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Editing On Films Is Now Being Done On ComputersLike any modern professional, Naomi Geraghty took her laptop with her when she went on a business trip in January. The machine got a lot of use -- but not just for email.1月份出差时,娜奥米#8226;杰拉蒂(Naomi Geraghty)带上了她的笔记本电脑──跟时下所有专业人员一样。她的电脑有很多用途,不仅仅是收发电子邮件。Ms. Geraghty is a film editor and was spending 10 days at the Irish coastal home of Terry George, director of 'Reservation Road,' starring Joaquin Phoenix, which opened across the U.S. last week. Mr. George couldn't travel for the editing, so Ms. Geraghty loaded a copy of Avid editing software on her Apple PowerBook and went to him.杰拉蒂是一名电影剪辑师,这次出差的目的地是《救赎之路》(Reservation Road)一片的导演特里#8226;乔治(Terry George)在爱尔兰的海滨别墅,时间为10天。由于乔治没办法远行,杰拉蒂只好带着已经安装了Avid编辑软件的苹果PowerBook来找他。这部影片最近在全美上映,华金#8226;费尼克斯(Joaquin Phoenix)在里面扮演角色。Most people have a mental image of film editors hunched in the dark over editing consoles with lengths of film pinned to the wall behind them. These days, they sit at computers, moving scenes around as easily as paragraphs in a word processor.提到电影剪辑师,大多数人对他们的印象是:猫在某个昏暗角落的操作台旁,长长的胶片钉在身后的墙上。如今的剪辑师却是坐在电脑桌前,他们在屏幕上移动画面就像用文字处理软件挪动段落那么轻松。Video files are so demanding, editing computers used to cost tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. But as Ms. Geraghty's tale suggests, even relatively low-end personal computers, laptops included, are now so powerful that Hollywood pros have joined student filmmakers and indies in taking advantage of them.由于视频文件对电脑配置的要求很高,用来剪辑的电脑过去动辄几万甚至几十万美元一台。而现在,即使相对低端的个人电脑,包括笔记本,都已经非常强大。于是,好莱坞的电影专业人士纷纷加入学生制片人和独立制片人的行列,用起个人电脑──杰拉蒂就是一个典型例子。It's one more example -- along with music recording and graphic design -- of the way cheap computers are blurring the distinction between professional and amateur tools. Not that just having software makes you good at something, as a quick trip around the Web makes clear.这个趋势再次说明廉价电脑正在淡化专业工具和业余工具之间的界限,这一点在音乐录制和图形设计领域已经得到体现。但只要在网路上转一转就会发现,仅仅有了软件还不足以成为高手。Ms. Geraghty says that while she enjoys the comfort of her regular editing studio, a notebook is not without its charms. 'I could look out over a fishing harbor,' she says. 'It was the best view I've ever had from a cutting room.'杰拉蒂说,虽然在常规剪辑工作室里感觉很舒适,但使用笔记本工作也别有一番情趣。“从窗户望出去,渔港美景近在眼前,这是过去我在剪辑室内从未享受过的,”她说。Like 'Reservation Road,' the typical Hollywood feature film these days is an analog-digital hybrid. Reels of film might be developed at a lab such as Technicolor, but then .5 million scanners digitize them and put them on a 0 generic USB hard drive. From there, it's on to the editors.如今,一般的好莱坞故事片都是以模拟-数字混合方式制作的,《救赎之路》就是其中之一。一卷卷胶片在Technicolor这样的工作室冲洗出来之后,扫描仪(售价高达150万美元)会对其进行数字化,保存在100美元的普通USB硬碟上,然后才进入剪辑环节。Editing on computers is so much easier than editing physical film that it's how nearly all movies are now cut. USC's film school once had 50 editing consoles; now it has only two. Indeed, editing may have become too easy. 'You can easily recut your movie 10 times a day,' says Matt Furie, who teaches editing at USC. 'Some students go off the deep end and cut, cut, cut. We tell them they need to discipline themselves to push away from the desk, drop the mouse and just think.'剪辑数字影片比剪辑胶片要简单得多,如今差不多所有电影都是用电脑剪辑的。USC电影学校原来有50台剪辑工作台,现在已经缩减为两台了。的确,剪辑可能变得太容易了。“你一天甚至能剪辑10次,”在USC教授剪辑的马特#8226;富里(Matt Furie)说。“有些学生大刀阔斧地剪、剪、剪,我们总是提醒他们要控制自己,暂时离开桌子,放下鼠标,什么都不做,静静地思考。”Like others, Mr. Furie suggests that one of the reasons there are so many rapid-fire cuts in today's movies is that editing software has made them so simple to do.正如很多专业人士指出的那样,富里表示,目前出现大量剪辑粗糙的影片的原因正是在于编辑软件使得剪辑工作变得异常轻松。 /200803/32944英国:大龄单身女性剧增One in three women in UK is unmarried at 35, official figures show. In 2000, only a quarter were not married. And in 1990, just one in ten was in this position.Marriage began to experience a decline in the 1980s, but in the last decade its popularity has fallen more sharply.The downward trend corresponds with an increase in women following careers, the rising cost of buying a home and the growing acceptance of couples simply living together.Analysts believe the introduction of tax credits to the benefit system since 1999 has dissuaded many from marrying, as they favour single mothers.Figures show a couple with children must earn £50,000 a year between them before they are better off than if they lived apart.The figures, from the Office of National Statistics, showed that fewer than two-thirds of women who reached 35 in 2005 had married - 665 from every 1,000.Among those born five years earlier, nearly three-quarters had been married by 35.About nine out of ten women who were 35 in 1990 had been married at least once.However, the trend away from marriage seems at odds with the wishes of both men and women.Previously polls have found that about seven out of ten still aspire to marriage.Robert Whelan of the Civitas civic value think-tank said: "This is an incredible collapse, not just because of the extent but because of the speed."If it goes on we will soon see a majority of women unmarried in their mid-thirties."What we are seeing is a huge and growing gap between what people want in their lives and what they are getting." 据官方数据显示,英国35岁的女性中,有三分之一的人单身。2000年这一数据仅为四分之一,1990年只有十分之一。英国的结婚人数从上世纪80年代开始减少,在过去十年中减少的更快。这一趋势主要是由追求事业的女性增多、房价上涨以及同居日益被接受造成的。分析人士认为,从1999年开始实行的税款抵免福利制度使很多人不愿结婚,这一政策对单身妈妈最为有利。有关数据显示,一对有孩子的夫妇一年必须挣到5万英镑,才能使生活比一个人时过得好。英国国家统计署的统计数据显示,2005年满35岁的女性中,已婚比例不到三分之二(1000人中有665人)。而在40岁的女性中,近四分之三的人在35岁前已结婚。1990年,90%的35岁女性至少已经结了一次婚。然而,这一趋势与男性和女性的愿望似乎并不相符。此前的调查发现,约70%的人仍然渴望结婚。民众价值智囊团Civitas的罗伯特·威兰说:“无论是从范围还是从速度上,这种下降让人难以置信。”“如果这一趋势继续下去,不久之后我们就会看到大多数女性到了30多岁还没结婚。”“目前的状况是,人们对于生活的期望与他们所得到的结果之间存在着巨大的、而且仍在加大的差距。” /200803/32259Germany's New Year's to celebrate the time before and after one week. During this period, each household must be put on a fir tree and cross-trees, the leaves between the Department of Man-silk flower that flowers such as Jin, spring Poppins. German presence in the moments before the New Year's Eve midnight, climbed a chair, a bell rang, they jumped off a chair, and after a weight thrown back to show their rejection to the scourge, jumped into the New Year. Children formed the band and put on new clothes, holding a harmonica and accordion, lined up in the street playing. Adult was carrying colorful flags, singing with the cry behind to celebrate the New Year, the German women in the New Year to the family theme of improvisation comedy sketches. Sp in rural areas in Germany, a kind of New Year customs - "tree-climbing game," the boys race along the bare tree climbing, first known as the "New Year's Hero," to show that rise higher and higher. 德国元旦的习俗英文版: 德国的新年,庆祝时间前后有一周。这期间,家家户户都要摆上一棵枞树和横树,树叶间系满绢花,表示繁花如锦,春满人间。德国人在除夕午夜新年光临前一刻,爬到椅子上,钟声一响,他们就跳下椅子,并将一重物抛向椅背后,以示甩去祸患,跳入新年。孩子们组成乐队,穿上新衣,拿着口琴和手风琴,列队在街上吹奏。成年人则手持旗,跟在后面呐喊唱歌,欢庆新年,德国的妇女在新年里要即兴表演家庭题材的喜剧小品。在德国的农村流传着一种过新年的风俗--“爬树比赛”,小伙子们顺着光秃秃的树比赛爬高,第一名被誉为“新年英雄”,以示步步高升。 /201001/95393

