才可以放松一点。 /201207/189256


  If you're one of those unfortunate runners whose legs frequently cramp up during your runs, you may be willing to try anything to solve the problem. Anything? Are you sure? How about some pickle juice? Yes, pickle juice has long been touted as a fix for cramping muscles by some runners and coaches, and now a recent study lends even more credibility to this home remedy. 如果你不幸是经常抽筋的运动者之一你可能想尝试什么来解决这个问题。什么东西吗?你确定吗?一些泡菜汁怎么样?是的,泡菜汁一直被视为修复肌肉抽筋的一些选手和教练,一项最新的研究借更多信誉这个家庭治疗。Researchers had 10 male college students exercise to the point of mild dehydration and then electrically induced toe cramps. Their average cramp lasted 153 seconds. They then repeated the experiment and gave the subjects either water or pickle juice. For those who drank pickle juice, the cramp was gone in 85 seconds. For subjects who drank water, their cramps lasted 134 seconds. 研究人员对10个运动的轻微脱水的男大学生进行实验,通过电击导致其抽筋,他们的平均持续时间是153秒。然后对他们进行反复的实验,那些喝黄瓜汁的到85 秒抽筋就消失了,而那些喝水的抽筋一直持续到134秒。Fans of pickle juice have said it's the electrolytes in the juice that help get rid of the muscle cramps but, in this study, blood and urine tests found no change in the subjects' sodium, potassium, magnesium or other levels. Something else in the juice (researchers suspect vinegar) must have triggered a neurological response in the mouth, which then signaled the brain to stop the cramping. 那些黄瓜的拥护者认为汁中的电解质可以帮助摆脱肌肉抽筋,但在这项研究发现,血液和尿液测试没有改变学生的钠、钾、镁或其他的水平。果汁中的一些东西(专家怀疑醋汁)必然引起神经反应,然后大脑中便做出停止抽筋的表现。Muscle cramps have never been much of an issue for me, but -- even if they were -- I don't think I'll be packing pickle juice in my Fuel Belt. I think I'd rather just deal with the cramps. What about you? Have you ever tried pickle juice for cramps? What was your experience? Do you swear by any other home remedies for muscle cramps or other running maladies? 抽筋对我来说从不是什么问题,但是——即使他们——我认为我不会把黄瓜汁放进我的燃料当中。我认为我宁愿只应付抽筋。你呢?有没有试过用黄瓜汁治疗抽筋?你的经验是什么?你起誓就没有别的家庭药剂治疗肌肉抽筋或其它运行的疾病吗? /201010/116005。

  Yesterday was Data Privacy Day. Don’t bother looking for Hallmark cards, it’s not that kind of day. Canada, the ed States and 27 European countries, mark this occasion as a means of raising awareness and generating discussion about data privacy practices and rights.Most people aren’t aware such a day exists. This probably speaks to the fact that too few people realize they are leaving an trail of data behind them for others to collect, merge, analyze, massage and sell, often without their knowledge or consent. Furthermore, on any given day, millions of people will send sensitive personal information over the Internet; thousands will likely be affected by a data breach, and hundreds will probably fall victim to identity theft.To commemorate Data Privacy Day, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada offered up these 10 ways your privacy is threatened:10. Surveillance cameras, swipe cards, Internet searches - as you go about your daily routine you actually leave a trail of data behind you for others to collect, merge, analyze and even sell, often without your knowledge or consent.9. New and exciting technologies are emerging daily; but often your personal information is the cost of admission. Think about the information you have surrendered just to play online games, join virtual worlds, or even shop online.8. Millions of people post all sorts of personal information about themselves, their family and their friends on social networking sites without reviewing the privacy policies, modifying the privacy settings, or considering how this information can be used or misused by others.7. Governments are indiscriminately collecting mountains of personal data in the name of national security and public safety.6. Businesses are collecting more and more information about an ever-greater number of people, often without having appropriate means to protect the information or dispose of it.5. Data breaches happen every day in both the public and private sectors. Recent incidents have exposed the personal information of millions of people. In fact, you could aly have been one of those people, but due to the lack of mandatory breach reporting laws in Canada, you may never even be informed.4. Fraudsters have become extremely devious and technologically savvy. From the other side of the planet, they can steal your personal information. These days, you need to shred documents, protect your computer, watch out for fraudulent e-mails, be on guard against pretexting and much more.3. Identity theft, which is fuelled by excessive personal information collection and failure to protect it, is rampant - and it is becoming a very lucrative business for criminals.2. We live in a global society where information flows freely around the world - from person to person; jurisdiction to jurisdiction; public sector to private sector - and all privacy protection laws are not created equal.1. The notion that “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”. Privacy is an essential freedom that shapes our society; an internationally recognized human right; and the foundation of modern democracy - but if we don’t value our privacy or stand up for it as our right, it will be eroded over time. /200902/62547

