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You have to know this is incredibly important.你得知道这是很重要的Time is not background thing, it is not absolute,时间不是绝对的 不是可用来测量against which everything else is measured. Its dynamic.其他一切的参照背景 而是动态的Dynamic?Active.Active?动态的 它是活动的 活动的Wonderful. If you were to travel east very very quickly.没错 如果你向东 走得非常非常快Out of sight? The far east?走到看不到的地方 走到远东吗The far far east.Completely out of sight.比远东还远 完全看不到了Yes, completely out of sight.And I stay right here,对 走到完全看不到的地方 而我留在这儿your time will slow down relative to mine.你的时间相对我的时间就变慢了Like I get really really slow?If you went very very fast.那我就变得非常非常慢了 如果你能走得非常非常快If you went very very fast?I get really really slow!如果我走得非常非常快 我就变得非常非常慢了Your time would, relative to mine.Hah...totally out of sight.Time is very important.你的时间相对我的时间就会变慢了 完全看不到 时间是很重要的What starts I know you?What? I dont know.Are you all right?Fine.你来自哪颗星 什么 我不知道 你没事吧 挺好201512/414892Irans military has seized two U.S. Navy vessels and is detaining 10 sailors after the crew drifted into Iranian waters. U.S. officials say theyve received assurances from Tehran the sailors will be released soon.美国两艘海军船舰进入伊朗水域,伊朗军方将其缴获并拘留了十名船员。美国官员表示,他们已经收到来自德黑兰的保,船员不久将被释放。Everybody should be aware of the fact that we have been in touch with the Iranians, and they have assured us that our sailors are safe, and they will be allowed to continue their journey.每个人都应该知道的是,我们一直在与伊朗保持接触,他们向我们保,我们的船员是安全的,允许他们继续行程。According to the Pentagon, the incident involved two small vessels known as riverine boats, one of which developed mechanical problems en route from Kuwait to Bahrain. The ships inadvertently drifted into Iranian waters and were picked up by Irans border patrol near Farsi Island.据五角大楼消息,事件涉及两艘被称为河流船只的小船舰,一艘在从科威特到巴林的航线上发生机械故障。船只在不经意间漂进了伊朗水域,被伊朗Farsi岛附近的边境巡逻队拘捕。Secretary of State John Kerry has been in contact with Irans Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to resolve the issue, and U.S. officials have been quick to note Iran has promised to return the U.S. vessels and crew to international waters.美国国务卿克里一直在与伊朗外长贾瓦德·扎里夫保持接触来解决问题,美国官员很快注意到伊朗答应放出美国船只和船员到国际水域。This incident comes just one month after the U.S. Navy accused Iran of conducting a live-fire exercise just 1,500 yards away from a passing U.S. Carrier.刚好在一个月前,美国海军指责伊朗进行了一场实弹演习,距路过的美国航母仅1500码。译文属。201601/421786l liked the way he sang, cause he was a star vocalist in his own right.我很喜欢他唱歌的技巧 他本身就是名歌唱巨星He knew how to do it, when to do it, why to do it, and why not to do it.他的技巧拿捏得很好l saw this little kid spinning and stuff, l said, Dang.我看到这小孩又唱又跳 我说 哗send him upstairs when they finish, l want to talk to this kid. 等他们唱完就让他们上楼吧 我要跟这小子聊聊Never thought about recording him at that time.当时并没有想到要让他录音l said, This little guy, l wanna see whats happening. 我说 这小鬼 我想要看看他有几两重He was a kid that would worry you, bug you,这孩子是那种会一直烦你until you had to do something with him.烦到你理他为止lnstead of him going back to Gary, lndiana, from Chicago他不但没有回印第安纳州瑞城every night, hed go and ask Joseph if he could stay with me,每晚还问乔能不能睡我那and spend a night at the hotel with me.跟我一起睡饭店so he stayed in my face for 10 straight days,所以他在我面前连续晃了十天from the time that we woke up in the morning,每天一早起床and ld take and feed this kid.我就带着他吃饭lt was pure. This kid wanted what he got.很单纯 他最后如愿以偿He was a workaholic.他是个工作狂201508/392904

Russia recovers black box of downed jet俄罗斯被击落战机黑匣子已找到Moscow has recovered the black box of the Russian jet, downed by Turkey last month.被土耳其击落的俄罗斯苏-24战机黑匣子已经找到。And President Vladimir Putin has instructed his defense minister to open it only with foreign experts.普京总统对国防部长做出指示,只能同外国专家一同打开该黑匣子。Russian news agencies report that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu presented the black box to the president during a meeting. Shoigu said the territory where the Russian jet was shot down had been liberated by Syrian special forces, allowing them to recover the black box.俄国防部长绍伊古当天向总统普京汇报情况时说,俄军在苏-24战机坠毁的地方击溃武装分子,黑匣子才得以保存下来,最终被叙利亚军队找到并转交俄方。Putin said an analysis would help determine the flight path and position.普京表示,俄罗斯必须知道所有细节,希望黑匣子能把苏-24战机从起飞到被击落的飞行轨迹完整呈现在世人面前,包括飞行速度、高度等,尤其是战机在哪里被击落的。But he also warned that no findings could assuage Moscows anger at Ankara over the incident.但他也警告称,任何发现都不可能缓解莫斯科对土耳其的愤怒。Relations have soured since the downing, and Russia imposed economic sanctions against Turkey.自俄战机被击落以来,双方关系已经恶化,俄罗斯还对土耳其实施了经济制裁。 译文属201512/415009