英语姓名的一般结构为:教名+自取名+姓。如 William Jafferson Clinton。但在很多场合中间名往往略去不写,如 George Bush,而且许多人更喜欢用昵称取代正式教名,如 Bill Clinton。上述教名和中间名又称个人名。   现将英语民族的个人名、昵称和姓氏介绍如下:I. 个人名 按照英语民族的习俗,一般在婴儿接受洗礼的时候,由牧师或父母亲朋为其取名,称为教名。以后本人可以在取用第二个名字,排在教名之后。  英语个人名的来源大致有以下几种情况:   1. 采用圣经、希腊罗马神话、古代名人或文学名著中的人名作为教名。   2. 采用祖先的籍贯,山川河流,鸟兽鱼虫,花卉树木等的名称作为教名。   3. 教名的不同异体。   4. 采用(小名)昵称。   5. 用构词技术制造新的教名,如倒序,合并。   6. 将母亲的娘家姓氏作为中间名。 英语民族常用的男子名有:James, John, David, Daniel,Michael, 常见的女子名为:Jane, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Catherine. /200907/79449

You are a nerd, but it doesn't mean you have to stay that way forever. We want you to be cool, you want to be cool...here's how to be cool.你是个缺乏吸引力的人,但这不意味着你一直会是这样。我们想让你变得更酷,你也想变得更酷...以下教你如何变得更酷。 /201006/105776

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