  Early African American: Jumping the Broom In the times of slavery in this country, African American couples were not allowed to formally marry and live together. To make a public declaration of their love and commitment, a man and woman jumped over a broom into matrimony, to the beat of drums. (The broom has long held significant meaning for the various Africans, symbolizing, the start of home- making for the newlywed couple. In Southern Africa, the day after the wedding, the bride assisted the other women in the family in sweeping the courtyard, indicating her dutiful willing ness to help her in-laws with housework till the newlyweds could move to their new home.) Some African-American couples today are choosing to include this symbolic rite in their wedding ceremony. Armenia: Two white doves may be released to signify love and happiness. The bride may dress in red silk and may wear cardboard wings with feathers on her head. Small coins may be thrown at her.早期非洲裔美国人:跳扫帚 在美国的黑奴时代,黑人男女是不允许正式结婚生活在一起的。为了向世人宣布他们的爱情和婚约,一对黑人男女和着鼓声的节奏,一起跳过一把扫帚。(扫帚对各种非洲人长期来都具有很重要的意义,因为它意味着新婚夫妇组成家庭的开始。在南部非洲,新娘在婚后的第一天要帮助夫家的其他女性清扫院子,以此表明在住进自己的新家前,她愿意尽职地帮助丈夫的家人承担家务劳动。)直至今日,一些美国黑人还在他们的婚礼上举行这种象征性的仪式。亚美尼亚:人们放飞两只白鸽,以示爱情和幸福。新娘穿着红色丝绸的装,头戴饰有羽毛的纸翼。人们还可向新娘投掷硬币。 /200905/69127We most associate yawning with boredom or being sleepy, but new research suggests it can be good for your health—by cooling down your brain. Scientists at Princeton University found a big yawn can regulate the temperature of the brain and prevent over-heating. During winter, Professor Andrew Gallup and his team asked 80 random pedestrians to look at images of people yawning and then recorded whether they yawned in response. They then performed the same trial in the summer. The researchers found that half of the participants yawned in winter while only a quarter yawned in summer. You may think people would tend to cool the brain by yawning more in summer. But according to the theory, yawning cools the brain via a heat exchange with cooler air. This system therefore wouldn't work on a scorching summer's day. Professor Gallup said: "Yawning should be suppressed—in ambient temperatures exceeding body temperature because taking a deep inhalation of air would not promote cooling. He also suggested that this is the first study to show that yawning frequency varies from season to season. It could help explain why humans become confused and disorientated in extreme heat as the brain has limited ways of cooling itself down. The research is published in the journal Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience. 据英国《每日邮报》9月20日报道,人们把多把打哈欠和无聊与瞌睡联系在一起,但一项新研究表明,打哈欠可以给人脑“降温”,有益健康。 普林斯顿大学的科学家发现,打一个大大哈欠可以调节人脑温度,避免人脑过热。 安德鲁#8226;盖洛普教授和他的团队在冬天随机测试了80名路人,让他们看关于人们打哈欠的图像,记录他们是否以打哈欠回应,他们在夏天也做了相同的试验。 研究人员发现,在冬天,一半参与者都会打哈欠,而在夏天打哈欠的受试者只有25%。也许人们会认为,人在夏天时更倾向于给脑子降温,但是,根据该理论,打哈欠得通过和较冷的空气进行热传导才能降低人脑温度。因此,该系统无法在闷热的夏天发挥作用。 盖洛普教授说:“当周围温度超过人体温度时,深吸空气并不能帮助降温,打哈欠也就会受到抑制。” 他还表示,该研究首次表明,打哈欠的频率会根据季节而变化,这能够帮助人们解释人脑降温途径受限时,会变得困惑和茫然的原因。 该研究发表在《进化神经系统前沿》杂志上。 /201110/157089Eat your carrots. And have some leftover pumpkin pie. 吃些胡萝卜吧,感恩节剩下的南瓜派也拿出来吃点吧。People with high blood levels of alpha-carotene — an antioxidant found in orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, winter squash, oranges and tangerines — live longer and are less likely to die of heart disease and cancer than people who have little or none of it in their bloodstream, a new study reports. 一项新的研究发现,血液中α-胡萝卜素含量高的人比那些不含或含量低的人寿命更长,死于心脏病或癌症的几率也更低。α-胡萝卜素是一种抗氧化剂,富含于橙色的蔬菜瓜果中,比如,葫萝卜、栗南瓜、橙子和柑橘类等。The study does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship, only an association; in the past, rigorous clinical trials of such correlations have often had disappointing results. 这项研究未实两者之间的因果关系,只是说明两者有联系。以前曾有研究人员做过数次严密的临床试验来明两者内在联系,但结果往往不如人意。Still, the study’s results are intriguing. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed alpha-carotene levels in blood samples from more than 15,000 adults who participated in a follow-up study of the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, known as Nhanes, from 1988 to 1994. 不过,这项研究发现还是令人振奋的。研究中,疾病预防控制中心的研究人员分析了一万五千多名参与第三次全国健康与营养调查(1988-1994)跟踪调查的成年人的血样中α-胡萝卜素含量。 /201011/119537