But on that night,但那天晚上people all over the earth looked up at the night sky世界各地的人仰望夜空时and knew that there were two men up there,都知道月亮上正有两个人looking back at them.回望着他们I remember the night of the landing and I looked up from the parking lot我还记得登陆月球的那个晚上,我在停车场抬头仰望and there was the moon and you could see the little dark看到天上的月亮smudge over on the right side of the moon,和月球右侧的一抹黑影which is the Sea of Tranquillity.那就是宁静海And you know that there were two men,而我们知道两位登月者Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin at that time,阿姆斯壮和艾德林by that time, trying to sleep in their lunar module当时正试着在登月小艇中睡觉on the surface of that smudge that you can see from Houston.登月小艇就停在远从休士顿就能看到的那抹黑影上Over the next 3 years, 5 more missions landed on the moon.在其后的三年间,陆续完成了五次登月任务Each one was more ambitious than the last.每一次都比上一次更有野心Whereas Armstrong and Aldrin had only taken a few tentative steps阿姆斯壮和艾德林小心翼翼地from the lunar module,在登月小艇附近走了几步the astronauts on later missions travelled miles across the surface.其后任务的太空人在月球表面上长途跋涉好几里They spent days at a time on the moon,他们一口气在月球上停留好几天visiting different locations,探访不同区域collecting samples of rock and soil收集岩石和土壤样本and setting up scientific experiments.并进行科学实验Guess what we just found, I think we found what we came for.你猜我找到什么?我找到了我们此行的目的--Rock eh?结晶岩Yes sir.没错But down on earth, with each mission,但是人们对登月任务的兴趣the public interest was starting to wane.却大不如前By the time it came to Apollo 17 NASA even had to阿波罗17号升空时pay the American TV networks to cover the mission.航太总署还得花钱请美国电视台报导By the fourth or fifth time that we had gone to the moon到了第四、五次时it was probably was page 2 or 3 news.登陆月球大概成为第二版或第三版的新闻You know, it wasnt, it certainly wasnt headline.不再是头条There is...找到了,你们看…People were getting bored with going to the moon.人们开始觉得去月球很无聊Once youve seen astronauts collect rocks for a few times,看太空人收集岩石it ceases to fascinate.看了几次之后就没什么意思了Going to the moon had been done and there was a feeling登月任务圆满成功that it was now time to do other things.人们觉得现在该做些别的事情了Theres a state of apathy in the ed States now I guess,美国人越来越冷淡people just dont care one way or another.我觉得他们已经不关心了Im saying that its,我觉得we are spending too much money on the moon.我们为登陆月球花了太多钱I think they could use the time,他们可以把这些时间the energy and the money to better advantage here精力和金钱in the ed States.用在改善美国国内情况上Theres lots of room for improvement here.国内进步的空间还很大Rather than spend all that money exploring space国内有这么多人在挨饿when people are starving here,他们还大手笔地展开太空任务and that money could be put to very good不如把钱拿来use in improving life here.改善人民的生活When we finally got there,我们终于抵达月球后it turned out our moon didnt harbour life or even water.发现月球上没有生物,连水也没有It was not the home of the Gods or rampaging herds of bison.那里不是诸神的宫殿,也没有横冲直撞的野牛201504/372527

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201603/433378

Spearheading the attack: Tancred de Hauteville.带头进攻的是唐克雷德·德·豪特维尔A norman knight, descended from Vikings,他是一名诺曼骑士 维京人的后裔Filled with bloodlust.So many people have died in the name of religion.嗜血如命 太多的人因宗教之名而死Wars fought over religious belief have spilled so much blood,由于宗教信仰而引发的战争 已洒满鲜血but I think of all the wars fought over religion,但当我想到所有因宗教而引发的战争the Crusades belong in their own category.十字军当自成一派The slaughter here resonates to this day.这场屠杀时至今日还是震撼人心Tancred de Hauteville,唐克雷德·德·豪特维尔A Christian knight on a mission from God,是一名基督徒骑士 肩负着上帝的使命In the holy land,Waging war on Islam.在这片神圣的土地上 对伊斯兰教发动战争By the end of the 11th century,到十一世纪末期600 years after the fall of Rome,罗马衰亡后六百年The two religions are great rivals.这两派宗教竞争激烈Christianity dominates in the west and north,基督教主宰着西部和北部Islam in the east and south.伊斯兰教主宰着东部和南部201511/411323

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