  The secret of eternal youth While tomato has long been credited with cutting cholesterol and preventing some cancers, the fruit now appears to have two more health-giving benefits. Protection against sunburn and helping keep the skin looking youthful are the latest fingdings, a study has found. To test the fruit's ability to protect the skin, ten volunteers were asked to eat five tablespoons of tomato paste mixed with olive oil every day for three months. Another ten had a daily dose of olive oil—minus the tomato paste. Tests showed the tomato-eaters were a third better protected against sunburn at the end of the study than at the start. Other tests suggested the tomato-based diet had boosted production of collagen, the protein that keeps skin soft. If that were not enough, the fruit also protects our mitochondria—the elements of cells which turn the food we eat into energy. A researcher said: "Being kind to our mitochondria is likely to contribute to improved skin health, which in turn may have an anti-ageing effect." Tomoto’s benefits are credited to lycopene, a powerful antioxidant capable of eliminate free radicals—the harmful molecules linked to cancer—is made easier for the body to absorb when tomatoes are cooked or processed.The researchers stressed, however, that their findings were not an excuse to throw away the suncream. People should not think tomatoes in any way can replace suncreams, but they may be a good additive. Scientists recommend two tomato-based meals a day for optimum health. /201008/112425

  It is 12:05 in the morning as I write this. It’s my birthday today and I can’t believe I officially turn 38 today. I still act and feel like I’m 18! I can’t believe how time flies. It seems like yesterday when I turned 23 and came to Shanghai with 200 yuan on a cold and rainy night. I can’t believe I survived and thrived in this big and exciting city.在我写这篇客的时候午夜刚过。今天是我的生日,真得不敢相信我已正式迈入38岁,虽然我仍感觉自己像18岁!很难相信时间过得如此快;23岁生日的一个寒冷雨夜我怀揣200元来到大上海,这一切就像发生在昨天。很难相信,自己竟然在这个大都市生存下来了,而且活得还不错。I have never had a birthday celebration and it didn’t matter to me at all. In my generation, it seemed that parents didn’t celebrate their children’s birthdays. When I grew up I always forgot and missed my birthday; after I got married, my wife is not good with remembering my birthday--she doesn’t feel guilty, because she knows clearly that birthday celebrations are not my cup of tea.我从来没过过生日,也一点不在乎是否过生日。像我这代人父母好像不给自己的孩子过生日。等我长大了,我又总是忘掉或错过生日;等我结婚了,老婆也总是记不住我的生日。她也不内疚,因为她知道我不喜欢过生日。I just don’t see the point in celebrating birthdays--people complain about getting older and yet they celebrate them every year. It’s not the moment to celebrate, it’s the moment to look back and be thankful. I’m thankful that my parents are not that old and they are healthy; I’m thankful that I have a great career, financial security, big house and beautiful wife…我不明白庆祝生日的意义何在---人们整天埋怨在变老,而每年却还仍要为此庆祝。对我来说现在不是庆祝的时刻,而是回顾感恩的时刻。我感谢自己的父母还不算老,身体仍然健康;我感谢自己拥有不错的事业,经济稳定,有大房子住,还有一个漂亮的妻子……I will not celebrate my Birthday today, but I have collected and translated some funny birthday es for you to learn good and plain English. Always remember: we learn best in moments of enjoyment.我今天不庆祝生日,但我收集编译了一些有关生日的搞笑语录,供大家学习漂亮的平易英语之用。永远记住:快乐学习,效果最好。 /201101/124115。

  We have all had one time or another where we have had a crush on a friend or even a best friend. If you are caught up in the crush and are enjoying the flirting and your friend doesn’t seem to mind, then that is fine. If it is the feel of the chase you love then you might need to mature a bit more in the relationship and love department before you attempt to make a move on your closest friend. This type of situation may lead to massive disappointment for both of you and injure what you have. If you are thinking of disclosing your hearts desire to your best friend and they have never shown you any love signs then you might want to think again. If you are lucky and you know that your best friend feels the same way then this might be an option for you to try, but if there is no reciprocation, flirtation or feelings, then your heart might be in for a let down. Love is such a precious feeling and has to be treasured and respected. It is good to truly sit down and think about why you want to take things further. Ask yourself these questions. Would they be a suitable match for me? Is there a future for us? Am I attracted to my best friend sexually? What are my real reasons? Am I afraid to be alone?我们都曾经会有那么一段时间忽然对一位朋友或是过去的好友产生情愫。假如你深陷其中,习惯了和你的这位朋友打情骂俏,假如他(她)不怎么介意,那还好说。如果你觉得这就是追逐真爱,那或许在试图采取下一步行动前,你得试着让自己在对待友情和爱情关系方面更成熟一点。这种情况发展下去往往导致双方失望透顶并伤害到之前已经建立的关系。如果你打算现在就向你的朋友说出心里话,但他(她)却从来没传达过任何爱的讯号,那你最好三思而后行。假如你足够幸运,而你的朋友和你心思一样,或许这对你们还是一种可行的选择。但是如果根本得不到什么答复,暧昧或感动,你或许马上就会心碎如焚。爱情如此宝贵,每个人都应倍加珍视和爱惜。你最好还是坐下来好好问问自己为什么要发展到下一步。你需要回答这么急个问题:他(她)是我的天命真女(子)吗?我们有未来吗?我在我的好友眼里有足够性吸引力吗?我到底想什么呢?哥我是不是太寂寞了?Sometimes it is better to keep a best friend a friend and stay that way. When you cross the line with your best friend, your friendship will be changed forever. Even if you can put what happened or what was said behind you, one of you may end up broken hearted because these feelings brought up were not acknowledged in the end. This can lead to resentment and jealousy in the future and destroy a friendship. Because two friends hang out so much together, the one that is in love or has an attraction begins to see themselves as a couple. This can end up becoming a distorted view and can result in so many painful feelings when the feelings are not returned. Unrequited love is a hard situation to go through and can take a long time to heal from. This is why in some friendships it is best to reconsider before taking the friendship to a new level.有时还是保持朋友关系维持原状的好。当你捅破朋友之间的那层窗户纸,你们的友谊就一去不归了。即使你能把做出的事说出的话揽在自己身上,你们中间的某个也会因为已经流露出的感情得不到回应早就伤心透了。这终将导致怨恨猜忌并摧毁朋友之情。因为朋友总需要呆在一起形影不离的,一旦其中一个有了追求者或是爱上了谁,另一个会怎么想?因为付出得不到回报,这种憋屈之感会让人备受煎熬。单相思是种很苦的病,不是那么容易痊愈的。这就是为什么在某些友谊中最好保持清醒,不要轻易跨过雷池。Many people think how wonderful it will be to begin a new love relationship with their best friend. They are around all the time, they trust you, you trust them, their cute enough, they are a good friend..there is no reason not to! But there is something missing though and that is the level of love and passion that happens and sparks between two people when they fall in love. Make sure you really think this one over before making any sudden moves because your choice can result in three different ways. You either are best friends for life, broken hearted, or for the lucky ones; you have your soul mate. This is quite the gamble to take, so think it through before you jump the gun.很多人会觉得和自己的密友开始一段恋情是多么美妙的事。他们总是陪着你,信任你,你也信任他们,他们够可爱,他们是那么好的朋友。。。那么多顾虑多累啊!但坠入爱河后迸发的炽热火花和仍然与这有很大的境界上的差别。在你有所行动前务必慎重思量,这可能导致三种结果。你们要么是生活中最好的朋友,要么彻底破裂,要么是那足够幸运的一对;你现在还有你的红颜知己,拿这个来赌真的有点大了,所以在你以身试法前还是悠着点吧! /201012/119880

  Food饮食Lab-grown meat feeds the world人造肉类养活全世界Petri meat, in vitro meat, cultured meat. Call it whatever you like, but get used to the name. Meat produced in a lab (and grown from animal cells) could be the future of nutrition.试管肉,培养肉,或者其他任何名称,不管怎么叫,我们都得习惯它。因为,实验室通过动物细胞培养出来的食用肉将成为人类未来的营养食品。The scientists who are developing test-tube meat (and chicken!) say it is an important way to keep up with the world#39;s growing appetite for protein while simultaneously reducing meat production#39;s environmental impact like land requirements and CO2 emissions.研究试管肉(包括鸡肉!)的科学家们指出,我们一方面要满足人类对蛋白质日益增长的需求,同时还要降低猪肉生产所造成的用地需求、二氧化碳排放等环境影响,要想实现这些目的,这种方法至关重要。There are only about 30 people working on cultured meat globally, and they agree the stuff will take a while to get to grocers#39; shelves. The biggest hurdle to commercialization (besides the obvious ;ick; factor) is lack of funding for research ; though money is trickling in from unconventional sources. A scientist in the Netherlands received 300,000 euros from an anonymous donor to produce a lab burger. And PETA is offering million to the scientist who can make and sell cultured chicken by June 2012.当下,全球仅有大约30名科学家正在研究人工培养肉;他们一致认为,人工培养肉上市还需要一段时间。虽然有非传统型渠道为这项研究提供资金,但研究经费不足仍是人造肉实现商业化的最大障碍(当然,;令人恶心;也是另一个显而易见的障碍)。荷兰的一位科学家获得了30万欧元的匿名捐赠,用于生产实验室汉堡。另外,善待动物组织(PETA)将出资100万美元,用于资助能在2012年6月前生产和销售人工培养鸡肉的科学家;Beth Kowitt;;贝斯;考维特 /201202/172799

  1) I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you。  我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉。 /200909/83330

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